This one's short. Next one will be good, I promise (wink)


"Where is Anakin?" Ahsoka asked Obi-Wan after looking for the young Jedi for almost an hour now.

"I haven't seen him, today, Ahsoka," Obi-Wan said. "Maybe he's still sleeping. He has been training a lot this week, he's probably very tired."

"Yep, he must be tired," I know I am…

"So are you better now?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. "You seemed very upset yesterday. I hope you understand that we only seek what's best for you. Anakin and I really believe you could use a break—"

"Listen, master Kenobi, if you say it's best for me to stay in the temple, then I will. But, if Anakin changes his mind and actually wants me on the mission, you will take me, right?"

"Why, of course. Though I doubt he will… he's really worried about you, you know."

"Let's wait and see what he'll do…"

The goodbye appeared to be impossible between Anakin and Padmé after a wonderful day together, Anakin had to go back to the temple to report to the Council and discuss his next mission.

Usually, when he was assigned a mission, no matter how exciting, he couldn't help the pain that accumulated within him, thinking about how he'd have to spend time apart from his wife.

As he listened to the Jedi masters, the pain was there, but a small bit of hope lived there too, as he thought of the time he will have to heal the recent emotional wounds; time enough to forget about all his mistakes. Time to give Ahsoka the space to distance herself from her infatuation to her master…

Anakin and Obi-Wan were chating, walking the hallways of the temple, the conversation was easy, as it usually was with the two best friends, so when all of the sudden, Obi-Wan felt his former padawan grow tense, he was surprised. A little after, Ahsoka approached them.

"Hello Ahsoka," Anakin said, casually, without faltering. Even he was surprised to see how normal he seemed.

"Hey master," she was just as casual. "I haven't seen you all day."

"Obi-Wan and I were discussing our next mission."

"Our mission? Will I be going, too?" she said slyly. "Of course, I respect your decision, but if I may say, I think you're really gonna need me on this one, master."

Obi-Wan was about to intervene, saying something to let her down easy, but Anakin was quicker—

"Yes, Ahsoka. I think you're right. You will come."

She couldn't hold back her wicked and playful smile.

"Really?" Ahsoka and Obi-Wan said.

"Yeah…" he was as surprised as they were.

"Very well," Obi-Wan accepted. He left and now alone, Anakin motioned Ahsoka to follow him into his private quarters. Again.

"Really, Anakin," Ahsoka said, lying herself on Anakin's small bed. "Don't you think we've tempted our luck enough?"

"Shut up. We're not gonna do anything right now… I just—I just want to make sure things are clear between us…"

"Okay. Speak."

He sat next to her; at the proximity, she started trembling. He felt it but tried to ignore it. It was hard, though.

"Ahsoka," he begin. Again it was hard to make a sentence, as she had laid her head on his lap.

"Go on," she said, nonchalantly.

"Ahsoka…" now she was playing with his hands. First the human one, then the metal one, which she found quite fascinating.


"Yes, Annie?" she asked, mockingly imitating somebody's soft and sweet voice.

That killed his lust for a moment.

"Do not call me that!" he said, almost as if he were threatening her.

"I forgot—only one person can call you that!" she cried, unafraid.

"Do not go there again, Ahsoka!" he cried with a hoarse and mean voice. Her hands were still holding his metal hand, and immediately, he squeezed her, hurting her bones.

She understood…

"Sorry," she tried to lift herself, reaching his face, teasing a kiss that she didn't give.

Her breath on his made both tremble. There was no touch, only the closeness and awaiting...

His arms went around her, his blue eyes closed; he pulled her close, and she realized what he was feeling within… finally she was understanding how to make him want her more—you don't get a man by begging, at least, not one like Anakin Skywalker—you play with him, just enough to upset him but not too far to make him angry—and Anakin was easy to make angry— tease till he's about to explode less you give him what he's desiring with more and more intensity. People always want what they can't have.

Once you see he's in your hands, you can let him know. You are something he can have.

Finally, she let him touch her, she let him run his moist mouth wherever he wanted to, as she was on his lap, she could really feel, she had succeeded…

But if she wanted to keep at least a little bit of power over him, she couldn't give up so easy.

She stood up and started walking around the room. "Didn't you have something to tell me?" she said, struggling to steady her trembling voice.

He cleared his throat. "Oh yeah… what was it? Right! Ahsoka, we-we need some boundaries."

"What do you mean?" she played dumb.

"I—I… forget it."

"Very well, master. I'll go get ready for our trip. See you, Anakin!"

"Wait!" he detained her. "Come here for a moment."

She sensed what he wanted. She wanted it a million times more.


Kiss me! He wanted to cry out. Couldn't find the strength nor the effrontery.

She would've happily jump on him and attack him with embraces, but she just smirked and left the room.

For some time, she managed to take Padmé out of his mind.

While in battle, he could forget about all that had happened between them. They could be Jedi and padawan; at some odd times, he slipped and called her "Snips" which still bothered her incredibly. As they traveled from planet to planet, no one could tell how many times they had actually succumbed to basic instincts.

At any chance they got alone… well, she didn't ever play hard to get again. She let herself be used to his whim and pleasure. Poor young girl had no one to tell her that even though love and passion go hand in hand, they're not the same thing.