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Survival Tips for Imperial Defectors

Mon Mothma was sitting in a meeting with the rest of the Rebel high command looking over a pamphlet that they were handing out to all the new recruits that had defected from the Empire. The Pamphlet had been written to keep the Imperial defectors from getting beat up or put on some of the Rebel officers shit list.

Mon read over the list knowing that if she did not know the authors of the pamphlet she would think they were crazy. She decided Wedge Antilles was most likely crazy but Kallus was not. Either way, they both knew what they were talking abbot.

Mon read over the pamphlet.

To all New Recruits You are being issued this pamphlet to make your transition easier at least when it comes to social interaction.

1. Do not mess with Sabine Ren's Art supply's. you will most likely wake up with your hair a different color.

2. Do not instigate a prank war between the Rogue and the Rathe squadron. The base will not survive another one.

3. Do not touch Commander Skywalker's things. We are not sure what most of it douse and not need people getting injured or something an ancient force ghost.

4. Do not call the Millennium Falcon a piece of junk. Han Solo will find a way to prove you wrong then never let you forget it.

5. Do not gamble against any of the force users. We cannot be sure if they are cheating or not.

6. Do not call Commander Skywalker kid. Only Han Solo can call him kid the Rogues will insist you call him boss if you insist on calling him something then his name. (Side note Commander Skywalker really doesn't care what you call him, as long as It is not his childhood nickname which we will not put in this pamphlet.

7. If you run across an Inquisitor it is probably best to let the Ghost crew deal with it. They are considered the experts in that area.

8. If C-3PO gets annoying you can find his off switch at the base of his neck.

9. Do not steel the Rogue Squadrons Hot chocolate stash. We cannot print the reason for this.

Mon looked at the pamphlet then at the authors. "You two are insane."

"Well you can't say that there is not a reason for any of these," Kallus pointed out.

Mon nodded in agreement before letting out a sigh and handed the pamphlet off for mass distribution.