Griphook and Sharptooth took their charges and apparated out, seconds before Dumbledore rushed in to find out who dared to go anywhere near his weapon. He was fully prepared to obliviate whoever he needed to, only to find nobody.

The Potter brat was gone, his magical signature was gone, he missed them by seconds.

Dumbledore returned to his office fuming. Who had his weapon? Why did they take him, how did they even find him?

At the last question he paused, then cursed. They must have found out about the warning from the ministry and found him that way. He knew he should have intervened the moment the wards alerted him to another magical on the street, but was just a house-elf. Those things were useless, barely good for the services they provided to wizardkind.

Now the useless thing caused the brats address to finally go on file with the ministry, in the Underage Magic office no less! He couldn't go and erase it, too long had passed, and Madam Hopkirk never exactly agreed with how he involved himself with the students when school wasn't in session, she seemed to feel that his students lives were none of his business outside the castle walls. Ridiculous! He bet she wouldn't be saying that if she knew how many abuse cases Severus constantly brought to his attention, not that it mattered.

It all fit into his plans anyway to make students feel like he was the only one that cared. It's not like Severus did anything about those students. He just kept telling Albus about it and then leaving him to deal with it.

He checked the device tied to the tracking charms he had on the brat. According to it, the brat didn't exist.

He cursed, hopefully whoever had the brat was firmly on his side and wouldn't tell him anything that he had purposefully kept from him. Hopefully whoever it was wouldn't find and undo the charms he had on the boy. It had been very difficult getting all the heirs to the Potter Alliance to leave the brat alone, to convince them that he wasn't interested. He couldn't risk the brat turning against him or learning of the extent of his power. He would see how things stood when the brat returned to school. If he didn't come on the train, then obviously he would have to search for him.

If the brat showed the slightest doubts that Dumbledore was anything less than a grandfatherly old man, he would have to take measures to ensure his obedience.

He cursed again before floo-calling Severus to brew the needed potions. It never hurt to have them ready.

The only thing keeping Harry on his feet was Griphook's hand on his arm, keeping him steady.

Sharptooth was already heading down a side-hallway with Hedwig perched on his shoulder. Hedwig looked back and hooted reassuringly when she caught Harry looking. Harry only had a moment longer to stare after them before he was tugged down the opposite hallway.

"Is she going to be ok?" He asked Griphook. Griphook smiled reassuringly.

Or rather, what could pass for reassuring on a goblin.

"She'll be fine. She just needs a few nutrient potions and maybe be checked for any blocks or charms that don't belong."

"Charms and blocks?"

"She may be an owl, but she is a wizarding owl. I'm sure you got a book on owl care when you got her?" He waited for Harry's nod before continuing. "Then you know that wizarding owls have magic cores just like all magical creatures, small though it is. Wizarding owls can also develop what we call a Familiars bond with their wizard if they are well cared for and there is mutual affection on both sides. I can explain more later if Sharpaxe doesn't do it first. Now, it is possible for a wizard to block an owls ability to form this bond. You and Hedwig are already showing signs of having the bond, so I don't think you have to worry about that, but it never hurts to check. As for charms... you are a very famous wizard Mr. Potter. One with just as many enemies as you do adoring fans. As your owl, Hedwig is also very famous. Who knows what kind of charms both your fans and enemies have put on her without either of you knowing? Especially with her living in the Owlery at Hogwarts, that's not exactly a private area." He explained. "And if everything else I suspect is true, then..."

He trailed off as they reached the office he wanted.

The door was a rich mahogany with a brass nameplate proclaiming this to be the office of Sharpaxe, the Potter account manager. Harry blinked, he had an account manager? For his measly school vault?

Griphook grinned at his expression before knocking and hearing a sharp 'enter!'

He opened the door and gently pushed Harry in before he entered himself, quickly explaining to Sharpaxe in Gobbledygook that Harry had not been receiving their owls, his own was currently being seen by the Creatures Healer, and that he would have a new living situation for the rest of the summer figured out before they were done with their meeting and Healer visit.

Sharpaxe gave him a look at that before turning to study Harry, who noticeably fidgeted under his eye. Apparently Sharpaxe agreed with Griphook because he looked angry before he nodded and told Griphook that his father wanted to see him when he got back.

Griphook nodded before heading for the door, pausing before he left to remind both of them that Sharptooth would be be back with Harry's familiar sometime in the next hour or two, depending on if they found anything.

Sharpaxe looked interested hearing that Harry had a familiar bond with his owl. Those were rare anymore as most wizards thought themselves as far too above anything not human to be worth caring about. House-elves were just servants, owls were just for delivering post, goblins were only good for counting money, etc. The fact that somebody as famous as Harry Potter was wasn't like that, was good news to him.

Sharpaxe was friendly with and had a great respect for James and Lily Potter, and the Potter family had a long history of standing up for Magical Creature rights and having good relations with the various communities. They were considered good friends to the Goblin nation. It was good that the last Potter looked like he would be the same. It didn't hurt that it made his job easier when the client was respectful and actually let him do his job.

Honestly, he never understood why some wizards bothered to hire goblin account managers if they didn't even trust that they could do their jobs, what was the point if they kept trying to do it themselves?

After bowing Griphook out of the room, Sharpaxe turned to the twelve year old standing by the door nervously, unsure of what to do now that Griphook was gone. Sharpaxe supposed the boy had been somewhat comfortable with Griphook, since Griphook had been the one to take Harry to his school vault last year on Ragnok's order. He wouldn't tell Harry this, but it wasn't exactly common for the Prince of the Goblin Nation to drive the carts or to be sent to retrieve a client if something was wrong and they couldn't get a hold of them.

He wouldn't be the one to tell him, Harry would find out some day once he was older and started taking over more and more of his duties as Lord Potter.

"Sit, Mr. Potter." Sharpaxe finally said. He didn't like how thin Harry was, right now he couldn't help but compare this wary pre-teen with the happy-go-lucky child he used to see happily wandering this very office or playing with his own grandchildren while he discussed business with the father. He would find out who hurt this boy, and they would suffer, painfully.

Once Harry sat, he continued, "What do you know of your family and finances, Mr. Potter?"

"Call me Harry," Harry muttered, "Um, I know that my parents names were James and Lily, they were Head Boy and Girl, dad was the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, they were killed by Voldemort, and I have the one vault that I visited last year." Harry said, feeling like the goblin was not going to like how little he knew. It wasn't like he hadn't tried to find out, but whenever he asked anybody, all they said was how much Harry looked like his dad while he had his mothers eyes. It was like somebody reprogrammed them or something.

Sharpaxe froze.

Why did nobody tell him anything? Why did nobody try to send him an owl when he started school, Lily was well liked and had many friends at Hogwarts, James too was popular and had been one of the best fighters in the Auror department before going into hiding. Surely not all of them simply forgot about their friends son?

What about Severus Snape? He was one of this boys godfathers, sharing the responsibility with Sirius Black, who Sharpaxe had been trying to get out of Azkaban for the past ten years. Well, Snape would be here in a little bit, he should actually be here already, Dumbledore must be being difficult today. Actually, that was probably exactly why Severus hadn't said anything, he was still trying to stay in Dumbledore's good graces.

Friends close and enemies closer, and all that.

"Nobody told you anything about the Potter family? Your families businesses, the family fortune, your duties as Lord of a Most Ancient and Noble House? Your duty to the Potter Alliance in the Wizengamot?" He sighed at Harry's confused look. Well, Griphook would certainly not be lacking in time to find Harry somewhere to stay for the summer. They would just send the boy to live with Snape, but Snape was being watched too closely by Dumbledore.

"About that alliance you mentioned, would that be the same thing some of the other students were trying to talk to me about at the beginning of the year? They mentioned something about it, they seemed kind of offended when I didn't know anything about it... I think they thought I was completely brushing them off actually."

Sharpaxe growled as he made a note to get the members of the Potter Alliance in here, it would seem the heirs messed up by assuming and he now needed to run damage control along with Severus, and Sirius if he could ever get the Ministry to give the poor guy a trial. He really hoped it wasn't already too late, that they hadn't already turned their backs on the Potter heir in anger for a perceived offense.

"Let's start with the Potter fortune... after I'm done telling you what you need to know, we will do an inheritance test, as well as an abilities test, to make sure you don't have any blocks or charms on you that don't belong, much like they are doing with your owl. Harry, your family was easily the most wealthy and influential family in Britain, their businesses were all very successful, your ancestors were smart with their money, leaving plenty for future generations to inherit and add to. Along with that is your Lordship.

The Potters are a Most Ancient and Noble House, one of the oldest, descended from the Peverels and Merlin himself. Literally wizarding royalty. Its rumored that the Gryffindor line merged with yours too at some point. Really, though, that is the extent of my knowledge, the Potter family lineage is one your families most closely guarded secrets for generations, I only know that much because your father felt that I should know at least that much in case something happened to him I would at least be able to warn you before the inheritance test. Another closely guarded secret is the Potter Family magic, we are still trying to find the Potter family Grimoire, it went missing from the vaults shortly after that Halloween, but now that you are here you can magically recall all missing family heirlooms to you.

As the Head of a Most Ancient and Noble House, you have a seat on the Wizengamot, its kind of like the Muggle House of Lords, for that matter you have a seat on that as well."

Harry was gobsmacked. How could his family have been so big name? If they were really so important, then...

"I don't understand. If my family was so important, then why was I just left with the Dursley's? Surely someone in the wizarding world would have taken me in?"

They were interrupted with the door opening as he asked that.

Severus stormed out of his office after finally getting rid of Dumbledore. The old fool wanted him to brew loyalty, obedience, and compulsion potions for his own godson! Wasn't it bad enough he had to act like he hated everything to do with the boy for the sake of the Death Eaters children? Now the old man wanted him to drug the boy too?!

Even after everything, after all these years of trying to get Albus to tell him where he left Harry so he could go and get his godson, after all these years of trying to get Sirius Black freed from Azkaban, all these years of working with the goblins to block Albus' attempts to get into the Potter family vaults, all these years of searching Dumbledore's office when the old man wasn't around to find the Potter heirlooms that were still missing, now the old man had the gall to demand that he drug his own godson!

Not to mention that he never did find out where he was hiding the invisibility cloak before the old man gave it to the boy. Which only told Severus that Dumbledore was keeping those heirlooms.

Luckily he'd gotten a message from Sharpaxe earlier saying that they found out where Harry was and were going to go get him. They wanted him to come by. He would be able to both explain his behavior the past school year to his godson, tell him everything about his parents, especially his wonderful, sweet, mother. And, Harry would be able to recall his family heirlooms from where ever Dumbledore was hiding them, or if they were sold, they would still come back.

He still remembered the day a couple of years after that horrible Halloween when he was summoned by Sharpaxe shortly after the goblin did his annual audits and run-through's on the Potter vaults. Of course, he worked the accounts daily to make sure everything was as it should be, but he only physically walked through the vaults every couple of years to make sure they were in order. It would just take too long to do any more often than that, that was how extensive the Potter Family Vaults were.

Sharpaxe summoned him to his office to tell him that several priceless family heirlooms and the Potter Grimoire were gone. He even showed Severus the copy of the will that he had found in the vaults, the will proclaiming that Sirius was innocent, Pettigrew was the traitor, not to trust Dumbledore, and that Harry was under no circumstances to go to Petunia. Since then, Sharpaxe worked to find the Potter Heir, tried to get the Wizengamot to listen about Sirius, and Snape tried to find the heirlooms and figure out where Dumbledore had hidden away his godson.

Severus had been overjoyed when the goblins contacted him on Harry's birthday last year to tell him that Harry had been to Gringotts to get money from his school vault, but he was angry when he was told that Hagrid hadn't let go of the boy, literally. What was more, the goblins told him that Harry looked far too small for his age, timid, wary of anything that moved, and was dressed in over-sized rags.

Then the boy had been right there, right in front of him. Sorted into Gryffindor, but that part didn't matter, except for the part where he knew that this would only put him even further into Dumbledore's manipulations. And even farther from his protection, he could only so much to protect the boy without raising suspicions after all, it was well known that Severus favored the Snakes and hated the other houses. Which meant that there was next to nothing he could do for his godson while in school simply because his godson wasn't a Snake, therefore he was expected to do nothing.

He'd seen his godson's eating habits, he hovered over his food like he expected it to be taken away any moment, he ate little, and what he did eat was eaten quickly to minimize the risk of it being taken. If some of the other students yelled or moved to attack, he would make himself as small as possible without being obvious about it, and he was always surprised when a teacher intervened or otherwise came to his defense.

He acted just like some of his snakes did, only he couldn't help Harry like he could them. There was only so much he could do for a student not in his house.

He would have given as many detentions as possible just to get some time alone with his godson so he could explain what was going on, who he really was, that everything was just an act. It hurt, when his godson looked at him the way he did. It hurt, when his godson suspected him of being after the Stone, of being the one to try to kill him during that first game, to overhear his godson calling him an evil bat. He wanted nothing more than to scream that Harry was his godson and he had no choice but to act like that if he wanted to stay in Dumbledore's good graces so he could stay at the school and be there when Harry needed him.

Now, he was walking through the doors of Gringotts, already preparing himself for a long, difficult conversation. He had barely walked through the doors when Griphook ran up to him and asked him to follow him to the Creatures Healer, they found some charms on Harry's familiar.

Walking into the room, he was greeted with the sight of a much too thin owl, she was brought in just in time, another day with no food or attention and she might not have made it. "What did you find?" He asked the goblin in charge.

"She had a block on her core, inhibiting her ability to form a Familiar Bond, the odd part is that Sharptooth tells me that she definitely developed one, so she clearly has a very strong wizard, her core isn't anything to scoff at either. She also had a series of tracking charms on her, at least ten. All of them put in place by different people, and all of them so poorly done that it could have only been a younger student that did it. Those aren't what we were worried about though. We also found a charm on her that we can't identify. So, we have no idea what it does." The Healer explained.

Severus frowned and took out his wand, "May I?" He asked, thanking Merlin that he was known for his study and knowledge of so many different magics, even some stuff the goblins didn't know because they were simply some things that required a wand. Goblin's could do many things, they had amazing magic, but not even they could do everything.

When the Goblin nodded, he started running some diagnostic spells he invented himself, made them especially for detecting the most subtle of magics cast by either Dumbledore or Voldemort themselves, two wizards who were very good at hiding their work.

He frowned. "I know this charm. It's designed to slowly siphon the victims magic. If she were a person, and this charm were on her long enough, she would eventually become a squib. While it 'siphons', it also... cauterizes, I guess... as it goes, making it impossible for the core to recover. As it is, she is an owl, which means that if we had not caught this in time, she would have eventually stopped being a Wizards Owl, and become a regular, everyday owl."

The Goblins in the room stared at him. For a magical creature to lose their magic like that, even just an owl... Somebody just made an enemy of the Goblins.

The bad part was that Griphook had an idea exactly who it was that did this.

"Since you know what this charm is, do you know how to remove it?"

Severus nodded and did it, as soon as he did, it seemed as if Hedwig sighed in relief, like a weight had been taken off her wings. The Goblin nodded before she did another scan to make sure they had everything, then she handed the diagnostics parchment to Severus asking him to give it to Sharpaxe. She then handed him the parchment listing out the instructions for her nutrient potions, how often she had to take them and how, he was also handed the potions themselves.

These ones he couldn't make himself because they were made specific to the Magical Creature in question. Potions for them were much more personalized then potions for people were. Specialized for the species, age, magical core size, and physical size. Therefore these ones were better made on the spot by the Healer who did the diagnoses.

Severus nodded to the Healer before Griphook led him out and towards Sharpaxe's office, where Harry was.

Once they got there, he opened the door just in time to hear Harry ask, "If my family was so important, then why was I just left with the Dursley's? Surely someone in the wizarding world would have taken me in?"

After he asked his question, he was surprised to hear a familiar silky voice say, "Because Dumbledore ensured nobody said anything through a combination of persuading them that you didn't want to know, and threatening their jobs if they said anything."

He whipped around to see Professor Snape standing in the doorway, Hedwig perched on his shoulder, although once she saw him, she hooted happily and flew down to his lap instead.

Although, she felt different... it was like he could feel her magic reaching for him, mingling with hers.

Harry decided to worry about that later, right now he had a dungeon bat to figure out.

"What are you doing here?!" He yelled. He cradled Hedwig to himself protectively.

"Harry, calm down, there are a few things going on that you don't know. Wait, and let us explain." Sharpaxe said.

Harry paused and looked back at Snape. He noticed some kind of emotion on the Potions Master's face before it was hidden. Cautiously, he nodded and asked what the Healer said about Hedwig. He could have sworn he saw Snape's mouth twitch upwards. But that had to have been his imagination.

The Bat of the Dungeons did not smile.

"Here are the nutrient potions for her, and here are the instructions, make sure you follow them, as for the charms and blocks they found..." He handed the list to Sharpaxe, who looked angry when he read about the charm affecting her core. "There was a series of poorly done tracking spells, most likely placed by dunderheads, and another charm designed to, in essence, turn her into a squib over time."

Harry stared at him in horror even as his arms tightened around Hedwig protectively.

"There was also a block on her Familiar Bond, although considering how magically powerful you both are, I'm not surprised that a Bond developed anyway. Remind one of us to explain what exactly that Bond entails later."

Harry frowned. "Is that why I can feel her magic reaching, mingling with mine? Because that block was removed?"

Both of them looked shocked for a moment before Sharpaxe nodded. If Harry had been watching, he would have seen the proud look cross Snape's face. But Harry didn't notice, he was focusing on the potions instructions and Hedwig.

"I will find some books detailing what exactly a Familiar bond entails. It is slightly different for everybody as much of it also depends on the power levels of the wizard and creature in question. But that is perfectly normal in all circumstances." Sharpaxe said.

"Now, for explanations. Severus, I've explained a little about who the Potters were, a little of his lineage, and I've mentioned the fortune." Snape nodded, "Then I suppose the next bit falls to me."

"When you were born, Harry, your parents couldn't agree on who to be your godfather. Me, or Sirius Black. They just couldn't agree, I was your mother's best friend while Sirius was James. In the end, they compromised, and made both of us your godfathers." When Harry frowned, and opened his mouth to say something, Sharpaxe help up a hand, telling him to wait.

"After that night, I tried to find you. Dumbledore blocked me at every turn. He refused to tell me where you were, he didn't even put your address on file with the Ministry like he was supposed to by law, so I couldn't go there to find anything. Then, finally, you were starting school. I would be able to sneak a peek at your school letter, only he blocked me again. He had me brewing so many potions for him that I was practically locked in the lab, only without the door being locked, and he even checked on how I was doing every hour or so. He kept me there until the letters went out, I learned later from Minerva that she was sending out letters every day to you, I would have just asked her, but she's sworn to secrecy on the matter of where you live, even who its with.

During the year, I had to act like I did because Dumbledore forced me to. He knows Voldemort will return one day, he refuses to tell me how, but he knows, and when that happens, he expects to behave and go back to him like a good little spy. And that can't happen if the other Death Eaters think you trust me enough for you to just come anywhere with me, and believe me, they would expect me to deliver you up on a silver platter if they knew you were my godson, either so that He can Mark you, or kill you. If I don't, I would be killed and unable to protect you.

What I haven't told him, is that if he rises again, I'm taking you and getting you out of England. I don't care what he says about a Prophecy." Snape muttered, not really intending to say that out loud. Louder, he continued, "I don't care what that old man has planned, he'll just have to plan without you. I'm not going back to the Dark Lord. However, I still had to act like that to keep him happy. Otherwise, I would have been fired and sharing a cell with Sirius in Azkaban faster than any of us could blink."

Harry blinked. "What's Azkaban? Why would the Headmaster be sending one of his teachers there? And what did you mean by 'other' Death Eaters? What's a Death Eater?"

It was Snape's turn to blink. The kid kind of sounded like Miss Granger when she got on a roll. "Azkaban is the Wizarding Prison. Guarded by Dementors, horrible creatures, pray you never meet them. They make that place virtually the worse place on earth."

"You didn't answer my other questions." Harry said flatly, staring at him.

Snape grimaced, "We can discuss my past later, I promise you will hear the full story eventually. As for the Headmaster, I think that discussion is better had later on as well, once some things come to light. And Death Eaters are the Dar-Voldemort's faithful followers."

Harry stared at him for another moment before nodding slowly, 'so, does that mean Snape was one of Voldemort's followers? Weren't they supposed to be some of the worst of the worst?' He decided not to say anything yet when he noticed Snape watching him carefully. "So, your telling me I have two godfathers, one of which is you, with a sketchy history, and the other one is, currently in prison." They nodded and made a gesture that said, 'pretty much.' "And you had to act like you hated me for a year so the Headmaster wouldn't put you in there with the other one." They both nodded again.

"Why is Sirius in prison anyway?"

Sharpaxe and Snape looked at each other and had a silent debate on who would be the one to tell him. Snape lost. He explained, what was thought to have happened and what really happened. How they discovered the deceptions when Sharpaxe unearthed the Potter Wills while he was making a walk-through of the Potter family vaults and taking inventory.

At this point, Sharpaxe jumped in. "I've been trying to get the Wizengamot to listen, to let me present the Wills as evidence to give Mr. Black the trial he never received and get him freed, get the Wizengamot to force Dumbledore to tell them where you were so we could at the very least make sure you were with the people your parents wanted you to be with, but... apparently not even being the account manager to a family like the Potters for as long as I have been is enough to make them see past the fact that I'm not human." He said bitterly. He wished all wizards could be like the Potters had always been through generations. "They, and by they I really mean Dumbledore, has them collared and leashed. They refuse to go against him, and Dumbledore has them all believing you to be happy where you were, he claims to have spoken with you on the matter and that you claim to want nothing to do with any of it. He even quoted you to have said, 'let the past stay in the past.'"

"WHAT!? But I never said any of that! We've never spoken about any of this, I've only had two conversations with him at school in my life!" Harry was really confused, why were they saying the Headmaster lied about this? What business was it of the Headmasters?

"We know, Harry, but right now you need to calm down." Snape said, laying a hand on Harry's shoulder and startling him out of his thoughts, looking around he saw that cabinets were starting to rattle and more lightweight stuff was actually starting to fly around. "Breathe, in... out, in... out, that's it." Snape encouraged Harry to keep breathing and generally trying to calm down until everything in the office stayed still and on the ground for longer than a few minutes. It was then that Harry's stomach made itself known.

Harry was startled, he hadn't heard his stomach growl in a while, why did it keep making those weird noises? He just frowned down at it, "Those noises are really annoying," he muttered.

Snape looked worried when he heard that, did Harry not know that those sounds meant he needed food? Sharpaxe heard the sounds and ordered food after he realized that he had Harry sitting here talking when he probably hadn't eaten in awhile.

Without a word, he slid the plate of food to Harry after it appeared, and when Harry took it he sub-consciously turned his body so that if Snape wanted to reach for it, he would have to reach around and Harry would have a fairly easier time of getting away. Snape noticed and frowned again, there was more of that behavior he had noticed during the school year. The two let Harry eat while talked quietly about random things, although they both noticed Harry sharing with Hedwig.

When Harry finished, leaving about half his food on the plate, "You said earlier that I have a seat on the Wizengamot?" They nodded. "Would they listen if I went in? Personally? If I went in to speak?"

"They might... it would be risky and draw unwanted attention from Dumbledore, but its worth a try."

Snape nodded. "It would have to be done at a time when Dumbledore is away at the ICW, the reason I was late coming here was because the crazy old man wants me to brew loyalty, obedience, and compulsion potions to give Harry. Apparently he has wards around the whole street to tell him if anyone magical is around. He's worried that Harry won't return to school completely loyal to him. He's not worried about you returning, if you don't come on the train he's planning on hunting you down, so you would eventually end up back at Hogwarts anyway."

Harry's eyes were wide. He couldn't believe it, he was having a very hard time believing that Dumbledore was capable of any of this, sure he saw through his grandfatherly image right away, but he still had a hard time believing Dumbledore to be capable of any of this. Hedwig stretched up her head so she could nip at his cheek and rub her feathered head under his chin, hooting softly.

Sharpaxe was angry. His eyes narrowed. "I think, then, that it is time for the inheritance test. Because, I think the Black Heir ring could solve that, but I'm not sure if Mr. Black got around to making Harry his heir before that Halloween, so I don't know if you have it. I believe that if you don't have it, then it goes to Draco Malfoy."

"I think making Harry his magical heir was practically the first thing Sirius did after Harry was born. Well, after forcing both James and Lily to get some rest, which was basically his way of getting his new godson to himself for a few hours." Snape smirked at the memory.

"Yes, well, it never hurts to check and make sure..." As he spoke, he pulled out a bowl and silver dagger. The bowl had runes carved into the sides on both the inside and outside, Harry could feel magic coming from it. "I pulled this out of your family vault when Griphook told me he was going to go get you. Its the Potter Family ceremonial bowl and dagger. All you have to do, is prick a finger, and drip some blood into this potion." He held up a glowing, blue vial. "It will be poured into the bowl and allowed to sit for a while, then I will add a specially treated parchment to soak it up. While that sits, we will do the abilities test."

Harry nodded and picked up the dagger and pricking his finger, holding it so the blood dripped into the vial, turning the potion a glowing purple. Sharpaxe shook it a bit before pouring it out into the bowl, where the runes around the edges started to glow.

"Wow, that feels..." Harry muttered, feeling the magic that was starting to pour from the bowl.

"You can feel the magic?" Snape asked.

"Yeah, can't you?" Harry asked, confused. Snape just shook his head. Harry looked even more confused now, before Sharpaxe directed his attention to the piece of parchment he brought out for the abilities test.

"Now, this has been specially treated with a potion beforehand, just allow some blood to drip onto the center of the parchment." Harry did as asked, holding his already sliced finger over it and letting the blood fall. After a few drips, Snape pulled his hand back and finally healed the wound now that he wasn't going to need to slice his hand open again.

After a few moments, words formed. When they were done, Sharpaxe put the other parchment into the other bowl.

Harold James Potter


Core: 80% blocked

Animagus: blocked

Occlumency: blocked

Legilimency: blocked

Parseltongue: partially blocked

Familiar: wizard blocked, familiar unblocked

Wandless: blocked

Photographic memory: partially blocked


Tracking charms: keyed to Albus Dumbledore

Loyalty charm: keyed to Albus Dumbledore

Compulsion charm: keyed to Albus Dumbledore

Owl redirect charm: exception of Hogwarts and familiar


Aversion charm: aversion to anything Slytherin and studying


Magic suppressants


Horcrux: Tom Marvolo Riddle

Sharpaxe read the parchment, and immediately summoned a goblin, barking at him to get the ritual room ready and to request Griphook's presence. He handed the parchment to Snape. The presence of the soul piece was concerning, and could require the input of the king. The goblins didn't want Voldemort coming back anymore than the wizards did, although the goblins honestly didn't know who did more damage to their nation, him or Dumbledore. At least Voldemort was honest with Britain about his what he wanted.

"Can you get rid of the Horcrux?" Snape asked, he sounded worried. "I know you can undo the rest of this."

"Yes, we could even use it to find any others out there. The fact that it is in Harry is concerning... the only way I can think of for the soul fragment to be there is if it broke off that Halloween, which could only happen if the soul itself was already severely weakened and fragmented." Sharpaxe said, trying to stay calm so they didn't scare Harry. "As soon as Griphook gets here, I can request an audience with King Ragnok, he will want to know about the Horcrux."

"What's a Horcrux?" Harry asked, slightly worried by the fact that even Snape sounded worried by it. "And why would Dumbledore do all of this?"

Snape sighed and pushed a hand through his hair, Harry absently noted that it wasn't greasy. "A Horcrux, Harry, is a piece of a person's soul, placed in an object. This is the very Blackest of magic's, a Horcrux is made through a ritual following a premeditated murder of an innocent, of which the Dark Lord killed many in his rise to power." Harry looked at him in horror, before reaching up and fingering his scar.

"Don't worry, we can remove it." Sharpaxe said before he could panic. "We can remove all of these blocks, as for why Dumbledore would do all of this, he is not the kind of man everyone thinks he is. I have been doing everything I can to keep him out of your vaults for the past almost ten years, unfortunately it was a couple of years before I realized he was getting in them, he had already stolen quite a few artifacts out of them by the time I knew. That invisibility cloak you have, the Family Grimoire, several priceless artifacts, family jewelry... he has stolen it all. Money. Since I found out about his thefts, I have been taking the money out of his own vaults and telling him that it is from yours, I have been working with his own account manager on this seeing as how we do not tolerate theft, unfortunately there was nothing we could do about the heirlooms and artifacts without you here, although Severus has been searching his office every chance he gets."

"My cloak? But, I got that for Christmas, the note said that my father left that with the sender, in case something happened to him." Harry said.

"No, I'm afraid that was a lie. Your father placed that cloak in the family vaults for safe keeping before they went into hiding. It was then stolen out of the vault later on by Dumbledore and re-gifted to you as a Christmas present in an attempt to further gain your trust." Sharpaxe said. He glanced at the Inheritance potion, it wasn't quite ready. "Now, as the Heir to and the last living Potter, you can summon all the Potter heirlooms and artifacts to you magically. This is done through Blood Magic, performed on all priceless Potter treasures centuries ago by your ancestors, the secret of which is in the Potter Grimoire. Luckily for you, Harry, the Potter Grimoire also happens to be protected by Blood Magic, so that only one with Potter blood can open it, otherwise all your family secrets would be Dumbledores. That would be bad, seeing as your family had some very powerful magic at their disposal."

Harry nodded slowly, then looked at Hedwig, who hooted in approval. Snape smiled before glancing down at the parchment again. 'If the bond was blocked both ways, and yet they both still clearly showed signs of it... they have a very powerful bond indeed if it can reach past Dumbledore's block.' The very thought made him proud.

"How do I summon them?" Harry asked.

Sharpaxe grinned, already wishing he could be there when Dumbledore realized all his hard-stolen items were gone. "Here's what you do..."

Dumbledore was making another attempt at opening the Potter Family Grimoire, he thought he almost had it figured out, when it suddenly vanished from his hands.

He froze, then jumped out of his chair to check on the other items, only to find them gone. All the Potter artifacts and heirlooms he worked so hard to earn (stole them really, but that was hard work!) were gone. All the pieces of jewelry he had yet to sell, gone. He could only imagine that those pieces he sold were now gone from their new owners as well.