Dumbledore was making another attempt at opening the Potter Family Grimiore, he thought he almost had it figured out, when it suddenly vanished from his hands.

He froze, then jumped out of his chair to check on the other items, only to find them gone. All the Potter artifacts and heirlooms he worked so hard to earn (stole them really, but that was hard work!) were gone. All the pieces of jewelry he had yet to sell, gone. He could only imagine that those pieces he sold were now gone from their new owners as well.

Sharpaxe and Snape watched in amusement as Harry eagerly opened the Grimiore that had just appeared in front of him, on top of the pile of now reclaimed family heirlooms and artifacts. Sharpaxe shook his head, picking up a necklace from the pile, noting that it was still warm.

At the wedding between the house of Zabini and some nameless, soon-to-be-dead rich man...

Mrs. Zabini, soon to be married again, was walking to the alter when her neck suddenly felt lighter than before. Reaching up, she screamed as she noticed that her necklace was gone. The guests went in a panic. It would take them over an hour of searching the guests and countless summoning charms before she would accept that the priceless necklace was no longer in the area and let the wedding continue. The whole time, her son, Blaise Zabini, a soon to be second year at Hogwarts, sat in the background looking bored but really trying not to laugh.

Back at Gringotts in Sharpaxe's office...

Snape was watching Harry pour over the thick tome and wondering why he never saw this kind of behavior at school, even with the aversion charm, it was clear that Harry had a love for books. Even Hedwig looked like she was studying the pages along with her wizard.

Sharpaxe cleared his throat, getting Harry's attention on the fifth try. He reluctantly tore his gaze away from the page he was reading, then reluctantly closed the book when Snape conjured and handed him a beautiful book mark that was embossed with his initials in gold stitching on an emerald green backing, decorated with tiny golden snitches. Well, Snape actually summoned it from his pocket, he had it made months ago for Christmas, but Dumbledore apparently searched Harry's presents and took his out of the pile. Snape found it when he searched the Headmaster's office shortly after.

Snape shook his head at his reluctance to put the book down, he couldn't decide who Harry reminded him more of in that moment, Lily or his friend Miss Granger.

Sharpaxe wordlessly handed over the parchment with Harry's inheritance on it without looking. As curious as he was, the contents on that parchment were considered a family secret, and he wasn't going to betray the trust of one of the most respected families the goblins worked with by betraying the trust placed in him generations ago by looking without permission.

Harry took it curiously, at the same time Griphook came in and was handed the list of abilities and blocks Harry had on his core.

"I figured that our King would want to know about this." He said, pointing at the bottom of the parchment, where it listed the Horcrux of Tom Riddle.

Griphook's face darkened, "I will let him know. The ritual chamber is ready when you are, and I have spoken with Madam Longbottom about Mr. Potter staying with her for the rest of the summer, and Madam Hopkirk about that warning he got a couple of weeks ago. It was a house-elf that cast the magic, so he should not have that on his record." Sharpaxe shivered at the look on his face, several goblins were going to need to be carried by the Healers out of the training rooms tonight.

"Thank you, my Prince. I will bring him straight to the ritual chamber before we visit the Healer. I have a feeling he will be unconscious for a while after the rituals, the Healers can run their scans during that time." Sharpaxe said, bowing a little. Griphook nodded and went out the door, Snape standing in a half-bow as he went past.

The whole exchange went unnoticed by Harry, he was too busy staring at the parchment detailing his heritage. His eyes were wide as he tried to process.

Harold James Potter-Black

Father: James Charlus Potter

Mother: Lily Elaine Evans

Father: Sirius Orion Black (Blood adoption)

Godfather: Severus Tobias Prince-Snape

Godmother: Alice Louis Longbottom

Heir to (Paternal): Potter (5)

Gryffindor (5)

Ravenclaw (5)

Merlin (7)

Peverell (4)

Pendragon (7)

Heir by right of Conquest: Slytherin (5)

Heir to (Adopted): Black (4)

Le Fay (6)

Ravenswood (4)

Wordlessly, he handed it to Snape, not noticing Sharpaxe pulling several rings out of the bowl and setting them on the desk between them, making sure he couldn't see the coat of arms on them. Harry just sat there, absently petting Hedwig and staring at Snape as the man studied what was apparently supposed to be a closely guarded secret. He couldn't believe he was trusting his most hated professor with this, but... was he really the most hated if it was the result of a charm?

If his parents trusted Snape with his care, then surely he could trust the man with this?

Snape basked in the glow of Harry trusting him for a moment before he glanced up and told Sharpaxe that Harry had the Black heirship, among others. He was impressed, he had always thought James Potter was arrogant and privileged, he never knew before now just how privileged. The man was practically royalty, with a lineage like this. He turned to Harry.

"This number beside the houses indicates how many votes on the Wizengamot you have for that house. Each house has its own seat, although Potter is the only one of these houses that also has a seat on the Muggle House of Lords. When you claim the Potter seat, these others will automatically come with it, with the exception of the ones you will inherit from Sirius, he will be Lord Black, and Le Fay and Ravenswood will go with his seat if we can ever get him out of Azkaban. These all together will give you 38 votes, with Sirius just getting the 14. I could have sworn the Black seat had an extra vote though... I must be mistaken, either that or the Ministry seized one of them before the other Houses could stop them." Snape explained to Harry.

Sharpaxe nodded in satisfaction hearing that Harry did indeed have the Black heirship. And, of course his other Lordships were his to claim once he turned 15, until then, he could wear the heir rings. He didn't know what they all were, like Severus said, those votes all automatically became Potter votes, everyone in the Wizengamot knew the Potters had 38 votes, they literally had the most, that was how important they were. That was why the Potters liked to stay neutral politically, having allies on both sides of the court. It was rare that any law they decided not to support went through, or any law they were against got shot down.

Harry nodded, then he frowned, "Who is using my votes for me while I'm in absentia? Do they do that in the Wizarding world?"

Sharpaxe nodded, "Yes, it's called appointing a proxy. I believe the proxy for you is Dumbledore. After your parents death, he sealed their wills, then declared himself to be your magical guardian and the proxy for your seats. In recent years he has started to claim that he has been teaching you to take them, that he has been speaking with you about what you want."

"I never spoke to him!" Harry was still having a very hard time believing all this of Dumbledore, although now he knew that to be the loyalty charms talking.

"We know, Harry. Now that you are here, and aware, we can fix this. Most of the laws Dumbledore has forced through using your considerable votes, are laws that would have your ancestors rolling in their graves. Your family has a long history of standing up for Creature Rights. Giving them their freedom, staying out of their territory, respect their wishes, abilities, customs, and privacy. Let them work, get married, etc. Dumbledore has pushed through more and more restrictive laws, taking over more and more of our territories, trampling all over our customs, giving us no privacy or chance to work and live."

Harry frowned, "Is there any way of repealing those laws?"

Sharpaxe grinned. "If we can get Dumbledore discredited enough, we can call every law he has ever passed, proposed, or supported into question. Some of them might be good. Others... not so much." He frowned then. "Of course, we will still have to deal with Umbridge."

Snape growled at the mention of that woman. Although, he supposed that calling her a woman was an insult to women everywhere.

Sharpaxe hummed, "The next Wizengamot session is in two weeks. We can meet again a few days before that to plan and prepare you for some of what to expect. We should probably enlist the aid of Madam Longbottom and possibly Madam Bones as well, that way you have some back-up... Madam Bones is the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. That's our police force. And Griphook tells me that he spoke with Madam Longbottom about you staying with her and Heir Neville Longbottom for the remainder of the summer. I believe you go to school with Mr. Longbottom?"

Harry perked up a bit, "Yup, we share a dorm!" He said happily. He may not have spoken to Neville much, but he liked the quiet boy, he reminded him somewhat of himself sometimes with how he talked about his relatives. He still felt bad about Hermione cursing him towards the end of the year. Then he frowned, "Didn't that thing say my godmother was Alice Longbottom?" Snape nodded slowly.

"She is Mr. Longbottom's mother" He said somewhat reluctantly.

"Ok, I get why you and Sirius, but why...?"

"She and her husband Frank were... badly cursed, shortly after that Halloween. They are now both permanent residents of St. Mungo's Hospital." Snape said quietly. Harry's eyes widened and his lips parted in a silent, 'Oh.'

Sharpaxe nodded once before clapping his hands together, "Now then!" he said, bringing the wizards attention back to him and off that depressing topic. The Longbottoms were another family that were friendly with the goblins. "Here," he gestured to the rings on the table, "Are your heir rings. When you turn 15, you can come and... exchange, I suppose you could say, them for your Lordship rings. Once you put them on, the main rings, in this case the Potter and Black rings, will be the ones to show, the houses that come with those two will merge with their respective 'Head House'. Unless, of course, you choose to show one ring, then you must simply will that ring to appear." Seeing that Harry looked confused, he grinned and said he would see in a few moments.

Snape shook his head at the goblin in amusement before picking up the Potter ring. "In the event that you for some insane reason take your rings off, then when you put them back on, the Potter ring always goes on first, then this one," he said, picking up the Pendragon ring, "Then the Merlin, then Peverell, then the others." He explained. "Your Potter rings will go on the left ring finger because they are the House you were born to, and the Black ones will go on your right middle finger. This is also because the Head of the Black family is still alive and that is the family you were adopted into, although your grandmother was a Black. Remind me to speak with Augusta Longbottom about going over some basic etiquette later on. Here you go." He finished, handing Harry each ring and watching him put them on.

Harry was amazed as each ring merged with each other after sizing themselves to fit his smaller fingers. In the end, leaving just the Potter ring visible. After those were on, he was handed the three from the Black family. Then Snape had him will the Merlin ring into sight, and the Potter ring shimmered out of view to be replaced with that one, Snape smiled slightly at the look on his face and soft exclamation of how much he loved magic before having him bring the Potter ring back out.

He couldn't help but notice that Sharpaxe relaxed slightly when the Black ring was on. When he asked, Sharpaxe grinned and said he was just getting to that bit.

"You see, Harry, the Most Ancient and Noble Houses were rather, shall we say paranoid? about being controlled and as a result potentially giving away their heritage while under the influence of those controlling them. Or, even of simply giving away their secrets while they were controlled. They were especially paranoid when it came to the safety and well-being of the Heir and Lord, mostly the Heir though since the Lords were fully grown and well trained. You see, each family had their own unique ways of protecting their secrets, but they were each similar to how they protected their Heirs and Lords. Each of those rings you are now wearing is imbued with enchantments protecting the wearing to a certain degree from different elements, depending on the family and their particular talents or history.

The Merlin ring, for example protects from invasions to the mind to a certain degree from what I remember, although it would still be best if you learn the skill yourself. The Potter ring protects against minor to moderate hexes and curses, but the reason I was concerned about whether or not you had the Black ring in light of Severus here being asked to brew controlling potions, is that the Black ring is designed to protect against any substance used to control how you think. From love potions, to those compulsion potions. Unfortunately, it doesn't get rid of the magical suppressants you're already on. Do you understand?" He asked. Harry nodded with wide eyes, although the adults could see the relief in his eyes.

Sharpaxe clapped his hands together again. "Now, I think it best we leave going over your assets and contents of your vaults for a later date, Harry. I feel I've given you quite enough to think about for now. And we really must get you down to the ritual chambers, and then the Healers." He turned to Severus. "Bring him back here after the Healers release him though. In the meantime, I will check these," he gestured to the pile of heirlooms, "For any magical tampering before returning them to the correct vaults."

Harry grabbed the Grimiore as he got up to leave and spent a few moments trying to fit it into the pouch he was given with his school stuff in it before an amused Sharpaxe took pity on him and cast an expansion charm on the pouch, letting the entrance expand to fit the book and making the bag more than big enough for the book. Neither adult could help but compare his apparent love for reading with Lily's, according to James, she had reacted similarly when first shown the Grimoire after she married James. He had joked that it seemed in that moment that she married him for the Potter Library and magics.

As a goblin stepped in to lead them down to the ritual room, Harry turned back to Sharpaxe, "Would it be possible for me to get some money out of my vaults before I leave for the Longbottom's? All I have to wear are my school uniform and this." He said in distaste as he plucked at his over-sized shirt.

Sharpaxe smiled and said that that was part of what they needed to talk about before they left.

Shortly after Harry and Severus left for the ritual rooms, Sharpaxe was sipping at a large goblin-made brandy. He normally didn't drink while in the office, but it had been a difficult conversation that should never have had to happen. He couldn't shake the feeling that James and Lily would skin him alive before feeding him to Remus Lupin on the full moon if they knew it had taken him so long to find their son.

He had just finished his glass and reached for the first of the heirlooms to check when the door opened to reveal King Ragnok and Griphook.

He jumped to his feet and bowed so fast, he accidentally knocked the brandy glass to the ground, where it shattered. Everyone in the room winced, that had been a work of art, hand crafted by his father, laced with rose-quartz of the finest quality.

"Rise, and tell me of the Potter Heirs situation. Griphook has already informed me of the living conditions he was in, and the diagnostics result for his familiar." Ragnok commanded.

"Yes, My King. I've informed Heir Potter about his inheritance, and given him the Inheritance test, he is now on his way to the ritual chambers with Lord Severus Prince-Snape. I've informed him of some of his family history. Including what the Potter's usually stand for politically, although it won't be anything he won't be reading once I take him down to the family vault and he discovers the family journals. The Heir Potter has a love of books that could rival his mothers."

Sharpaxe grinned ferally, "Heir Potter has already determined to go before the Wizengamot in two weeks to argue for Lord Sirius Black's release from Azkaban, as well as to begin loosening Dumbledore's hold on the Wizengamot. I plan to meet with him again a few days before that to work out a plan, make sure he knows what to expect, also... he will need to appoint a new proxy. He has agreed with me getting in touch with Madam Bones about all of this, we can just add all of this to the list she is already compiling for us of Dumbledore's crimes."

King Ragnok grinned at that too. "I see he has also already summoned his missing heirlooms." He raised an eyebrow at seeing that the Grimiore was not in the pile. Sharpaxe grinned again, "The first thing he did upon seeing the Grimiore was to pick it up and start reading it, even his familiar looked like she was reading it. He took it with him. Apparently, that pouch Sharptooth gave him to hold his school supplies, now contains everything he personally owns." They all shook their heads at that.

Sharpaxe continued. "The only thing I have not yet gone over with him was the full contents of his vaults and business ventures, I felt that he had been given enough information to digest for one day, anymore might have just caused him to shut down. Lord Prince-Snape has also explained his status as one of two godfathers.

Also, according to his Inheritance Test, Lord Black Blood-adopted him sometime before the night Lord and Lady Potter were killed. I was especially relieved by this as according to Lord Prince-Snape, Dumbledore had wards placed all around the street Heir Potter grew up on, which alerted him to your presence as soon as you arrived with Sharptooth, My Prince, as such, Dumbledore has grown concerned that Heir Potter might not be entirely loyal anymore upon his return to Hogwarts and requested Lord Prince-Snape to brew loyalty and compulsion potions. And, as you know, the Black Heir Ring protects against those. After he is done with the Healers, he will come back here to withdraw some money, and I will make sure he goes and gets new clothes. After that, he will go the Longbottoms for the remainder of the summer."

Ragnok nodded thoughtfully. "As soon as they finish in the ritual chamber, I want you to organize a search for the other Horcruxes straight away using the one from Heir Potter-Black's scar. I also want you to continue working with Madam Bones." He shook his head. "The goblins have finally gotten our voice in the Wizengamot back with locating Heir Potter-Black. We need those restrictions Dumbledore has placed on us lifted, we cannot survive much longer like this. After all these years, they will have no choice but to listen now." He finished in satisfaction.

Sharpaxe nodded, "Understood, My King. I already have a team standing by to receive the soul-piece."

Ragnok smirked, "Good." He knew there was a reason Sharpaxe was assigned to the oldest and wealthiest family they did business with. As well as being the oldest account manager in the whole of Gringotts, not just the England branch. Most didn't last a whole decade, yet here his old friend was, managing the Potter accounts for the last 150 years.

That just showed how trusted he was and how good at his job he was.

By the time Snape and Harry reached the ritual room, Harry was extremely nervous about how this was going to happen. Snape must have noticed, because his hand landed on Harry's shoulder a moment later. Hedwig 'washed' his hair with her beak on his other one.

Harry started a bit and tensed as though expecting a hit or something, but relaxed when nothing happened other than Snape frowning at how thin that shoulder was. He started mentally calculating how much nutrient potions Harry would need just from looking, he wouldn't know for certain until he had the official diagnostics in his hand. He also thought he could maybe make Harry's a little stronger... He already knew he would have to make these special because of all the charms and blocks found.

When they were finally shown into the room, Harry was a little surprised to see the room full of both Goblins and wizards, one of whom looked like a Weasley, except with a fang earring in one ear and long hair up in a pony-tale. Everyone turned when they came into the room, and the goblin in charge stepped forward.

"Alright Mr. Potter, do you want to begin or would you like to wait a bit?" He asked. Harry saw the Weasley look-alike look up sharply his name before slowly looking back down at the parchment he had been studying in his hand and looking sick.

Bill Weasley was not expecting the urgent summons from Egypt, he definitely wasn't expecting to be told to go to the ritual room when he arrived. He had been expecting to go to his superiors office and get a dressing down, he had been wracking his brains the whole time while he waited for the special port-key to activate trying to remember if he did something wrong.

After arriving in the room, him and everyone else brought in for whatever this was were handed a parchment and told to study it so they knew what they were doing. They were told the client undergoing the ritual was still with the account manager and would be down shortly.

He felt sick reading the list of core and ability blocks, charms, and the potion this person was under. Honestly, who on earth could be sick enough to block 80% of a person's magical core and all of their special abilities? And the Horcrux on top of all that!

Well, at least he knew now why he was called all the way from Egypt for this, he got assigned to so many tombs that had Horcruxes in them that he was now considered Gringotts leading authority on getting rid of them. But this was going to be a tricky one. Instead of transferring this from a valuable object to a random rock he found lying around to be destroyed later, this was a person. He was going to have to take this person's magical core into account so he didn't damage it or accidentally fuse the Horcrux to it.

"Quickfinger, what's the order we're doing this in? Horcrux and then blocks, or blocks then Horcrux?" He called.

"What do you recommend, Senior Curse Breaker Weasley?" Quickfinger asked him with an almost feral grin. "You are the Horcrux expert in the room."

Bill did a double-take. Did he just get a promotion? He blinked a couple of times before shaking it off to deal with later before consulting the list again. He bit his lip as he thought. "In that case it might be best to do the Horcrux before the block on the client's core. The other's won't make much of a difference, but it might be safer for all of us if the core is as small as it apparently is at the moment when extracting the fragment. That way there will be less magic for the thing to latch onto or use to fight me with." Everyone else nodded. That made sense. "There would also be less potential damage to the core... whatever damage there is should then be healed by the block being removed."

"Alright, we will get rid of the charms first then, then the blocks in order, then the Horcrux, then unblock his core. Now then, the client is a friend of the goblin nation, and as always, you are sworn to silence on anything and everything that goes on in these halls. That means no discussing the clients identity with anyone not a goblin or in this room, and definitely not where anyone can overhear you." Quickfinger warned. Everyone nodded. Bill's mind was racing, trying to think who this client could possibly be that they were a friend of the goblin nation.

He was not expecting to see a twelve year old to walk in the door with a snowy owl on his shoulder, that must be the familiar that was listed, followed by Professor Severus Snape. He especially wasn't expecting Quickfinger to call the boy Mr. Potter. All he could do was stare at the parchment in his hand in horror, staring at the name Dumbledore sitting there, beside all those charms, loyalty and compulsion charms.

He felt sick, how many times in his childhood did his mother sing Dumbledore's praises? His uncles had died, fighting for Dumbledore. And yet, Dumbledore had the nerve to block all of Harry Potter's, the Boy-Who-Lived, abilities and put charms to ensure his loyalty, and to ensure he would do what he wanted. His parents, his uncles, the whole wizarding world, put their lives in Dumbledore's hands. But he turned around and did something like this? He had heard from his father that Dumbledore practically took over the Wizengamot when he claimed Proxy over the Potter seats, and he continually told everyone that it was what Harry Potter wanted. How much of that was even true?

How many times had Magical Britain been told that Harry Potter was safe, happy, and well cared for? And here he was wearing rags.

And the Horcrux!

What if Dumbledore knew? Because there was only one person and one way he could think of for Harry Potter being a Horcrux. And that was Voldemort, on the night he killed Harry's parents.

Oh, he hoped Dumbledore didn't know about it, because if he did and continued to tell the people of Magical Britain that Voldemort was gone, never to return...

He barely heard Quickfinger calling his name, but he did notice when the wizard next to him, Perkins, his mind supplied, slapped his shoulder to get his attention. He startled before looking around and seeing everyone staring at him.

"Um, sorry, I was, uh..." He held up the parchment as an explanation while gesturing towards Harry, "It's just, ah, my little brother is his best friend, and I really wasn't expecting... anyway, what were you saying?"

Quickfinger raised an eyebrow. "I was asking you to explain the procedure for the Horcrux."

"Ah! It's pretty simple, really. We are going to do that before we unblock your core for safety reasons, these things really don't like it when we try to transfer them to other containers, its not a problem when they are in objects, since you are a living person with a magical core, we need to go a bit more carefully. Don't worry, it's perfectly safe." He said when Harry looked concerned and slightly panicked. "We are going to get rid off all this stuff first, then the Horcrux, the charms will be the easy part. We will let the Healers worry about the magical suppressant, we would have given you one before unbinding your core anyway, just for safety's sake, so that actually works out..." 'Although how on earth he is under a magical suppressant and has 80% of his core blocked and can still do magic, let alone be alive...' he thought. "All you have to do for all of this is just lay there, we will be doing all the work.

After we get the blocks removed, we'll give you a few minutes to, settle, I suppose, before removing the Horcrux. Now, I'm going to remind you of this later on, but when we get to the Horcrux, it is going to hurt a bit, and you should feel a tugging sensation centered around your scar. When that happens, I need you to help push it. Just focus on your want of it being gone. After that, we will unblock your core, and to be honest, the sudden influx of power from that will probably knock you out, but that's normal. So," he suddenly clapped his hands, "Any questions?"

The Professor and Harry looked at each other, before both shook their heads. Bill nodded.

"Then in that case, Professor, if you could take the pretty lady," He gestured at Hedwig, who hooted appreciatively at the compliment, "And stand by the door. Mr. Potter, if you would come lay in the middle of the room."

Snape took Harry's pouch with his belongings and Hedwig before Harry moved to the center of the room. Once Harry was down, Quickfinger nodded at him, before he and the other goblins took their places and removed the charms without any effort. "Now comes the more difficult part." Quickfinger muttered, Bill nodded in agreement.

Now that the goblins were done with that part, the curse-breakers all stepped up and filled in the places left open in the circle. Bill smiled reassuringly down at Harry before they all started chanting in Gobbledygook again, with Quickfinger calling out which block they were focusing on in between.

Harry could feel when each block came undone. It was like someone breaking a hole in a dam and letting the water do the rest. He definitely felt it when they undid the block on his bond with Hedwig. Because all of a sudden, there was another presence in his head, for a second the other presence's thoughts and emotions were blinding, but then they receded and stayed in the background.

Finally, they were done chanting. "Mr. Potter, you alright?" He opened his eyes, when had he closed them? to find Bill crouched next to him. Slowly he nodded, then blinked when he felt a weight settle on his stomach. He looked to find Hedwig making a nest out of his over-sized shirt. She stared at Bill as if challenging him to make her move.

"Call me Harry."

"Alright." He turned to look at Hedwig. "I am sorry, pretty one, but it would be best if you did not stay here, I do not want to run of the risk of accidentally transferring the soul-piece into you."

Harry winced when her talons tightened around his shirt and dug into his skin a little bit, his hands automatically coming up to calm his spit-fire owl down.

Bill shook his head and sighed before grumbling about stubborn owls and how he was going to have to re-plan this around her. "Alright, now I've already said this, but when you feel a tugging sensation in your scar, push. Will the soul-piece out of you. Don't be surprised if the pretty lady helps you out, you haven't had a chance to read up on the Bond, yet huh?" Harry shook his head. "Well, it's fairly common for a bonded Familiar to have some kind of mental connection to their wizard, how strong the connection is depends on the bonded pair. I have a feeling that your Bond is going to be quite strong.

Alright, then, shall we get this part started? You alright to continue?" At Harry's nod, he pulled a medium sized rock our of his pocket and placed it on the ground next to his head. He patted Harry on the arm before standing up and accepting the water bottle one of his colleagues was holding.

Now that Bill wasn't blocking his view, he could see that everyone on the team was getting something to drink, with the more tired members munching on energy bars or something. When they saw Bill stand up, they all started taking their places again.

Once they started chanting again, his scar started to prickle, and as it grew more and more painful, if was all he could do to block it out, to focus on Hedwig in his hands. Finally, he felt the tugging, and then he felt the presence in his head start to push it out. He had never noticed this thing in his head before, but now that he knew...

It felt dark. Malicious, evil.

Shuddering, he started willing the thing out of his head.

It seemed like forever to Severus, once they started chanting again. Forever of just standing there and watching his godson in pain, silently screaming through gritted teeth, and not being able to do anything. He'd been warned that if he stepped over there, he could distract Mr. Weasley, and cause him to accidentally put the Horcrux into one of them, Hedwig, or even further lodge it into place.

From what he understood, Mr. Weasley was basically doing all of the work right now, the others were just providing energy and back-up in case the piece slipped his 'grip', they would grab hold of it until he had a chance to 'grab' it again.

He wished he could go over there like Hedwig, but she was small enough, not to mention his Familiar. That meant that she could actually help this process along, at least on Harry's end. But, finally, a thick black fog seemed to seep out of Harry's scar and into the rock placed there earlier.

At its appearance, the old, faded Mark burned like it hadn't in years. He wasn't looking forward to that conversation with Harry, but he also knew that he couldn't keep his past from him. He made a mistake, he was going to own up to it with his own godson. He knew he had made a mistake the moment it was done and he realized that Lily was going to kill him. And then, if he was lucky, she was going to turn him over to the Ministry, where they would hand him over to the Dementor's. As soon as he had been released from the Dark Lords presence, he had gone straight to James and Lily, hoping that he hadn't just ended their friendship like he almost had back in fifth year.

Surprisingly enough, Lily was the one keeping James from hexing him to the moon and back, and then arresting him on the spot. He hadn't expected her to be so willing to listen, but she did, and he started passing them information, no dates or times of raids or anything, nothing that could be linked back to him, just... what potions he was being asked to make, who their suppliers were, if their suppliers knew who they were selling to or not... small stuff like that. The occasional raid as long as it couldn't be linked back to him. He didn't know what they did with the information, he didn't care. The less he knew about their side of the war, the less he would have to lie about.

Thank goodness for Occlumency.

He'd tried to stop the one who heard the prophecy from giving it to the Dark Lord, tried to erase his memory of it before he got there, but he was too late. He'd failed. After that, he went to Dumbledore, told him that the Dark Lord knew of the prophecy, thought that it meant the Potters, thought it meant Harry. He bargained his life into Dumbledore's hands, officially became his spy, and again he failed.

'I failed once, I will not fail again.' He thought to himself as he waited impatiently for the team to finish undoing the block on Harry's core.

When they finally did, he was fairly certain they felt the magical backlash all the way at the surface. Everyone went flying into the walls, cracks were heard and seen forming in the walls and ceiling, Severus himself hit his head and it felt like bruised a rib. Luckily, the goblins had ancient magic carved into the very stone-work around them in the event of an earthquake or something else that could potentially cause cave-ins.

Like stronger-than-expected magical backlashes from unblocking a core.

When Severus finally gained his bearings, he staggered to Harry, who was in the center of the 'blast zone'. He absently noted that Hedwig didn't seem to have been affected at all, she was still nesting in Harry's old shirt. 'Lucky bird,' he thought jealously. Harry, though, was unconscious.

When the others finally started to stir, the doors burst open to reveal Sharpaxe, King Ragnok, a contingent of guards, and a team of Healers.

"What happened?" Ragnok demanded.

"We undid the block on Harry's core, it didn't exactly go as peacefully as we planned." Bill Weasley said as he carefully sat up to lean against the wall. Figured he would be the first one up, Weasley's were stubborn people famous for their hardheadedness. Severus could see blood through his fingers where he was holding his head though. Now that they knew there was no danger, the Healers scattered, one of them going straight to Harry while the others spread out among the Curse-Breakers and Goblins.

'All this from unblocking his core? We felt that all the way up top! The Ministry is already nosing around up there, demanding to know what we are doing up there, the one leading the charge into my bank is probably demanding to know what scheme we have come up with for destroying humanity this time. As amusing as his theories are... this isn't the time.' "Sharpaxe, go see if Madam Bones is up top, she has enough weight to get those Ministry idiots out of my bank without us just outright killing all of them. That's the last thing we need right now, not when we are so close..." Ragnok growled. Sharpaxe bowed and left.

"My apologies, King Ragnok, we should have gone slower." Bill said as a Healer started testing his vision and checking for a spinal injury.

"No, nobody could have possibly predicted this happening, nobody knew the full size of his core, or the full extent of his magic. It would have been equally as impossible to predict how violently it would escape the binding." Ragnok said as he watched the Healer start to levitate Harry out of the room.

Bill grimaced, "And this was with the Magic Suppressant still in his system. Maybe we should have given him another dose, a stronger dose?"

Severus shook his head, "Knowing Dumbledore, the dose he was on was probably already just as strong as what I could make it, although where on earth he got it... He probably gave it to Harry at the end of the school year to ensure it lasted until the new term."

He walked out to follow his godson after bowing slightly to the King. He couldn't believe what just happened. 'I should probably take him to Ollivander's before we begin our shopping, make sure his wand will still work for him, or if we should go ahead and get him a new one...'