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The New House

1 year later…

"Woo-hoo! Come on, you got to try this!" Erik heard Raoul shout.

Antoinette, who was standing next to him, raised an eyebrow at him.

"What is he going on about? She asked, taking a glance at the house before turning her eyes back to him.

Erik sighed, lifting another box and placing it on the dolly. "He has discovered that the floors are freshly wax and is probably sliding on it."

His friend snickered and lifted one of the smaller boxes out of the moving truck. Together they made their way inside.

It has been a little over a year since Erik formed a relationship with Miss Daae and Mr. de Chagny. They had their arguments here and there, what relationship didn't? One of their first was the argument with him about calling them by their first names but he couldn't stop himself from doing it. Eventually they had given up, but Erik calls them by their first name once in a while to please them. There have been others, but for the most part it has been an enjoyable year.

The obvious obstacle has been dealing with Erik living with Mme. Giry and Meg while the couple lived with each other. Sometimes it had complicated things, but they got over each hurdle.

At their first year anniversary, Erik was taken off guard when the younger two asked him to move in with them.

He had immediately thought of Antoinette and Meg and they instantly reassured him that they were talking about them too. Erik hadn't made any promises that night, but he went back and told his friend about the offer.

Antoinette had believed it to be a good idea. She had called her husband to persuade him and he approved a lot quicker than either of them would have guessed.

Apparently, Erik was more likable since he was in a relationship.

Erik didn't mind, Dan had agreed and that was that.

Meg was super excited after Erik and Antoinette had told her that they were moving into a larger house and will be living with Miss Daae and Mr. de Chagny.

It took a couple months to find a house that fit all their needs but they did and they all chipped in to pay for it. It was easy with four decent salaries to get it. The house was theirs.

Today was move-in day. None of them had a lot of things, they gave a lot of it away since there was no need for items that both households had. Most of what was kept was probably the kitchenware and Meg's things, but they got a moving truck anyway. Erik had the largest item, being a grand piano and all. But that was going to be delivered on a later date.

Raoul had taken the keys to the house from Erik when they arrived and had pulled Christine and Meg along to open the door.

That was the moment Raoul had found out about the floors.

Erik had been opening the back of the truck and he heard Raoul's shriek then laughter.

He and Antoinette walked in on the younger three slipping and sliding on the living room floor in their socks. They were all laughing and soon spotted them.

"Hey! You should try this out!" Raoul exclaimed.

The distraction caused him to slip too much and he fell to the floor.

Pushing the dolly further inside, Erik rolled his eyes. "I would rather not."

"Madame Giry. How about you?" Christine asked with a large smile as she pulled Meg across the floor, much to the younger's delight.

"No thank you." Antoinette replied with a grin.

"No fun!" Raoul pouted from his spot on the floor, pointing at them accusingly.

"Why am I with the two of you again?" Erik asked, settling the dolly in a corner of the room and slide the boxes off.

"Because you love us!" Raoul exclaimed cheerfully standing up again.

"Hmm, sometimes I wonder…" Erik drawled out.

He laughed as he made his way out after seeing the fake hurt looks the two gave him.

The other three soon came out and helped move all the boxes inside. It took a while but all of them were glad when it was finished. They unpacked all the boxes that had they everyday necessities and moved the other boxes in the appropriate room. While they worked, they talked.

"We're totally going to be like the Tanner family from Full House." Raoul had stated at one point.

"What gives you that idea?" Antoinette asked.

"Well, we are kind of a weird sort, coming to live together."

"Speak for yourself about being weird." Christine teased and Raoul stuck out his tongue.

"I mean, we're all connected in some way but it's still kind of crazy. It's a good thing. It's nice." He finished.

"Who is who then?" Meg questioned, taking a break from moving.

"I'm glad you asked!" Raoul declared brightly. "Madame Giry is Danny since she's the one with the kid. Christine's Rebecca because she's awesome and so is Christine. I'm Joey because, hey, I'm the funny one. Erik's Jesse because he's the closest to Madame Giry and he's into music. And you're the one of the girls. Who do you want to be?"

"I want to be Stephanie, she's cool in the later seasons!" Meg answered instantly.

"Then Stephanie you shall be!" he replied enthusiastically.

"Isn't Stephanie the one who had the most rebellious stage of the three?" Antoinette whispered to Erik.

"Yes." He replied just as softly.

Their eyes met and they were suddenly not looking forward to Meg's teenage years.

Erik believed that they got a lot done for the day. They got a lot of the kitchen and bathrooms done and the furniture downstairs was for the most part set up.

The evening came and Erik ordered pizza. It was their first night there so they all ate on the floor in the living room. Not using plates, but sitting closely together around the boxes.

None of the beds were set up, resulting in all of them grabbing their sleeping bags and making a tight circle in the living room.

Erik was brushing his teeth with Antoinette and Meg in the kitchen when he heard Raoul.

"Oh my god!" Raoul's horrified voice echoed from the living room. "You brought that stupid dolphin?!"

"Of course!" Christine's voice replied defensively. "What? Did you think I'll forget it?

"I had hoped that would be the case yes." Raoul groaned.

"How dare you! Erik won Finny for me! I'll never part from him!" Christine claimed.

"It has a name?!" Raoul exclaimed in disbelief.

Erik finished rinsing his mouth and headed back to the living room. Raoul was standing over his sleeping bag with his arms crossed over his chest and Christine was clutching a large purple dolphin, the one that Erik had gotten for her at the carnival, to her chest as if Raoul was going to rip it away from her.

Going by Raoul's expression, he just might.

Erik felt the need to calm things down.

"Raoul." Erik sighed, playing on the fact that he used his first name, which always puts the younger in a good mood. "That was my first gift to Miss Daae. As a favor to me, please accept its presence."

Raoul grumbled but relaxed his stance a little. Christine looked triumphant so Erik continued.

"Christine?" Again, using first name usage to his advantage. "Please do not display…Finny in a way that stirs Mr. de Chagny up. I know that you know he does not like it."

"Fine…" she agreed, biting her lip.

Erik mentally sighed in relief. It was not always that easy to calm the two of them when they get into things.

Antoinette and Meg came in and Erik stayed by the light while the rest of them settled down for the night.

Meg had a spot between her mother and Christine. Raoul was lying next to Antoinette while Erik would lie down next to him with Christine on his other side. Christine had put the dolphin named Finny at the corner of the room. She would be able to see it, but luckily, Raoul would not.

Erik watched them as they settled. Antoinette kissed her daughter's forehead and Meg smiled sleepily in reply. Raoul reached his hand over and poked Christine gently in her back. She turned and he offered her his hand. She took it with a smile and Raoul leaned forward until he could press his lips to her fingertips in a sweet kiss.

Erik watched his family and his partners settle in side by side and not once has he felt so content.

He never believed that he would have any relationship at all. Not with his face. Not with his sexuality. Sure he had his hopes that there would be someone, someday, but never dreamed of something like this.

Who would have thought that Meg not wearing the proper shoes to a carnival would have led Erik to this happiness?

He certainly didn't think it.

With a smile, Erik switched the lights off.

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