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It was a surprise to many of the captains when they were called in one day. They stood in attention as Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Soutaicho of the Gotei 13, started the meeting. "We are here to discuss which Taicho will go to an area where there has been numerous hollow attacks." Yamamoto announced to the rest of the Taicho.

Shunsui Kyōraku, Eighth Division Captain, looked curious. "What kind of place, Yama-jiji?" Yamamoto's face turned grim, worrying many of the captains. What could cause a reaction to cause emotion to show on his normally composed face? They watched as he motioned for Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Twelfth Division Captain, to speak up.

"That is the problem." Kurotsuchi sneered, "I shall explain in simple words so that your tiny little brains can understand. It is a land that is separite from not only Seireitei, but the Land of the Living. We have not been there in centuries, and much of the information we have is either outdated or lost, as we have long since buried the majority of our paper records from back then." He gritted his teeth. "So, unfortunately, all we have to work with is the name of the damn country- The Elemential Nations."

Tōshirō Hitsugya, Taicho of the Tenth Division, suddenly started. "Taicho...?" Matsumoto Rangiku, his Fukutaicho, asked worriedly. "You, ah, know this place?"

The small captain nodded slowly. Yamamoto nodded decisively. "Then you shall be the leader of the Shinigami going. Do you know the language?"

Tōshirō sighed. He walked up to the map and studied it. It had been such a long time, but he instinctively recognized the language, having been born a native. He took a deep breath. Then, pointing at the red part of the map, which had been marked with where the hollows would be centering their attacks on, based on the Twelfth's calculations. Cautiously, he started speaking.

"The map is horrendously outdated," Kurotsuchi sniffed, annoyed. Toshiro ignored him. "But I can definately tell where the major countries are, and where we would have to go. The place we would have to go is Fire Country. Judging by where the hollows seem to be converging, I would say that we would have to go to the Hidden Leaf Village, Konohagakure no Sato."

As he said the last part, he felt something stir inside him, something that had not moved, let alone woken up, an inch since he died, and gasped. Red chakra, or as they thought, reiatsu leaking from him, or, more specifically, his stomach. "Taicho!" Out of the corner of his eye, Toshiro could see that his lieutenant had started to rush up to him, only to be stopped by the red chakra that was now pouring off him in waves. The other captains tensed, unsure as to what was happening, and prepaing themselves for a fight.

'Kyuubi, now is not exactly the best time for a reunion!'

"You know brat, you're a stupid little kit."

Tōshirō, with difficulty, reigned in the vile chakra, and it disappeared into him. Kyoraku coughed. "Now, was it just me, or did that feel like a hollow reiatsu?" Yamamoto nodded, frowning even more.

"Yes it did. Hitsugaya-taicho!" he barked, eyes narrowed. "What is the meaning of this!"

Unfortunately, Tōshirō was preoccupied, and was ignoring him. But that was okay, because everyone was speechless anyways when they looked at him again. Tōshirō was staring off into space, the red chakra floating menacingly around him instead of all around the room. Now, they wouldn't be as speechless if it didn't look like he was taking it it… or himself, either one. It was actually rather reminicent of a person talking to their zanpakuto outloud. They listened in.

"-and I don't friggin' care about what you think about the fact that I died! So what! I died saving him! …. You don't think I know that?! … What in the world would make you think for a small, miniscule moment, that I WOULDN'T go?! ... Honestly, why did I have to be stuck with you even in death?! When I died, I thought I was at least gonna be free from your nagging, but noooo, you just HAD to wake up and start the minute you do! … Oh, you did NOT just say that!"

"T-taicho..." Matsumoto stuttered carefully. Tōshirō looked up with a murderous expression on his face. "WHAT." he snapped. His eyes then widened as he took in his surroundings. He was stll in the Meeting room. And he was talking out loud. In front of the Captains.

"... Shit. Kurama, I'm blaming you for this."

Well, that's chapter 1! Pretty different from the original, right? I decided to change and edit the first chapters before moving on with the actual story. One of those things I wanted to change just so happened to be the meeting room. No offence, KiraFoxHime09, but I didn't think Yamamoto would be so... Casual about the whole "hollow-like reiatsu/chakra coming from one of my captains" thing.

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