Lola farted loudly while sitting with her stuffed animals in one of her tea parties, frowning as she did.

"Gross!" Lola remarked, fanning her fart away. Lola farted loudly again, groaning as she pushed out another fart.

Lana watched her twin sister fart, smiling as she got a naughty idea. "Hey Lola!"

"What?" Lola gasped as Lana suddenly grabbed Lola's dress and-

"Greetings, fellow human readers. My name is Lisa Loud." Lisa narrated, having herself as a placeholder for an author's notes. "Despite what you've read so far, I'd like to take this moment to say that this piece of fanfiction does not support nor is it meant as an example of pedophilia or anything other fetish that targets children rather than adults and is illegal. Even if it is meant to be humorous. As a good example of why this piece of fanfiction is rather safe is that its source material breaks the same barrier, which is female flatulence of all ages that is not meant to promote eproctophilia, even if this fanfiction does so with the much older characters, unlike myself. So please do not post any reviews reflecting this." Lisa lifted her leg and farted, smiling of relief. "Now resume your reading."

"Honey, what do you think of this tie?" Lynn Sr. asked, once again demonstrating his bad taste in ties as this one was blue had a picture of a fat, blue man.

Rita was rummaging through the closet, lifting her leg to rip a huge fart as she threw some of Lynn Sr.'s clothes out, most of them being his ties.

"Fine! Maybe the kids will like this tie!" Lynn Sr. remarked, taking Rita's loud flatulence as an insult as she walked outside, stepping in front of Leni, who took a look at his tie.

"Oh hello sir! It is I! Leni Loud! Your favorite blue monster!" Leni mistook herself as Grover the blue monster from Sesame Street, then she farted so loud and gross that a brown stain appeared on the back of her panties, the dumb blonde having sharted herself. "Ew! My butt just barfed all over my new panties! That is totes gross!"

"That was you, dude?" Luna walked by, wearing Mick Swagger jeans. "You could really use the loo, even if Lisa be buggin'." Then Luna felt the need to fart too, doing so as she pushed hard to squeeze her fart gas out, gawking as a brown stain appeared on the back of her jeans. "Aw man! I just bought this pair of Mick Swagger jeans!"

"Girls, I'd like to help you out but your mother is being picky with me an my ties, as usual. And she's farting too, which is unusual." Lynn Sr. explained.

"Sounds like you're really tied up, dad!" Luan joked and laughed as she popped in. "Get it?" Luan farted so hard that she also sharted herself. "Guess we're really making a mess of things, huh?"

Leni, Luna and Lynn Sr, just rolled their eyes at Luan's puns, and Leni fanned the air, trying not to smell her or the other girls' "butt barf".

"Leni, could you hurry it up in there? I gotta take a wicked dump!" Lynn groaned, she pushed out a series of loud farts as the back of her shorts were brown stained. "Shit! It's coming out! I can't hold it!"

"Funny you should say shit!" Luan giggled, only for Lynn to punch her shoulder in annoyance.

"Sorry Lynn! But my butt has food poisoning!" Leni stated as she sat on the toilet, grunting as gross wet shart sounds echoed through the bathroom.

Lynn struggled to hold in her poop, then she noticed Lily walking by. "Lily! I need to borrow that!" Lynn quickly took Lily's diaper and took it into her room for to, of course, poop into it.

"Poo poo?" Lily sat on the carpet. "Poo poo!" She swung her arms in excitement.

"Dang it, Lily! Not again!" Lisa quickly pulled out a fresh diaper, but it was too late.

Lucy sighed, taking big whiffs of the stinky air that filled the Loud House because she and the other Loud siblings, and Rita, were farting. "No smell like death like diarrhea farts and sharts." Lucy pulled out her book of poems, getting an idea after rhyming these two words."

"Farts. Sharts. Gotta have the smarts. Out the butt they go, fast like darts." She wrote and recited. "Well that stunk." Lucy farted loudly, smiling. "I hope Edwin likes my farts."

"In telling you Clyde, every day it just get worse!" Lincoln was wearing a hazmat suit, and so was Clyde, the two were in the living room, both of them safe from the seemingly unbreathable flatulence that filled the Loud House.

"Surely it can't smell worse than the raw sewage treatment plant." Clyde mentioned. "We enjoyed that, remember?"

"But it does!" Lincoln added, before Lori walked by, oblivious to the awful stench. She lifted her leg and farted loudly in front of Clyde, who gawked as his nose bled right as Lori farted. He lost consciousness when he saw the brown stain on Lori's shorts.

"Dang it, that is literally the 4th pair of shorts I've ruined!" Lori poured.

Lori browsed her panty drawer, feeling around inside it. "Leni, have you seen my blue panties? They are literally gone!"

"Maybe you threw it out. Your butt did keep barfing on it." Leni shrugged as she farted.

Lori eyed Leni. "You're not wearing it, are you?"

"After your butt barfed on it? Eww no!" Leni remarked.

Meanwhile Clyde was outside, looking around for witnesses as he held Lori's blue panties in his hands, holding them up to his face and smelling them as deeply as possible. "Ahh, the intoxicating smell of Lori's butt." The awful smell caused Clyde's manhood to-

"Dang it, I said no-" Lisa was interrupted by Lily pooping in her diaper for the 777th time that day, causing Lisa to flip out and say the D-word, cupping her mouth as Lily heard her, tooting afterward.