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Chapter Three

Last Time…

"What is chakra?" Toshiro looked at all of the captains incredulously when they all nodded along with the question, before smacking his forehead in understanding.

"I knew I was forgetting something," he muttered, "I forgot that no one knows what chakra is here." Toshiro cleared his throat, and started talking in a mildly lecture-esque tone. "Chakra is, in the most basic of explanations, the mixture of mental and physical energy- it is very similar to reiatsu, actually. The main difference between the two would be, I believe, the addition of physical energy. As we are dead, and have to actual physical bodies, we have no physical energy. Thus, we have no chakra." Toshiro cleared his throat, mouth dry from talking so long, and nodded his head respectfully towards Yamamoto. "Soutaicho, if you have anymore questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. But right now, I believe the only thing that we are truly waiting for is your judgement." After he said that, the captains all watched, shocked, as Hitsugaya Toshiro, a cold shinigami who generally stuck to nods and short bows, bent down into a Saikeirei, then shifted back into his spot.

A stony silence rang throughout the meeting room, the Shinigami awaiting their Soutaicho to give the final word of judgement. Finally, after what seemed like eternity, he spoke.

"Hitsugaya-taicho," Toshiro stiffened in attention. "You will continue acting as you are. However, you will be closely watched by your team while on mission. You have been warned."

Toshiro's cold face relaxed a bit. "Understood, Soutaicho."

Yamamoto banged his staff on the floor. "Hitsugaya-taicho will still be leading the mission. I will leave it up to you to find a team. Dismissed!"

"Taicho…" Toshiro turned towards his Lieutenant, a questioning look in his eyes. "What did you mean-" He watched as Matsumoto paused and shook her head, seemingly changing her mind about what to say. "You lived there, right? What was it like?"

Though Toshiro had an inkling of what his Fukutaicho was originally going to ask, he ignored his curiosity and focused on her questions. "The Elemental Countries… There are many different countries, 'Lands', so to speak. I came from the Land of Fire, more specifically, Konoha."

"The place you said the Hollows were converging!"

"Yes, there. Don't interrupt me. Anyways, Konoha is a Hidden Village, founded during the Clan Wars, and was the first of its kind."

"Hidden Village? Clan Wars?" Toshiro sighed in resignation over Matsumoto's endless questions. He glanced back as they walked back to their division to prepare.

"The Clan Wars were a period in which there were many clans everywhere, all fighting someone for one reason or another. Two clans were especially prominent- The Senju and the Uchiha. They hated each other, but eventually they came to a truce and together formed the first Hidden Village, Konohagakure no Sato."

"Whoa! And what so special about Hidden Villages?" Toshiro sweat dropped, he could practically feel Matsumoto vibrating in a mixture of excitement and curiosity.

"Well, as stated on the name, they're hidden. Konoha is surrounded by trees, Suna, another village, is in the middle of a desert, Kiri is surrounded by mist, that sort of thing. Actually, the naming is fairly literal there…" Toshiro suddenly trailed off, staring into space and halting his movements.

"Taicho…? Taicho? Taicho~?"

"Yes, like giant foxes are named after their tails, too stupid to get any other names. Seriously, your tails of all things?"

"Shut up you stupid dragon! At least I caused widespread fear across the nation! People barely even know who you are, and you've been here for millennia! I wonder why? Oh wait! You're and OLD, DEAD FOSSIL!"

"I may be dead, but at least I'm still acknowledged as the Ruler of the Frosted Heavens! They are MY domain even in death! And what do you get? Nothing, just sealed inside my Master for all of eternity! And, news flash, YOU'RE ALSO DEAD!"

"Be silent Lizard Breath! I would beat you in a fight any day!"

"Bring it on, Bunny Ears!"

'Will you two just shut up-ttebane!? I'm trying to concentrate!'

"Sorry Master."

"Whatever, brat."

Toshiro turned his attention back outwards towards Matsumoto, who had started frantically waving in his face, and started walking again. "Stop that ridiculous waving and keep walking."

"But Taicho-"

"Keep. Walking."

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