Author's notes: This is chapter 2 of an 8 chapter - adult fan fiction story involving mostly Kim Possible and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **


A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 2 – Kim vs Bonnie

Now the time had come. Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller stood face to face in the middle of the wrestling ring. Bonnie had a mean look in her eye as Brick was pouring oil on their handshake to symbolize the bet they just made.

Bonnie taunted her appoint. "Let me ask you Kim. How much cum have you swallowed at one time?"

Kim looked grossed out by the question and pulled back. With their hands finally free of the hand shake, Kim flicked excess oil off of her hand and in the pool answering Bonnie's question with an exuding -"Ewww, gross!"

Bonnie explained, "Let me spell it out for you. This room has 4 girls in it, not including us. The rest are guys. I count 15 of them. Young hot men – well, maybe not your nerdy boyfriend over there – anyway, the room is filled with hot and horny teenage boys."

"You're point?"

"How much cum have you ever swallowed at one time? I'm guessing you gave Ron a blowjob a time or two and you didn't even swallow."

Ron seemed a little embarrassed as he continued to watch them talk.

"Bonnie, you're disgusting."

"My point is, 15 loads is a lot, even for me."

Kim sassed her back, "Well, I'm sure you can handle it."

Bonnie gave her the evil eye again, "Ha, you're going to have one wild night. I hope YOU can handle it! Are you're ready?"

Kim got in a fighting stance to show her how ready she was, "Bring it on!"

Bonnie smiled and laughed at her, "Yea - right."

Then she yelled, "Brick, grease her up good!"

Kim asked, "Grease her up, huh?"

Kim turned her head just in time to see Brick standing behind her. He dumped a full bucket of cooking oil on top of Kim's head. This took her by surprise and she wasn't able to respond fast enough. Over three gallons of think slippery cooking oil suddenly splashed over Kim's body and everywhere in the ring. Her body now glistened in the light. The guys cheered because the action was starting.

Ron looked around and saw Josh, Wade and a few other guys take out there cell phone and started taking pictures and video of what was happening. Ron began to think to himself, "She better win this fight or video of Kim LOSING to Bonnie at oil wrestling will be all over the internet."

Kim tried to fling her oily wet hair out of her face but there was so much of it so fast it was hard to get the greasy mess out of the way so she could see.

Brick dumping oil on Kim gave Bonnie an advantage because Kim was temporarily blinded. Bonnie spun around and gave Kim a round house kick to the side by her kidney, knocking Kim down. When Bonnie did this movie, she slipped a little and almost lost her balance by sliding in the oil that was dripping off of Kim's body and into the ring. "Whoa!" She yelped out"

After a few arm waves Bonnie managed to keep her balance and didn't fall. She then reached over and grabbed the handcuffs and said, "All too easy."

Injured and out of breath, but not out of it yet, Kim mustered all the strength she could and finally flipped all of her oily wet hair out of her eyes. Then she kicked her right leg around as Bonnie was coming at her with the handcuffs. This made Bonnie's feet slide out from under her. She hit the mat hard. Kim told her, "Not as easy as you thought it was going to be, is it?"

Bonnie growled.

Kim took the handcuffs out of Bonnie's hand and threw them to the other side of the ring. She then jumped on top of Bonnie, knocking the wind out of her. Bonnie screamed, "Ahhh!"

Kim then used her knees and clamped Bonnie's shoulders to the ground. She pressed her slippery oiled up thighs on top of Bonnie's upper torso trying to pin her head between her legs. Bonnie squirmed and wiggled as much as she could but Kim was obviously more experienced. After a few seconds, Kim's idea it worked!

Now all anyone could see was Bonnie's head right in front of Kim's crotch. If Kim was naked she could easily force Bonnie to eat her out. Kim's long red wet oily hair swung and dripped in front of Bonnie's face as she leaned over her. She told Bonnie, "So, do you give up?"

Bonnie yelled out a solid, "NO!"

Both of them were now drenched in oil but it was hard for Bonnie to escape Kim's solid grasp. Kim solid athletic body was tough, even all greased up.

Kim told her Bonnie as she was pinned between her legs, "Come on Bonnie. Don't make this any harder for you than it already is. You're beaten! Unlike you, I have some dignity. I won't make you suck dicks when you admit you've lost."

Being covered in slippery oil can be a disadvantage or an advantage. For a while Bonnie couldn't wiggle away from Kim. She shimmied and twisted under the pressure of Kim's strong legs.

After a few moments, Bonnie got smart. She used her slick oil covered legs as an advantage. Bonnie raised her legs as I as high as she could while also pushing her upper body up as much as she could to push Kim's head up. The idea was to use her legs as scissors and pull her way.

Kim felt what she was trying to do and leaned forward even more so Bonnie's feet couldn't reach Kim's head with her feet. Bonnie was getting very frustrated and screamed, "Ahhh!"

Kim knew she could end this right now and win the fight but she lost her concentration when she through about that email. Her kidnapped brothers was the ONLY reason she was putting herself though this embarrassment of oil wrestling. She closed her eyes, sighed and thought to herself:

"For my brothers."

She leaned back just enough to let Bonnie "think" she was winning.

Bonnie lifted her legs again and again and pushed harder and harder on Kim's body more and more. It was very slippery and Kim was strong but after a few more tries took a few more tries it finally worked. Bonnie used her legs like scissors, she put her feet under Kim's head and pulled her off, escaping the pin.

Being pulled down by Bonnie's muscular legs was disabling. Kim wasn't expecting for Bonnie to throw her off so tough. She was slammed hard on the mat.

While Kim was lying on her back and out of breath, Bonnie quickly scooped up some oil out of the ring and splashed it at Kim's face.

Kim screamed, "Ahhh! That stings!" As she rubbed her eyes, trying to wipe the oil from her eyes she said. "Come on Bonnie you're not fighting fair."

Bonnie screamed. "Fair? I don't care about fair. I will NOT lose. I want my money!"

Kim continued to rub her eyes and try and get up as she asked, "Wait, what? There was no money involved in this fight."

Bonnie took advantage of Kim not being able to see and gave Kim a body slam as she was trying to stand. It was like a linebacker tackle. Kim went down hard and let out a while of a painful scream. "Aggg!"

Bonnie then rolled off of her and stood up. She watched as a blinded Kim Possible struggled to get up to her feet. Not being able to see and having the wind knocked out of her a few times made it more challenging to maintain balance. Kim slipped once and fell backward. All this time Bonnie just watched, smiled and waited for to right moment to strike.

Kim managed to finally get to her feet and finally got the oil away from her eyes. When she finally opened her eyes she saw Bonnie was standing right in front of her. Bonnie said very angrily, "You think there's no money involved? There is for me!"

Bonnie punched her in the gut, hard! Kim tried to block the bunch with her left hand but it was still hard for her to see and she wasn't fast enough. Kim keeled over fast. Her stomach felt like a sledgehammer hit it. Bonnie then finished her off by thrusting her elbow into Kim's back.

Kim fell down hard and fast, face first! Her face fell into a puddle of oil. As she breathed heavy everyone could see oil spraying away from Kim's mouth like a person who just got out of the pool.

Kim had fought many villains before and was able to provable in a lot of the fights. She also escaped a lot times when captured too. But this oil fight was different. She felt completely weak and beaten up. She wasn't knocked out but she was very week. Her arch ravel Bonnie had just kicked her ass! What made it sting even worse was, she let her win!

Bonnie slide over to where the handcuffs were and grabbed them. She quickly slid back to Kim's weak and exhausted body. Bonnie grabbed one of Kim's arms pulled it behind her back. Kim was barely able to move and do anything to stop her as Bonnie cuffed Kim's hands behind her back.

Once the last click of the cuffs snapped in place Bonnie whispered in Kim's ear, "I told you I was going to win."

Both Ron and Wade couldn't believe what they were seeing. Ron asked him, "What do we do now? Do we let Kim make due on this bet?"

Wade replied, "Let's see where this goes."

Kim was breathing heavy and was very excused.

Bonnie used this to her benefit as she then turned Kim's greased up body over on her back. Bonnie took advantage of the fact that Kim's arms were now pinned behind her and she was hardly able to move. Bonnie got in one last cheap shot and kneed Kim in the crotch. Kim screamed in pain!

Bonnie then slide up to Kim's face and lightly slapped her cheek telling her, "Looks like I win! Now the real fun starts."

Ron heard what Bonnie said and looked worried for Kim. He softly mumbled to himself, "Oh no!"

Bonnie pulled Kim up by her wet hair and dragged her to the center of the ring. Kim was now on her knees, drenched in oil and her hands were hand cuffed behind her back. She looked like someone beat the crap out of her, and they did.

Bonnie pulled off Kim's bikini top exposing her small pointy boobs to everyone. Kim tried to stop it by giving out a weak yell, "Hay, that wasn'tâ€Ĥ"

Bonnie then squeezed her bikini top and rung out all the oil on Kim's head. Kim was helpless do anything about it.

Bonnie threw Kim's top to a football player in the audience as if it was a prize to be won then she pulled on Kim's hair making her look up to the guys in front row. Bonnie showed Kim off like a hunter that had just killed it's pray. She said to the boys, "Who wants a blowjob?"