Chapter 7

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*telephone conversations*



After getting another round of video games in with Usagi, Tsuna walks Takeshi out, " If you want to be my Rain then you will have to be evaluated psychologically. I can handle being Usagi-chan's therapist, and I know she got you started on writing journals, but unlike other Skies, I want to know my Guardians are sound in mind, and body, one crazy is allowed, and no Kyouya isn't crazy, he's just rather violent. "

Takeshi looks at Tsuna, his potential Sky was serious about this, " I'll have my dad set up an appointment with a non-biased therapist. "

" Thank you. Hayato will be getting therapy as well. "

Takeshi could see why that was necessary, Hayato acted like a very eager to please puppy, one that had been horribly abused, and kept coming back for more. When shown even the slightest bit of kindness…" Does Usagi have a Storm yet? "

" Secondary, not primary. " Tsuna states, " She has the other elements though her Mist needs intensive therapy for reasons I can't discuss in the open. Remember when we had to go retrieve her from that sex trafficking ring, and what she did to save me? "

Takeshi's brown eyes widen, " Moon sure is bright tonight. "

Tsuna sighs, Takeshi had understood. Tsuna curses under his breath, when he reads a text from one of the local yakuza that had spotted Decimo Don Chiavarone heading for Namimori, most likely to meet with him, " Call Kyoya, and Hayato, then have Kyoya intercept Decimo Chiavarone, I need to call my Lightning. "

Takeshi straightens and heads back inside while Tsuna uses his phone to send a message to Petz to get to him immediately. Ranma drops down from the roof, " Hotaru-chan and I can handle protecting your mom, and Usagi. "

Tsuna nods, and heads inside to talk to his girlfriend, letting her know what was up. Takeshi was also letting his dad know they would need a private room at the restaurant. By the time Petz has arrived everything is set up, and Tsuna is dressed in black relaxed fit jeans, a white tank top, he has an orange hoodie over that, and the fighting gloves Bel had given him so he could better protect Usagi, they were fingerless fighting gloves that could handle Flames being channeled into them, just like the clothes he was wearing now. Tsuna leads the way to TakeSushi, Petz two steps behind him, alert for trouble.

Dino is stunned with the amount of precautions that Tsuna is taking, and the fact that he had his Cloud intercept him, and his group. That and the fact Tsuna was not allowing him near his home. Once settled inside TakeSushi Dino looks at Tsuna, " I mostly came so I could meet you without Reborn facilitating everything. "

" My girlfriend's Lightning kicked him towards a Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnast by the name of Kuno Kodachi. The Sadistic Demon Baby Tutor is currently stuck in Nerima. What is the current state of affairs for the Vongola as you know it? " Tsuna asks.

" You know that Nono's sons have been killed, save for the Varia head whom is adopted. You are the only legitimate heir. "

" Apparently I will need to change a few things. Kyoya, make a note that anyone with Vongola blood should be allowed to inherit, regardless of whether their parents are married or not. If necessary opposition will suffer accidents. "

Kyoya grins viciously, he could handle being the right hand to someone like the Omnivore. " I'll back you up on that, Tsuna, because I know damned well my siblings happened to have some kids as well before they got killed off, not to mention the fact that Skies actually aren't rare, it's just very few awaken. Most natural leaders are Skies, even the assholes like Hitler. The Mafia just doesn't think that Skies can be just as plentiful as the other elements simply because very few ever turn active. " Dino states blandly. Dino had done extensive research on this issue, and discovered that several bullied kids that had ended up killing themselves to end the misery were actually Skies that never went active, but the attraction was still there.

" Care to work out a new alliance agreement for when I'm Decimo? " Tsuna asks, unlike his counterparts he was going to put the older generations through HELL for dragging him into this.

Dino's smile was all teeth, " Hayato, take notes as well so you can give me your own impressions later on. If you need to talk to me then go through Kyoya. I am not getting my civilian mother dragged into this if I can help it. Reborn would have had you show up at my house, which is completely unacceptable. Did the Vongola announce they have a new heir? "

Dino winces, " It was a calculated risk to let other non-allied Families know that they will still be a major player in the Underworld. "

" I sincerely hope I can deal with what that Idiot whom gave me half of my genetics has allowed to happen. Try to get me an actual overview of how much clean up I'll need to do. " Tsuna says flatly.

" I will. " Dino says, " Romario, get our men back home on that. Vongola Decimo will need our help cleaning out the Trash when he takes over. "

Romario snorts, " Why do you think Xanxus attacked, he was trying to get the Timoteo to get his head out of his ass and see all the Rats infesting the Family. You need a new head of Intelligence, Sawada-sama. "

Tsuna groans, " Let me guess, my Idiot Sire is the head of Intelligence, right? "

Dino nods, " He is, and he has never liked Xanxus. One of my school friends, Squalo is his Rain, and held the Varia together while Xanxus was on ice with the technique Primo created, the Zero Point Breakthrough. "

Tsuna snorts, " Essentially he figured out how to make his Flames turn into ice, right, not doing that. I need allies, which means I can't piss Xanxus off, or his Guardians by using the very technique that put him on ice to begin with. Well, my girlfriend's Lightning should be able to help with that. "

Petz snorts, " Sounds to me like Primo just overpowered the Chinese Amazon technique known as the Soul of Ice. "

Tsuna considers this, " That makes far too much sense. Well, Ranma/Ranko-sensei will teach me that, and the Heaven Dragon Blast after I master Chestnuts Roasting on Open Fire. Oh, Petz was recommended by my girlfriend, she's the youngest of her sisters as well. "

" I see, why did you go looking for a Lightning? "

Tsuna sighs, " Mostly my Intuition telling me I needed to find one before Reborn got any Stupid ideas in his head. As it is, until Takeshi gets psychologically evaluated I will not Harmonize with him, but I will fight with him as he views my girlfriend as a sister. "

Dino blinks, " Wait, you actually care about your Guardians mental well being? "

" I was bullied horribly until my Flames forcefully broke the Seal on them to save my girlfriend, whom at the time was the only damn friend I had from being raped right in front of me. I know damned well that someone can be physically all right, but be hiding a helluva a lot of pain inside, not all wounds are physical. " Tsuna says.

" He has a point, I'm going to be attending regular sessions to get over all the shit my Father, and his associates, along with my older half-sister put me through. " Hayato admits.

Every member of the Chiavarone wince as one, Hayato was a bastard according to the original definition, a child born out of wedlock. It was no wonder Tsuna was making damned sure his Guardians were sound of mind, " Can you give me everything you have on his older sister, mostly so Kyoya can have his almost carnivores on the lookout for her. Until Hayato's therapy makes some headway I do not want her anywhere near him. "

Kyoya smirks, " Den sister will be kept away from Puppy Knight until he's ready to bare his fangs at her. "

" Thank you, Kyoya, this way Hayato can focus on his training, because I just get this feeling we're going to need to be able to kick ass, and take names of all comers. Keep a discrete eye on Koukyu Land, Kyoya. "

" Understood, Omnivore, I'll have almost carnivores do that as well. " Kyoya says.


Eudial cackles as that Sky Aura finally fades away, she could finally go after the next victim, Osaka Naru. The auburn haired, blue eyed, orange wearing teen only has to see Eudial before she dives to the side, and scrambles away, pulling out her phone, and blindly texting Usagi. She was not an idiot, thank you, she knew her childhood friend was Sailor Moon. She makes sure to not run in a straight line, and keep obstacles between her, and the daimon controller. Why the hell did they always go after her?


Usagi reads the text from Naru, and Killing Intent fills the room, " Hotaru, Henshin yo! "

" Moon Cosmic Power! "

" Saturn Planet Power! "

Nana was in the garden at the moment, " Stay here, protect Nana, Ranma. " Sailor Moon says, and leaps into the air, she and Saturn fly towards Juuban, Saturn using her Mist Flames to hide them.

Mugen Gakuen:

Haruka and Michiru bolt upright when they can feel their princess transform, immediately doing so themselves. They leap into the night, and head towards where they could sense their enemy.


Naru curses when she trips only to find herself saved by a senshi she didn't recognize. The bodice of her senshi uniform is dark gray, her bows are black, her skirt and scarf are light gray. Her tiara is silver with a light gray star shaped gem in the center of it, in the center of her front bow is a broach identical to Sailor Saturn's. Her boots are black with dark gray laces, also like Sailor Saturn's boots. Her raven colored hair is in short flyaway pigtails without the stupid buns on the top of her head. In her ears are three silver crescent moons, with one on top, and two on the bottom. Naru had seen the news footage of Sailor Saturn, " Who the hell are you? " Eudial asks just as the rest of the senshi arrive.

" Shin seikatsu no sērā senshi, kibō no gādian! Wakusei Runa, sērānyūmūn ni yori hogo(Sailor Soldier of New Life, Guardian of Hope! Protected by the planet Luna, Sailor New Moon)! " is the response.

Moon smiles, " I am sooo glad to see you, itoko(cousin). "

" I knew I had to reveal myself after what the Inners, and that bastard tried. " New Moon says.

Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune all bristle angrily when The Second Incident was mentioned, first as a senshi, but Second in Usagi/Moon's life. " Where is Luna, she had to have approved of this as well? " New Moon asks, even as she single handedly destroys the daimon. New Moon was immensely overpowered, she, like Saturn was feared for her power, and like Saturn was a Sun, only her secondary was Storm.

" Probably still living with my parents. I'll probably grab Artemis, and have Kyoya-nii house him for a little bit since my Lightning is terrified of cats, justifiably so. " Moon says.

" I never did find out why, I just know he/she is. " Uranus admits, she was enough of a martial artist to know about him/her after all.

" His father taught him the Neko-ken. " Moon deadpans.

Uranus and New Moon both start cursing at this, and Eudial even adds to the swears painting the air blue. Eudial had heard of the Neko-ken, and what went into training someone to use it as well. She was honestly surprised someone was that Stupid. Then again she had never met Genma, or Sawada Iemitsu. Eudial did make a note to tell the rest of the Witches Five that they could not use anymore cat daimon since Moon's Lightning Guardian had been trained in the Neko-ken. They did not need someone going Cat on them after all. That was the absolute last thing they needed since there were very few things that could get someone out of a Neko-ken induced state.

Naru sighs, " Moon, stay in touch, I am not an Idiot. "

Moon nods, understanding what Naru was saying, she knew, and had used Common Sense to figure it out too. Moon looks at her childhood friend, " Tell the Demon Prefect that you're under Rabbit's protection, or any member of the Disciplinary Committee. They'll ensure you're safe while in their territory. "

Naru nods, " Understood, Soul is ready to help if necessary. "

Moon smiles weakly, " Stay here, New Moon, you can borrow Soul as she has the capability to heal converted humans as well. "

" Welcome aboard. " New Moon says, even as Naru Harmonizes with Moon. Moon truly smiles this time, now she had another Rain.

Itoko, would you be willing to see if you can Harmonize with Cavaliere del Cielo. He's got some family business to take care at the moment. His civilian identity is Sawada Tsunayoshi, and he is the only LEGITIMATE heir to the Vongola Family.

Wait, Vongola, as in the fucking Mafia? New Moon asks

To be fair he hasn't been given a choice in the matter, and if he can find Guardians before his Home Tutor, Reborn does, then he gets more of a say. It's not like you wouldn't fit in with the Mafia, and as for me, I would rather be the wife of a Don than a kept Queen. Moon replies.

Tsuna and Usagi had no way of knowing that they were messing with the plans of an evil megalomaniac that would become a nuisance in ten years time. Though when they do get dragged to the future, together, because they had finally managed to get some quality time as a couple, only to wake up in a coffin, in the wrong damned future. Usagi ends up calling her Pluto to get her guardians sent to the future they did, mostly so Ranma would be around to unleash unmitigated devastation upon the Millefiore Family. They wouldn't need to follow through with such a convoluted plan once Usagi had her Guardians with her.

Needless to say, the Tsuna of that future would be woken up by Usagi, and actually bitch slapped for not doing the simple thing, and destroying fake rings, or if he had to destroy them, then make another Kami forsaken set. Her Tsuna would just sit back, and watch the fireworks, because by that time she would have gotten some of her fire back, she'd never be a true carnivore thanks to a little over a decade of negative reinforcement, and the Future Tsuna would get the pleasure of watching her ream Reborn out for not realizing that a decade's worth of negative reinforcement would leave it's damned mark, and more importantly heaping more negative reinforcement on top of that is Stupid to Iemitsu Levels.

Lal Mirch would choke as Usagi reams the Sun Arcobaleno out while Irie Shoichi would be recording the entire incident for Tsuna's viewing pleasure, and more importantly make a copy of said video that would be given to Hibari to show the Small Animal whenever he felt down and out. Reborn would be pissed, but it would be Fon that would remind him of an old saying, 'What goes around, comes around'. In other words karma caught up with him, and all out bitch slapped the Sun Arcobaleno, Skull and Dino would be given their own copies in the past and future too. Not to mention that she would also lecture that version of Byakuran, and then his past self, before tossing his past self to Sailor Pluto so he learned how to use his abilities, responsibly, or he would be killed off, end of discussion, no way were they going through that shit again. Still, that's later on down the road, right now the couple is blissfully unaware of this.

No one could have predicted the ripples that would occur due to the meeting of Sawada Tsunayoshi, and Tsukino Usagi. Not even Sailor Pluto or Byakuran had predicted anything like what was happening now. As it stood, the instant Usagi and Tsuna caught Reborn bullying Skull, they'd come down on him like a mudslide down a mountain. There would be no escape for Reborn, though by that point he should already know that neither Tsuna nor his girlfriend would tolerate bullying, so really, it's his own damn fault. Chaos and Trickster deities everywhere were salivating at the Chaos their meeting had caused, and it had actually been random chance, as far as investigations could tell.

Then there was the fact that Reborn would be getting tossed into all of the craziness that followed Ranma around, gleefully by the aquatransexual. The Hibari Clan was thoroughly vexed with Genma, more and more fiancées were cropping up the more they dealt with the ones Ranma knew about. Sadly Genma had never pissed off any Organized Crime Syndicate, though no one would blame Ranma if he were to order a hit on his male genetic contributor. It didn't hurt Ranma's case that Fon vouched for him, that, and with a proper sparring partner the Hibari heir was not nearly as vicious, unless someone challenged him for his territory.


Hayasa is going through her katas, she made sure she could handle close range combat, could already call up her Flames, and more importantly, did not need a damned ring to get the job done. However, now that Naru had reconnected with Usagi she would be making Flame conductive jewelry for much, much cheaper, and stress that they were kami forsaken training tools. Tsuna didn't need any help going into Dying Will Mode, and he could handle Hyper Dying Will Mode as well. Those he could do along with flame punches without transforming into Cavaliere del Cielo. Kyoya had his specially made tonfa that could channel his flames, and, though Takeshi didn't know this, the sword he would receive from his father would be able to channel his Rain Flames as well. Hayato on the other hand, yeah, he needed some serious counseling, and to learn how to fight with something other than dynamite. Ranma/Ranko could handle the hand to hand aspect since Reborn should not be allowed to teach, ever.

Hayasa was not one to take for granted her own skills, and constantly sought to get better, Ranma/Ranko would love her, and take her on as another student, though she would most likely learn the Tendo School of Anything Goes. Soun had howled when Happosai had taught Ranma/Ranko, but there was nothing he could do as Happosai did happen to be the Grandmaster of the school after all. It didn't help that Akane would be pissed when Hayasa challenged her for the Tendo Dojo's sign, and right to be the true Heiress to the Tendo School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. Ranma/Ranko, Tsuna, and Usagi would all be watching, and laughing their asses off. That would happen after the Ring Battles, and let's just say Hayato would be very glad Ranma would be his fighting teacher. Especially since Ranma knew how to deal with his opponent's fighting style.

If Hayasa had even suspected what her future would hold once she actually meets her potential Sky, and they Harmonize she'd be stunned. Still, she had to actually meet her potential Sky, and that was only after her twin's Sky felt she was ready. Back at the Sawada home Usagi and Hotaru are binge watching RWBY, while the animation style wasn't her cup of tea, Usagi did like the show since it had strong, kickass female characters. Ranma/Ranko would be teaching Hotaru Tai-Chi since it was soft flowing movements, and all about turning your opponent's strength against them. Whomever ended up as Tsuna's Sun Guardian would need to be able to deal with the Okama known as Lussuria, whom had a steel plate in one knee, and used Muay Thai as his preferred combat style.

Of course, once Niwa Natsuki arrived in Namimori to meet her reincarnated cousin's boyfriend there would be no contest. Lunar trained senshi were wickedly fast, and brutal in combat. Natsuki had the added benefit of having been trained by her Aunt Emiko in the ways of a Phantom Thief, and even more damning could actually transform into Dark. Of course, neither Dark nor Natsuki said anything to Emiko, as Dark had only manifested in her due to the fact that her foster parents were horribly abusive. Sadly Natsuki needed to remain in Juuban until the main senshi battles were over as her reincarnated cousin had fled, sure she would come back, and fight if necessary, but that was it. Dark had actually been sealed when the Vongola were created, so he knew about the Ring Battles, and once his female Tamer was confirmed as the Decimo Candidate's Primary Sun Guardian, well, he'd be making damned sure his Tamer could kick ass. Though he would have to prod Daiki to suggest blind training for Natsuki, and Daisuke, with Daisuke not quite old enough yet to be his Tamer.

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