Lori Loud farted loudly, ignoring it as she resumed texting Bobby on her phone, being in her and Leni Loud's room as Leni walked in on Lori farting loudly again.

"Hey Lori, is your butt talking?" Leni asked.

Lori farted again in shock, gawking as she pushed out another toot, being silent for a moment. "Yes, and it's literally telling you to stop walking in on me and my privacy!"

Leni was silent for a moment. "Cool! I wish I could speak butt!" then Leni lifted her leg, farting herself. "Yes, what is it, oh butt of mine?" Leni farted again, her gas being louder and longer this time, fanning the air. "My butt sure could use a breath mint." she commented.

Lori simply rolled her eyes in disgust, both from their farting and Leni's stupidity, before Luan Loud suddenly walked by, purposely farting into a microphone. "Well, I don't mean to toot my own horn, but Leni, you're perspective on butts sure is a gas!" Luan joked, laughing afterward as Lori and Leni simply groaned at the puns, all three of them farting in unison.

Meanwhile Lynn Loud was playing hockey on a pair of roller skates inside the house, shooting the puck into one of Luna Loud's amplifiers while she was playing her guitar, causing it to short out and explode.

"Aww Lynn!" Luna fumed. "I just got that new amp!"

"Sorry sis! I didn't see you there!" Lynn stated as she rolled by.

"Now how am I supposed to rock?" Luna wondered, before Lynn roller bladed past her again, farting loudly to go faster.

"That's it!" Luna pulled out a microphone of her own, ripping farts into it as she tried making them musical.

Meanwhile Lola Loud was having one of her usual tea parties, before she accidentally farted loudly herself, which caused Lana Loud to giggle in response.

"Ha! Good one sis!" Lana giggled.

"Oh shut up!" Lola fumed as she farted again.

"Oh relax! It's not that bad!" Lana farted in Lola's face. "See?"

"You're so gross and disgusting!" Lola remarked.

"Am not!" Lana remarked, butting heads with Lola.

"Are too!" With that, the two Loud twins got themselves into another dust cloud scrap, which of course had more loud farts in it, Lucy Loud watched them while she was writing another new poem.

"Could you two quiet down? I'm trying to think of a word that rhymes with heart." Lucy commented, the Loud twins continuing their physical argument as they started pulling on each oher's hair, both of them farting every few moments.

"Sigh." Lucy stated as she lifted her leg to rip a loud fart of her own.

Meanwhile, Lisa Loud was proceeding to change Lily Loud's diaper, when she had to fart as well, lifting her leg to do so, sighing of relief. "Nothing like a little bit of flatulence expelled from the ol' gastrointestinal tract to give one the pleasure of relief." Lisa frowned as she quickly felt the need to fart more, another loud one forcing its way out, causing Lily to laugh and fart too.

"Poot poot!" Lily giggled as she purposely farted more, messing up her diaper even more as Lisa then took care of it, with Lily farting more in Lisa's face every few seconds. Then she quickly pooped in her new diaper.

"Seriously? Lisa fanned the air and plugged her nose. What the heck are mom and dad feeding you?" Lisa thought for a moment. "Then again Lily does require more clean diapers than a pectinidae cared for by a phylum porifera and a galoot asteroidera, the latter of which has an intelligence that is slightly below Leni's." Lisa thought to herself out loud, making a reference to a scallop, a sea sponge, and a sea star as Lily farted in Lisa's face again, her farts being more powerful as Lily pooped her diaper up even more, with Lisa seeing her life flash before her eyes, farts coming out of her too.

"Ok, you're probably wondering why I've locked myself in my own room with a bunch of air fresheners and other stuff." Lincoln Loud narrated, his door having and airtight lock on it. "Well, it's like this. Everybody else in this house, everyone except for me and my dad, have come down with a completely random, unexplained case of the farts. If you've read this far, you probably already know this, but anyway, keep reading for yourself if you thought those were just coincidences." Lincoln opened the door, all 10 Loud sisters walking around and stuff, all 10 of them ripping farts of different sizes and lengths, some of them laughing as some of them groaned in disgust.

"I could tolerate Lynn's dutch ovens, but this is ridiculous!" Lincoln remarked.

"Ooh! Thanks for reminding me!" Lynn popped up, overhearing him as she quickly pulled out a blanket, quickly covering Lincoln with it and farting as loud as possible under it, laughing to herself as she farted again, then a loud fart was heard from downstairs, the whole house trembling as all 11 Loud kids wondered what it was.

"I swear, that one was literally not me!" Lori stated as the other Loud kids gave her looks.

"Sorry kids!" Rita Loud stated, her own gas attack accounting for every last female in the Loud House.

"You know how your mother gets when all the women in the house gotta let loose!" Lynn Loud Sr. added, his line accounting for every last Loud in the Loud House.

"Wow. Almost everyone's butt sure is chatty today." Leni farted again. "Hey Lincoln, doesn't your butt get any lines?" Leni asked him.

"So anyway, as usual, wish me luck surviving this." Lincoln narrated, ignoring Leni as all the Loud girls farted at once, causing the roof to be lifted off the house for a few seconds from the powerful gas.