My name is Yuki Mori and I'm and ability wielder at first I had ice manipulation I began to look like Killer Frost from the Flash. Because of my ability i was treat different like a disease by my own parent well who I thought were my parents that's not the point right now. Anyway, normally the abily cones in during adolescents unfortunately for me it came in when I turned 5, poked and prodded by doctors experiment on was only the beginning i finally cNe into my full ability when I was 10. When i touch another ability wielder by skin to skin contacr I gain their ability even if it is for a fraction of a second, my story is about to get even more complicated but i still have someone there for me. When i was 14 i finally met him face to face, what can I say it wss lovr at first sightsight and since then nothibg has been the same.

Author's note:

Hi people this is my first anime I'm posting up here so review are much appreciated and alsothis does follow the storyline of Charlotte but there is a slight AU to the story and well its already nearly finished but i enjoy any reviews that say what could be better. Enjoy!