Chapter 11: In God's Name 5

"Akihito!" Akane slam the door to the bedroom (of Asami's penthouse) open. What she witness was her brother bedridden and bandaged up, like in one of those crime film. Akane stomp over to where Akihito is and hit him hard on the head. Akihito groan at being hit so hard. "You idiot!" She yells out of frustration. "Did you know how worried I was?! How stupid can you be?! First, you went and get yourself kidnapped then have the audacity to get injured!"

"Hi, Akane," he greeted her meekly.

"Instead of saying hi, you mind telling me how the hell you got injured?" Akane glare at him hard. she's really upset and angry, he could tell because he had never seen her like this before. Akihito look away before he quietly says, "frostbite…"

Akane blinks. "Frostbite..?"

Akihito nods.

"Fuckin frostbite?!" She roared. Like an angry dragon.



Asami chuckles to himself when he heard a wild shriek that belong to Akihito from the bedroom. He has to admit it's quite refreshing to hear such lively sound. His little sister, Akane, is also a sight to behold - bold and feisty just like her brother. He remember clearly how she declared, "I beat your ass personally if you can't bring my brother back." to him - a crime lord to be feared - a few days ago. Maybe he has some sort of affinity for the Takaba siblings after all.

"Asami-sama?" Kirishima call out. It's so unlike him to be sidetracked….he thought. Ever since Akihito came back, he has been in a good mood and Kirishima, as observant as he is, notice immediately. It feels...unnatural. So he doesn't know whether he should be glad about it or not. When Asami finally respond, he cue for Kirishima to continue their discussion.

"Regarding the Kawaguchi, I investigated a bit more and discover the identity of Takaba's mother, Takaba Mariko. Formerly Kawaguchi Mariko," Kirishima begin as Asami listen attentively. "According to servants who worked at the Kawaguchi's main house 20 years ago, she was engaged to the Tanaguchi Haruka…."

" in Tanaguchi Oil Industry?"

"Yes, the purpose of the arranged marriage was to expand the Kawaguchi's influence and wealth. However, she was already….infatuated with a bodyguard, Takaba Hideki. Just days before the wedding, they elope," Kirishima adds as he flip through a series of papers. "From there, I went to find another source of my own. Takaba Mariko was never formally disowned from the family registry. The Kawaguchi simply file a missing person report. Thus, all inheritance under her name were never relinquished."

Asami simply respond with a "Hn."

Kirishima took this as a sign to continue. "It is unknown where the documents went. I don't think Takaba is aware of his mother's background nor has any acknowledgment of the inheritance," Kirishima's expression then turn slightly grim that it has Asami piqued. "However…"


"Along with the car accident 4 years ago, their house also burn down."

"It's not a coincidence, is it?" Asami ask and his assistant nod. Up to this point of the story, he already knew they had been drag into a dangerous situation, but Asami never fear 'dangerous'. Fear is not included in his dictionary either. He almost smirk; whoever plan Akihito's kidnapping obviously has a personal grudge. But he was neither surprised nor was he going to play ignorant.

Kirishima's reply was, "I was able to get my hands on this." He hand a few pictures to Asami. They're pictures of suspicious men in black mask tampering with the car in the dead of the night. "It's from the police files during their investigation on the Takaba's case, though it goes unsolved. The car was tampered with approximately 4:24 am on a Tuesday morning. The Takaba has an erratic schedule back then; they were freelance photographers so they often comes home or go to work at an irregular time. But it seems those men knew their schedule rather well. Which means-"

"Which means they were being watched for a while," Asami finish.

"Yes, those two men were then discovered, but commit suicide before they could get arrested."

"What was their motives?" Asami ask because clearly there is one. He's got a hunch but it's a shame to say that even he couldn't quite catch on. Kirishima simply said, "there was no motive. It was ruled as normal homicide case because their only suspects commit suicide."

Asami grab the papers from his assistant's hand and look through it once again. As he scan through, he's come to realize that it's just as Kirishima said; the case can simply be ruled as a homicide case like any other cases out there. That's what it would look like on the surface anyway. But having known a little of Akihito's family background, he knew this is no ordinary situation for his lover. Asami set the paper down on the table and walk towards the door as he ignore Kirishima's concerned expression. "Asami-sama?"

He walk towards his bedroom where his lover and his lover's sister is occupying. As he reach the door, he could hear soft laughters from inside. The laughter halted as soon as he open the door and they notice his presence. He was welcome with the sight of Akihito and Akane playing cards and make a mess of his bed.

"Hey…" his lover greeted him.

The crime lord walks over the other side of the bed and sit next to the blond. He grab Akihito's hand and pull it towards his lip to give his knuckle a tender kiss. Akihito respond with a blush. "W-What are you doing..?!" He stutters as his blush deepens. "M-My s-sister can see us...idiot..!"

"No need to fret," he smirk against Akihito's hand. "I make sure to inform her in details of the nature of our relationship."

"You what..?"

"You heard me, Kitten," Asami kiss the blond's hand once again and watch as his lover blanked out. It was comical but he hadn't dare to embarrass his lover any further especially in front of his sister. Akihito might not forgive him. Sure enough, the blond came back to his senses and glare at the older man hard. "I told you again and again not to call me that in front of people…"

"Does that mean it's okay for me to call you cute names when we're alone?" Asami continue to tease.

Oh, how mortifying he could die. If he isn't injured, he could've did some damage to the crime lord but he is stuck. Akihito could only sulk. Asami notice how his lover's expression turn from angry to pouting with tears brimming in his eyes. Asami chuckle and lean in to kiss Akihito's cheek. "I'm kidding."

Akane watch as her brother and so-called lover interact affectionately that they forgotten she is still in the room. At first, he was distrustful towards the crime lord because he is a crime lord, but her opinion began to change when she had seen that he is willing to do anything to bring her brother back safe and sound. He kept his promise; She has no reason to not approve of him. Maybe that's what her brother was worried about too. Akane purposely clear her throat and both their attention turn towards her. "So? What is so important that you want to interrupt us?" She ask with petulance.

Akane's jealousy didn't go unnoticed by Asami. He smirks to himself and instead turn to his lover. "Akihito, I want you to move in with me," he said. Akihito was simply speechless.

The awkward silence settles in. If he were to make a choice, Akihito has to think of the pros and cons. So many of them! Besides, he can't just leave his sister alone-

"You fret too much, Aki-nii," Akane says, slightly annoyed by her brother's indecisiveness. "You know you want to move in with him, why are you holding back? If it's me you're worried about, you don't have to. I'm sure Asami-san would figure something out."

The crime lord didn't miss the way Akane address him with honorific yet bitterly so. He turn to face Akihito once again. "I have a spare room for Akane to use. I planned on having the both of you move in."

This time, it's akane's turn to be speechless. "What?"


The move in was a quick process thanks to help from Asami's men. Rei, particularly, was entrusted by Asami to take care of Akihito and Akane - his job to is guard the Takaba sibling from any external threat. Though Akihito had come to love Rei's presence the same couldn't be said for Akane.

"What are you doing?!" Akane turn red from both anger and embarrassment. "You can't touch a girl's undergarments!"

"It was on the ground. I simply pick it up," Rei said bluntly. He didn't bother to blink as Akane snatch a pink bra out of his hand.

Akihito observe with slight amusement and worry. His little sister was never this fidgety around a guy before….could it be?! He shake the thoughts out of his head as he continue to observe from where the door is.

Rei's blanked expression only serve as a fuel to Akane's anger, but what he said next had her over the edge. "You don't have to worry. You're not my type," he deadpanned.

The younger girl was red as an apple and she was close to tears. She reminded Rei of an angry stray cat as she point at the door. "Get out…" she began softly which then escalate into a scream. "Get out right now…!"

Rei sigh and did as he was told. He was barely out door when the door slam shut and he come face to face with Akihito. Both could hear Akane's cry of frustration as she said, "I hate this place!"

"Go easy on her," he said with worry. "She can be...pretty sensitive at times so don't be too blunt. Akane hates it. And I don't think it's wise to do what you just did anymore because she really knows how to hold grudges."

Rei nods. "I'll keep that in mind."

"Good. Just let her cool down a bit." Akihito pat Rei on the shoulder and walks off to where his and Asami's bedroom is.

Once Akihito reach the room, he was welcome with the sight of his lover fast asleep, still in his business suit. An idea he couldn't resist came to mind. The blond slowly take careful steps forward and snuck into bed. He take out his phone and began taking pictures, careful not to make too much movements. He take pictures of every angle and giggle to himself as he looks through each one; he realized Asami had always been handsome and sexy (he is the epitome of an ikeman), but this man looks good in pictures just as he is in real life which Akihito feel that it is unfair. He wonder why the crime lord even bother to pursue a relationship with him. After all, it began with a one-night stand and Asami could've left it at that.

"Having fun?" He was caught by surprise when he hear the familiar voice of his lover. Asami grab Akihito by the hand and pull the blond into his arm.

"A-Asami, that hurts...let go," he said, trying not blush as he come face to face with Asami's broad chest.

"You didn't answer my question; were you having fun taking my pictures?"

"Y-You were awake?" His blush deepen.

"I am a light sleeper," he answered. "So?"

"I-I was not! I just wanted to take some for use later. Just in case it comes in handy..!" Akihito deny though the pinkness of his cheek says otherwise. Being honest is not a prominent trait of his.

"Oh? Then it should be fine to delete it," he said as he snatch the phone out of Akihito's grip and began pressing the delete button. Akihito yelp and snatch the phone back. He held it tightly to his chest and shoot a glare at Asami, like a cat protective of its treasure. Asami simply smirk devilishly as he pin the blond to the bed. "I love it even when you're not honest with yourself," and he lean in to crash his lips against Akihito's. Any fuss made about the photos earlier was forgotten in an instant.

The blond began to moan when Asami put his tongue in to deepen the kiss. "Mmmn..!" He moan as the crime lord dominate over his tongue and expertly tease the sensitive spot in his mouth, as if he knew it like he knew the back of his hand. Asami would grind himself against Akihito's and watch as his lover groan into the kiss. Over time, he would writhe in pleasure and grind himself against Asami too.

They break the kiss. The crime lord smirk when he saw the disheveled state his lover is in just from a one kiss. He saw the way Akihito's eyes glazed over with a certain hunger and daze. Akihito could only lay there breathlessly; he knew he was in a vulnerable state under his lover but his mind is all jumbled up like jelly. He couldn't think straight. When the crime lord did lean in for another kiss, the blond quickly put his hands against Asami's mouth to stop him. The older man watch him with curiosity.

"I-I have to talk to you about something…" he began nervously. "I was thinking of t-taking Akane out to eat and err….I was thinking if you could come with us…."

When there was no answer, Akihito grew worried. Then he realized his hands prevent Asami from speaking and quickly take his hands away. "What do you think? If you're not busy…." he look up at his lover with a bit of hesitation.

Asami's reply was, "I'll go but first…" as he once again lean in to crash his lips against Akihito's. "I'll have you."

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