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Also please note that Cavaliere del Cielo, Tsuna's hero alter ego can access new abilities like the senshi can when new enemies appear, or the need is greatest. This DOES NOT mean that as Tsuna he can access them, at most in civilian form for the moment he has Hyper Intuition, Dying Will Mode, Hyper Dying Will Mode, and the ability to coats his hands, and feet in his Flames.

In almost every dimension in the multiverse these two beings, Sawada Tsunayoshi, and Tsukino Usagi never meet. However, in this one, that changes, these two instrumental weapons of Destiny meet, and come together to forge an even more powerful whole.


Sawada Tsunayoshi blinks as he looks around his surroundings in shock, he had never been forced into Juuban before. It looked like he was in a park, and it really was quite peaceful, he somehow still had his school bag too! Just as he decides to have a seat at one of the nearby tables to try, and work on his homework a blonde his age crashes into him, running full tilt. Tsuna's instincts kick in, and he breaks both of their falls, taking the brunt of it for the blonde, whom by this point has realized she has run into someone, " Gomen, I wasn't watching where I was going. "

" Ah, it's no problem. I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi. "

The blonde pushes herself up, " Tsukino Usagi, I really am sorry, Sawada-san. "

Some inner voice tells Tsuna to stop her from leaving, and then he sees the tear stains on her cheeks. Anger unfurls in him at this sight though he says nothing, " Care to work on our homework together? "

Usagi's brightens somewhat, and that was what started it. With Tsuna's help her math grades increased, and with her help some of his increased as well. Everyday they would meet at his home since Usagi did not want him meeting her family. Tsuna's mother is thrilled that her son finally has a friend, though she could see the girl was broken, just like her Tsu-kun. Sawada Nana could admit to some of the blame for that, she had called her son Dame as well.


Tsukino Usagi blindly makes her way to Tsuna's home, unaware of the fact that the Disciplinary Committee is ensuring her safe arrival, they could all see she had shattered. It was just a matter as to whether or not she could be pieced back together again. Once at the door of the Sawada home she enters, and removes her shoes, her school bag dropping onto the floor unceremoniously. In the living room Tsuna freezes when he hears the soft thud of Usagi's school bag hitting the floor, " Usagi-chan, are you alright? " Tsuna asks as he makes his way to her.

He could immediately see that no, she was not all right. Her eyes were dull, and lifeless, she was swaying on her feet as well. " Usagi-chan, what happened? "

He catches her as she falls, wrapping his arms around her as the tears start. Silent tears scared him, it meant she had finally shattered. It meant, as he gazes over her shoulder with a burning orange gaze, that he had someone to make pay for breaking his single most precious person. " Talk to me, please, Usagi-chan. " Tsuna murmurs.

" Remember when I told you about my previous life, Tsuna-chan? "

There was no inflection to her voice, it shook due to her tears, but no tonal inflection at all. This really worried Tsuna, " Hai, I do, Usagi-chan, why? "

Dead sapphire eyes meet Tsuna's concerned caramel eyes, " I was tricked into becoming Sailor Moon, and starting my ascension to Queen. "

Tsuna hugs her closer to himself, unbearably angry at what has been done to his only friend. " I'm not going anywhere, Usagi-chan. "

He's glad to see her grab fistfuls of his shirt, it meant his Usagi-chan was still in there, somewhere. Nana is shocked when she comes home to find her son cradling his only friend in his arms, not far from the door, then concern floods her. Her Tsu-kun was looking particularly protective, and angry, very angry. His eyes were actually orange at the moment, " Is she all right, Tsu-kun? " Nana asks her son, she had come to care for the blonde haired girl.

" She will be, I hope. " Tsuna says, his grip around her tightening.

Two weeks later Usagi has moved in with Tsuna, and his mother, sure, she still went to school in Juuban, but she had finally had enough. Not even a month later The Incident occurs, causing Tsuna's Flames to destroy the seal on them so he could save Usagi from any female's worst nightmare while he would be forced to watch.

Chapter 1


Usagi stumbles down the stairs of the Sawada home only to see Tsuna getting kicked by a toddler, " Tsuna-chan, what's going on? "

" My mother thought it would be a brilliant idea to hire me a tutor off of a damned flier that had no envelope, and was just put into the mailbox. " Tsuna answers his girlfriend in deadpanned tone.

Usagi groans, and goes to get her breakfast, " I'll try to be home early, okay, Tsuna-chan. "

Tsuna groans, and once she's finished eating hands her a bento, and her schoolbag before brushing a kiss across her right temple, " Be careful, okay, if need be call Hibari-senpai to give you an escort home. "

" I will, Tsuna-chan. Fàngxià nǐ de miànjù(Drop your mask), " Usagi says as she heads out.

" I was unaware that there was someone else living here, Mama. " Reborn says.

" Usagi-chan is Tsu-kun's first friend, she started living with us almost a year ago after irreconcilable differences with her family. " Nana answers.

Reborn frowns, there was nothing about the girl in the intelligence reports, and from the way the pair interacted they were most likely dating. That meant that using a Dying Will Bullet on Tsuna would be of no good until he got a better handle on the current situation.


Usagi trudges her way to the Hikawa Shrine with her so called protectors, each comment they made about her was another knife to her soul. Reborn hadn't noticed it, but Usagi was a Sky as well, only she was very close to breaking from a lack of true Guardians. Only Tsuna gave her any solace anymore. She just stares listlessly at her homework, she'd do it when she got home. She was not going to try for Crossroads Sr. High, hell no, she was studying to get into Namimori High. Kyouya had been kind enough to get her mock entrance exams to study from that she left in her room at the Sawada home, " USAGI! "

The blonde looks at Hino Rei, Sailor Mars, " We are trying to help you study for High School Entrance Exams, so pay attention, you fucking space case. "

Usagi gathers her stuff up, " I didn't even want to come here, and I sure as hell don't want to hang out with any of you either. I'm going home. "

" Oh, you're finally getting over your temper tantrum, and going back to your parents? " Luna, the black female talking cat asks her.

Artemis, her white male counterpart grimaces, " No, I already told you that place is not my home, has never been my home, and will never be my home. " Usagi snaps, she had to get out before her self-control broke. Tsuna had managed to patch her back together, his love for her was keeping her together as well. As she walks out of the shrine she is already calling Kyouya for a pick up. That flew out of the window when she reached the bottom of the steps, a sickly sweet scented cloth is pressed over her nose, and mouth. Usagi rams her elbows back, hard, even as she brings her left foot up, and stomps down on the instep of her would be abductor. She grabs her schoolbag, and runs the instant she gets free, her Sky Flames flaring as they call for help.


Reborn watches as Tsuna stiffens, " Omnivore, Rabbit's in trouble. "

Tsuna's eyes bleed orange at these words, " I assume you have a ride. "

" Tetsuya's bringing it around now. He'll make sure your things get home, Omnivore. " Kyouya says.

Tsuna places the helmet on the second it's tossed to him, getting on the motorcycle behind Kyouya, " Let's go help Rabbit. " Tsuna says, Usagi had endeared herself to Kyouya when she had selflessly thrown herself in between Kyouya, and a fatal stab wound, during The Incident, for Kyouya anyhow. For Usagi it was just a minor inconvenience. Thanks to the Hibari family doctor she had been excused from school medically until she healed. Nana had taken care of her, and Kyouya had taken it upon himself to teach her how to fight in unarmed combat, but more importantly, he had taught her how to evade.


Usagi weaves her way through pedestrians as she tries to find a place to hide, she didn't dare henshin right now. She had no way of knowing that Flaring her Flames had just gotten her an actual true Guardian. One that would have Reborn cursing her very existence, as Saotome Ranma had been malleted into Juuban by the bitch he had been forcibly engaged to. Usagi flaring her flames had caused Ranma to alter his trajectory just enough that when Usagi reached the park he was there to deal with the idiots after her, painfully. Her eyes widen when she realizes her Flames had Harmonized with his, he felt like a Sunny Lightning, " Thank you. "

" It's what any true Martial Artist should do. I'm Saotome Ranma. "

" Tsukino Usagi. "

" Hn, for helping Rabbit, I give you sanctuary in Namimori, Saotome-san. "

Usagi finds herself pulled into a hug by a worried Tsuna, " Yes, thank you for helping Usagi-chan, Saotome-san. I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi, my companion is Hibari Kyouya. "

" Let's get Rabbit home. " Kyouya says, using his Flames to extend his bike. Usagi is placed between him, and Tsuna, while Ranma sits on the back. A simple application of Cloud Flames creates two more helmets, and Kyouya roars out of there, just missing Saotome Genma.

Sawada Home:

Reborn stares at the pig-tailed martial artist, " Just to be clear, I'm here because Hibari-san promised me help in escaping all the damn fiancée's my father insisted on settin' me up with. I know enough about the Underworld to realize that Usagi-san is my Sky, and I'm her Lightning Guardian, I know Fon. I will not have ya draggin' me, or her inta your Chaos. I get enough Chaos happening around me anyhow. I'll also be teaching Tsuna and Usagi the Anything Goes Style, the Old Letch gave me my mastery. "

Tsuna levels a nasty glare at his tutor, " If your schemes hurt her in any way, I will end you, got it. "

Reborn wouldn't admit it, but at that moment Tsuna honestly terrified him. That wasn't even taking into consideration the fact his girlfriend was apparently a Sky as well, and snagged known Chaos magnet Saotome Ranma as her Lightning, " I wouldn't mind some help with my Sun Flames, Fon was able to find me a teacher for Lightning, which I had been using instinctively ever since my Pops tried to teach me the Neko-ken. "

Reborn blinks, looks at his espresso, and blinks again, " I could swear I just heard you say your father taught you the Neko-ken. " Fon had gone on a five hour long rant about that style, and how it should have never been created in the first place.

" I did, Pops is an idiot, and his training methods would have killed me if not for my flames. Most Families don't want me because of the fact I'm a known Chaos magnet. "

Usagi cheerfully cackles, " Draw any property damaging Chaos, if you can, out of Namimori, follow me in girl form so you can enter all the places I can using that wonderful Umi-Sen-Ken technique your father devised, and the rest I don't care. Though Tsuna may appreciate your mere presence as No Plan Survives Contact With Saotome Ranma. "

Reborn groans, and Tsuna smirks, " Really, if Reborn's not in my house, drop any Chaos that comes your way into his lap, Ranma. "

" Shall we ensure we get pictures that we can then sell to those who would love to have blackmail on him? " Usagi asks innocently.

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