Now both Lyndon and Polly were in the bedroom while he was sitting on the satin sheets, she was getting change into her gown and taking a long time to get out. Lyndon then decided to lie down to relax. Thinking was this really a good ideal? Suddenly...Polly then came out of the bathroom and went back to room by opening her door and with a big grin she says to Lyndon while he quickly rose up from the bed, And looking at her sexy satin gown.

She said to him.

"So...You like my gown Lyndon?"

But he couldn't speak a word. as her appearance gave him a shocking look on his face, As Polly was now crowing on her bed to get closer to him.

She said while rubbing his hair.

"Can't talk huh?"

But as he was about to say something...Polly then interruped him by putting her figure to his lips and replied.

"Shhh...Don't speak, Just let me do all the talking and you all the Squealing!"

After the date was over. Lyndon had now arrived home at 12:30 A.M. With his shirt have torn, and his hair all messed up. While he was trying to sneak pass to get to his room, Linda then opens her bedroom door and saw her brother turning his doorknob. she then says to him while putting her right hand on her hip.

"Hey Bro!...Has was your date with Polly?"

As he was now about to go into his room, He quickly told her.

"To be honest...It Was The Best Dam Time I've Ever Had! Goodnight Lynda!"

Lynda now with her arms crossed said before closing her door.

"That's my stupid Brother!"

The End.