RWBY: The New King of Darkness

Salem betrayed the Old King long ago for power. But before he was banished from her side, he swore vengeance that someone will take his place and cast her from the world of the living. But to do so, he would need a successor, someone willing to embrace the Darkness and forever forsake the Light. But who would be so willing to embrace the Darkness and for what reason would he do so?

Well...shit, I didn't think this would get so popular?

I just wrote it on a whim, and now you people want a full-length story? Wow, thanks, that really makes me feel like my writings are truly appreciated. I would like to thank FF8Cerberus and Kratos1989 for consulting me on this story. If it weren't for them, I would have never posted this story and hopefully, I can call upon them for more help in the future. Anywho, here is Chapter II of The New King of Darkness.

Warning gets a bit gory…well, that's what you get basing it off some of the bloodiest anime and games in history…enjoy!

Chapter II: The King vs The Fallen

The wind blew small amounts of dust and embers into the air as the Kingdom of Vale was under siege by forces of Darkness and Evil. But at the top of Beacon stood four figures, who faced each other upon the ruined remains of Beacon's Tallest Tower.

Cinder Fall, the usurper of the Fall Maidens power.

Pyrrha Nikos, the former champion now defeated and broken.

Ruby Rose, the innocent huntress that wanted to make the world a better place.

And Jaune Arc, the New King of Darkness who sold his soul to save the life of his partner. His new red eyes glared out at Cinder as the moon behind him was bathed in a blood-red light, casting him in a terrifying visage of darkness.

Cinder looked at the boy as she felt a strange presence from him. The power of the Maiden that she had acquired was acting strangely within her, almost screaming at her to run away from the man before her - that she would not survive unless she had the other Maidens by her side. But why? What was so scary about this boy, that the power of the Fall Maiden even feared him?

She looked up to the Dragon as she could have sworn she saw fear resonating in its six eyes, it's entire being frozen as it was too afraid to attack.

'Who or what is he?'

Ruby, could only look in awe and even fear as dark red aura radiated off the boy she knew. But she barely recognised him, now that his hair was black as night and his skin was paler than her own that made him look terrifying. But the scariest aspect of his transformation was that his once blue eyes - that once radiated with kindness and warmth - were replaced with angry and heartless red eyes.

Nothing like the boy she had come to know.

"...Ruby," his voice was cold and empty as Ruby flinched at the tone as he turned his gaze to her. "Take Pyrrha and get out of here...I will take care of this witch." he turned back to Cinder as he flexed the fingers in his right hand as Pyrrha flinched at this.

"Jaune, no! She's too strong! You have to get out of-!" she froze as he shifted his gaze to her, his red eyes glaring into her soul as she barely recognised the boy she loved within the blood-red of his eyes.

Cinder managed to find her confidence again, as she found the declaration almost amusing.

"Really? And how do you suppose to do that?" she asked as she formed another arrow and aimed it at Pyrrha's chest. "You take one step closer and the young champion will have a hole in her chest," she threatened as the arrow's tip glinted in the moonlight.

Jaune was unaffected as he merely glared at the woman, his eyes bearing an intense hatred and focus on her as Cinder flinched at his gaze and stared into his eyes. Her body refused to move as she gazed into the red eyes that glowed with an almost hypnotic effect.


Before she even realised what happened, he was standing before and faster than she could release the string, his hand grasped her own and the bow as he held the arrow in place. She struggled to release his grip but failed as it felt like her hand was clasped in an iron clamp.

"Ruby...Take Pyrrha and go..." he repeated once again as he turned his head to her and his eyes flashed red. "Now!" he commanded as the small girl flinched and nodded.

"O-Okay" she managed to say as she quickly made her way and helped Pyrrha to her feet.

The older teen leaning on her for support, as she could no longer walk with the glass arrow through her ankle. She tried to argue but one glare from Jaune caused her to be silent. Cinder struggled and tried to remove the boy's hand, but failed as he merely watched as Ruby dragged Pyrrha to the stairwell. He turned his attention to Cinder as he tightened his grip on the woman.

"Now then..." he said as bent her hand back slightly and forced her to her knees. "Let's try this again," he reared back his left arm and prepared to strike the woman.

The Dragon roared and brought its jaws down on the pair to devour them, as a large cloud of dust covered the top of the tower. The stairway shook as Ruby and Pyrrha had to grip the handrail as the building shook.

Jaune and Cinder managed to jump out of the way as Cinder growled and fired several arrows at the boy. But Jaune easily evaded the attacks as shadows swarmed around his hand and the long black pistol appeared in its place. He aimed the gun and fired as the bullet instantly shattered the glass bow in her hands and she shrieked slightly in pain.

She charged two fireballs in her hands as she flung them at the boy. Jaune ducking and dodging as he moved like a shadow across the battlefield, his red eyes glaring back at her as she snarled in anger. He charged at her, as his hand flexed and swung it at the woman - who only just managed to dodge in time. Which was lucky because the wall behind her was completely smashed to pieces.

Time seemed to slow down as Cinder stared at the rubble flying in the air and the boy who destroyed them as he cast his gaze back to her.

She summoned more of her new powers and fired another volley of fireballs from her hands. The fire quickly shooting towards him, as he merely stared at the flames before they slammed into him, shooting off the edge of the tower as the people at the docks wondered what the hell was happening up there.

At first, Cinder thought it was over until the flames slowly parted and Jaune walked out as he stood calmly amongst the blaze. Parts of his own body were on fire but didn't seem to faze him as merely stared at the woman as his dark red aura surrounded his form.

Fear crept its way inside her as those horrible red eyes continued to glare into her soul. She growled as she turned to the Dragon.

"Get him!" she commanded as the Dragon roared and attempted to devour the boy, its jaws slamming down once again as the entire top of the tower was covered in a thick blanket of smoke and dust. Cinder grew confident as she was sure that the Dragon managed to kill him, only to gasp in horror as the smoke slowly disappeared.

What she saw would have haunted her for years as she looked at the sight of her.

There was the dragon, its teeth hanging over the boy as he held back the entire mouth of the giant monster, with just one hand. His left hand grasped firmly on the bone mask of the beast as small cracks began spreading from his grip as he slowly pushed the beast back.

His red eyes flashed as he drew back his right arm and swung his fist up and slammed it into the mouth of the Dragon.

Bone and tooth fragments flew out of its mouth as the creature was thrown back by the force and flew not too far from the tower. It body slamming into the dirt as a large cloud of dust and smoke littered the Academy. Everyone at the docks could only stare in muted silence as they looked up and wondered what the hell was going on up there?

While up above the fist Jaune had used to punch the Dragon was still smoking from the impact as he glared at the spot the dragon just was before he sent it flying. Cinder had an absolute look of fear in her eyes, as the figure before her glared with his horrifying red eyes.

Where? She wondered, where did someone like this come from? And why wait only now to reveal himself? Was he another of Ozpin's secrets or was this something even her own Mistress could not have predicted?

In any case, this boy was dangerous and she needed to escape.

She turned around ready to fly away when he appeared before her. Her gasp of shock echoed through the tower, as she attempted to blast him away, only for him to grab her arm and gripped it tight. Her aura doing little to protect her as she could have sworn to hear the bones in her arm creaking and straining from the grip.

"Tell me..."

A cold dark voice said as she flinched at the tone as she looked up into the blood-red eyes that seemed almost hypnotic. "How does it feel being on the other end of pain? It hurts, doesn't it?" he asked as he tightened his grip on her forearm, the sound of bone creaking echoed as she screamed in pain.

"I'm guessing you're not very used to it, are you? Seeing as you are carrying on like a child, it's quite pathetic actually," he emphasised this as he gave the arm a slight twist as she fell to her knees, tears leaking down her face as she desperately tried to get him to release her, but to no avail.

"If you're expecting any empathy or mercy, you will find no such thing here, not this night, not after everything you did to my my partner..." his grip tightened as he bent the arm back further. "Don't think you'll get of this alive"

His eyes flashed red and bent arm fully back, her forearm breaking and hanging limp as she screamed in pain. She fell to the floor as she cradled her broken and twisted arm until she was kicked in the face and rolled across the floor. A dark red aura surrounded the boy as he seemed to be made of shadows as he glared at the woman.

"Get up! We're not done yet!" he ordered as he glared at the woman on the ground. "The night is still young..." dark shadow-like hands formed around him as blood-red eyes surrounded her.

"...And I've only just begun to discover the true depths of my new power," his eyes glowed red as the shadows began to descend upon her as small tears streaked down her terrified face.

Meanwhile – Beacon Docks

The large Grimm Dragon lay on the ground, large cracks spreading across its bone mask as the creature was for the moment disoriented and out of commission. This had, of course, an effect on the other Grimm in the city as they looked at the fallen Dragon in fear.

The Dragon was the strongest of them all, it was the alpha above all alpha's, save for the rule of their Queen. But the energy they felt before was something far older and far too familiar that they could only look up at the tower and fear what lay at the top.

The students and teachers, on the other hand, we're just trying to understand what in the hell was going on.

One minute they were about to be overrun by Grimm, the next a powerful source of energy erupted out of nowhere as they thought that something worse had just been unleashed on the city. Then a strange being emerged before them and completely decimated the Grimm in his path while making a beeline for the tower. And then the next moment the large Dragon fell off the tower and slammed into the ground.

So, as you can imagine, they had a lot of questions in their minds.

One of the soldiers was aiming his gun, as his hand shook and he aimed it at the Grimm, only to be stopped as Port put his hand on the barrel of the gun.

"I would highly advise you not do that, soldier," he said as he looked around him. "It would appear they are waiting for the outcome of whatever seems to be happening on top of the tower," he said as he had never seen anything like this before in the entire time he was a huntsman.

It was unnerving for the old man.

Oobleck was the same, as he had never witnessed anything like this before. All the reports he had ever read about the Grimm was that would never stop until everything in their paths was destroyed with little trace of life left behind. To see them acting this way was both intriguing, for scientific reasons, but also disconcerting at the same time.

What was it that made them Grimm freeze up like this, and what would happen when it was over? Would they continue attacking them? Or would something else happen?

For the first time in his life, the man was clueless.

While with the student's they were just trying to wrap their heads around what was happening.

"What...what the hell was that?" Sun asked as he and everyone looked at the Dragon as he lay on the ground. "No seriously, what the hell was that!? Who the heck was that guy? And what did he just do that to the Dragon?"

"I... I honestly have no idea?" Ren said as he and Nora were nursing their wounds. "But for the moment, the Grimm are too afraid to move, so there's some good news." He looked at all the Grimm that was now just staring at the tower.

"But what about the others? We haven't heard anything about Jaune and Pyrrha, and Ruby and Weiss haven't come back yet. What does that mean?" Nora asked as she looked around at the many Grimm.

"I don't know, but something tells me, that they're in the middle of all this" Ren said as he narrowed his eyes.

His mind going back to the mysterious figure that had appeared before them amongst a storm of bats. He didn't know why, but he felt familiar energy radiating off the man, but hadn't gotten the chance to see his face before he butchered all the Grimm in his path. But it felt like he knew the person, but he couldn't place his finger on it.

Nora noticed the look on Ren's face as she knew he suspected something. It was a face she had gotten to know after spending most of their lives together. He knew something but didn't know what.

"Guy's!" a voice called out as they all turned to the sound as they watched Ruby, Weiss and a limping Pyrrha as she held on Weiss for support.

"Pyrrha!" Nora quickly yelled as she and Ren ran over to help her, now leaning on them for support. "Are you okay? What happened?" Nora asked as they took her over to the medic stationed near them.

Pyrrha, however, remained silent as she was slowly placed on the floor, the glass arrow clinking on the floor as the doctor went over to inspect it. Ren noticed this as he bent down to her as she seemed to be avoiding everyone's gaze.

"Pyrrha, what happened up at the tower? Who was that person before?" he asked as she noticeably flinched at the name and hung her head lower than before. "Pyrrha?" she refused to look at him as she continued to stare at the floor.

"It was Jaune …"

He snapped his head to the left as he turned to Ruby as she looked towards the tower. "That man…that man was Jaune…he's up there right now, fighting that woman…but…there's something different about him. Something…cold?" Ren's eyes widened slightly as he looked up to the tower.

The memory of the man flashing before him as he managed to place a face on the man as he realised that it was Jaune that he saw. But, what in the name of the Gods had happened to him? What had happened to their beloved leader that his once cheerful and awkward demeanour and become so cold and ruthless that nothing could stand in his way?

"T-That was Jaune?" Neptune asked as Ruby nodded, while Nora shook her head.

"N-No way, that wasn't Jaune, that guy couldn't have been Jaune? He was so cold and dark. That couldn't have been our Jaune…could it?" she looked to the many Grimm that he had slain in his path as their decomposing bodies still lingered in the air. Ruby, Weiss and Pyrrha could only shake their heads as Ren looked up at the tower.

"Jaune…what the hell have you done?"

Beacon Tower

Cinder scrambled and scurried as several arms made of darkness that glowed with a sinister red aura chased after her. The arms destroying bits and pieces of the tower as they clawed at the areas she was previously at, only to grab the concrete and rubble. The sinister black and red aura chasing after the Fallen Maiden like a cat with a toy as a dark humanoid shadow loomed over her.

She tried to fight back as she threw fireball after fireball at the shadows, only doing little damage as two more arms surged from the shadows.

She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her body aching and straining from running around the tower as she also had to cradle her now broken arm. She had tried to escape before, but whenever she got close to the edge of the tower, a wall of darkness would bar her way as horrible red eyes would stare at her from the darkness.

She tried again to make a break for it, only for Jaune to emerge from the darkness as his blade flashed in the moonlight sky. The blade - now twisted into a nightmarish and black version of itself - swung through the air and aimed at her head. She managed dodged at the last second as a large section of her hair scattered in the wind, reducing her long hair to shoulder length.

A second arm emerged from the shadows as the long black gun took form in his hand, aimed it at the woman and shot at her legs. The bullets bathed in the dark and red aura easily penetrated her aura and reduced the flesh to chunks of meat and blood.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed as she fell face-first to the floor.

Her left leg now missing from the knee down as large amounts of blood sputtered and spread across the floor. She cried out in agony as she looked at the stump that was once her leg, and to the darkness that slowly took human shape, as the same boy that was considered weak mere hours ago was now playing with her like a large predator with its prey.

She tried to crawl away, but with her broken arm and her now missing leg escape was impossible. She was going to die to this monster that stood before her.

This was not the usual behaviour of Jaune Arc, this was something else. Ever since he drank the former Kings blood he had changed, becoming twisted, dangerous and bloodthirsty. His senses were heightened, his reaction time and strength increased to new heights and any empathy he would have felt towards the woman before him, was slowly slipping away into what he could only describe as a pit of vile and hatred.

And he liked it…he liked it…and he wanted more.

All the negative emotions, all the terror and the sight of her crimson red blood was almost intoxicating to him. The fear that radiated off her frightened and fragile form smelt and felt almost like ecstasy to him and he couldn't get enough. His mouth salivated, his mind was solely focused on the broken woman before him, and the rich crimson blood that was slowly leaking from her wounds.

The blood calling out to him as his canines grew in length and he made his way towards her. Her body flinching in fear as he drew closer to her and closer to her…

Ready to grab a bite

Suddenly the tower shook as they turned just in time to see the Dragon, its bone mask cracking and splintering, as it clawed its way up the building and towered over the pair. Its massive jaws glistening with razor-sharp teeth and plunged towards the pair. The top of the tower exploded in dust and rubble as the force was enough to finally crumble the last foundations of the tower and send it plummeting to the ground.

A large wave of dust and smoke blanketed the school as both human and Grimm shielded their eyes and covered their mouths to keep them from inhaling the smoke. Nobody moved as the smoke blanketed and shrouded their view of the battle.

Suddenly the dust was blown away as the Dragon stood on its hind legs as it used its massive wings to blow away the dust with a single beat.

The dust revealed the man from before, now known to them as Jaune, as he stood before the large beast. While a strange woman was pinned under a large piece of rubble with her leg still bleeding and her arm bent and broken. But before anyone could say or do anything, the Dragon roared as its voice echoed out onto the city.

Jaune held out his hand as the nightmare version of Crocea quickly formed in his hands. The blade itself seemed longer and larger than before with the steel now black as night with the crossguard a dark gold than before with the handle red and dark like crimson blood.

It almost looked like a Bastard Sword.

The Dragon roared as it descended upon the boy, who merely transformed into a swarm of dark red bats as the massive beast's teeth crushed and shattered concrete. A swarm of bats reappeared atop of the Dragon as Jaune reformed and fell to the beast, the blade instantly carving a large gash into the monster's face, as it screamed in pain.

It swung around to try and devour the boy but missed as he once again dissipated into bats and reformed on the dragon's back. The blade whistling in the air he carved one of its wings off its back and the dragon roared in pain. The wing slowly dissipating as dark black smoke spewed from the stub that was once its wing.

The Dragon shook off the boy as he skidded across the ground, his fingers digging into the concrete as he glared up at the six eyes of the beast with a dark grin on his face.

The sword disappeared as he held out his hand almost instinctively as a long whip of red and darkness starched out from his palm. The muscles in his legs bulged as he charged at the beast. The red whip sailing through the air and cracked against the beast - leaving a huge gash X shaped scar on its face. The Dragon only roared in anger as the new King of Darkness glared back and attacked with unbridled ferocity, slowly losing himself to the power he gained.

"Oi, oi, oi, is that really Jaune?" Sun asked as he and everyone else watched the fight. "When did Arc get so strong? He wasn't like this in the tournament,"

"I don't think anyone has seen him like this, especially now. But why is his hair all black? Wasn't it blond an hour ago?" Coco asked as they had no idea what to make of it.

"Something must have happened to him, but what?" Ren asked as no one knew the answer. Not even the one who saw him last, as Pyrrha was too engrossed in the battle to question what had happened to her partner.

What did he do to gain that type of power? What had he done to gain the power to completely overwhelm the woman who decimated her minutes ago? What had he done to ensure that he would have the power to destroy anyone in his path and with who? And worst of all…

Did he do it to save her?

The sound of a shuttle landing behind them drew their attention, aside from the Grimm, as the three other teachers quickly exited the aircraft. "Port, Oobleck, what's going on here?" Glynda asked as the portly man pointed to the battle.

"The surge of energy we felt before came from that young man over there, the one currently fighting the dragon. Some of the students have claimed that man to be the leader of Team JNPR: Jaune Arc." Her eyes widened as she looked at the man and Jaune.

"That-That energy spike came from Jaune Arc!? Impossible! How could he have acquired that kind of power in a short amount of time!?" the portly man shrugged his shoulders as he turned back to the boy.

"I don't know, but that's not the only thing strange that's happened…" she raised an eyebrow at him. "Not only has his aura changed, but his fighting style, as well as his persona, seemed to have also undergone some sort of drastic change. He is attacking more furiously, more aggressively. If I didn't know any better…" he narrowed his eyes as the whip cracked against the monster's face and it roared in pain.

"I'd say he was fighting like a Grimm?"

Ironwood, Qrow and Glynda had raised eyebrows as they looked back to the boy as he aggressively attacked the large Dragon. Shifting between a swarm of bats, the long whip and the other two weapons he possessed in his being. He was ferocious, he was cruel and he was showing no mercy to his enemy. Something that seemed to almost chill them to the core.

Qrow looked to his left as he noticed a strange woman slowly rising from the rubble as he narrowed his gaze at her. "That woman?" a loud roar turned his attention back to the fight as he and everyone's eyes widened.

Jaune roared as he slammed his fist into its eyes causing the creature to scream bloody murder. He then pulled with all his might and ripped the eye from its socket, a large plume of black smoke exiting from its wound as it mourned the loss of one of its six eyes momentarily.

The Grimm Dragon roared as it tried one last time to devour the boy, as it managed to get the boy inside its mouth finally. But then felt true and utter fear, as the boy held its mouth open with brute strength.

Red eyes flashed as the boy jumped out of its mouth and large shadows spilt out from the boys back and slowly took shape. The shadows wrapping and encircling the beast as the Dragon roared and thrashed across the ground. The Shadow's binding and subduing the massive beast as red eyes slowly emerged from the darkness. A savage grin appeared on his face before he jerked his arm and the shadows twisted.

A huge snap echoed out as the Dragons head spun around at a 180-degree then fell silent. Its eyes flickered and faded until its body slacked and fell to the courtyard floor.

The Dragon was Dead.

No one moved, no one breathed, no one even made a sound as everyone from man to Grimm just stared at the dead Dragon. Its body already beginning to decay as black smoke slowly rose into the air. And standing before the beast was Jaune, his black hair gently swaying around him like a scarf in the wind as his face showed no emotion, other than the heartless look that took residence in his red eyes.

He slowly shifted his gaze to the assembled masses as his red eyes flashed and a bolt of fear surged down their spines.

The Grimm instantly backed up and ran, running away from the man before them as the truth was evident to them. He was the new alpha; his word was law and any who opposed him would suffer. The Grimm quickly left the city, as the skies that were once shrouded by Grimm slowly parted and the sky was free. But for the humans and Faunus, all they could do was stare in complete awe.

To those who knew him, this was not the Jaune that they knew.

This was someone else wearing his face. This was someone who by all accounts was dangerous.

And that terrified them.

But before anyone could say anything, Cinder managed to propel herself towards the boy from behind and swung her blade at his neck. The glass blade slicing through flesh and nerve and bone as Jaune's head flew off his body. A spray of blood flying in the air as Cinder landed a few feet away from him.

Eyes widened, mouths gaped open and people shrieked as Jaune's head was removed, all while Cinder smirked in confidence that she had taken the boy by surprise and quickly finished him off…

Only for her confidence to turn to dread as a dark trail of black and red aura surged from the severed neck and quickly grabbed hold of his severed head.

The aura of darkness surged and twisted from the stump until the head flew back and fused onto his body. The sound of bone mending and fusing echoed out as the cut instantly disappeared and his eyes were focused solely on the woman who tried to behead him…

It was at that moment that Cinder knew she fucked up. She had just pissed off someone who easily killed the Dragon and left her in a broken state. And she just tried to kill him.

Not her best plan.

Jaune ran towards her as the muscles in his right arm bulged and grew as Cinder - out of instinct - formed another blade of glass and pointed it at him. He mimicked with his hand in a spear-like fashion and thrust it towards her. Glass met solid flesh as a large shockwave blasted from contact. The tip of the glass blade clashing with the tips of his fingers as both combatants pushed against each other with all their power…

Until the tip of the blade cracked and the rest soon followed.

The improve spear continuing forward as the blade and the arm holding it was reduced to nothing but shards and chunks of flesh. Cinder screamed outright murder as she fell back to the ground, holding up the stump of her arm as blood sputtered and gushed from the wound. She looked up with fearful eyes as cold red eyes stared back.

"N-now wait a minute!" she tried to crawl back, but with a broken arm, a missing arm and a stump of a leg that remained, she got little far as the boy merely paced his way toward her. "Y-you don't have to kill me!" she said as Jaune merely stared at her.

"I-I can tell you everything you want to know? Everything about the White Fang and Salem! I can tell you everything! Just spare me!" she begged as Qrow and Glynda flinched at the name.

'Salem? Did she just say Salem?' he thought as he finally recognised her as the woman that attacked Amber months ago. He had only caught a glimpse of her then, but now he was certain it was her.

"Kid! Hold up!" he yelled as the boy seemed to ignore them and reached for her neck. His hand grasping around her throat as he lifted her up, while her body dangled like a puppet with no strings.

But while Cinder begged for her life, thinking that mentioning Salem would get her out alive, she never noticed the intense gaze Jaune had on her neck. The sound of her blood pulsing through her body was almost hypnotic and alluring as for a moment he could see the blood vessel on her neck and the delicious blood inside.

Without even thinking, guided by only instinct alone opened his mouth, revealed his elongated fangs…

And plunged them into her neck...


Cinder's screams echoed out as she desperately struggled and squirmed to free herself from his grasp. But no matter what she did, his fangs were locked on her neck and would not come loose anytime soon. She felt her blood slowly leave as she realised what he was doing to her…

He was drinking her blood, devouring her. He was going to devour her blood and leave nothing but a lifeless husk.

Everyone at the docks reacted the same as some screamed in terror while those with braver stomachs had instantly grabbed their weapons, preparing themselves for whatever this creature was as he continued to bite down on the woman. The teachers were too struck with fear to move as they watched the boy slowly devour her.

Jaune's friends and teammates could only stare in absolute horror as they watched their friend devour the woman.

Ren tried his best to cover Nora's eyes but failed as she had already seen too much and she could stare in muted silence.

Weiss, Blake and Ruby had looks of pure horror on their faces as they could only stare at the large fangs plunged into her neck. The colour of her skin growing paler and paler, as she was drained of the very essence of her life. Soon she would be nothing but a shrivelled-up corpse.

Pyrrha didn't know how to react as she watched the woman slowly wither away. A thousand emotions were surging around her chest. Anger, Satisfaction, Fear, Worry and finally Guilt.

Anger at her inability to stop the woman and for allowing her to gain the power of the Maiden.

Satisfaction, because she was now paying for her misdeeds by suffering a horrible and painful death, thinking about it just made her sick for finding satisfaction in this.

Fear, because she had no idea how this would play out and what would happen to her partner.

Worry, for the boy who had to have made some sort of deal with the Devil to gain this power…

And finally, Guilt because she was more than likely the cause that pushed him to do something terrible to save her life because she couldn't run away when he begged her.

Cinder had tears flowing down her face as she slowly felt her life draining from her body. In any other circumstance, she would be spending her last moments thinking about Emerald to transfer the power of the Fall Maiden, so that her mission would not be a failure.

But right now, she couldn't even concentrate on Emerald and she couldn't even think about transferring the power to her. She was afraid, terrified and scared of what would happen to her, as she feared what awaited her on the other side. None of that mattered as all she could do was pray to whatever God would listen and spare her this agonising death and save her from this pain…

Not that any God would ever spare her from what was no doubt her just reward.

Death was waiting for her, and she was not kind.

Jaune finally stopped as her blood ran dry and all that was left was a lifeless husk, drained of all the blood in her body. She now resembled that of a mummified corpse as her eyes had drained away, her flesh rapidly disinterested and her skin became wrinkled and cracked.

He dropped her body ceremoniously to the floor as small bits of her skin and flesh cracked away into the wind. His mouth covered in blood as the red liquid dripped down his chin and over his exposed chest as he relished in the taste of blood.

His appetite momentarily quenched as he looked at the dried-up corpse and smirked evilly at the once-proud woman now dead at his feet.

Suddenly a bullet shot through his head as the right side of his face exploded into gore and blood. But the blood and gore seemed to stop in mid-air and quickly turned into the black and red aura.

He slowly turned his head around as he spied a terrified Atlas Soldier, his gun still smoking after shooting the boy, as the look on his face was that of absolute terror. Anger quickly washed over his body as his red eye glared while he turned to the rest of the remaining Atlas soldiers that now aimed at the boy.

"KILL IT! KILL THE MONSTER!" the rookie soldier said as he and all his comrades aimed at the creature.

"No! Wait!" Ironwood tried to command too late as all the soldiers fired at the boy.

Multiple bullets and dust rounds impacted on the boy as his body was exploding from the multiple rounds blasting into his chest. His skin shredded and torn, as large amounts of blood splattered and every bone shattered as every single bullet from the Atlas military was trained on him and shredded to pieces. More parts of his face exploded as the lower half of his jaw shattered and he had an absolute look of rage in his eyes.

The soldiers, however, kept firing as his friends and onlookers could only watching in horror as the boy was shredded to pieces.

"Stop! I order you to stop! Cease Fire! Cease Fire!" he commanded to deaf ears as fear had fully consumed them and they mindlessly unloaded everything they had into the boy. Until finally, every gun stopped as the last of the bullet casings hit the floor.

No one moved as the large cloud of dust and smoke lingered around the boy.

At first, the soldiers felt confident that they managed to kill the monster. But that soon turned to horror as the smoke parted to reveal a writhing and twisted shape as the body of Jaune Arc was shredded and torn, being held together by the strange aura of red and dark.

Then, like something out of a Dust-Horror recording, the body began to sow back together. The aura of darkness melding and fusing the broken body back together as soon Jaune stood fully regenerated.

His shirt was fully ripped to shreds as all that he had on him was his jeans that somehow managed to remain intact from the knee down. But now he was barefooted and shirtless as the last segments of his armour fell to the floor with an audible clang.

An almost animalistic growl resonated in his throat as sharp white fangs shimmered in his mouth and he glared at the terrified soldiers.

Before any of them had the chance to reload, Jaune roared an unholy roar as he charged at the troops. The first one who shot him was cut in two as both halves of his body flew in the air. His face full of pain and horror as his comrades and bystanders screamed in horror. His gaze shifted as he charged again at another pair of soldiers as his hands flexed into a claw-like fashion and he ripped them in half.

Some of them scampered to reload their weapons, only to be cut down by Jaune as he sped between each soldier and carved them up like they were turkeys. Pure anger and rage emanating from his eyes as he continued to slaughter the frightened troops, all while a tiny voice in his head told him to kill them.

His friends now had repulsed and terrified looks on their faces as many of the bystanders screamed and ran in fear.

His blood-red eyes sending fear down their spines as The New King of Darkness made himself known to the world.

Qrow cursed as he quickly ran and swung his sword at the boy, who managed to block the blade with his own that manifested in his hands.

"Knock it off kid! You're scaring people!" he said as he and the boy clashed together, steel to steel. Jaune only glared back as his red eyes glared into Qrow's one. But while Qrow's were full of mischief and confidence. Jaune's showed nothing but rage and blood thrust.

And honestly, it scared the veteran Huntsman.

Jaune managed to force the man to his knees as the ground beneath their feet cracked from the pressure.

Ironwood took the chance to charge at the boy as he managed to knock the boy away but was shocked when he grabbed his prosthetic limb and crushed it in his hand as the man almost screamed in pain at the harsh metal and wires being pulled from him. But a large explosion knocked him back and sent him tumbling across the courtyard, before stopping and landing on all fours like an animal.

Port and Oobleck fired at the boy as large explosions impacted against his body, but did little to damage him. But before he could charge again, his body was shrouded in a purple aura as he suddenly felt his body force itself to the ground.

His gaze shifted as he spotted Glynda as she used her telekinesis semblance to hold him down.

"Mister Arc! Please stop! The enemy is dead! Stand down!" she called out as the only growled and struggled against her semblance.

"It's no use," Qrow said as he stood back up. "The Kid is fully gone now, whatever's happened to him, he's lost control of it. And that's putting everyone in danger," Jaune growled as his eyes flashed red and he slowly began to stand up.

Glynda grunted as she tried to hold the boy down by applying more of her aura to her semblance, but a sudden pulse of pure dark energy surged out from his body as it slammed into her and the teachers. Sending them flying back as they all tumbled onto the ground.

Jaune now stood in a crater from the headmistress's semblance as red eyes glanced over at the disoriented group.

Jaune growled as the sword reformed in his hand and he walked over to Qrow, his blade scratching the ground as he was full bent on killing anyone in his path. His mind no longer his own as the power was fully consuming his senses, blinding him from the action he had committed and the one he was about to commit.

No one could move, no one could blink and no one could stop him as he now stood over Qrow's form. The dark blade hanging over the man's head as Ruby had small tears gathering in her eyes.


The blade raised higher over his head.


The blade flashed in the night as the black blade resonated with malice and evil.

"Stop it…"

Qrow grunted in pain as he tried to reach for his weapon, only for the boy to place his foot on his wrist.


His face covered in shadows as everyone could have sworn they saw a thousand red eyes glaring all over his body, as the blade was ready to strike.

"JAUNE!" a large flash of light shone as streams of silver energy poured from her eyes. The courtyard bathed in bright light as Jaune turned and screamed as the energy slammed into him. The large wave of energy blinded everyone as they all recoiled at the light.

Jaune, however, felt something strange happening to him as the fog over his mind was clearing and his sense was slowly returning to him. The large flash of light grew brighter and brighter as Jaune was consumed in the light. Then a large cloud of dust blanketed the courtyard as everyone fell to the floor.

When the light finally died down, everything was silent and everyone was still. Ruby falling back to the ground as the light left her eyes and she fell to the floor.

"Ruby!" Weiss and the other yelled, as Weiss quickly ran over to her partner. "Ruby! Wake up! Ruby!" she said as she tried to shake the girl awake.

Meanwhile, Jaune groaned as he slowly got up off the ground and placed a hand on his head as his ears rung like someone had applied a jackhammer to his skull. His vision slowly returned to him, as blurs became shapes and shapes became people as the dust slowly settled.

"Ow my head…what was…" he stopped as he looked around at all the carnage he unleashed.

Multiple soldiers lying dead around him, the teachers nursing their wounds as they slowly got up off the ground and stared in fear at the boy. The remaining soldiers that were left had absolute terror in their eyes as they backed away from him, pure fear and terror emanating in their eyes.

Looking around he noticed the same looks of fear in every one of their eyes.

Even his friends were looking at him in fear as they seemed to step back from him. At first, he couldn't understand why, until he felt something wet roll off his chin and hit the floor.

Looking down he noticed that it was a small drop of blood. But from what he could tell, he wasn't injured. But then he noticed his hands as they too were covered in blood and it was far too much for him to have lost. It was then that he remembered everything.

The plea, the stranger, the deal and the sensation of unbelievable power coursing through his veins and the absolute thrill he felt when he fought against the woman. Right up to when he plunged his teeth into her neck and drained her of all her blood.

His fingers brushed against his lips as he realised that was where the blood came from. He killed her. She was dead because of him. He then looked back up as he saw the looks of fear and panic in his friend's eyes.

Weiss, holding onto Ruby's unconscious body protectively as if he was going to hurt her.

Blake doing the same with Yang as she held her close.

The other students backing away and shaking in fear of him. And even his own teammates seemed to look at him in fear as Ren held Nora back while Nora seemed to be trying her hardest to hide from him.

His final gaze fell to Pyrrha as she had tears streaking down her face as she either cried in fear of him or cried for him. He looked down at his blood-covered hand as he remembered the words the former King had told him.

"They will not accept you… not after you've become…they will try to kill you…"

He gripped his fist as dark shadows slowly swirled around his form as his body began to break away into small bats. The eyes of his friends and everyone widened as they feared the worst. But were then shocked as he looked back up at them and said in a voice that could have almost been a whisper, yet so loud amongst the silence.

Their eyes widened as he smiled softly at the group.

"…I'm sorry…" a streak of blood left his right eye and fell down his cheek as his body soon broke apart into a swarm of bats.

"Jaune! Wait!" Pyrrha tried to call out to him, only too late as the bats scattered and flew away from her.

The entire courtyard was silent as everyone just stared at the spot the boy was. A thousand different emotions swirling in their chests as they tried to make sense of this. What would this mean for them? What would this mean for the rest of the world? Would he come back?

What would happen? But for those who were close to him, realising that their fear of him had driven him away, they wondered if their Jaune was truly gone…

And was it too late?

And Scene. Well here is Chapter II of The New King of Darkness. Sorry for the late chapter, I just moved and had to reset my computer because it was taking up too much space. Not only that I need to find a job as soon as I can, but I also need to be able to buy food.

But now, before people whine about how OP I've made Jaune. I just want to say that Jaune is nowhere near his true power. Since I'm drawing inspiration from Castlevania and Hellsing, he still has a lot more to learn about what it means to be a 'Vampire' like creature. Which is what I will be doing in the next chapter. Here is a list of powers I plan to give him.

Void Powers - (Freezing)
Chaos Powers - (Burning)
Aura Shielding - (Due to him being born as a human and gaining the King's powers)
Dark Aura Manipulation - (That's what his aura is now as he is the only Creature of Darkness to possess a soul, it's like anti-aura which is why it worked so well against Cinder)
Shadow Manipulation - (Merging with or control Shadows)
Blood Manipulation - (Only after its left a living body)
Grimm absorption - (He gains the features of the Grimm he kills)
Grimm Control - (After he kills Salem obviously)
Familiar Summoning - (He Summons Creatures from his body to fight for him)
Shapeshifting - (In Hellsing Alucard is not limited to what form he can take)
Turning - (Making others into lesser beings like himself)
and Traditional Vampire Powers

But he won't have these powers right away, he needs time to adjust and learn to control these new powers. The only reason he won against Cinder was that she is still new to her powers and thus as Salem said, is vulnerable. And I made Cinder suffer was because I'm still pissed about what she did in Volume 3.

That still hurts.

Jaune will feel Guilt for what he did to the soldiers by making it that the bloodlust was just Jaune's body trying to cope with the power. He will retain his intelligence, and he will feel guilt for what he did, but we need to remember that in the show Jaune still hasn't killed anyone yet. This will be his first kill.

He knew what he had to do, but even then, the act of taking a life is still a hard thing to overcome. So, him killing a bunch of soldiers as well will shake him a bit, but as time will pass he will begin to slowly lose his remaining humanity and fulfil his end of the bargain and kill Salem.

Unless Pyrrha and the others manage to convince him it's not too late. Find out next time in…

Chapter III: What am I?