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"You. You are Kousaka Honoka's biggest mistake." Kou bit her lip. It's my mistake. Brushing off all those chances I could have told you to be mine. To be with me.

Honoka grit her teeth and balled her fists, What is Kou-chan saying? If she's really me...if I am her in the future why is she meddling in the past, why is she my- "How can Kotori-chan be a mistake? I love her! And if you really are me then you-"

"Yes I love her-" Kou raised her voice, effectively silencing her younger self. She was crying then and her heart felt heavy like a mountain worth of rocks were pushing down on her chest. But she continued, she always did.

"We both do! So much that it pains you. No, it pains us. Ten years in your future-in my present, it's still the same! The pain, anger, frustration and hiding your emotions from the one girl you love- it's too much! Everyone might think I'm happy and contented with life as I have now," she didn't care anymore if someone heard them or if the two understood what she said, she had kept them for so long and now that it's in front of her- the happiness she wished she had- it came out like an open hydrant, "But no! The one thing I actually and earnestly wanted in life...you," she averts her gaze to Kotori,

"I never had you..." Kou trails off and drops on the ground. I finally said it...

3rd year. I was sitting on my desk, waiting for Kotori-chan and Umi-chan to finish their after-school cleaning duties. They told me to go home first but I don't want to go home alone. I, at least, want to spend some time with Kotori-chan before we graduate. Graduate. The thought of it sickens me. We will part ways, just like Nico-chan, Eli-chan and Nozomi-chan left Otonokizaka. We barely hear from them now. The three of us may never see each other for how long too...it's weird. I spent my entire life to this point with them, it doesn't feel right without Umi-chan and especially Kotori-chan. If you could just confess now Honoka, you would be able to stay with her-!

"Kotori." I heard Umi-chan's voice outside the room. I stood up from my seat and was prepared to surprise them. My hand was already on the handle of the door when-

"Will you go out with me?"

Huh? What? My hand laid paralyzed on the handle, I could stop this confession if I opened the door now. Kotori-chan's not answering at all, I can stop this. My heart was beating out of my chest and my mind went into overdrive. I was conflicted between opening the door and listening to her reply. Damn it-

"If you don't want to it's okay-"

"No, let's give it a try." Huh? I touch my cheeks, huh? why...am I crying?

It was two weeks since then and I acted indifferent...like how I usually do. I smiled. I laughed. I tried to ignore and feign ignorance whenever Umi-chan looks at Kotori-chan with those eyes that I wish only I would show to her. Yet, hers is felt and seen while mine is kept and hidden far from Kotori-chan's heart.

I arrived at the rooftop, a little bit later than everyone else. They were all huddling around Umi-chan and Kotori-chan and I started trembling in fear. Did they tell them already? Does that mean I'll have to pretend to be happy for them? To pretend that everything's fine and I didn't want to take Kotori-chan away from her?

You coward, you can't even confess to her first, how could you think you could steal her? Stop it. I told my conflicting thoughts.

"Honoka-chan!" I look up and saw Kotori-chan run up to me with Umi-chan behind her.

"Honoka..." Umi-chan and I locked eyes before my eyes drifted lower and to their intertwined fingers.

Now that it is presented to me on a silver platter...I can't handle it, I can't accept this! I grit my teeth and clenched my fists, ready to tell my feelings when I saw Kotori-chan's face when she looked at Umi-chan.

"We're sorry we didn't tell you first."

"Yeah..." Am I really that selfish? Will I exchange my happiness for my two best friend's sadness? No...

"I can't accept this."

I smile and rested my hands beside my hips, "Congratulations you two."

2nd Year College. I stared longingly at the picture frame hanging on my bed side wall. After a long day at university, all I wanted is to rest. I turn to the picture. Me, Kotori-chan and Umi-chan after our high school graduation ceremony. I chuckle, "I've been doing really well (in hiding) since..." my face then was grinning at me widely. I'm surprised no one ever noticed that that grin was a big fat lie. I didn't want our high school days to end. I didn't want them to leave me and go to a university away from our district. I didn't tell them though I mean, who is Kousaka Honoka to deprive her friends who happened to be together from going to the school of their dreams. Hah, I wanted to go there too...but I can't move on if I see her every day so I stayed here.

I'm lying to myself again, this past year has been the worst. I thought I'll eventually forget about her but I couldn't. Everything I see somehow reminds me of her and not being able to calm myself by seeing her feel worse.

"How are you?" I could call her now but she might have classes. Or she might be having dinner with Umi-chan. Ah, I never got to ask her at all. Here I am hurting myself for attempting to cut her out of my life. It will fail I know but I'm trying though it breaks me further apart.

Kotori-chan and I are having a private dinner together. Umi-chan wasn't with us because she was having a convention for writers or something. It was rare since we were both very busy with work and life. Well for me it is only work...no life at all. For the past years, I've been drowning myself in my work. That's how I managed to debut earlier and successfully. Hah, if I were myself during my school idol days before the crisis I would've been so proud of myself...but I'm not. Work is just a distraction for my broken and irreparable heart. You know...that girl in front of you...she can't ever be yours.

I know.

Well, she could have been if you weren't such a coward.

I know. I know that Honoka.



"Yeah?" I answer before taking in a bite of steak.

"Do you know what day it is tomorrow?"

I look up, hmm it's Friday, "It's Friday." I answer and take in another bite.

Kotori-chan giggled and my eyebrows furrowed, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just can't believe you'll forget your own birthday." I drop the fork and look at her in bewilderment. I look at my wristwatch, it's true, tomorrow's my birthday.

"Happy birthday Honoka-chan~" Kotori-chan stood up, my gaze not leaving her once as she hid her right hand behind her back. She goes to my side and raises my head and kissed my cheek. Don't get my hopes up. I love you.

She started singing me happy birthday. Even after we became adults, Kotori-chan's mesmerizing and intoxicating voice lured me in like it was the first time. To me, her voice is the one thing I want to hear after I wake and the last thing I want to hear before I sleep. As she sang the song with a bit of swaying, I felt my eyes blur.

"Honoka-chan?" she stops singing and my tears went like an opened dam. Rushing like there is no tomorrow. Flowing like I haven't cried for weeks. Kotori-chan set the gift down on the table and hugged me. "Don't cry. I don't like it when I see you cry."

It's not the gift. Not the rare fancy dinner. Not because I forgot my birthday. It's because I know I'm years too late to tell you the truth. I love you very much.

A few months before the wedding.

I look at my watch for the nth time this hour. They're late. How unusual.

"That girl is so beautiful."

"She looks like a celebrity." I push my sunglasses higher on my eyes and adjusted my beanie a bit to cover most of my hair.

"Isn't she-"

"Honoka-chan!" I turn to the direction of the voice to see Kotori-chan running towards me and engulfing me in a big bear hug. I grunt, "Miss me?"

Kotori-chan pouts, "Of course I did I mean you were gone for like two years you rising celebrity."

Two years. I tried to get away from you for two years, drowning myself in my work as an idol. A month there I was missing you like crazy. Half a year there I wanted to see you. A year and I felt like dying from not hearing from you for weeks - even months. six months before now I started feeling better. I started showing interest in one of my co-idols. Then why? After a great day with her, why did you have to announce to me your engagement with Umi? Suddenly the feelings I had forgotten came back and now here I am, arriving in Tokyo to attend your wedding months after this.

I chuckle, not noticing the devilish aura behind me, "I'm still- Ow!"

"No e-mails, no phone calls are you trying to worry us Honoka?!" Umi scolds me as I caress the reddening left ear of mine.

"I was busy..." I pout and Umi-chan goes to Kotori-chan's side. Oh yeah, they're still-

"Well come on, we don't have all day Kotori and I will be talking to the wedding planner later on," she says before taking Kotori-chan by the hand and walking ahead of me. So near yet so far away. I'm so far away. I should be that one. I should be in Umi-chan's place-

Their faces showed so much...happiness. Been so long since I honestly and sincerely felt that emotion. I clench my fist and grit my teeth, I can't be used to this. I can't be immune to this. What can I do? Smile.

"Hey don't leave me alone now!" I whine as I strode next to them, keeping up a smile while I was shredded in the insides.

Three days before she left for the past. I sigh and watch the cold whisper of air flew out of my mouth and dissolve into the open night sky. I lower my cap and tuck my hands in my hoodie's pockets.

"Honoka-chan!" I whip my head to the direction of her voice. I smile, "Kotori-chan." I wave at her.

She ran a few steps closer to me, finally stopping when we were face to face with each other, "Did you wait long?"

I look at my watch. Wow, half an hour? "No, I just got here myself." she nods and intertwines her arm with mine making me blush at the contact.

"Shall we?" she said as we started our late night walk in the park.

"So what's this about?" I asked a few minutes later. I received a text from her earlier today and invited me on a late night walk. I knew that I needed to refuse or else I won't move on. "I'll be there." I sigh.

She turned to look at me for a quick second before returning her gaze in front of us, "I just...wanted to see you I guess." Honoka nods and they continued to walk in silence.

We never ran out of topics before as teenagers...but why is it now so hard to even say a damn thing to her? Honoka thought sadly, gazing at the pavement ahead of her. I used to tell her everything. Well everything except that but now even 'everything'...She sighs. I don't know that much about her now too. It's my fault I guess...I chose to turn away from her all these years and now we're almost like strangers smiling at each other not knowing the other's story at all...

She gives Kotori a side-glance, taking note of the uneasy and indecisive look on the girl's face. The same look she gave off when she had to make a decision between helping her or siding with Umi during their younger days. What could she be thinking?-

"Honoka-chan," Kotori tugs on her arm and points at a nearby bench, "let's rest there for a bit." The ginger head nodded slowly and the two of them walked to the bench quietly, removing their linked arms in the process. She takes out her bag and stuffs her hand in, "I have something to give you."

Honoka raised an eyebrow and tried to peek in what it was but Kotori moved to block her view. She pouts. What could it be?


Honoka takes it from Kotori slowly. At the middle was two wedding rings, one with a faint hint of blue and the other dimmed a bit, almost gray.

"We have settled a date already." Kotori looks down on her own hands, not seeing Honoka's shocked-turned-sad expression. Sensing no answer from the girl for a few minutes, she turns to look. Honoka had her eyes locked with the large text written in cursive at the front of the blue and gray envelope.

"I really hope you could come..." she says carefully.

Honoka heard it all but she cannot find the voice to answer to them. It has finally come to this. She blinks in quick succession, I'm supposed to be happy for them...but I hate to admit that at some point since I came back here I wished this would all fall apart. I'm such a terrible friend...but... now...

You are invited to Sonoda Umi and Minami Kotori's Wedding.

Now that it's given and shown to me in the form of this...I don't think I would accept it. They're really going through with this. They're going to start a family...they're going to be with each other until the end...If I just...if I just had confessed to her before Umi...would she have accepted me? Hah, probably not...I'm no one special after all.

The idol turned to her fashion designer friend and grinned, "I would you dummy. Why else would I have flown from the States to Tokyo?"

The latter smiled, it seems that her friend is not entirely gone after all..."I guess so..."

"Well, is that it?"


Honoka raised the envelope, "You invited me here to give this to me right?"

Her smile and head dropped and she did not answer as quickly as she would have wanted to, "Honoka-chan..." her vision blurs a bit as she raises her arms to engulf her best friend into a hug. "This might be my farewell, Honoka-chan."

"Why?" the latter tried to get a glimpse of the ash brunette's face but the girl held her tightly. Deciding not to push Kotori, she slowly raises her arms and returned the hug, "Why are you speaking as if we'll never see each other anymore?"

"There's no turning back now..." Kotori choked back a sob silently, "Be happy, Honoka-chan."

Neither of them dared to speak after. All that was left was the unseen tears on the two girls faces. Tears they didn't cry for the first time. Hidden from each other, locked away in their hearts. Forever.

Two days before she left for the past.

"Honoka." Umi slides into her seat across Honoka in the high-end cafe, "I'm surprised you got in here just in time."

The ginger head nodded, "I hope you don't mind but I ordered dessert and coffee for you already."

"Thank you," Umi said before the air around them turned quiet. The occasional clinks of silver and porcelain resounded in their ears as neither of them spoke, well until one did, "So why did you call me out here for?"

"Kotori had given you the invitation right?" she nods, "Have you looked at it?"

Honoka was about to answer when the waiter came to their side and settled down the desserts and coffee.

"I haven't looked into it yet," she said as soon as the guy left.

"Oh..." Umi slowly nods and takes a sip of her coffee, "You'll be attending the wedding right?"

Honoka quickly nods, "Wouldn't miss it for the world." she grinned, not noticing Umi's changed expression.

"Honoka..." Umi scratched her cheek, making sure not to meet her best friend's gaze, "Will you stand by me at the altar Honoka? I need my best friend there."

"...Why me? You have other friends you're much closer with now."

The bluenette looked down, "I want...my first friend to be beside me. You're special to me too Honoka."

Honoka scoffed and smiled, "Yes, I will. I guess I'll have to give a toast or speech of some sort right?" Umi nodded quietly.

"I'm excited," Honoka says with much glee, while underneath the table, her hands were gripping so hard on her skirt they were getting messed up. It hurts. I want to be in Umi-chan's place so bad that I'm thinking these bad things...it's not their fault for falling for one another...it's my fault for not voicing myself out before they did. I might have had a chance...I might have had a chance to move on.

They parted ways soon after because Umi had to go back to work. When Honoka arrived home, all she could think of was why Umi had acted a bit sad all throughout after that. It started from the invitation. She goes to her bedroom and took the invitation lying on the end table. Scanning it, since she didn't do so last night because she was plagued from Kotori's cryptic words, she noticed it was bulkier than she originally thought it was.

Removing the ribbon carefully, she opened the flap and there were three folded papers, blue, beige and gray. She decided to open the beige one first.

It was the wedding invitation, complete with a painting-like faded picture of the two of them surrounded by orange leaves, probably autumn somewhere. After reading it a bit, and running her eyes over and over the names of the two, she placed it down and opened the blue one. Her eyes went wide when she recognized the beautiful hand writing.


Feels weird to write to you since I never actually done it before but I'll do my best. First of all, I wanted to say I knew. I'm angry because you think I didn't notice how you try to hide your pain in those smiles. I waited and waited and waited for you to tell me what's wrong but you never did. Do I mean that little to you? It was always the three of us together; you, me and Kotori. I loved you two so much that I cannot imagine how I would be if I lose you two. Then somewhere along the line, my worst fear came true, I started losing you. I lost my best friend, the girl who didn't give a damn as long as she's having fun with her friends. I hated it so much, it wasn't only Kotori who was crying to her sleep then.

But I still believed even if everything's changed since we were high school I still know you, at least I think I do. In the end, I found out the reason all by myself.

I know you love my fiancee and honestly, it breaks me. Not because of the fact that you do but because she used to love you too which lead to us dating back then. She told me she was giving up on you that day and I knew if I didn't do anything to save her, I'll lose her too so I confessed. I didn't really love her like that then but I didn't want to lose her...and I'm sure she only accepted because she wanted to move on from her apparently not unrequited love.

That saved her till now...I would have saved you too but you were too far gone Honoka...in the end, I had unconsciously hurt you more. Then as time passed, I started loving her...and I guess she did too. Lastly, the two of us had gone deep into this relationship...I don't think I can let her go if you ever confessed to her now, even if I used to root for you and her. I'm sorry it's too late for you. I'm sorry for falling in love with Kotori.

With that, I end this letter with this and I hope it will save you: Be happy. You deserve it.

PS: Kotori does not know about this letter, I had snuck it in when she was asleep.

With all my love,

- Umi

Honoka slowly sat down on her bed in shock. Her tears fell down her cheeks and into the paper, blotting the ink in the process. Her chest was hurting and her head felt heavy all of the sudden. It was as if a thousand of rocks were weighing her down, never letting her go. So Umi-chan knew...she sobbed, she knew about me, she knew about my secret...and...Kotori loved me too back then. Damn it. She took a pillow and threw it on the floor out of frustration. Why do I keep hurting myself and others? Why am I such a coward? Why didn't I confess?

"Stupid. Stupid!" Honoka repeated to herself over and over. I'm such a burden...now Umi-chan's...sorry for loving her...damn it! She kept crying, settling down the paper on her side as she hugged her knees and leaned on the head board. After a few minutes, when she had calmed down a bit, she looked back on the envelope. Kotori-chan's letter...I have the idea of what she'll say...and I know that I'll end up hurting myself more if I read it...

She reached out and took out the gray paper...I'm sorry, self. I'm into this too deeply...I'm sorry for hurting you again.

Dear Honoka-chan,

I'm writing this to you since I wanted to finally put my thoughts to rest before the wedding. So here it goes:

I loved you. No, I still love you. It started way back before, probably before high school. Umi-chan was the only one who knew and she tried helping me get to you but then...you started becoming different. For some time I thought that if I confessed, I might change you, return you to who you really should be but I was a coward. I never did confess so I tried moving on. That's when Umi-chan confessed to me and I accepted it, knowing that you don't love me and you never will. Why do I think that? I don't know either, maybe it's because of me, maybe it's because of you, how you acted and all, but all I knew was that I have to give up.

I thought things were going well then...then you went to another university. I thought we were going to attend the same, but I guess plans do change.

Is it because of me? Am I annoying you? Do you not want to be beside me any longer? Those still plague me to this day because nothing has changed. You are still so far away even when we're together. It frightened me that someday I was losing you, ask Umi-chan she knew how down I was back then well until now.

As time passed, everything I didn't want to happen happened. You left for the States and you were gone like a flash. The only thing to tell me that you were still alive was those lives shown on TV or articles on the internet. I knew I was still not over you. When Umi-chan proposed...I didn't answer right away.

I thought 'if I accept this...there's no going back now.' I love Umi-chan and I didn't want to hurt her so I thought that the feelings will grow on me over time and that was when I said yes. I know this is unfair to Umi-chan but even when we were together for years before then, I still loved you. I loved both of you at the same time and it scared me that yours was greater.

Those months when you came back were a bliss. It was like 'my final moments with Honoka-chan'. Then as the time for us to get deeper into the planning, I knew I had to let you go.

You were my first friend Honoka and I treasured you above all things. I still do...but it's too late. I'm moving on and if you ever had feelings for me you should too. Find someone you will earnestly love and I hope they'll love you too. I hope they'll bring the happiness I wished I could have done for you. I hope they'll bring back the Honoka I love. I know it will take some time but soon...it will be fine for me to stay back and watch you shine upon others. Hah, I used to hate that thought, I was selfishly thinking that you were mine and mine alone. But it's too late for us.

- Kotori

One day before she left for the past. The door bell rung countless of times but she did not mind, whoever she had called probably knew about the hidden key under the pot of plant. She grunted as she stood up and went to her kitchen counter. She rummaged, looking for a bottle of vodka, among the empty bottles she had drunk earlier on. Some of them fell on the floor and on her feet as it broke but she didn't flinch or show any signs of pain. She was...emotionless.

Thinking back at what she had done the previous night, Honoka brought the bottle's opening to her lips, letting the alcohol burn her throat further.

"Honoka!" in a quick second, a purplenette woman snatched the bottle from her hands. She turned to the girl lazily and raised an eyebrow, "Hey, give that back." she stretches her arm and missed. Nozomi looked around her, "Oh no..."

The apartment was trashed. Broken glass bottles scattered around the floor and there were little blotches of blood on some. She stared down and saw Honoka's feet all bloody. "Come here, I'll clean you up first."

"No~" Honoka protests and swats away Nozomi.

"I love you Kotori-chan!" she shouts as tears well up on her bloodshot and swelling eyes. Nozomi looked at her sadly.

She and Eli were the only ones who knew about her love for Kotori so they were the girl's go to in times like this. When was the last time, the fortune teller thought, when Honoka called one of us up? Honoka only does this when...she feels severely hurt.

"I'm sorry I was a coward...!"

This isn't the first time I'm seeing this...but seeing my junior this miserable and broken...sigh...it won't be the last. It was always like this, Honoka would get drunk and smash things when she misses Kotori...or whenever something big happened between Kotori and Umi. She remembered when Honoka got back and called Eli to a bar and got drunk like there was no tomorrow. She was worried that the girl would die from alcohol overdose that time. Well, every time.

Nozomi had let her guard down and Honoka had taken the bottle from her and chugged it. "Stop that Honoka!" she shouts as she forcefully took it this time, her arm swiping on the surface of the table that was filled with broken glass. She winces.

"I'm sorry Nozomi-chan...I can't anymore," it was confusing. One moment, Honoka's aggressively shouting her love and feelings, and next, she wants to give up. I don't know what to do anymore...her head starts to get clearer as she started realizing what's around her. She felt the sting of the burn on her throat, she felt the heaviness of her head, she felt the glass poking through her feet, she felt the soreness of her eyes.

If a few things...didn't go the way they did...then...I would have been fine and happy by now...

"Honoka!" Nozomi catches the fainted girl.

Kou looks down and cries as her mind relieves the painful moments since she learned that Kotori and Umi were going out. Since she learned that all this time Kotori loved her back. All those times she decided to stay on the sidelines someone actually wanted to be beside her and not watching her from afar. Her heart clenched. The memories surged in her brain like crazy.

Kotori stared at the crying future Honoka. Slowly, she started realizing why she felt her heart ache when she saw Kou before. It was not because of her Honoka, she somehow felt the sadness in Kou. She unlatched herself from Honoka and took a few steps to the older woman and hugged her. Kou cried harder.

Honoka never left where she stood at. She felt tears well up in her eyes, "Kou," she starts slowly, "Never had?"

"Ten years in the future...if you had let the situation flow without confessing at all...you'll end up broken. You'll end up like me. Broken but smiling. Sad but happy. Hurting but supporting." Kotori and Honoka's eyes widened.

"No..." the latter mumbles, if I hadn't confessed today...if Kou-chan was never by my side these months...I would have ended up alone?

"You mean...-"

"Don't think about it," Kou shakes her head at Kotori, "I don't want my last memories to be as bitter as my past..."

"Last memories?"

"My past?"

Now that's all done. Kou smiles bittersweetly. I don't belong in the future I got together with Kotori-chan which means I don't belong here as well.

"It doesn't matter anymore."

Honoka took a step forward closer to Kotori and Kou, "Why doesn't it matter anymore?"

I really wish I lived that future. I wonder how it would feel coming home to Kotori-chan. How it would feel to be in her embrace. 'Sigh' I'll never really know...but it's okay.

Kou smiles genuinely, something she has not done in a while, "Because I was never here in the first place."



"You two will forget about me as if I was never here. But that's okay. At least I managed to find my happiness after wandering in the shadows. All for my future. For Honoka's future." Kou started fading slowly. She felt her strength leave her body but there was one last thing she wanted to do. She raised both her arms and embraced the two lovers. A tear fell from her eye but this wasn't of pain. She grins.

"Be happy, Kotori-chan, Honoka!"...

Honoka stared in front of her and scratched her head. What happened?

"What are we doing here again?" Kotori asks to which she just shrugged. All they remembered was Kotori leaving to get some bread that was now by the way still on the asphalt.

"I don't know...shall we eat? Food other than bread." Honoka smiles and Kotori smiles back. Whatever they were thinking about earlier on was now gone.

"Let's go!" the two lovers held hands and walked away.

The aroma of freshly cooked curry and the scent of strawberries filled her nose, calming and relaxing her from a hectic day in her work as an idol. Honoka sighs as she removes her jacket and cap and places it on the table beside their door. Beside a picture of her and Kotori on their wedding day. Honoka smiles.

It has been ten years since she confessed and it was still the best decision she had ever made in her life. Sometimes she thanked that she was somehow brought out of that pessimistic world. After months of misunderstandings, false conclusions, lying and cowardice they're finally here, ten years and still going stronger and stronger each day. They do fight from time to time but their minds always came back to those days that they made up; communication and understanding. Still, Honoka wonders how those time somehow felt...empty? Like there was a hole in her memory. She remembers everything she did but does not know why she did it. In the end, she just attributed it to her age. It was ten years ago anyway.

"Honoka-chan?" Honoka looks up and right in front of her is her wife, Kousaka Kotori. She blushed at the thought. Like a high school girl, she still gets all giddy whenever she thinks of her Kotori being hers and hers alone. On their wedding day, Umi, her best woman, had to hold her by her shoulders so she won't jump up and down during the pictures. That was hella embarrassing but Kotori-chan would always say that's what made her fall for me more, "You made the pictures more unique to us Honoka-chan!"

"Hmm?" despite the running frenzy in her brain and the HUGE amount of self-control she had to put in from bear-hugging Kotori and smile like an idiot, she smiles and 'casually' snaked her arms on Kotori's sides and pulled her closer, eliciting a squeal of surprise from the designer.

Kotori blushed at the intimacy they shared (which she deeply enjoyed), "I missed you."

Honoka closed her eyes, "I managed to get a month-long break since the promotion period is over and since the album became a huge success on the market, they made it two months."


Honoka nods, "Want to go out of the country? Maybe Paris again?" Paris. A special place to the two women since it was where Honoka had proposed to her. Their stomachs went fuzzy at the thought.

"Sure!" the ash brunette jumps gleefully to which Honoka indulged herself into. This girl is everything to me. Since that time...until now. I love her.

"I'm home."

"Ah," Kotori stopped jumping, "Welcome home." and smiled sweetly.

And that's it for Honoka's Future. :D Hope the ending satisfied you guys but I think it won't or something because I think I rushed it? I was supposed to post this three weeks later and post a HonoKoto one-shot this week but plans changed ;D So maybe next week! This is Kotori's birthday month after all. Please leave reviews :D I'll PM you guys ;D

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