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In the Dark realm

"My Lord, the preparations for your revival are underway. Order's children are pooling their energies into releasing you." A hooded figure covered by a clock spoke to the shadows.

A voice resonated through shadows, "Very well, my servant."

The figure seemed hesitant to ask something of his lord. "What is it?" The voice asked.

"It's just that should you confront Perseus? He- "

"SHUT UP. I will kill that son of a worthless whore, slowly, painfully. After I am done with him, he'll be asking for death as he did in the past."

"But, My Lord, he escaped. Even after everything you did to weaken his resolve, centuries of torture, he did escape that too after sending you almost to oblivion."

"What are you trying to say, Aramis?"

"I am trying to say that he is not to be taken likely. He may be the son of a worthless mortal, but he escaped. A feat none of your prisoners had done to date. That too when we least expected him to. We had almost broken through his mind. He had almost submitted to you. But he somehow escaped with complete control over fire that should not have responded to him, being the opposite of his element."

"What do you suggest, then?

"Do not underestimate him. I am not saying that you cannot defeat him but don't consider him as a simpleton. There are rumours that he can manipulate all the seven elements."

"All seven? Like the Ancients? Only one with the blood of the Ancients can even hope to control all 7 elements. That too is stretching it thin. A mortal can't hold such power, dear Aramis. He would combust. Rumours are often not true, my friend."

"Anyway, he has the help of the angels, your arch-enemies."

"Even Lucifer?"

"Yes, he too. And with him, your daughter will stand. She- "

"She is not my daughter, Aramis." The voice now had anger. "She gave up the honour of being my daughter when she married that fool, Lucifer. She concerted with an angel, an Archangel to be exact, the ones that had stopped us from claiming all the realms, our birthright. She betrayed me, her father. For what? Love? What about the love I had for her? She gave it no significance. So... don't call her my daughter, Aramis."

"Forgive me, milord. I didn't mean to bring up that subject. So, in concluding she will stand with Perseus. With the angels and her supporting Perseus, along with his powers, if the rumours are true, even you could not kill him. They would be too powerful."

"What then, Aramis?"

"Summon your brothers, all of them."

"All of them? Is it so necessary? With the Immortals with us, we would annihilate Earth and its inhabitants within no time."

"That is arrogance, milord. Would Perseus just sit and wait for you? No, no, he would travel to other realms for allies."

"But, after the indiscretion by Chaos' children, none will help him."

"Let's not take any chances, milord. We don't know our enemy clearly and he may be plotting. The prisoners who escaped with him would help him and they are the best in their realms. We picked the best, after all. We are forbidden from setting foot on Earth. We should awaken our brethren and send for allies."

"Very well, then. But what about Perseus? Neither I nor my brethren cannot be revived before the immortal starts his war. Perseus would by then have collected allies."

"We should somehow release The Huntress of Fate. She would do our work for us."

"Would she? Why should she help us?"

"Yes, she was bound by our enemies. Our enemy's enemy is our friend, milord. Besides, she must hunt down those who had changed Fate and Perseus had done that many times. Now, to awaken her, we would need an energy source like none another. Like the-"

"The Aquas Orb. It would be perfect and would give her an advantage against Perseus. It would be fun to see his greatest ally become his greatest enemy. But it will also require time and we don't have it."

"We work with what we have, my lord. My spies inform me that he is losing his support on Earth."

"You still have spies on that accursed realm? I thought he had killed every single one of them after discovering that we were behind the poisoning of the mind of the last Queen of New Athens?"

"Yes, he did. He is…ruthless when he wants to be. We have to admit that." Aramis' voice had a tinge of admiration. "I found other spies, my lord. Everyone lusts after something. I even have one in his own "home", so to speak. Only Arcadia remains in his grasp. That too is fading with his protection of the daughter of Poseidon. It's ironic. She hates him as much as you do. If…. My Lord, there's a way to bring him here, where he will be the weakest."


"Use the girl to bring him here. Coerce her. It is this… or captures his half-breed. The one he considers a daughter. That would be quite difficult indeed, with the way he is always near her. The daughter of Poseidon however, is quite easy. She is with the Goddess of the Hunt."

"I don't quite understand, Aramis."

"Coerce her, my lord. Poison her mind with the power to get rid of Perseus. She wants him gone as much we want him here, under our thumb. Use your silver tongue, my lord."

"And if she doesn't agree?"

"We bring her here and make him beg for the honour to serve you. We have already used Lycaon for us to get the girl's mother. We can find some way to get to her."

"She is under that goddess' protection."

"We still have resources that we can use, my lord. He is a worthy prize, as you once said. His service is the reason your empire is still standing, under the leadership of your son. He cannot be allowed peace until he is peaceful under your service, your leadership. He will conquer us the seven realms, as he almost did."

"Then, do as you've planned."

"Yes, my lord."

"You are always very insightful, my friend. That is why you are one of my advisors. Well done, Aramis."

"I live to serve you, my lord."

Artemis hasn't needed to speak to an inner voice for a few thousand years, consciously.

She was meditating. She has to take control of her confused emotions, notwithstanding that, Diana was calling her.

When the gods merged their Roman and Greek aspects after the Second Giant War, they became more powerful and the aspects became one. So as long as both the aspects agree on something, there would only be one. If not, well, it would like having a voice always arguing with you. This is exactly happening in Artemis' head. The reason- Percy. If she has to say to herself, Diana was more attracted (she cannot use the word love with anything related to that monster) to Percy than herself.

"Do you think there's hope for us and Percy?"

"I don't know, Diana. You saw…felt what he almost did to us."

"But you know that that was Lycaon. Percy would never do that to us."

"You forget Annabeth."

"Don't tell me you still believe her."

"It is either her confession or his. And you're always partial to his confession."

"But he was telling the truth. Apollo did confirm this, Artemis. You were always waiting for him to make a mistake. But maybe he never did."

"You cannot deny what he did at New Athens. Killing newborns just because they were born at a time before his damned oath is not just."

"And what Queen Reyna did was just? Torturing an emissary and a King, called to your city under guest rights?"

"According to him. We never really know what happened that day."

"She didn't exactly argue with his accusations. She was laughing at the way "he was too weak to survive a talk" Anyway, you're deviating, like always. I asked you a simple question - Is there hope for us?"


"Yes, it's always about you, never about ours or even mine. You are always worried about your morals, your ideals, everything is about YOU!" Diana yelled. "You never cared about what I want, what I desire."

"And what exactly do you desire? Love?" Artemis scoffed. "Love is for children. Do you want to feel always jealous, as Hera does? After one of Father's escapades? No, I never want to feel like that. Do you want to be like Aphrodite? Whoring herself to every man she sees? I am never allowing my body for that purpose."

"It is OUR body, not only yours."

"It is mine. I was the original."

"It is neither yours nor mine. It is ours. It became ours the moment we both agreed to become one after the Second Giant War."

"Now, I see it was a mistake. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF WE WERE SEPARATE. Then, I wouldn't have to hear your jabbering about my life." Artemis immediately felt bad. She never meant to yell at Diana.

"Fine, then. Let's separate. You know the procedure. You do yours and I do mine. Then we can go our own way." By now, Diana was crying and Artemis felt bad. "And for your information, I'm not going to be like Aphrodite. She has her reasons for doing what she does. I'm going to see the world and I wish I never see you again. I-"

Artemis stopped Diana with her index finger to her lips.

"Please, Diana, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. And the words I said…you know that I will never feel that way."

"Hard to know when you're all doing is yelling at me for everything." Diana sniffled.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Never say that again though."

"I promise."

"Now what about what I was asking?"

"About Percy…Perseus?"

"Who else? Now, you're just stalling."

"I know. I don't know. You know what he said about Andy and her mother. Hearing that, I was ready to forgive him, or at least try to. But to know that he had a wife? That completely shook me. He still loves her. You can hear it in his voice if you know him. And I knew him. I don't know if there's hope for us and Perseus. I don't think there ever was."

"There would have been hope if you'd just admitted your feelings. But the big bad goddess of the Hunt was afraid of her feelings. You still are afraid. And you were always in the way when I was about to say mine."

"I wasn't about to break his relationship with Annabeth. I'm not one of those women."

"What women? The freedom of choice should have been his. If we got rejected, fine. We may be hurt but at least we would have closure. We would never be in a constant loop of hating, worrying and then hating him."

"We both knew he loved Annabeth. If he returned our affections, that would make him exactly what we say men are, opportunists."

"All fall out of love, Artemis. It is difficult to stay in love. You never understood this. You think of love as a process out of which if one steps out, it is because one is unfaithful. Maybe, most of the time, it is true. But sometimes, they can stop loving the other person, mutually. It happens a lot more than you think. Unless you're too old to find another relationship."

"So, you're saying that I should have used my friendship and should have ensnared him? I am not the type of woman to ensnare another women's lover."

"You seem to think everything in terms of possession. They're individuals. Not possessions. They are tied to their significant ones, true. But it is not possession."

"Fine, not possession then. How could I confront him when he was with her? It would only have resulted in making him uncomfortable with us. He was one of our closest friends outside the hunt. Besides, I won't have been able to be happy if he had chosen us over her and we made her cry. Also, I feared his answer. If he chose her, however happy I may act to be, I would have been heartbroken. Well, in the end, it did happen." Artemis laughed wryly.

"Well, now she is not in the picture now, is she?"

"You're delusional to lust after a monster."

"Is that all he is to you? A monster? A monster would never have acted in the way he did. Spared you your humiliation."

"An honourable man would never have done anything to lead to the situation."

"I think he is honourable when it matters."

"Honourable? Burning cities is honourable?"

"If the Queen of the said city acted in the way he described as Queen Reyna did, then yes, we would burn them to the ground, just as he did."

"That's horrible."

"Horrible? Aren't you the woman who used to turn men into jackalopes for fun?"

"That's different."

"How so?"

"You know what? I am not a saint, which is what you're implying, but I would never have burned cities to the ground just so I could fulfil a damn oath."

"An honourable man keeps his oaths. Or are you going to refute that too?"

"So, for an oath, you would burn everything to the ground?"

"Yes, I would."

"Then, you're crazy. I'm glad I didn't agree to separate. I would never forgive myself for freeing you. You would turn the whole world into ashes."

Diana just smiled.

"You still haven't answered me. I ask you this, what if he has the same nature as the Percy we knew? Would you allow me and you to love him? Would you forgive what happened in New Athens if there is a suitable reason? Would you forgive his actions against you now?"

Artemis thought for a moment. "I don't know. Love is a peculiar thing. I had tried to hate him, but I just can't. It is as if I had once loved him as he was my own, like how I love you."

Artemis drew a breath. "Yes, I guess I could... forgive him and love him if he is the same. If he can prove that he is the same man we loved, in general."

Artemis could practically see Diana smile. "It's the first time I have seen you admit something, especially related to him. You never did have any courage to confront him and admit your love. If you had, things would have been different then and you would have been happier."

"Whatever. I don't think he has a good enough reason for what he did. He is waiting for someone to kill him. He is creating situations for that too. If I remember correctly, after his mother's death, he was never the same. After that he... never trusted anyone. Not even Annabeth. He seemed to seek out death. Why else would he go to Tartarus to fight against the primordial? We were so happy when he was not killed and he ended the war with Tartarus after making him our ally. Just after a few hours, we were heartbroken. What I still didn't understand is why he forced on her? Annabeth, from what I have heard from Aphrodite would have more than welcomed his advance."

"It puzzles me too. You seemed to be finally accepted into the logic, Artemis."


Diana's demeanour quickly changed.

"If Percy is still the same, do try to bring him to love us. We can forgive him for a few mistakes. He had done many things. Don't let him belong to another this time."

Artemis chucked, her mood rising. "You are like an annoying little sister I never had."

Diana made a face. "And you just had to make it gross. You do know that we love the same person, even if technically we're one."

Artemis just smiled. "Don't keep your hopes very high, Diana. We may not get what we wish for."

Diana laughed. "Now, you seem like a mortal, praying to Gods. But I do pray to whoever can help us now. We cannot take another fruitless hope." Diana suddenly looked around. Artemis looked too, confused. They were in a forest-like they always were when they were talking in her mind. It had many similarities to the forest in which she once found him. Or rather Diana did. It was thus Diana's favourite forest.

Diana turned to her, "It seems as if Thalia still hadn't changed from the past, intruding into other's privacy."

Artemis laughed, "Well, she never did. It is a blessing though that Arastos hadn't inherited this particular character of her. He seemed to be like his father."

Diana just waved it off, "Mmm. Bye, Artemis."

Suddenly Artemis was pulled out of her mind by Thalia who was shaking her as if she is on her deathbed.

"Stop shaking me so violently, Thalia."

"Milady, you just zoned out. What was I supposed to do?"

"Sorry, Thalia. My mind was just disturbed. I needed to meditate. Don't call me 'Milady', Thalia. We're both goddesses."

Thalia just sent a smirk at her. "Since it annoys you, why would I change that?" She seemed to think a bit which wasn't going to be good for Artemis. "You said, your mind was disturbed. How so? By the looks of it, you just had a chat with Diana."

Artemis cursed herself for mentioning it. Now, she had a curious Thalia on her tail. And she already had suspicions about her and Percy. She knew clearly that Diana came only when they both are in disagreement.

"I...I don't know, Thalia. She just came." Artemis berated herself for stuttering. Thalia just sends a knowing look and a smirk. Yep, Artemis knew that she had to watch her actions from now on. She would always be watched by her best friend.

"I will find out what you're hiding, Artemis. But you need to get the Lasso of Hestia to the Amazons, milady."

"Okay. I'm going."


Percy remembered her final words to him.

"Forgive me, my love. You will find your equal, my love. I am sorry that I caused you more pain."

Percy took control.


What have I done? I must rectify this.

"What have I done?" He looked at her exposed torso, then looked up and shook his head, his voice changed, "Argh! Get out of my head!" He clutched his head and fell onto the ground, wincing as if in pain. He took off his jacket and threw it towards her, never looking.

What have I done? How can I atone for this?

"Cover yourself Lady Artemis!" He muttered his voice back to his normal cold one. He made motions with his hand and Apollo was freed. He quickly reached her, bleeding and glaring at Perseus.

"Sister?" Apollo croaked. "Are you alright?"

Perseus kneeled before Artemis.

"Kill me, Lady Artemis. I have avoided death till now for I had given my word not to die to Aurelia. Not if I can avoid it. What is a broken word compared to what I have done? Kill me. This is the only thing I can offer." He bowed his head and submitted before her. His eyes were in tears.

Artemis stood up, putting her weight on one side.

"Just go, Perseus Jackson. Just...go." Artemis' eyes teared up in her pain and humiliation.

"Your wish is my command."


Andy woke up with a gasp, tears coming from her eyes. Whether they were for her brother or for her lady for what he had done, she was not sure.

What have you done, brother?

She has just seen what has truly transpired, not the half-truth Lady Artemis knows, from her brother's perspective. She truly felt sorry for him, for he regretted his actions enough to give up his freedom, which he valued the most, to Lady Artemis.

"Your every wish is my command, Lady Artemis. Every wish."

These words were ringing in her ears. She also now knows that her brother must be truly miserable to forget about his bond with her. He truly was an enigma to her. He killed her mother on her request but burned down New Athens upon a slight on his honour. Not that anyone knew what his army was capable of until that day. He dishonoured Lady Artemis, her mother in all but name, but gave up his freedom to her when he regained control.

She needed to see her brother and ask him a few questions.


Themyscira- Home of the Amazons

Artemis teleported into the island kingdom, that day afternoon.

"I need to see the Queen," Artemis commanded the guard.

The guard nodded and led her into the palace of the Queen. Thankfully, there was no altercation this time. Queen Hylla was holding court while Artemis arrived. All the Amazons bowed to her. Surprising, even Hylla, especially after being let know of her dislike for her in their last meeting.

"Lady Artemis!" Hylla greeted her. An olive branch.

"Queen Hylla! I need to speak with you privately regarding some things you said in our previous meeting." Artemis asked politely. Much politely than I would ever greet any mortal.

"As you wish." Hylla got up from her throne. "I will be gone for as long as Lady Artemis wishes of my time. Princess Diana, you're coming with me. My advisors, today's council is dismissed."

Hylla walked out of the throne room and gestured for Artemis to follow her. Soon, they, along with Princess Diana, reached the Queen's quarters. They entered a room and Hylla closed the doors.

"Please take a seat, Lady Artemis." Hylla gestured towards the seat, the seat of honour in the room.

Artemis took the seat and seeing the others waiting for her, gestured to sit down.

"Now, that you're settled, Milady, I would like to apologize for my outburst the other day. I understand now that I was under false premises."

"What changed your mind?"

"I was under the premise that had you fought against that bastard with full heart, without partiality towards him, in New Athens, you could have killed that bastard. I'm now understanding that you must have fought with all that you've, as you did yesterday. You would do only your best for your hunters. That devil's bastard is truly immortal."

Artemis' eye widened. I did not others knew of yesterday's fight.


Hylla replied to her question.

"I have spies everywhere. There is a spy network of humans, called the Dark Dawn on Earth. Information can be brought, for the right price. They control the humans, with authority."

"I didn't know that I was under surveillance by you," Artemis said angrily.

"My Lady, we were not watching you. We were watching the General. For some reason, there is no price for information on him, especially if the information required is to harm him." Diana answered for Hylla.

"The devil's bastard must have hurt someone from the organization!" Hylla replied angrily.

"How much do you know?"

"Everything from the moment Perseus arrived to the moment he left," Hylla answered. With pity, Artemis realised. She must know everything then.

"I don't want your pity, Queen Hylla."

"I will pity any woman who had to go through what you went through. That is not going to change just because you're a goddess. Why didn't you kill him when you had the chance?"

"He was not himself. I could see that. Lycaon corrupted him. He is as much a victim as I am. Justice is what I want, not vengeance."

"Lycaon? How do you know that? He has not been seen for thousands of years."

"There were some things said. Seems like you don't know everything. Suffice to say, Lycaon was controlling his body. He seems to have three consciousness. Well, one is dead by my hand."

"Are you sure that Lycaon in Perseus or whatever is dead?"

"Yes, silver is harmful to werewolves. Even their souls."

"Souls? He had Lycaon's soul?"

"There is a belief that when a werewolf is killed, whoever kills him, gets imparted a part of the werewolf's soul. Which could control the host. The control is somewhat debated. Only a very, very strong mind can resist it."

"So, what happened was because of his lack of strength?"

"Only he knows the truth. But he seems intent on everyone hating him. Even Andy."


Artemis told them what he explained about Andy's mother.

"Why? Why does he want everyone to hate him?"

"I don't know, Diana. He seems hell-bent on someone killing him. Maybe he does want to die."

"It is only right that he is killed. He killed my sister."

"And you killed Diana's mother when she tried to take your throne during the Tartarus War. You don't see her getting ready to kill you."

"But I defended my throne. Hippolyta wanted to use the Amazons as Tartarus' army. Diana doesn't fault me for this. Right?" Hylla turned towards Diana.

Diana shifted a bit. Then she sighed. "I cannot condone your actions as it was against my mother. But I cannot hate you either. Anyone in your stead would have done the same." On seeing Hylla's surprised stare, she continued. "But I do not agree with my mother's actions either. She was wrong to use my sisters as an army for anyone. She was supposed to lead them to greatness but she wanted to use my sisters as slaves to stroke a man's ego."

Hylla replied, "You know that I consider you my daughter, right?" Diana nodded. "Then I think I can live with your hatred for me."

"I don't hate you, My Queen. I suppose it prevents me from calling you 'mother' even though you want me to do it."

"Then, I think it's a compromise." Both women smiled at each other.

Artemis spoke, breaking their moment of acceptance.

"I am proud of you, Diana. Of both of you." At Hylla's surprised stare, Artemis continued. "Yes, both of you. Hylla, you didn't hurt or fault a child for their heritage. That is more than what can be said about the Gods. Especially my father in the past. And the present." Thunder boomed. "Oh! You know it's true, Father."

"You know, you're lucky you're one of his favourite daughters."

Artemis laughed. "He is a softy towards all his daughters. I just hate the fact that his softness is due to Perseus."

On seeing their stare, Artemis continued. "He forced it as one of his terms on Father, to be a better man when he defeated him during his Duel when he attacked Olympus with his army."

"I didn't know that," Hylla said.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about him, Hylla. Nobody knows what he did after he disappeared after his banishment from Olympus till, he resurfaced with an army of monsters, Titans and Primordials to face against Olympus."

"He obviously must have been assembling his army. Power-hungry bastard."

"But he didn't create a throne for himself and rule over all. You know that he could do that and nobody could stop him." Diana responded. "He brought change. Real change. Changes so that we didn't have to face any war from then."

"Wasn't New Athens a war? Oh! I forgot; it was a massacre!"

"Yes, it was. I don't agree with what he did. But Queen Reyna instigated the conflict. She started the skirmishes against the Arcadians, on orders from Lady Athena."

"Athena never ordered her to do that. Athena isn't that stupid to instigate a fight against someone she doesn't know the capabilities of. Perseus, sure. But not with Arcadians. Not with Alex there." Artemis interjected.

"Then who did?"

"Amon's spy. I don't know who that is. I guess Hylla was right. Perseus made a lot of enemies. He executed her on the day he burned New Athens."

"So, someone used Reyna?" Hylla was shocked.


"Why did he burn her then? He knew she was being used."

"I don't know. While my hunters were captured by Thanans, his bodyguards at the time, he mentioned something about Reyna abusing Guests Rites and torturing Alex. You know how he sees Alex. He also said something about 'children for children' before executing the children."

Diana and Hylla's hands shot to their mouths to hide their gasps.

"You don't think Reyna did that, did you Lady Artemis? Kill children? Just as he did?" Hylla asked.

"I don't know, Hylla. I don't know. But she was half-crazy during the time I arrived. She was given something by the spy to make her believe she was Athena, I think. Otherwise, you know that she was a level-headed person. She otherwise wouldn't have antagonized Perseus without reason. Especially after what he did to my father."

Hylla started sobbing. "What did you do, Reyna?"

Diana went to console her queen. Artemis let them have their moment.

After some moments, Artemis requested to see the information about her fight with Perseus. With a little protest from Diana, she was shown the information. She found out how much they know about Perseus, which isn't as much as she knew. And she knows little. She knew Percy better. She saw how he arrived and fought a Maeonian drakon, fought Andy and lost his Duel, fought herself and Apollo and… Wait, the part I dreaded is gone. Then he fought Athena, Annabeth and Mars and won. When he left, the information stopped.

"Where is the…? I thought you knew about that by this information/video, whatever. How did you know otherwise?"

Hylla answered. "We know about that from this information only. Seems like somebody erased it. Probably someone with a heart in the Dark Dawn. But they are usually heartless bastards. Not on the level of Perseus, but still… It requires someone from the top of the Dark Dawn to erase this information. They have a vendetta against him for some reason. Half the nations in the mortal world are at their beck and call. I just don't know why those bastards target him in particular. Especially as they know about the Immortal World."

"They know about our world? How?" Artemis asked in surprise.

"We don't know. Lady Artemis. They know but don't do anything about it." Diana answered. "So, we left the matter alone."

"Not that we could do anything to them without bringing war to our shores," Hylla muttered.

"Milady, I have a request of you." Diana rose and bowed to Artemis. Artemis waved off Diana's form of respect.

"Please, Diana. You're my most devout follower even compared to some of my hunters. You need only ask and if it's something I can give, I will surely give whatever it is within reason."

Diana released her breath, not knowing how her Queen would respond to her request of Lady Artemis.

"I need you to get me a way to contact Lord Perseus."

Artemis was shocked. But not so shocked as Hylla.

"WHAT!? Why do you need to contact that bastard?"

"It's because of the dreams I'm having. They all lead to him. He is the leader of a cult or…something, that I'm now somehow part of. I don't know any others who can help me understand what my dreams mean."


Artemis interjected before Hylla could go on a rant. "What dreams, Diana? I think Morpheus would be a better solution to finding the reason for your dreams."

"I asked Lord Morpheus. He doesn't have the answers. This is beyond the Three Fates. So, he cannot help me. I have tried every avenue I have to resolve this problem."

"She is saying the truth, milady. We have consulted seers, even the Oracle of Delphi. The Oracle simply said that it is related to the Primordial Ananke. She also said that the dreams are the answer to the changes brought and being brought forward in the Universe."

"Why are you so concerned about some dreams? They're just figments of your imagination."

"They are not just figments of my imagination, as you say, Milady," Diana spoke with some bite. This shook Artemis. Diana was always respectful and even today, she was very polite. The dreams must have shaken her very much.

"They are night terrors. I always feel guilty when I woke up."

"Why do you feel guilt, Diana?"

"Because I'm the reason for someone's sufferings." On seeing Artemis' shocked look, Diana tried to smile. "I know I haven't hurt anyone without reason. But in my dreams, I'm the reason he is being tortured. Even though I have never met him in reality."

Hylla spoke. "You never said anything about torture."

"I didn't want to worry you, my Queen."

Artemis tried to stay on track. "Who was tortured? Explain the dreams to me, Diana." On seeing Diana's pained look, Artemis amended. "If that's what you want."

Hylla spoke in agreement. "It may help to talk about it, Diana. You haven't slept well for many decades now."


Diana took a deep breath.

"I forget most of the things I see in the dreams. But the thing I remember well is the guilt. I keep thinking, 'It is my fault he is suffering under my father!'" Diana stopped and explained to the confused pair. "In my dreams, I'm Aurelia, daughter of Amon, the Lord of the Dark Realm. I don't even know what the Dark realm is. Just know that I have lived there since I was born to my mother. In the dreams, I'm also the wife of Lord Perseus and the reason he is being tortured, as far as my mind is aware."


"Aurelia! I have heard the name in the recent past." Artemis thought deeply.

"Perseus, who duped all into isolating you?"

"...Amon. Lord of the Dark realm. Aurelia's father. that's the only reason I didn't kill that bastard."

Artemis who was hearing all this feared the answer to the next question.

"Who is Aurelia? Your friend?"

"She was my wife before my Wolf side killed her. I honour the promise I gave her to this day."

"That bastard cannot be married. How are you his…? He…" Hylla seemed to be at a loss for words.

"Aurelia was Perseus' wife. Or at least he says so. We know so little of him after his victory over Tartarus."

"I know he is my husband in my dreams. And I'm the reason for his capture and torture. So…so much blood. How he was alive after every day's torture is beyond me. Amon made his daughter see it so that she could see her success at capturing him. Also, to remind him of her betrayal."

"Well, you're not guilty of whatever this betrayal is, Diana. He must have forcefully married her or something. You're not guilty of anything, Diana. Except for too much patience." Hylla tried to make a joke out of it but failed on seeing Diana's face. She tried to smile but came up empty.

"I see flashes of their marriage, before his capture. They were in love. And she, I, betrayed him somehow. The specifics escape me."

Artemis tried to calm her. "You're not guilty of anything like your dreams say you are, Diana. You have done nothing wrong. Also, he killed her. Maybe because of this. I don't know. But he confessed this under the compulsion of the Lasso of Hestia."

"He killed her?" Diana was astonished. They were in so much love that she sometimes wished that she was also in love. How can someone betray someone like that and kill the other?

"Yes, Diana," Artemis said. "What was that you said about him being the leader of a cult that you are part of? What gave you the idea that you are somehow part of whatever he is the leader of."

"Each dream ends with the urge to find him. I also hear a voice commanding me to find him as I can manipulate time. Like Lord Kronos. Lord Perseus is the only one who can teach me what is coming, the voice says. Find him, find the leader of the sions- Lord Perseus of Arcadia on the Mortal Realm."

"Manipulate time… Surely, you're joking right, Diana?" On seeing her look, Hylla paled.

"How is that possible? You're not a demigod or a demi titan. Your father was a mortal. Hippolyta was also not immortal. How is this possible?" Hylla began to ramble on and on.

Meanwhile, Artemis was thinking very hard about Diana's dream and her apparent ability to manipulate time. This must be how he retained his ability to manipulate water even after Poseidon disavowed him and made him mortal. Maybe he is also capable of manipulating time.

"I will try to contact him, Diana," Artemis interjected Hylla's ramblings. "I'm not sure of the time frame but I swear on the Styx to make him help you with this, somehow."

Diana bowed. "Thank you, Lady Artemis."

Artemis bid her farewells and left Themyscira, with more questions than when she arrived.

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