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Daytime had come in Coruscant, inside Anakin's private quarters, he welcomed the sun with Ahsoka lying next to him. His bed was quite small, so they had to hold each other very closely to fit more nicely.

She was sleeping soundly. Her cute face smiling in the midst of her slumber. Finally, the young girl had had what she for so long had been waiting for. A night with Anakin.

He had touched her everywhere, being careful of not making her scream too loudly, less they could be discovered. His touch was not very tender—it was wild, desperate, and crazy, and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. His mouth had sought hers hungrily, his tongue had reached her more private places. He had ridden her as if she were an object of his desire, some sort of fantasy of his male imagination. And she was unaware of it.

She had nothing to compare it with.

It was the first time she ever had sex, and she was innocent enough to think she had awoken something in Skywalker other than pleasure. In her teen heart, she thought she was making her way into Anakin's kind heart.

She was dreaming of him, dreaming that they left the Order to be happy together. In her dream, Anakin looked at her with eyes of love, pure and life-long. And he told her, "I love you, Ahsoka! I love you more than anything!"

And as she rolled around Anakin's bed, she said, out loud and drunk in love. "I love you, too! Forever! I will always love you!"

And if Anakin would've heard her, it would've broken his heart and shattered his soul. Taking him to levels of guilt he didn't know were possible.

But he wasn't there with her anymore.

He had taken the opportunity of being without supervision to finally go and meet his wife.

He wasn't sure of what he was going to say or hear, nor of how much of the truth could be said without destroying his life—but in truth, he hardly cared. He was desperate to see her. After all, there had been more than seven days since they were last together. And he missed her and was soon going out into the battlefield again.

He broke into her apartment like so many times before. At that early hour almost everyone was still asleep. He begged the Force that Padmé was also still in bed. He needed to clear his mind before really speaking to her.

And as it turns out, she was still sleeping.

In their wide bed, wrapped in those perfectly clean, white sheets. Her long brown curls scattered around her many soft pillows; her smooth skin shining thanks to the strong rays of sunshine coming from the window. Her breathing, normal and calm showing on her chest.

And the way Anakin beheld the image of the sleeping woman, was a million years away from the way he did earlier with Ahsoka.

Padmé was his life.

He would kill and die a million lives for her.

He could stay there watching her forever and be happy, just by having her close, just by knowing she's alright.

He removed his Jedi robes and got into the shower—he really needed one.

After that, he walked to her bed and saw that she was still sleeping. Her position was, like usual, lying on her side, as if she expected her husband to come and sleep next to her again.

He did it.

He got under the covers and lay there—not in peace, but some similar feeling of comfort and happiness. He breathed in and out… in and out… knowing that the comfort wasn't going to last much longer. Not with such a strong sun that day. He made a hand movement and closed the curtains. Again, the room was all darkness.

Anakin felt Padmé move again and again—maybe she was having some bad dream—she moved until she landed her head on her husband's broad chest.

He kissed the top of her head, lovingly, closing his eyes, really enjoying the moment.

She didn't open her eyes, but Anakin could tell she was on the way of waking up.

"Mmhh… Annie?" she asked, voice low and weak, struggling to open her sleepy eyes.

He swallowed. Then ran his human hand, softly through her cheeks.

She realized what was happening. That wasn't a dream—he really was there.

She tried to sit down, and not look into his face directly.

"You've come back…" she muttered, passing her hands through her face, and pinching herself to wake up.

"Yeah… I—I had to."

"Oh yeah? Why did it take you so long? Weren't you at the temple?"

He struggled. "Well, yes… I just—I couldn't come before."

She didn't bother asking why—she didn't want to know.

She got out of bed and without glancing back at her husband, went into the bathroom to get ready to start the day.

She then sat in front of her mirror, putting on make-up as Anakin watched her. Minutes went like hours in silence between the spouses.

"Do you want breakfast?" she asked dryly, when she was ready, standing by the door.

"Ah… yeah, sure."

"Come on, then. Are you very hungry?"

"No, not really."

"Me neither."

He followed her out of the room.

They sat on the table as awkwardly as two strangers would.

"Good morning," the silence was broken by the protocol droid that entered the breakfast room. "My lady, will we be going to the senate building soon?"

"Yes, Threepio. Any minute now."

"What, you're leaving already?" Anakin snapped. "But I just got here."

She finally looked into his eyes. Sadness and fear was plain in both glances.

"Are we ready to talk about what happened?" she asked, voice unsure and shaking.

He knew they weren't. "I think we should, my love."

She almost melted at how tenderly he pronounced the word love.

"I'm sorry, Anakin. I have no excuse, I shouldn't have done—what I did. I can hardly say why I kissed her. And there's no point in looking for excuses. It happened because I let it happen! You have every right to be angry at me—"

Do I? He thought, hating himself.

And why isn't he angry? She thought, afraid beyond reason. She would've preferred for him to be all yelling and threatening… that would've been the more logical reaction at finding your wife making out with someone else. It's because it was with her… Padmé's thought almost made her cry. He is mad at me… but not at her! Does he—oh, does he care so much about Ahsoka? She fears to ask.

Again a long silence.

"Why did you return?" she suddenly cried, incensed.

She wanted to make him angry. She needed a reaction from him.

And she succeeded.

"Excuse me?" his voice went low and upset. "You aren't in a place to be so mad, Padmé—you were the one that cheated!"

She was smiling behind the angry grin on her face.

"And that's reason enough to abandon me? What the hell took you so long to come and see me? Did you care so little about me? About our relationship? Was this conversation so low on your list of important things to do? Anakin, did you want to hurt me? To… punish me?"

He was possessed by anger still. "You deserve being hurt… you deserve to be punished!" a voice that was not his own said.

She shuddered. She had seen such a grim look on his lovely face only a few times before… and each time, she felt as if there was someone else, some evil stranger taking over her husband's body and mind.

She had wanted to upset him, but not to such degree…

"Is this why you've come? You can go the same way you came in, Anakin!" she meant none of those words, but she was just speaking venom to hurt him, the same way he had hurt her.

"I actually came to say goodbye…" he lowered his voice again, though this time, it didn't make him more menacing, it only showed his sadness.

"Why?" tears were falling down her cheeks.

"We—we're going to Ringo Vinda. I don't know how long it's gonna be before we return this time."

She gasped. "Oh."

C-3PO came again to interrupt them.

"Senator Amidala, master Anakin, I don't mean to be a pain, but it's getting quite late."

"Yes, Threepio," she said, mechanically. "Just a moment."

Husband and wife looked at each other for a really long time.

They would be separated again… and they were wasting their moments together fighting? Both felt stupid and angry.

Since she was going to be left alone, she was the first to make a move. She just crumbled like soft sand on his arms. He put his arms around her, and for the first time in a week, kissed the love of his life.

"Oh, Annie!" she cried. "Forgive me, darling! Please don't go!"

"I'm afraid that's not my choice!" his voice was trembling with passion, and he was almost out of breath. "I swear, my love, I don't want to leave you! But remember, I'm fighting this war for you! All I do is for you," well, almost everything… "I want the Galaxy to be at peace just for you! I will always return to you, my love. Always!"

"Do you have to go immediately?"

"I guess, yes…but—but," But he didn't care. He carried her in his arms, took her back into their bedroom, and made love to her.

This time, at least at the beginning, Anakin couldn't help but compare Padmé to Ahsoka… and it was just so different.

The night before, he had been an animal having rough, almost meaningless sex. Now, he was as complete as a human man could, in the arms of the person he loved the most in the Galaxy. His eyes had to see her at all times, he cared mostly about whether it was good for her, and he enjoyed the closeness and intimacy as much as he enjoyed her young graceful body…

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