Hello everyone, it's Fool Arcana Kaiju, and I'm back, and I'm trying something new here for a SYOC. This stuff has been done before, but I need to kind of separate myself from my two other other stories, but I do not know about this one, as this is some kind of thing to help me keep my mind full through the summer, but anyway, I'm trying my luck at a rather hard story. This is like a Power Ranger/Godzilla story, you'll see quite a few references to Godzilla, also adding in the twist of other giant monsters movies, kind of like Honorable mentions. The form and the rules of the story will be at the bottom, I'm also trying to stray away from people who has done this kind of thing before, so wish me luck and let's get this show on the road!

Also, shoutout to my Beta Reader, Sans for being so helpful and helping me set up the story and put it together.

Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers or Godzilla, they belong to their respected owners. Certain storylines, plot, and characters belong to me.


Destruction. That would be the best to word to describe how things were back then. This was thought to be the end of humanity, but somehow, humanity had a second chance. During the time of the Final Wars. The Final Wars were when an alien invasion happened. This invasion was the worst thing to happen to the world in history. In addition to that, several kaiju were unleashed onto or awoken onto the earth. Controlled by the aliens, the kaiju attacked the planet with no remorse. They ravaged the cities they were in and eliminating buildings and ending countless lives by the hundreds. The Earth's last hope resided in the Earth Defense Force. With the revival of the Gotengo ship, they had one final hope in the world, to awaken him. Earth's last defense and their final 'weapon' in hopes of stopping the alien invasion and the kaiju from destroying their beloved home, was to awaken Godzilla.

With the awakening of the Kaiju King, Godzilla went through and attacked everything in his path. His anger was aimed at the Gotengo, but they lead Godzilla through major cities, destroying the kaiju that were controlled by the aliens. Leaving very few kaiju alive. The final battle took place in a ruined Tokyo. Godzilla was facing his long-time rival for generations; Ghidorah, who had undergone a transformation, transforming him into the devastating monster X. Monster X was so being aided by Gigan, prompting the awakening of Mothra. Mothra took care of Gigan and even destroyed the alien mothership, while Godzilla fought off Monster X. Godzilla had the upper hand until Ghidorah, free of the aliens control, awoken into his true form; Keizer Ghidorah.

Godzilla and Mothra were easily defeated by this new form of Ghidorah, he mortally wounded the giant moth, and was toying around with Godzilla before delivering the killing blow. The Gotengo however used the last bit of it's energy and gave it to Godzilla, allowing the Kaiju king to regain his energy and strength back. Godzilla fought with all his might, was successful in throwing Ghidorah in the sky, out of the earth's atmosphere and into space. Thus destroying him. Godzilla headed back to the ocean, however the kings rampage did not stop until a few years later, when Godzilla fought against the EDF anti-Kaiju weapon: Kiryu, a weapon based off the original bones of the first Godzilla. With the help of two newly born Mothra Larvae, they were capable of pushing back the King of monsters, however, that came with a price. Kiryu regain his memories of him being the first Godzilla, and once the mothra Larvae had Godzilla wrapped in silk, Kiryu carried Godzilla, and plummeted, both himself and Godzilla into the ocean.

Due to this, the peace that the world wanted was finally happening, major kaijus returned to Monster Island, seeing no need to renew violence. Minor kaiju that still decided to cause violence were quickly destroyed by the EDF, some of them were captured, and this seemed to be the end of the kaiju attacks. Peace was ensured throughout the planet Earth.

~Present Time~

King Ghidorah, the alien tyrant kaiju, a destroyer of worlds. How did this all happen to him? He felt strange. He was trying to remember what had happened, and how long has he been out. Then it hit him. "I was gonna finished off that pest of a lizard, Godzilla, but then he somehow overpowered me?!" He thought, thinking about to the events that happened growling to himself. He get rather angry at the thought of how he was defeated by that lizard. Ghidorah slowly calmed down, realizing that he was feeling different than how he normally felt.

He opened his eyes and his eyes widened as he realized he was inside of something. Some kind of tube, but not only that his body felt different. He couldn't tell what had happen to him for he was caught in suspended animation. He tried peeking outside of the tube but he couldn't. The best he could do was notice two kinds of blurs in front of him. He could hear them talking about something or someone.

"How is his status doing, Lyon?" A feminine voice asked as she stared at the tube King Ghidorah was in. "Our leader wants to know, we need to question him." she said.

Ghidorah heard a male voice answer. "We still have a few more tests to run, ma'am. The emperor will have to be patient. We need more time to figure him out. After what happened last time, Ms. Datra." Lyon said back in a slightly annoyed tone staring at her.

She glared at him. "You had plenty of time to do research and experiment on him. We had him for several years. You remember what he looked when we found him?" Datra asked the male scientist glaring at him, "The Emperor gave him to you to experiment on and you estimated that around this time his body would be in perfect condition. The emperor wants him." She argued..

"These two, who are they? And what does this 'emperor' want with me?" Ghidorah wondered silently but anger overtook his curiosity, "Wait, she said several years... How long have they had me?! What did they do?!" He asked himself as electricity coursing through his body causing the tube to flash, and slowly begin to crack. Some of the scientist rushed to the tube to see what was going on.

"Sir, ma'am!" one of the scientists said turning to the two who were still arguing, "his energy levels have spiked, what do we do?!" he asked.

"We have to contain him, befor-" Lyon said as he was walking to the tube, before he was quickly cut off by Datra.

"Don't do anything." She said, receiving a glare from Lyon and the other scientists, and Lyon was going to approach her, but the tube cracked more as electricity flew out hitting various computers shorting them out as sparks few. The scientist ran, running to check on the computers while Datra and Lyon watched the tube, until finally, the whole tube was blast open, glass flying all-over the place as Ghidorah step out of the tube.

Ghidorah finally got a better at himself, his body, it had changed drastically. He wasn't his regular size. He was the size of them, he look more humanoid. His body had a more exoskeleton-liked look, the white exoskeleton look like armor, cover the top part of his body, parts of his arms and legs and his back as well, the back portion had long jagged spikes pointing out. His body still retained its gold-scaled look and it covered most of his body that the exoskeleton didn't. He didn't have his two other heads, remembering that the blasted lizard destroyed the other two. On his arms were two skull like dragon heads resembling that of his two lost heads. He had a long sleek black tail.

He stared ahead of him, walking forward looking at his face. Parts of his face were gone, his lower left jaw line, the upper right part of his face was showing a more skeletal look. His neck was much shorter, the rest of his face retained the golden scales, and he had two twin spikes sticking out. He looked at his claws and touched his face, his red eyes glowing with anger.

"What did you do to me!?" Ghidorah roared turning around facing Datra and Lyon, glaring at them with fury in his eyes. Neither of them answer, Lyon was shocked, but Datra on the other hand was smirking.

"Lyon, go tend to the machines. I'll handle our guest." Datra said, Lyon huffed muttering something before turning around and walking away from her.

Ghidorah getting a look at Datra. She had a rather long slender frame, she was a humanoid alien that seemed to be a cross between a snake and a lizard. She was purple in color, her body covered in scales, and she had darker patches here and there on her body, her hair was pink shoulder-length that resembles a bit like medusa. She had snake-like golden eyes that were piercing. She was wearing light armor that was royal purple with dark royal purple accents. On her side, she had a sheath that was royal purple that held a rapier.

"Answer me!" Ghidorah demanded and glared at her and he prepared to attack. Datra smirked, testing the king's patience. He had enough and Ghidorah charged at Datra. She smirked and reached down next to her for some kind of remote and she pressed the button, holding it down. Ghidorah froze in place, shaking tremendously, dropping to his knees gripping his chest.

"You honestly thought you could do that? How pitiful." She said staring down at him. "Now to answer your previous question, it is simple, we brought you back from that horrendous state you were in!" She exclaimed. "Now, I'll going to remove my finger from this button, and you won't move until I say you can. If you do, I'll put you in a worse state than that pitiful lizard ever did to you, understand?" She asked smirking. Ghidorah glared at her and nodded.

Datra released the button causing him to have free rein of his body. He stood up and Datra walked past him, "Come, the emperor has been waiting for you." She gestured for him to follow her out of the lab. Ghidorah reluctantly followed her. Exiting the lab they walked down an onyx steel-walled corridor, multiple candles hanged onto the each side of the wall to provide enough light for them to see where they were going.

"When we found you, you were in horrible shape. Your body was tattered and torn, multiple holes, missing heads, you were essentially dead, but for some unexplainable reason, you were still alive. Barely." She explained to him. "Of course as you can see, we couldn't bring you back to your former glory, but Lyon did the best he could." She continued to explain as they stoped at the steel door that was at the end of the hallway.

"What's behind this door?" Ghidorah asked and Datra opened it. The first thing Ghidorah noticed was that he heard multiple creatures, roaring, snaring, growling, groaning, the second thing was they were behind metal doors. Ghidorah looked at Datra and she smirked.

"This is our experiments room. The spoils of war doesn't have to be treasure or territory. Sometimes, they are the very people you captured." She smirked, and began to walk through the room, Ghidorah was getting a good look at what was around him, "you're lucky. You would have ended up like them if you weren't so… unique." she said. "Basically, they are sorted out through how strong they are and if they prove to be of any use, they get turn into unique monsters we mixed assortment of powers and DNA. We have a few hundreds in here." she said, "Others who are lesser, but have proved to be of some use, get turned into elites. They are weaker than the monsters, but they have their uses. If they have no use, well we DNA them to be basic foot soldiers." she explained as she approach the door at the end of the hall.

Ghidorah followed her, ignoring most of the monsters. The only one catching his eye had a unique cell. It didn't have a door, it had bars instead and inside of it was a steel casket with multiple chains. It had a peep hole but all Ghidorah saw was two crimson eyes glaring.

"Come on now, he hates to be kept waiting on important guests." Datra said opening the door and Ghidorah followed her down the corridor. "I'm quite surprised to be fair. I didn't think you would have talked or have any sort of thoughts but yet, you seemed to be more than a feral monster born to destroy everything. Highly intelligent." she complimented, causing Ghidorah to growl at her, and she smirked.

"You're lucky you have that damn button otherwis-" Ghidorah started glaring at her.

"Or what?" Datra retorted turning around quickly, "You would kill me? Then escape?" She asked and then laughed. "You wouldn't make it out of this lab in one piece. In case you didn't know, you're much weaker than your original state, so be a good obedient monster and things will go smoothly." she taunted reaching the door and opening it for the humanoid dragon, and they both walked in.

"This is the throne room." Datra stated as Ghidorah looked around the giant chamber. The room was solid black with several sets of banners that were blood red with gold outlines. There were multiple lights in the room, except near the end of the room. There was a red carpet that lead all the way down to the end of the room, holding the carpet down were swords with chains attach to the handles. At the end of the room, sat a throne, and someone was sitting in it. Datra walked down with Ghidorah and once they reached the end, Datra got on one knee bowing her head, while Ghidorah glared at him.

"I have brought him to you m'lord." Datra said keeping her head down, looking up slightly.

"Great work Datra. I would like to talk to our guest alone. Go check on our soldiers to make sure we are ready." The Emperor said, his voice was deep, stoic and commanding, the chamber only enhanced his voice even more. Datra nodded standing up and leaving the room. Once the door was shut, the emperor stood up from his throne.

The Emperor stood tall, his appearance much different than Datra's and bigger. He was very lion-like, he was charcoal black with a blood red mane, as well as his claws, the tips of his ears and his tail tip. His crimson red eyes stared into Ghidorah. If this was any other person, they'd be shivering in fear in front of the emperor. He had blood red markings on the right side of his face that went down to his neck, it looked like it branched out. The rest of the markings were hidden under his medieval-like armor. It was charcoal black with blood red accents, he had a cape attached to his shoulder blades of his armor, the outside was black while the inside was blood red. On the side of the emperor's throne was a giant sheath that was blood red with black designs on it. Inside the sheath, held his weapon, a giant claymore with a black handle, with a blood red lion on the end of the handle.

"Greetings King Ghidorah, I am Emperor Leonis." Leonis spoke before sitting down again staring at the former golden dragon. "We have much to talk about Ghidorah. We have quite a bit in common" He said, his voice blunt and to the point and Ghidorah looked at him.

"And what would that be?" The dragon retorted glaring at Leonis causing the lion looking alien to smirk.

"Simple, the planet known as Earth, has escape my wrath too many times. It is being protected by that blasted moth and that lizard that stopped you before, you want your revenge. My spies on that planet have told me that them and some of their greatest protectors have disappeared, leaving them weak, vulnerable and easy to conquer." Leonis stated staring at Ghidorah.

Ghidorah looked at him, "and why should I help you?" He asked staring at the emperor.

"Simple," Leonis started "if their protectors should come back, we can quickly disposed of them, and bring you back to your former glory. You'll also get the revenge you wanted all those years ago, am I wrong?" He asked, "I'll even remove Datra's little toy, she had implanted in you. And give you freedom. All you have to do is help me dispose of earth." He finished smirking.

Ghidorah looked at Leonis thinking about him, he had been in that tube for so long, was it true about Earth's weakened protection? Most importantly, he realized that so long as he had that device in him, he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. So he just had to bide his time till the right moment. Ghidorah smirked looking at Leonis, "What do you have planned?" Ghidorah asked causing Leonis to smile menacingly.

Back on Earth. On the island known as Monster Island. The Shobijin, twin fairies, in charge of protecting Monster Island and the kaiju that live there, shivered with fear as they sense this new evil presence.

"Sister, do you sense that?" One asked turning to her counterpart and she nodded.

"Yes, I fear that it might be time for us to awaken them." The other said.

Her sister stared at her rather surprised, "Are you sure? This is a lot of power we are granting, if we do this." She said looking at her.

Her sister nodded. "Yes, we haven't been on even odds with the humans but we must now. In order to protect the planet Earth, we can't rely on their means to do it. We must use ours." She said and her sister nodded.

The two of them flew to a small pond and look into it. The water began to ripple slowly, showing a image of a deep cave. What it looked like wasn't impressive but what was inside was. In the middle, there was a pedestal with five stones in it. Surrounding it was five giant monsters, one was a giant moth, one a giant pterodactyl, one a mammal like reptile, one a giant dinosaur, and finally, the last was a much larger reptile in comparison of the others. They all looked frozen, hardened and the twin fairies looked at each other.

"Mothra, Rodan, Baragon, Anguirus, and ….. Godzilla, I can sense them, their spirit, they want to be awoken." One of them said.

"They will be. The five who will bond with their spirit, will be the ones to protect this planet from this upcoming evil. Hopefully this is the right choice." She said.

Her sister flew up to her, smiled and hugged her. "We can only hope at this point for the five." She said as they both look out into the night sky, hoping the choice they were making was the right one.

Helloooo everyone, welcome to my story, Power Rangers Kaiju Spirit, and this was the prologue to the story. Now, this is an SYOC and some people might have some questions for the story. But before I go ahead and show you the character sheet, I might as well go through a few things before showing you guys the character sheet to this story.

One of the important things is chronological order of the Godzilla movies, so I'm going to lay out which Godzilla I'm using, and the order I'm going in. So the order is normal Showa to Heisei to Millennium Godzilla. Now for those who are Godzilla fans, yes I know technically, Millennium makes it so Heisei never existed, but I'm changing it, so if you remember Godzilla Jr. from the Heisei series, then congrats! Basically, I made it so Godzilla Jr. is the new Millennium Godzilla, Also GMK never happened. But for this story, the Millennium timeline is Godzilla 2000, Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus, Godzilla: Final Wars, Godzilla Against Kiryu, and Godzilla Tokyo SOS, after that, Kaiju have basically stopped showing up, other than the breach,

Also, the story will be taking place in a new location, between Japan and Monster Island, called Klalmic Island. It was strangely an off radar island, till the Americans found it, but in agreement with Japan, they both use it. The island is very well made, and a mix of civilization. Multiple races live here, although 40% is Asian, 20% American, the rest multicultural. Most of the language is English and Japanese, but it is a really good place to live, and very developed. Of course, some episodes/chapters, the rangers will be in Japan.

As for Monster Island, the island has grown in size since it was last looked up, it has been turned into a private tourist attraction, very few get in, but it has boundaries, mainly with threats that going off the path will reawaken the kaiju, who have been asleep for decades.

I think that covers all plot things as of now, so let's move on to the SYOC portion.

SYOC Rules

This is important sidenote; YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW GODZILLA TO SUBMIT A CHARACTER. This is a power ranger story first, with Godzilla/kaiju elements. All the Godzilla and kaiju knowledge will be coming from me.

1). No Mary-Sues/John-Doe, standard rule, make them unique, make them stand out, etc.

2). I only accept through PMs, not reviews, review takes a lot of the fun out of the character, so please, submit your character through PMs and not a review. I will also have questions and maybe concerns with your characters, so PM would be helpful.

3). Again, be unique with your characters, I want them each to stand out in their own way. Be descriptive, the more info you provide with your character, the higher your chances are of being accepted, I want depth, but don't try and make their story too sad/angsty, and avoid standard clinches, make them interesting.

3.5). When describing personality, DO NOT do lists, I want sentences of your character's personality.

4). I will be having other spots to filled for extras like EDF members, monsters, normal humans, etc. But as far as ranger spots go, submit 1 character, as far as extra's, you can submit more.

5). This should be the final thing, but, I will not be reserving spots for people, take your time, between the time of now and when the next chapter is posted, that's when the SYOC for rangers will be close, as for monsters, extra, and villains, those will still be open. Also, I do have the right to refuse your character, and I hope you do not get upset at me about it

6). Oh wait, one last thing, Have fun with your character, if you don't have fun, then how is the character fun? So please, enjoy yourself when making these characters.


Black-Godzilla Ranger/Goji Ranger- Taken

Blue-Anguirus Ranger- Taken

Yellow-Rodan Ranger

Green-Baragon Ranger

Pink-Mothra Ranger

Silver-Kiryu Ranger- Taken

Red-Gamera Ranger




Kaiju Spirit/Ranger Color:

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Character Arcs:(The minimum is 3, I basically want like 3 episodes that are sort of circle around your character growth. This is required)