Author's notes: This is chapter 8 of an 8 chapter - adult fan fiction story involving mostly Kim Possible and Bonnie.

I do not own the rights to Kim Possible nor do I make any money from this story. It is purely for entertainment.

** WARNING: This story will involve sexual content. **


A Kim Possible Story

By Chris Palmer

Chapter 8 – Being Trained

Time can pass very quickly when you're having fun. Or when your concentrating on what you're doing. As in the case with Kim Possible giving blow jobs through a glory hole.

Even though Kim was starting to get very good at giving head and the young teenage boys were popping quick, she realized she had been sitting on the vibrator desperately wanting to come for over an hour.

Bonnie watched as she opened her mouth and was willing and waiting for the next cock to come through the glory hole.

The boys in the other room saw Kim's open mouth on the screen. They all knew who was saved for last, Ron! All his buddies rooted for him as he went into the room. At first, he hesitated but after a moment…he went in.

He had watched his girlfriend suck off 14 guys on TV. He had seen her go from resisting to wanting the next one. The next one…was him.

Was this all part of Kim's plan? Was this all just an act? He was about to find out.

Every now and then, during the whole long night, Bonnie cranked up the vibrator to watch Kim squirm. Kim screamed with pleasure but it was always only for a few moments. Kim begged, "Can you please make me cum now?"

The next cock came through the wall. Bonnie responded, "This is number 15. Your last cock. Show me your new skills and I'll crank it up all the way – and keep in running - to make you cum."

Kim did what she was told. The last cock was about 7 inches long. She quickly deep throated it. From the other end of the wall, Ron quietly said, "Booyah."

Kim paid no attention to this as she went up and down on Ron's cock, faster and faster. Bonnie responded with what she promised. She turned the vibrator up all the way to its highest level. Kim hadn't even made this one cum yet and she was already starting to feel some pleasure.

The intense vibration made Kim so wet and honey that she sucked Ron's cock by deep throating it all the way to the balls over and over again.

She pulled away from the hard cock, for just a moment to tell Bonnie, "Grease it up. I want this person to feel the best damn sloppy wet blowjob I have ever given anyone."

Bonnie smiled a very evil grin, because she knew that her training was sinking in. "Whatever you say Kimmie."

Bonnie tuned the vibrator down a few levels and then poured oil down the shaft of this hard dick. Just like the first cock Kim sucked, the oil dripped off of this penis like it was dripping from a long rod. Kim didn't let the drippings go to waste. As soon as the oil was applied, Kim put her mouth on the cock. Bonnie continued to pour more oil on the dick as Kim sucked it. This last blowjob was turning out to be a very sloppy one as spit and oil splashed out of the sides of Kim's mouth. The sweet sounds of pleasure were heard seeping out of the cracks of Kim's lips too. Kim felt like she was on a mission to try and get this cock sucked off before she came herself.

When the cock erupted in her mouth she went deep down on it and looked up at the camera. Cum poured in to Kim's mouth and (on cue) the vibrator came to life and gave her a jolt of pleasure.

This time she heard Ron yell, "Booyah!" At the same time the vibration on Kim's pussy was so much – she finally came!

Kim screamed the sounds of a super intense orgasm with a cock in her mouth. Without letting one drop spill, she moaned!

Mission accomplished.

It was the ultimate high in sexual pleasure. Cum squirting down her throat as she was exploding with an orgasm herself.

When the cock pulled away and Kim asked, "Ron?"

"Yes, KP?"

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh, yeah!"

Kim smiled but then turned to Bonnie and asked, "Am I done now? Has my dept been paid?"

Bonnie walked over to her. She stood over Kim with her shaved glistening wet pussy starring Kim right in the face. "Not quite yet."

"I thought you said that was number 15. The last cock."

"It was but I've been wet since I watched you give Brick a blow job. That's a long time to be in this conduction. You should know. Now I want you to lick my pussy and get me off. Then you're done."

Kim tried to explain, "Bonnie, I'm not like you. I mean I never…"

"Don't care." Right in front of Kim's face, Bonnie stuck 2 fingers in her vagina, fingered herself for a moment and then pulled them out. They were dripping with fresh nectar from deep inside of her. "Stick your tongue out." Bonnie ordered.

Kim stuck out her tongue. Bonnie let the juices drip from her fingers on to Kim's long moist tongue. Bonnie told her, "Taste it."

Kim put her tongue back in her mouth and tasted the fresh liquid from Bonnie's hot pussy. Bonnie asked, "How does it taste?"


"A lot better than that bitter, salty cum?"


"There's more where that came from."

Bonnie dipped her fingers in her vagina again and pulled out more fresh wetness. "Now, lick my fingers this time. Taste how wet you make me."

Kim did what Bonnie told her. She sucked on Bonnie's fingers soaked with brand new pussy juices. Bonnie breathed heavy watching Kim and got immensely turned on as she watched Kim lick her juices off of her fingers. "Holy fuck that's hot." Bonnie said as she pulled Kim's head closer to her pussy.

Bonnie was in total control and Kim wanted to do what she asked of her.

Bonnie then turned up the vibration once again and buried Kim's face deep into her wet pussy. Being a little inexperienced licking a girls pussy Kim lapped her tongue all around Bonnie's pussy.

Bonnie told her, "Stop licking the bowl. Like my clit!"

Kim did was she was asked. She licked Bonnie's clit up and down. "Much better." Bonnie pushed on Kim's head trying to get her to put her tongue deeper in her pussy. This made Kim screen. Bonnie could feel her mumbling. Bonnie pulled her away for just a moment. "What?"

"I can't breathe!"

Bonnie looked at Kim's face. She glistened with Bonnie's wetness all over her lips and cheeks. She told Kim , "Wow, I'm pretty wet down there. You could drown."

Kim tried to take a breath. "Just give me…give me a…"

Bonnie grabbed Kim's hair and pulled her toward her again. Pushing her face deep in her crotch. "Again, don't care. Trust me, this won't take long."

Kim licked Bonnie's clit faster and faster. Bonnie's wet pussy juices seemed like a leaky faucet. It poured out of her and smeared all over Kim's face as Bonnie moved Kim's head in a jarring motion, up and down, on her moist hole. Bonnie ran her fingers through Kim's greasy wet hair as she enjoyed every minute of this very passionate pussy licking.

Bonnie cranked up the vibration up to 10. Kim screamed with pleasure. Bonnie yelled, "That's it. Scream with pleasure bitch! Scream and vibrate your mouth on my clit as you lick my cunt! SCREAM!"

Kim screaming into Bonnie pussy put her over the edge. When Bonnie came, she screamed. Very loud and very strong! The vibration from Bonnies thunderous voice could be heard all the way in the other room.

To Kim's surprise, Bonnie quart! Bonnie's climax sprayed all over Kim's face. This was one of the best climaxes Bonnie had ever experienced all because she watched her rival, Kim Possible, suck off 15 cocks right in front of her. She got to FUCK Kim in the pussy and in her ass, and Kim willingly ate out her pussy! Of course, at first, Kim needed a little encouragement, but after a while, Bonnie had Kim under her total control. Her training was now complete.

Bonnie told her, "Wow, that was fucking amazing. That was probably the best climax I ever had in my life. For your first time eating pussy you sure know how to lick a cunt."

Kim asked, "Am I all done now?"

Bonnie told her, "Yes, you finished the night."

Bonnie turned off the vibrator, unstrapped her legs and unlocked her handcuffs. Kim was finally - totally free.

Kim knelled on the floor by Bonnie. She looked at her wrists and saw that the handcuffs where locked on her hands for far too long. They had left an indention in her skin. She rubbed her red sore wrists to try and loosen the skin. A drop of Bonnie's wetness dripped from Kim's chin and on to her wrists as she rubbed. Kim then took the back of her hand and wiped her mouth. Even though she just licked Bonnie, the taste of cum still lingered in the back of Kim's throat. The bitter salty taste of 15 different cocks needed to be washed away. Kim asked, "Can I have some water please?"

Bonnie handed Kim a bottle of water. No pranks. No splashing. She simply handed her some water.

Kim drank more than half the bottle before she poured the rest around her face to wash off the pussy residue. She looked at the floor around her. It was a mess. Small pools of oil, water and sticky white cum were everywhere. She sighed as she realized that there should have been more cum on the floor but most of the cum went into her stomach. She looked at the vibrator and saw how wet it was too. That thing had turned her on so much it was still soaked with her own juices. The whole area was a mess. If she could look in the mirror she would realize she was a mess too.

Kim was totally exhausted. She finally looked up at Bonnie and asked, "Why do you keep saying that? Finish the night?"

Bonnie smiled and said, "Before you go, a friend of mine wants to talk to you."


Bonnie handed Kim the phone that she texted on earlier.

It was Shego on a video call! She told Kim, "Hi princess! How was your night? Never mind that I already know. I saw the whole thing. You are quite the cum dumpster when you need to be."

Kim was shocked.

Shego continued, "I should let you know right from the start, that email about your brothers…it was from me! The picture was a fake. Pre-teen boys tied up? Come on girl…you should know me better than that. I'm a villain, I'm not a monster."

Kim didn't know what to say. She sat there on her knees with her jaw open, stunned.

Shego went on, "Guess what? That quick punch of vibration on your little pussy every time a cock came in that sweet mouth of yours - that was me! No need to thank me."

Bonnie smiled at Kim, "That was my idea sweetie! Part of your training."

"Training? For what? Wait, were you…?"

Shego continued, "Here's how this is going to work princess. I have video of your little passed hours performance. Right now the only people that know you're a big time cock sucking slut are the people you sucked off. Or…all of Middelton and the whole world could know. I will post this thing on every porn site out there and it will go viral because it's YOU, Kim Possible! We all know, once it's out there on the Internet, you can't take it back! It's out there forever."

Kim closed her eyes and thought of what would happen if everyone in her school saw it or worse yet, if the world saw that video. It would be devastating

"Kimmie, if you don't want the world to see this video all you have to for me is to never interfere with Dr. Drakken's plans again. If you stop us just one more time, everyone will know how much of a cock sucking slut you really are."

Bonnie looked at Kim and smiled. Kim asked her, "You! You were behind all this the whole time?"

"Well it was MY idea to oil wrestle for cheer captain, remember? Frankly, I'm surprised you agreed to it. No, wait, I'm not surprised. With your ego of always wanting to win and be the best I had a feeling you would. Of course, a little help from Shego gave you that extra - push. Once I had you here I knew you and that big head of yours couldn't pass up a bet."

Bonnie mocked her with a winnie voice, "I fight villains. I never lose!"

Kim looked horrified and completely taken advantage of.

As if it couldn't get any worse, Bonnie stated the obvious, "Yea, we played you – big time! Kim, you can still be cheer captain. Knowing I fucked you up your ass while you socked off complete strangers and swallowed all that cum like a good little slut is more satisfying then the stupid position of cheer captain."

Bonnie leaned down toward Kim and lifted her chin up to make her look her in the eyes, "You asked about the training? It's simple. Thanks to Shego cranking the vibrator up every time I pushed your head in to swallow more cum it re-set your sexual desires!"

Kim put her hand down by her pussy and sighed.

Bonnie continued, "That's right, every time you think of sexual pleasure, from now on, you won't be happy or be able to get off unless you're swallowing jizz. That sensation in your clit will tell you that you want to suck cock with your hands handcuffed behind your back and you'll want to be forced to swallow all that thick sticky cum! It will be the ONLY way you get any satisfaction. It will be all you ever think about for days, weeks, maybe even years. I own you now! You're mine! Don't ever forget that."

Shego got in one last stab in the back, "Oh, and Bonnie. Meet me at the same place as before. I'll have the rest of your money for you."

Bonnie let go of Kim's chin and Kim lowered her head in shame.

Even though she was still completely naked and still very shiny and oily, Bonnie opened the door and was about to walk out of the glory hole room.

She told Kim one last thing, "There are a few towels in the corner over there to clean yourself off but I think you'll need more than a towel. You might want to take a shower before you go home. You reek of sweat, cum, and utter humiliation."

As Bonnie left, the door closed. Kim was all alone. She bowed her head in complete defeat.