Dr McAfferty was going through the pile of confiscated items that had over 12 years had never changed. But today a set of disks had arrived on the untouched pile of contraband, and Mac was intrigued to find out the contents of the disks. Mac placed the first CD in his new laptop and hit and play.

James Adams walked into his bedroom holding Bethany Parkers hand, Bethany started moaning at James about why she had to follow him about all day, but before Bethany could say another word James was pushing her against the wall.

James put his right hand behind Bethany's head and pushed her mouth against his while his left hand vigorously rubbed her pussy through her clothes. Bethany shocked, gasped and was about scream but she paused and instead returned the kiss and pulled James's t-shirt off over his head.

As soon as she had finished that she began untying James's loose tracksuits and pulled them down. James put his hand up her shirt and started gently rubbing her nipples, making Bethany groan into his mouth. They stayed like this for a few minutes until James started feeling a bit adventurous and slipped her shorts and laced undies off her tight bum. Bethany retaliated by pulling James's boxers down. Bethany suddenly stopped and gawped at the size of the fully erect penis before her and went down onto her knees. Bethany put her lips to it and gently explored the salty tube with her tongue. James groaned and lifted her onto the bed he propped her bum on a pillow and started to slowly circle Bethany's clitoris with his tongue gradually picking up speed, he then switched between teasing her pussy and sucking her clit. Bethany was groaning and felt her orgasm begin to take place, without warning she came, her cum sprayed all over James's face who quickly shoved his 7 incher in her pussy.

Mac stared shocked at the scene that had unfolded before him, but instead of stopping the tape he pulled out his one-inch cock and tried his best to jerk off to the video before him.

James started slowly letting her get used to his dick, but soon found more pleasure in jamming it as far up her pussy as he could before her tight virgin walls stopped him from pushing it up any more. James increased his tempo feeling his knob about to blow instead of continuing in her pussy he pulled it out and shoved it in her mouth just in time for his precious bodily fluids to ejaculate in her mouth. Bethany an obedient agent swallowed the salty cum and James pulled out of her mouth lying next to her breathing heavily.

Mac watched the video end and he stroked his aching failure of a wank and left his office to find james.