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CW for chapter 1: mentions of stalking; implicit mention of sex.

Chapter 1: 'I think I owe you an apology.' (30/6/17)

Sherry walked out of her laboratory earlier than usual that day. The concrete under her shoes gleamed with the dim, warm light the dying sun still gave off from between the run-down buildings around her. Keeping her eyes down, it seemed as if she were walking down a luxurious, tangerine-colored carpet – maybe on her way to receive a prestigious award.

Only that Sherry wasn't the type to daydream, especially not of nonsense.

'I think I owe you an apology.'

Gin's loud voice prompted Sherry to raise her gaze from the concrete. The man leaned against his Porsche, parked directly before the front door of the building she had just left. The blackness of his coat blended with the lustrous black of the car paint, both appearing reddish under the light of the dying sun. At first sight, Sherry couldn't help believing for a brief moment that he was covered in blood.

'I'm sorry for what I said this morning,' he continued. 'And last night.'

Sherry stood up straight, and by doing so she realized she had stopped walking.

'I didn't consider your point of view,' he admitted. 'I was selfish. I'm sorry. I really am.'

Sherry didn't answer. In the quiet street, apart from Gin's voice when he talked, the only sounds to be heard were the costant hum of the distant traffic and the occasional high-pitched cry of a bird dashing across the darkening sky.

'You are what matters to me most in this world,' he declared, taking a resolute step away from the car. Sherry studied his expression – his calm façade was starting to break down, apparently in reply and opposition to her unresponsiveness. 'I would never want to harm you. And I know I have. So I wanted you to know that I am sorry, that I wish I had acted differently.'

Sherry remained perfectly still. Gin averted his eyes – on his face, she could read true despair and pain as only someone who had known him for nearly a decade could.

'I'm sorry,' he repeated.

'How long have you been waiting here for me?'

The man looked back at her. Despite the four or five feet of distance between them, Sherry distinguished the gleam of hope in his face. She had seen it enough times to recognize it in any sort of circumstance.

'About an hour,' he answered. 'But I didn't expect you this early.'

Sherry made an amused smile.

'So you intended to wait for me… like a stalker?'

Gin let out a laugh. A short, dry, sincere laugh. Sherry's smile widened. She strolled casually towards him.

'And what were your plans once I came out of the building?' she inquired playfully. 'To lure me into your car?' She rested her hands on his shoulders. The cloth of his coat felt warm against her skin. 'To take me to your apartment and fulfill your most depraved wishes with me there?'

Gin smirked and moved his face closer to hers, until their lips nearly touched.

'Only if you wanted.'

Sherry laughed and kissed him. Gin embraced her waist, pushing her further against him. When the kiss ended, they kept quiet for a moment, only staring into each other's eyes. With every movement they made, no matter how small, their noses brushed.

'I'm sorry for being so selfish, Shiho,' he spoke at last.

Shiho buried her head in his shoulder and smiled. His long, ash-blond hair tickled her cheeks.

'It's okay.'

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