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Artemis, the Goddess of the hunt and moon among many other things was not having a good day.

Even saying she was not having a good day was an understatement. Her hunters had been running for what seemed like almost an entire day. Tired and exhausted after a fight with the Drakons, for what seemed like a week's battle had wanted them to find a safe haven and rest. But the drakon following them was relentless. Not that it hasn't got a reason...

Her hunt had become very big and actually accounted to about seven hundred but now only twenty seven participated in the hunt with her. Others wanted a normal life, and hence had left. They thought of immortality as a curse and they wished for old age. The old Artemis would have killed her hunters for even thinking about settling down, but she had learned a lot more in the last seven thousand years than she had in her first half of her life.

Yes, it should be said that during her first life she had every reason to come across as prude. Her opinion was black and white. Men dominated the world. They pillaged villages, waged wars, raped women and showed no respect for anyone of the other sex. And the women suffered, a lot.

About seven thousand years ago, it had all changed and the world is now dominated by women. World War III and IV had occurred not much later after this ascension which has stopped the growth of the mortals' technology. Although Artemis had thought that women were the fairer sex, the oppressed one, the female race had proven her wrong. They had already proven that they could be as vile as men, if given opportunity.

She had found that the male domination officially started because of the imbalance in the Olympian Council when her aunt Hestia gave up her throne for Dionysus, her brother who have nothing in common with her except for their father. To this date she still doesn't understand why he was given that position. Anyway, the number of males in the council exceeded that of females. This official male domination in the council had an immediate effect on the mortals. Men started to think that they were the superior ones. Their counterparts being used as bargaining chips and currency among the wealthier. Roughly seven thousand years after Hestia gave up her throne, the balance was once again disturbed, but this time in favour of the females.

Dionysus had asked his father Zeus to take away his throne in exchange for lifting his punishment after the War of Monsters. He wanted to spend more time with his wife, Ariadne. He even promised to be at Camp Half-Blood to fulfill the rest of his punishment as long as Ariadne was with him. That was the only good thing he had ever done, in her opinion. This also caused her to think about his love for his wife. Perhaps, not all men were too vile like... Never mind.

Anyway, when Dionysus was removed, Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, minor goddess of Architecture, battle planning and war strategy, was appointed as the 14th Olympian, seeing as Uncle Hades and Aunt Hestia had been reinstated as Olympians after the Second Giant War. Annabeth was made a goddess after the war with Tartarus which was the most brutal war of the Olympic Wars. The Second Titan War, The Second Giant War and The War with The Pit (also called the War of Monsters). She was made a goddess not only because of her heroic actions in these wars, but also because of her mother's judgement as a possible asset for Olympus' future.

Although in Artemis' opinion, Athena was scared of the girl committing suicide. Near the end of the last war, she was brutally raped by her then boyfriend, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Her mother thought that immortality could take away her pain, and she was right. She has moved on from that painful memory and has married after about 800 years. Her husband, Mike Jason, a son of Vulcan, was made an immortal to be with her as long as she lives. Although she has been a kind one among goddesses, Artemis could see that she held a grudge against demigods, especially Romans. It was not that noticeable but it hadn't escaped Artemis. Maybe it was just her seeing things but Artemis could see that Annabeth, unlike her fellow gods who were turned after the Olympic Wars, was distant from demigods. Artemis guessed it was a bit of hubris and Athena's anger against Romans.

The female dominance in the Council and world affected many Olympians but none greater than Athena herself. Pallas Athena is the daughter of Métis, Titaness of wisdom and Zeus, the Olympian King and the Lord of the Skies. The goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and War seems to hate all male demigods after the rape of her daughter and a particular...incident.

She had made peace with Poseidon after centuries of squabble. She quite liked the demigod daughters of Poseidon. There are only two of them actually and they are both in the Hunt. She usually ignores Poseidon's demigod son and her own sons. Although, Artemis suspect it is to prevent another hurt to her heart after what Alex inflicted.

When the dominance in the society changed in favour of women, it was necessary for a physical dominance of females in the Olympic Council and so Hecate, daughter of Perses, Titan of destruction, and Asteria, Titaness of nocturnal oracles and falling stars, was crowned as the 15th Olympian. It is not known what happened as Hecate usually didn't differentiate between males and females in the past, but after the dawn of the Age of Women, she started ignoring the prayers of her sons and began to treat them like they didn't exist. She also began to become more hostile towards men in general, both mortal and immortal alike and would likely have vaporized many men if not for the Ancient Laws which were also re-written seven thousand years ago. She still tries to hurt as many men as possible, though. She doesn't trust her own father.

But what surprised all the gods who saw all these changes was the change of Phoebe Artemis, daughter of Leto, Titaness of Womanly demure and Motherhood, and Zeus. They were very surprised to see that the change in her was...nothing. She acted as if nothing in her changed and her killing of men without reason also lessened very much. She still didn't like men very much and has not been married to one even with her lesser tendency to turn males to jackalopes, but she does refrain from killing them.

Artemis couldn't help but laugh at the expression that was on her fellow Olympians' faces at the time when she asked her father, Zeus, to make the hunt open for all virgins, as she was their patron. When asked whether it wasn't already so, she had replied that the hunt was till now open for only female virgins and she wanted it to be extended over to the male ones too. Even Athena looked dumbfounded that she hadn't thought about it like that. When Zeus asked her why, her answer was that it was a suggestion by a certain someone. When further questioned, she did not answer. It was because the suggestion was placed before her by a man many years before and while he may be a rapist; his suggestion was not a bad one. It was necessary now under the circumstances.

Women had started to act like men so much that it disgusted Artemis to call herself a woman. They were one of the reasons for the World Wars that shook the world recently, just like their counterparts in the past. She also saw how many mothers now began to shun their sons and favour their daughters. Women began to cheat when they saw that their husbands were not enough, like men had done in their golden age. Their husbands started to suffer their "better" one's abuse and were unable to do anything. Boys were often used to do all hard jobs, both outside and inside the house while their sisters and mother sat on a lounge and entertained themselves. Some women were very sadistic and often experimented on their sons and husbands. It was like men were paying for the mistakes that were committed on their counter parts during their golden age by their ancestors. While the women in the past were allowed to cry and shed their pain and agony in the form of tears as men found it amusing, the men in the new age did not have that luxury. They were not allowed to cry and would often be insulted like "look how weak you are", "look how pathetic you are", etc.

Women would not allow men to cry as it ruined their good wife and good mother reputation although all was becoming the same. Mortal laws were bent in favour of women and men complaining about their wives soon found themselves either in cold, dark dungeons waiting to be punished each day or on their way to the underworld. The Golden Age of Women had begun to become a hell on earth for men as it had been for women in the past.

The male demigods got the hardest blow. Even though the Ancient Laws has been re-written such that every immortal parent has to visit his/her child each month, instead of never, till the age of 17, it was still limited as they had to attend to their duties. Also, it had been made into the Law so as not to have siblings of same parents as had been the case of Thalia Grace, the minor Goddess of the Hunt and Jason Grace, the lieutenant to his father Zeus, unless they are twin siblings. This was one of the main reasons male demigods were hated by their mothers.

After the demigod has been born into this world, the god's visit will be limited to once in a month. Also, when he visited, the attention would only be given to their sons and to provide them with sufficient knowledge to keep them safe. The mother often felt neglected and framed her son for his inability to protect himself so that it robs her of the attention of the god that should have stayed with her. It also did not help that gods are amazing lovers in bed. Artemis could not yet decide that men are saints, but she does now recognize that males and females alike are capable of both evil and great things. Like in the Age of men, there are a few women out there who are not like the rest but they make up only a meagre population.

Artemis was delighted when she was approached by her hunters, who she considered her daughters but never called them, asking her to do something so that their fates in the Age of Men would not be imparted to any other person. When she discussed her own thoughts about the domain of virginity with them, they were the ones to introduce the idea of allowing virgin males into the hunt so as to offer them a home as The Hunt has been for them for centuries. After passing a truth test, courtesy of her now officially accepted younger twin brother, of course. They said that they could provide both sides of humanity with a home and could make each sex respect the other. Artemis, too, had considered this idea at first, but after thinking that her hunters would not accept it, she had left it. Now, with the support of her hunters, she knew that she could move forward with the idea.

The council did not put up much resistance to this suggestion as they believed that Artemis could handle it. The objections were only made by Athena, Annabeth and Hecate. Artemis started confronting many boys about this offer after a few centuries after the Dawn of the Age of Women. Most were more than ready to join, so they could die an earlier, quick death. Artemis is quite known for her hatred for men, after all. They believed that it had been a suggestion to kill them easily. But they were quite surprised when the hunters offered them food. It was the first time when any female was anything with them other than being angry and/or disappointed. So, at first they thought that something must be wrong with the food and refuse to accept food for a day. After much encouragement from the younger members of the Hunt, they touched the food and they nearly crushed the younger hunters in a hug saying "Thank you, Thank You" again and again. The younger hunters were the key to increasing the trust of the boys who were weary of the older hunters. Slowly, with time, they all became one big family with Artemis as the loving mother. She found that she liked being a mother as much as she likes being a huntress. The ages of the hunters also changed from 15 to 18. Unable to part with her adopted sons, Artemis placed her blessing of hunters to impart them immortality.

The problems started when the hunters slowly began falling in love with the suffering men and to ensure that they could have happiness at least once. It was the ultimate form of love, to provide happiness to the one you love, in their minds. Of course, they didn't outright talk to Artemis about this. They still feared her rage. Although many had such wishes, none were brave enough to face their "mother" or "mistress" depending on each hunter's perspectives. Eventually, Thalia Grace , the then newly made goddess could not wait any longer added to the fact that she could not technically die, only reform (which wasn't very painful as now Tartarus is an ally) went to talk to her mistress about this. Artemis, at first, was enraged and was ready to draw her weapon and kill her lieutenant. The only thing that stopped her was a promise, to think before she acted, to a friend. Unknown to Thalia, that promise was the key to the approval by Artemis and her following suggestion of this in Winter solstice meeting on Olympus.

After getting approval from the council, Zeus decided to ask River Styx to withhold their vows as their vows were essentially made to him, as Artemis made hers to him. Styx was not pleased but saying that she was asked this as a favour by someone close to her, she accepted it.

After this, Thalia was the first to get married to Nico di Angelo, Son of Hades, Ghost King and Hades' lieutenant, after pulling him out of his depression of being cheated by his girlfriend a few decades back. He had once tried to be a homosexual but it didn't work out, so he had dated about seven times with the same results-they dumped him saying that he was not very exciting. This depression was also added by the betrayal of a then certain friend of his and had joined the Hunt to remain close to his only friend, Thalia.

Thalia, for years, tried everything she could to make him fall in love with her but eventually she got irritated and proposed to him herself saying, "If you are afraid of asking, Death breath, then fine. I will ask. Nico, I love you and I would like to know your response. If you love me as well, I would like to marry you."

Well after that they were quickly married, after a quick review of what he would undergo if he hurts her from Artemis and her hunters. After Thalia's marriage, it seemed that the hunters were just waiting for a catalyst and started flying away from home, metaphorically of course. Some of their husbands wanted a quiet city life and many hunters moved into cities. They never quit, but provided shelter whenever the Hunt was in town. Artemis moved with the now remaining hunters and occasionally their spouses, if any, through the wilderness hunting animals, living in the forest and killing those monsters that have not been part of and have not agreed to the treaty and attacking demigods (children of an immortal and a mortal).

The treaty was that... Artemis was pulled out of her thoughts by the scream of her hunter, Cassandra, daughter of Mars. She was hit across the chest by the drakon's tail. She was thrown through the air and hit a tree. Artemis looked around; they have arrived where they could fight the drakon with more advantage in their present area- the beach, more precisely Montauk beach. They were in a clearing between the sea and the forest through which they had been running. The sea was majestic and calm. The tides were high due to the full moon and the presence of the Moon Goddess. Artemis felt that if they could ever hope to defeat the drakon anywhere in the state, it was clearly here.

The drakon that had been following them all day and night was a Maeonian drakon. Yes, a Maeonian drakon, not the Father Maeonian drakon, whom Damasen had been cursed to kill every day. If it was him, then they would have been in bigger trouble than now. They have been running from a daughter of the original Maeonian drakon. The reason for running towards the sea was that now all drakons could be killed or dispersed to golden dust, you choose it, only by a certain group of people. For example, Lydian drakons could only be killed by someone of war, preferably a child of Mars, Aethiopian drakon by someone of the sky and Maeonian drakons by someone of the sea. It hadn't been like this in the ancient times. A lot has changed after that peace treaty and The First Council of Immortals. Here, Artemis hoped that they could fight the drakon as her uncle could help his daughter, Andromeda more easily and she would be more powerful near sea water.

The drakon was almost the same as her father. Artemis has not met the father but has heard stories about the similarities between him and his children. Her hide was dappled green and yellow, like sunlight through a forest canopy. Its reptilian eyes were a shade of green like most of the children of sea had, but it was more intense than most of theirs. The only ones Artemis has ever seen in her entire life and she had seen a lot, whose could be as intense sea-green as the drakon's are Poseidon's, Pontus and Oceanus. Artemis would have said that Maeonian drakons are regal and amazing monsters, were it not for the fact that one was about to kill her hunters. She was easily as long as a subway train. Her massive talons dug into the mud as she pulled herself forward, her tail whipping from side to side. The drakon hissed, spitting jets of green poison that smoked on sandy ground and set the sand on fire, filling the air with the scent of fresh pine and ginger. The monster even smelled good. Like most drakons, she was wingless, longer, and more snakelike than a dragon.

As Artemis looked, the drakon transformed into a woman. After the treaty and The Council, monsters have been blessed to take a human form, if needed. She was in her mid-thirties. She was obviously crying, while trying to look as if she wasn't. She was wearing a simple shirt and pants. Nothing more could be seen as the night has fallen and the reign of Nyx, Primordial of Night, gave monsters advantage. She seemed to be searching for something...or someone. Her face hardened when she saw who was behind Artemis-Andromeda, daughter of Poseidon, who was currently exhausted and cowering behind her. As the drakon's eyes swept around and looked upon the weariness and exhaustion of the hunters, she had a face, the face of a kind mother. Artemis knew that look, it was the look of a mother, the untainted mother who loved all her children equally, someone like Sally Jackson, who loved both her son and daughter equally, even when they were in the Age of Men and her son was the greatest hero in the Mythological world. The drakon's eyes found Artemis and she bowed.

Artemis was surprised with such a gesture. After the treaty, the monsters had claimed that they would bow to no one anymore-not gods, titans, primordials or even Chaos. They had chosen to bow to only those who earned their respect. And if the daughter of a powerful drakon were bowing to her, even after what has been afflicted to her, one cannot blame Artemis for being surprised.

Artemis asked, "Why do you bow to me?"

"My Lord respects you along with Lady Hestia among you Gods. Anyone who has his respect is worth of my submission. You know that he won't just respect someone because of their power."

Well, that is odd. Considering who her Lord is.

The drakon pulled Artemis out of her thoughts. "Lady Artemis, I am sorry for the fear I brought upon your hunters. I only want the daughter of Poseidon."

Andromeda said, rather arrogantly if Artemis has to say to herself, "I am the daughter of the Lord of the Seas and you are standing before the sea. Think before you act, monster."

She said, "Where does this arrogance come from, girl? Your brother is more modest than this."

Andromeda said, ''Don't compare me and my siblings with that sorry excuse of a brother. He is a rapist.''

She said, "Your brother didn't strike me as one you described, girl. I'll kill you, which you can be certain of, even if it is the last thing I do before I die and reform back in Tartarus. I just have to do it before your brother arrives, after the war going on in Tartarus. I don't want to disappear like Kampe did."

That caught Artemis' attention. ''What do you mean, like Kampe disappeared? ''

''Well, Kampe was last seen on or above surface at the beginning of your war with Lord Tartarus. She was cackling about how she would kill Percy Jackson", she turned to Andromeda and said, "Your brother'' and returned to Artemis'' and make him suffer for her agony of reforming. That was the last heard of Kampe. I heard that she went to the surface, but she never returned to Tartarus, nor is she alive on the surface. It is rumoured that my Lord Perseus killed her.''

''What happened to Kampe?'' Artemis wondered aloud. Kampe is not your average monster. Even Zeus, with his idiocy at times, would think twice before facing her. If she is not at the surface or in Tartarus, reforming, well, Artemis could think of only one place she could think of where she could have gone-The Void, the place where faded immortals go, where Selene, her Titan partner in her duties as Moon Goddess and Pan, God of Wilderness had gone and returned as a gift from the Chaos. If someone was powerful enough to make Kampe fade, she wouldn't want to fight with the said person. Pride would not save you from being erased from the Earth.

''We don't know, Lady Artemis. Now, do I have the permission to enact justice on this daughter of Poseidon?''

Andromeda said, '' Do you think that you could just kill me? You forget that I am near the sea and if I pray, my father would help me.''

The drakon said, '' I don't think I could kill you, girl. I know that I can. And also about your father, he cannot interfere as it is against the Ancient Laws. He can only help you with a blessing and you have to kill me.''

Andromeda smirked and said," But won't it be a violation of the treaty to kill me?''


''I broke the treaty? I only killed two monsters that were killing humans. THEY broke the treaty."

''Don't you dare call them monsters after what you have done, girl. You killed them for no reason. Lady Artemis, what is your decision? You know, as I know, that I could decimate the hunters, one by one. The only one who could possibly kill me is this girl and I am very much confident that even with the blessing of Poseidon, she cannot kill me, especially with such arrogance. Choose wisely, Lady Artemis.''

''Excuse me, are you calling me weak? I killed two of your species just yesterday. I-''

''Andromeda Ariadne Jackson, shut up.'' Artemis said after seeing the drakon becoming more angered.

''But, my lady, you know that I can. I-''

Artemis held up her hand. Andromeda immediately shut up. Artemis turned to the drakon, ''I am sorry about your loss. But I cannot simply give away Andromeda. Let your Council deal with the breaking of treaty on Andromeda's part.''

''You don't know about my pain. You know nothing of love except for your hunters. You do not have a husband or a son and hence you cannot understand my pain.'' The drakon went down to the ground, sobbing. ''As for the Council, my Lord would not grant me her execution because of his protection of her. But, mark my words, Lady Artemis, I will kill this girl and I will avenge my husband and son.''

Thalia, who has been keeping quiet the whole time which was quite unusual for her, spoke up, ''Killing Andy won't bring back your husband and son. I know what must be your pain. I always feel it, every time Nico goes to the Underworld to prevent mutiny. But killing won't bring anyone back. It would only lead to bloodshed. Also, can't you speak to Tartarus about their reforming? They are not truly dead, you know?''

'' Wisely spoken, daughter of Zeus. I know that if I plead before our Council, my Lord will speak to Lord Tartarus. I want justice. Hence I only need to know Lady Artemis' decision. I want to know whether she would give refuge to this murderer of my family or would she give her to me for execution?''

Artemis pondered over it. It was true that the drakon deserved justice but she could not just hand over Andy for execution. But, how can they defeat her? Andy has become tired after battling her husband and son. Poseidon's other daughter, Michelle James (Mickey) cannot fight with the drakon as she is too inexperienced. Andy is the only one available right now. Poseidon could not interfere as this is a mortal matter.

"I am willing to provide you with the justice you deserve but not Andy's death. Anything else which is reasonable could be considered. Please, let your Council decide. Let them provide you justice however they decide. Don't make us fight you and disturb the peace your Lord has attained among us immortals for millennium."

"I will not get what I desire in the Council. My Lord's opinion is considered far too great to get me, a lieutenant, the justice I will escape with life. You have sealed the fate of your hunters with your decision, Lady Artemis."

The drakon began to transform into its monster form when Andy interrupted, "It is sad that you have to become a big animal to enact your revenge, as you call it."

"Are you taunting me, girl? Very well, I will gut you like a fish and throw you into the sea." The drakon then transformed into a woman again. "Come and show that you have not just tongue, girl."

Artemis held up her hand to stop her hunters from interrupting as Andy has basically made this into a duel. The woman held up her hand and a long sword with black hilt appeared in her hands. Andy, growling took up her sword and shield and rushed to the woman. The woman has transformed from a loving wife and mother to a calm, but fierce warrior. She stood placidly. Andy thrust up her golden hilted sword, εκδίκηση(Revenge), towards the drakon's chest. She parried it quite easily and threw a punch with her free hand to Andy's head. Andy blocked it with her shield, εκδίκηση(Vengeance), but the force was way too much for her and brought a fist impression on the Celestial Bronze shield. The drakon then started raining blows upon the shield and Andy could only hold her shield in defense.

She was getting frustrated about how this monster has been gaining advantage over her. She is the best swordsman among demigods, for Gods' sake. The drakon tried to find holes in Andy's defence but could not find any. Andy, finally being angry, bashed the shield against the drakon's face. The drakon was surprised and a bit distraught with the sudden impact. Andy suddenly back-flipped and ran towards the sea.

The drakon, seeing her opponent getting an advantage, followed her. Andy, when she was near enough, raised her hands to command the sea to come over to protect her. The sea rose like a wall behind Andy and came upon the drakon. It completely soaked her and she almost suffocated. But she had been prepared for this and quickly lunged through the water and grabbed Andy's neck. With the incredible grip of the woman in front of her, she choked. Even though she was stronger in the sea, the woman had much greater strength. Andy soon could not concentrate enough to control the seawater and the water went back to the sea. When Andy was sure that her life was leaving her, a sea-green light emitted from her. This surprised the drakon and she was blinded by it for a few seconds. It was all Andy needed and she kicked the drakon squarely in the chest. The drakon hit a tree but soon got up on her feet and examined the green light emitting from Andy.

Artemis, too, gazed at the green aura, amazed.

"The Blessing of Poseidon", she muttered.

But what surprised Artemis the most was that the blessing had been given to Andy for the third time in a couple of days. Blessings are not usually given like that. It either meant how much Andy meant to Poseidon or because of the lack of many children. Artemis suddenly sensed a new presence, whether it is animal or not, immortal or not, she didn't know. She searched in a quick gaze but could not find anything. She shook it off simply as her thoughts. Her gaze was suddenly returned to the battle before her.

Andromeda was now grinning, madly. But when Artemis looked at the drakon, she was surprised to see that she too was grinning. She crackled her knuckles and said, "This should be fun."

Andromeda then again raised the sea and sent the water upon the drakon. The drakon moved very quickly and darted to the other side of Andy. Andy, seeing this, threw another one at her. She once again darted again. This went on for a few turns. It seemed like the drakon was taunting Andy. Artemis soon found that Andy was tiring quickly. Controlling this much water is draining her. When it became clear that she could not raise a single droplet, the drakon casually went up to Andy and started raising her by using her throat.

"So, are you now so confident, girl? I told you that I do not fear any of the existing children of Poseidon. I am a daughter of the original Lords of Arcadia. The one that once existed, he could have killed me. So, good bye, kid. Say hello to your uncle for me." The drakon raised Andy even more to the point that Andy was choking because of the hands around her throat. Artemis decided that if she didn't interfere now, it would not end well.

"Let go of her."

"No, Lady Artemis. I will kill her now."

"Then I have no choice. Hunters!" Artemis ordered and began to fire arrows along with the hunters. The drakon soon dropped Andy and began to transform. Soon, there stood the drakon, arrows bouncing off her hide. She began to rush towards the hunters. With one swishing of her tail, she took down ten younger hunters. Thalia's lightning infused arrows were useless. She tried to bring down lightning bolts and she did. But her bolts just left a charred hide, smoke blowing out of the hardened skin. The drakon bellowed in pain and again attacked the youngest of the hunters who had survived the first attack. They fell quickly and were unconscious in no time.

"Thalia, use your arrows at the same time as I use mine." Artemis said and raised her bow to fire an explosive arrow. She fired it together with Thalia's lightning bolt and arrow. The effect was immediate. There was a blinding light with smoke for a few minutes and then silence. Artemis dared to hope that they have at least subdued her. However, that thought was proven wrong by the thunderous roar that came from the smoke and the drakon's outline could be seen, angrier than ever. It acted quickly, not giving Artemis time to think. It quickly swept the feet of the remaining hunters and attacked the goddesses. They did not know what to do. They could teleport, but what about their sisters and daughters respectively? They couldn't just leave them.

Thalia took up her shield Aegis with the horror-striking face of the Medusa on its surface, originally wielded by Athena and her spear, οικογένεια(Family). Artemis drew her twin hunting knives. The drakon slightly faltered in its momentum but quickly regained it. As they were about to be hit by the drakon's momentum, the two goddesses twirled around out of its away. Artemis tried to cut its strong hide with the twin knives but they did not have the power of a sword or a spear. Thalia was more successful in piercing her hide. The dragon gave off a loud roar and whipped her tail towards them. The goddesses tried to move away from its trajectory, but they were dizzy and the tail cut across their cheeks and hands.

They felt a numbing sensation from the parts from where the tail had struck. Artemis soon found the reason for the unconsciousness of her strong and brave hunters, with just a minor wound. The tail is poisoned and destroys the mobility of the part struck by the tail. Artemis could not get up to prevent the disaster happening before her. The drakon had once again changed into woman and had begun choking Andy. Artemis tried to raise her voice to stop her, but could not open her mouth to say anything and her hands were completly useless.

Andy had first been unconscious after her fight. After she regained her consciousness, she saw Lady Artemis and Lady Thalia fighting off the drakon. She was relieved, then. Surely, two goddesses could restrain the drakon, right? But she has never been more wrong. It was seen plainly to anyone that the drakon did not want to hurt the goddesses. She simply wanted them out of action. When she approached her in her human form after paralyzing the goddesses, Andy was afraid of death for the first time. She had been the reason for her sisters' and mistresses' pain and distress. If she had already accepted her punishment, she could have saved them from being hurt. She decided to accept her fate. Looks like she won't be killing her mother's murderer, Andy thought to herself wryly. When Andy was raised from the ground, she felt that she needed to apologize.

"I am sorry about killing your family. I am begging you not to kill mine as it was I who brought upon the demise of your family, not them. I am willing to die, if it gives you any satisfaction. Please don't kill my sisters. I beg of you."

"Perhaps, I was wrong about you, girl. You do know humility. You just have prejudice. Know this as the last piece of advice you will ever get in this life-do not think you know people based on another's story. Know them for yourself and only then judge. I had made mistakes like that myself. As touched as I am about your apology, I cannot prevent what I promised to my husband. Good bye, daughter of Poseidon. May you get Elysium."

Andromeda then closed her eyes, not wanting to see the claws on the drakon's hand that will rip open her heart. Artemis and Thalia however had no choice but to watch as the drakon's hand changed into claws. Artemis wanted to cry or at least tear her eyes away from the gory scene that is about to happen.

Then suddenly, a voice broke out, "Elianor".

The drakon, now identified as Elianor whipped her head around looking for the source. Artemis also turned her head to seek out the voice that had so much effect on a distraught woman. There stood in the shadows a man, easily seven foot tall but nothing else was seen.

Elianor immediately bowed, " Milord. Don't try to stop me, milord. I have to kill my family's murderer." Elianor then retracted her claws, the voice resonated through the clearing, coldly, "Stop."

When she was about to claw Andy, the voice once again called out, "It was not a request, Elianor."

"But, milord, it is justice. A life for a life. She-"

"Enough. I cannot let you kill the girl. I made a promise to the girl's mother. I will speak to Lord Tartarus about Rowan and Friendriel. I will give them back to you tomorrow to atone for the girl's mistake. After all, life is better than revenge, right? And also, do not call me milord. I prefer my name."

Artemis was trying to source together the voice and the man. The voice was a deep one that brought chills down her spine. It was a very cold one, like the owner didn't care if he had to kill anyone. The voice had no mercy, no warmth. Artemis tried to piece together the man to whom the voice belonged. But all that could be seen was his outline. She could not see his face as he is still in the forest. For the drakon to call the man Lord meant very few people. Also, they were conversing in the tongue of monsters which was understood by Artemis only because of her domain –the Wild. But when the man asked to be called by his name, Artemis was sure of who he was. The intense sea-green eyes through the shadows of the face confirmed his identity.

"Very well... Perseus."

Artemis growled in mind, "Jackson."

In the space between void and matter

In the empty space, there stood a man, completely hidden by the surrounding darkness. Nothing about his features could be seen. He is looking towards the space where a black hole is depositing something-a black mass of matter.

"Soon, Father. You will rise." The man mutters.

"Soon, dear sister. We will play, Chaos and your creations would be annihilated." The voice seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. "Soon, Chaos, soon."