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Blue's Blues

A week had passed after a few events had passed for the Kaiju rangers since they became rangers and it was an interesting experience for them. At this time though, it was night time and Jewel was asleep, but she was twisting and turning repeatedly.

Dream Sequence

Jewel looked around and found herself tied to a chair in a strange white room, for once, her cool was gone and she was in a panic looking around.

"W-where am I?" Jewel asked scared as she quickly looked around until she saw a speaker.

"Your secret is out Jewel, we took your brothers away for questioning. You caused your family a lot of trouble young lady" the voice in the speaker spoke and Jewel shook her head.

"No! Please I didn't mean to, please let me go, please let me speak to them!" she frantically said as she tugged at the binds that tied her hands to the chair arms roughly as she glared around the room. She stopped as she heard creaking and turned her head around and saw a bright light and a figure walking out, a loud ominous buzzing being heard. Jewel shook her head though and the dream ended.

Dream Sequence End

"Jewel!" Jewel's older brother Colin called out to her shaking her awake. Jewel's eyes widen as they shot open and she quickly rose out of her bed. Jewel looked around and saw her two older brothers looking at her in their pajamas.

"You were turning and tossing and we heard you scream in your sleep" Her other brother, Coran told her and he sat on her bed.

"Are you okay?" Colin asked looking at Jewel, "You've been coming in later than usual or you always leave early and you been coming home with marks and bruises on you" Colin said.

Jewel had been wanting to tell her brothers that she was now a power ranger, but she never could, she didn't want them to be in danger in case Leonis attacks nor did she want them to get involved.

"It's fine, just another bad dream" Jewel said trying to quickly cover up and change the subject. Her brothers looked at her but sighed realizing they weren't going to get anything out of her, not now anyway.

"Okay," Coran said, "Get some sleep, it's your turn to open tomorrow," He told Jewel who nodded in response. Colin and Coran gave her a kiss on the forehead, heading out of her room. Coran took one more look at his sister, before leaving her room. Jewel laid in her bed looking up at the ceiling.

"You think she is okay?" Colin asked looking at Coran, "a lot of things have been happening lately, she might be involved."

"No, she isn't, I know she has been acting suspiciously the last week, but if something is wrong, she will tell us" Coran responded and Colin look at him, before releasing a sigh. Both brothers look at others and back at Jewel's door, deciding to head to bed and saving this conversation for later.

"I'll tell them, hopefully," she said and look at her phone, grabbing it and she checks the time; It was almost past midnight. Jewel sighed and closed her eyes, hoping she gets at least some kind of decent rest tonight.

*Kaiju Spirit*

"So, what do you appear to be working on today Lyon?" Datra asked looking at her colleague.

"A way to defeat the rangers" He simply said looking at a test tube.

"Oh, what monster have you come up with?" She asked.

"I already sent one down," Lyon said and Datra raises her eyebrow.

"Without consulting the emperor," She asked. "That can lead to consequences."

"I will face them, but for now, my matters are pointed elsewhere," Lyon said walking over to a computer. Datra peer over his shoulder, on the screen, was the Blue Kaiju Ranger from some of their previous fights.

"I see that the blue ranger has caught your eye," Datra said, giving a snake-like smirk.

"I'm curious about her, and hopefully StingBreaker will get the job done for me," Lyon said.

"StingBreaker, I remember that race, they infect the dreams of their prey or target in order to discover weak points and ways to combat them," Datra said, "So your only having him attack the blue ranger?"

"Exactly, but for the sake of it, I can have him attack the other rangers and find them out as well," Lyon said and Datra smirk.

"Smart move, I'll be sure to let the emperor know, to minimize the damage," Datra said and Lyon turns towards, his eyes turning into a sharp glare.

"With all due respects Datra" He started, "I don't need you covering me or assisting me in my ways to defeat the Rangers, so if it's okay with you, I would like for you to leave," Lyon told her. Datra stared at him, before turning around and leaving, letting Lyon resume his work.

Lyon looked back at the screen of the blue ranger fighting and clench his fist tightly, he could tell something was off about this one, he just needed to figure it out.

*Kaiju Spirit*

It was the next day and Jewel was helping her brother, Colin stock up jewelry boxes in the back room of their family-owned business: Nikkos Jewelers. Colin looked at her noticing several things different things about her. For one, between the two of them, Jewel could normally carry at least two or three boxes without breaking a sweat, but she was carrying one at a time and moving at a much slower rate.

"You okay Jewel?" Colin asked catching his little sister's attention, "You been stacking boxes a lot slower than you normally do" Colin said.

"I'm fine, just a bit out of it lately," She said, she looks back to her boxes and quickly stacked them up. Her phone vibrated slightly signaling that she received a text and Jewel pulled it out, seeing it was from one of her teammates.

"Who you texting?" Colin asked, trying to take a peak but Jewel push him away.

"None of your business" She quickly said.

"Did someone make friends?" Colin teased.

"You don't need to know," Jewel responded, Colin, kept trying to grab or get a peek at Jewel's phone, till eventually. Jewel got fed up and push Colin back a bit. Colin stumbled back, hitting the boxes, part of it seem to have come from Jewel pushing, the other part was Colin playing a bit. Her other brother, Coran walked in staring at the two, his eyes shifting into a cold stare.

"What are you two doing?" Coran asked bluntly looking at them, "We have to open in a few minutes, hurry up." He stated.

"I'm trying to find out who Jewel is texting!" Colin said looking at Coran and Coran look at Colin then back at Jewel, before pinching the bridge of his nose.

"You can have time to pester Jewel about it later, right now, we have to prepare for the work day," Coran said, "Got it Colin?" and Colin sighed and nodded in response looking at him before getting up.

Colin left out the backroom and Coran looks at Jewel, before turning around and heading out the door. Jewel sighed and look at her phone, the Rangers have started a group chats as that would be the best way to relay information to each other. The most recent message was from Anthony.

'Shobijin said they sense a monster, no Crittrix with it either apparently, I'm heading to it right now, anyone coming?' It read.

'Already?' a message from Aria said, 'we barely get to rest, but I can't right now.'

'Neither can I' Jordan responded, 'Currently at work.'

'I'll come' Eleanor responded.

Jewel look the clock, the store was gonna open soon, Jewel looks at her phone again. "Is it a good idea to go?" she thought. Jewel thought about her answer, "This shouldn't take too long, they can handle the shop while I'm gone."

'I'm in' Jewel texted back.

'Okay. The three of us will meet at the park' Anthony texted.

Jewel put her phone away and left out of the backroom. "Coran, I'm gonna head out, I need to do something."

"Jewel, we are gonna open in a few minutes, what do you need to do?" Coran asked as he watches Jewel open the door to the store.

"Its, its something important, I'll explain later, it won't take long" she stated, before leaving out of the door.

Coran watched her leave as Colin looked at him. "Where is she going?" Colin asked.

"Somewhere," Coran responded before sighing, maybe what Colin was saying last night was right.

*Kaiju Spirit*

Anthony, Jewel, and Eleanor all met up at the park, "Well, three out of five of us here can work out" Anthony said.

"Where's the monster located?" Jewel asked wanting to get this over with and back to her brothers.

"Are you in a rush?" Eleanor asked and Jewel nodded.

"I need to hurry and get back to helping my brothers, I didn't want you guys to be at a disadvantage either, so that's why I came" Jewel responded crossing her arms, "So let's get going."

"Okay, okay, the Shobijin said he was in the park somewhere," Anthony said and as if on cue, they heard a scream.

"Let's go," Jewel said and ran towards where the screaming was coming from, Anthony and Eleanor look at each other, before following after Jewel. The three of them follow the screams stopping at the playground, seeing people run past them as they spotted the monster.

The monster looked to be like a mosquito, it had long hairy skinny legs, its body was rather buglike. Its arms were long and it only had three fingers on each hand, it also had a set of secondary arms that were scythe-like and were slightly smaller than his main arms. On top of its arms, however, were two long needles. Its face was as bug-like as they get, two sets of eyes, one were big and the other right below it small. A claw-like mouth and antennas.

"Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that to be the monster," Anthony said and the monster turns to look at the three rangers, opening its mouth slightly, the slime-like saliva, drooling from his mouth, Eleanor cover her mouth, feeling a sick feeling coming to her stomach.

"You three should run along with the other humans, now you'll face Stingbreaker" the monster chirped, brandishing his scythe arms.

"A dumb name fitting for a disgusting monster, ready?" Anthony asked looking at Jewel and Eleanor who nodded, readying their morphers.

"Kaiju Spirit!" The three shouted opening up their morphers and touching the coin, "Spirit, Roar!" and in a brief flash of light, the three of them morphed and charged at StingBreaker. Anthony and Eleanor jumped forward, summoning their weapons, swinging them weapons at StingBreaker. He swiftly dodged their attacks but didn't notice Jewel come in with her Kanabo and swung it, hitting him in the stomach, sending him into a tree. The mosquito monster recovered and flew at the trio of rangers, before disappearing in a blur leaving the three of them surprised. Just then, they were all hit multiple times as they fell to the ground, StingBreaker showing up in front of them.

"You rangers think you'll be able to hit someone like me?" Stingbreaker buzzed.

"Any plans?" Eleanor asked looking at Anthony.

"Working on it, right now, I'll attack and try to get his attention, Eleanor, you and Jewel go in once I have his attention," Anthony said, getting up, readily his sword and charging at StingBreaker. Anthony swung his sword, but the monster dodged grabbing the black ranger arm and swinging him into the tree. Anthony, however, caught himself, grabbing StingBreaker.

Eleanor rushes forward and swung her daggers, slashing them across StingBreaker's back and he screeched in pained. He swung, his scythe arm hitting Eleanor. He left himself open to Anthony however and Anthony swung his sword at Stingbreaker's other arm, slashing it off and he screeched in pained again. StingBreaker unsheathed his wings as the began to vibrating quickly giving off a loud irritating sound, Anthony and Eleanor gripped their helmets, backing up from the pain. Jewel's eyes widen at the sound of the wings were making, they were the same one from her nightmare. Stingbreaker swung his arms, hitting Anthony and Eleanor back to the ground and rush toward Jewel as she raised her Kanabo as Stingbreaker grabbed her Kanabo, locked in with her.

"Who are you?" Jewel asked glaring as Stingbreaker smirked.

"I'm just following the command of Emperor Leonis, you, on the other hand, you are full of secrets aren't you?" Stingbreaker asked as Jewel glared.

"What do you mean by that?!" Jewel growled.

"Maybe the thing you are hiding behind your teammates, how would they feel about this information?" Stingbreaker asked, angering the blue ranger more.

"Or maybe your family, the danger you are putting them in for doing this?" Stingbreaker taunted. Jewel swung her Kanabo at him but he dodged it as it slammed into the ground.

"How do you know this?!" Jewel shouted, swinging her kanabo again, missing again, hitting the ground. She went to swing again but Stingbreaker dodged it and shot his two large needles at Jewel wrapping around her, shocking her as she screamed in pain.

Stingbreaker smirked, "Because I been inside that head of yours," he said and swung Jewel into the ground.

Jewel coughed slightly as she got up slowly, her anger rising. She grabbed her Kanabo, tighten her grip on it as it proceeded to glow blue. She swung it into the ground, releasing a blue seismic wave at Stingbreaker. Stingbreaker jumped up, causing Jewel's eyes to widen, behind Stingbreaker was Anthony and Eleanor, still slightly dazed from the ringing. Jewel tried yelling, but it was too late as the blue hit the black and yellow ranger, blowing them back, demorphing them as they hit the ground, unconscious. Jewel ran to her teammates as Stingbreaker laughed.

"Well this was fun blue ranger, but I got better things to do" Stingbreaker taunted before flying off. Jewel looked at her injured teammates, before looking at her morpher.

"Shobijin, can you teleport us back, Anthony and Eleanor are injured and need help," Jewel said and as quickly as she said that, she received a response quickly as her and the two were an envelope in a light, teleporting to Monster Island.

*Kaiju Spirit*

Back on Monster Island, about two hours after the attack, Aria and Jordan were teleported to Monster Island as well and were contacted about the situation. The Shobijin were examining Anthony and Eleanor as the two were laying down. Jewel was standing under a tree in silence, thinking about what happened.

"Are they gonna be okay?" Jordan asked looking at the Shobijin.

"They will be fine after some rest," Shobijin said looking at him.

"How did this happen Jewel?" Aria asked looking at her. Jewel was silent, angering Aria as she approached the girl. Jewel looked up at her before turning her head.

"They got caught in the crossfire," Jewel said and Aria responded by grabbing Jewel by her shirt, pushing her into the tree.

"Crossfire?!" Aria shouted but Jewel angrily grabbed her arm, gripping it tightly causing Aria to release her grasp but not before throwing Jewel to the ground.

"Things happen that we cannot prevent" Jewel stated getting up, dusting herself off and walking away from the group.

Aria went to go follow but Jordan grabbed her shoulder, shaking his head as Aria huffed slightly.

"You two wait here to see the others when they wake, we'll go talk to Jewel," The Shobijin said, before floating off after Jewel as Aria sat next to Anthony and Jordan sat next to Eleanor.

The Shobijin caught up to Jewel who was in the clearing the rangers used for training. She was staring at a tree, slightly hitting it.

"What do you want?" Jewel asked harshly, not looking at the twin fairies.

"Something seems to be troubling you," The Shobijin said and Jewel stopped to turn her attention to them.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure that out," Jewel said to the fairies looking at them.

"What seems to be the issue?" They asked.

"Besides how I let down my own teammates, injuring them and letting a monster get away, yeah, that certainly seems to be a big issue" Jewel stated before the fairies shook their head.

"Something else is on your mind Jewel," One of the fairies said looking at her as Jewel looks at them, falling silent and looking down.

"You wouldn't understand," Jewel said looking at them.

"Jewel, we have to help you, you are a part of a team," Both of the Shobijin said looking at her. Jewel sighed looking at them, knowing she couldn't try and lie.

"That monster, he said he knew me better than the others, said he saw my dreams and knows my secrets," Jewel said, "I don't know what to do about it, I fear he might go after my brother's next."

"Jewel, are these secrets, ones you haven't told the others?" The fairies asked and Jewel nodded.

"I don't know how the others would react to if they found out, especially Aria," Jewel said looking at them.

"Jewel, when we pick you to be the blue ranger, we notice that there was a strange color to you, and we thought you were the wrong one," The Shobijin said, Jewel looking down at what they were saying before continuing, "But Anguirus decided you were a perfect choice, because he seems to know you better than we thought,"

"Really?" She asked looking at them and they nodded.

"Close your eyes, listen to him," They told her and Jewel look at them. She turns to the sky, looking up, closing her eyes. Jewel heard a roar like it was talking to her.

"Anguirus was the shield, no matter what happened to him, he was always there to fight, and always took the most damage, always went down, but he got back up and fought, even if he needed help," One of the fairies said.

"What does this have to do with me?" Jewel asked looking at them.

"Everyone has secrets Jewel, the others do as well, but what matters, is how you handle it, whether or not you decide on telling them or not, they will be there to help you back on your feet and into the fight, including Aria," The fairies said and Jewel's eyes widen.

"Really?" Jewel asked looking at them.

"Yes, when you and the others acknowledge that and can trust each other, that will further enhance your spiritual bond with Anguirus and grow stronger." The fairies said, "for now though, please go back to your family, for now, we'll contact you when the others are up," The Shobijin said.

Jewel looked at them and nodded, knowing it was the best thing she could do for now. The Shobijin held their hands out and teleported Jewel away.

"She must find herself within her family, and must open up to them, in order to grow stronger," They said looking at each other and nodding before floating back to where the other rangers were.

*Kaiju Spirit*

"Lyon, report" Leonis commanded as Lyon walked into the emperor throne room, kneeling down as Datra and Ghidorah stood next to Leonis throne.

"Stingbreaker has sent me back the information I require to proceed my studios" Lyon replied.

"Good, but now, explain to me, why you sent down a monster without consulting me at first" Leonis said looking at him.

"With all respects, I figure that this was too little of importance to require your attention," Lyon said looking up.

"Well, it seems it has gotten the attention of the rangers," Ghidorah added in and Lyon glared at him.

"My apologies for that, I didn't think he would trigger the ranger's sense," Lyon said and Leonis look at him.

"Why did you send him down first of all Lyon?" Leonis asked, somewhere Lyon needed to tread carefully till Datra interfere.

"He sent down Stingbreaker to get a good idea of what the Rangers might be weak to, for future research, he started with the blue ranger since he figures she was the strongest one of the group and taking her down would be a huge blow to the rangers" Datra answered. Lyon looks at Datra, before turning to Lyon.

"You are forgiven, for now, Lyon, next time this happens, consult me, otherwise, there will be consequences," Leonis said looking at them. "Sound down Crittrix to give Stingbreaker some assistance than with the rangers."

"Yes sir" Lyon answered before standing and walking out of the room, he gave a side glare to Datra, seeing her give a sly smirk in return, he hated her trying to cover for him.

*Kaiju Spirit*

Jewel stopped in front of her family jeweler. She checks her phone looking at the time, seeing it had been about an hour to an hour in a half. She pushed the door open, walking in, ready to face the consequences. The store, for the most part, was empty, it was around that time the people would calm down.

"It should be quick, huh?" Jewel heard Coran's voice said, it was blunt and demanding.

"Something came up," Jewel responded.

"We were worried," Colin said looking her.

"I'm sorry," Jewel said looking down.

"Jewel, this is much more than just a 'something came up' and a simple sorry will fix," Coran said.

"Well, what would fix things?" Jewel asked looking at her brothers.

"You being honest," Colin said looking at her.

"The people you been texting, the fact that you barely came in last week to help us, something is going on Jewel that you're not telling us," Coran said crossing his arms.

"I just, it could be dangerous if I told you, I don't want to endangered you two any more than I already have" Jewel looking at her brothers.

Coran and Colin walk over to her looking at their sister, they were both surprised to see she was slightly scared and worried. Jewel's mind was still on Stingbreaker and what he said, Jewel didn't want him to go after her. Soon Colin hugs her and her eyes widen slightly looking up.

"Jewel, we don't care about the danger," Coran said looking at her.

"We care about your safety Jewel, we don't want to lose you," Colin said pulling her closer.

"It could be a risk though, I don't want to put you in more danger then you are already in," Jewel said looking at her brothers.

"If mom and dad were here, they would have done the same, no matter the danger," Coran said.

"And we will as well, if we wanted to be safe, we wouldn't have taken you in so long ago," Colin said.

"All we want to know, if you are doing something suspicious or something life threatening, we want to know," Coran said.

Jewel look at them, before looking down at her morpher, they were right. The shared everything with each other, no secret was past them. She could tell them she was a power ranger, but she was wondering how they would believe her.

Jewel sighed, "you are right, I am hiding something and I want to tell you, but I don't know if you would even believe me."

"We'll believe you no matter what," Colin said and Coran nodded looking at her.

"Well, truth is, I am a-" Jewel paused when she heard a familiar buzzing.

"Jewel? What's wrong?" Colin asked before Jewel broke the hug, turning her attention to the door.

"I promise, when I get home tonight, I'll tell you," Jewel said before bolting out of the door to follow the sound. Her brothers watch her left, but they both look at each other and nodded, running after her, locking the door as they left. They followed Jewel, staying before her as she ran into the park. They both stayed behind her until they saw her come to a stop and in response, Coran pushed Colin into a bush, jumping into it as they both peeked out to see some bug monster Jewel was staring at.

"I see you heard my buzzing," Stingbreaker taunted as Jewel balled her hands into fists, "Your little friends still healing from the wounds you inflicted on them."

Jewel glared at him, "I'm gonna make you pay, for messing with me, for making me hurt my team and most importantly, threatening my family."

Jewel prepped her morpher as her brothers watched, "Kaiju Spirit! Spirit, Roar" She shouted and in a blue flash of light, Jewel morphed into the blue Kaiju Spirit Ranger.

"Armor Defender, Kaiju Spirit, Anguruis Ranger!" She shouted. Stingbreaker smirked and snapped his fingers as Crittrix appeared.

"Get her Crittrix!" He commanded and the Crittrix charged at her as Jewel charged at them. Jewel charged, picking up a Crittrix and throwing him into another one, another Crittrix came up behind her and slash her back, knocking her down slightly, but she turns around and headbutted the Crittrix, knocking it back. She summoned her Kanabo, swinging it hard into Crittrix, knocking it away into a tree. What Jewel didn't notice was Stingbreaker slamming into her, knocking her back. Jewel glared at him and charge at him, swinging her kanabo and he quickly dodged it, kicking her back. Stingbreaker twin needles on his arms glowed and fired several purple shots at Jewel, blowing her back into the ground, knocking her kanabo away from her. Jewel slowly tried getting up as Crittrix began to surround her.

"We got to help her!" Colin whispered as him and Coran watched this little sister get surrounded. They couldn't believe it though, she was a power ranger.

"Okay, we go at three," Coran said looking at him and Colin nodded.

"One.." Colin whispered.

"Two…" Coran muttered.

"Thre-", Both brothers stopped when energy slashes of black, pink, green and yellow came out, hitting the Crittrix around Jewel and knocking them back. Jewel looked up and Stingbreakers eyes widen, as standing there were the other four Kaiju Spirit Rangers, morphed and ready to go.

"Gee, going in and fighting on your own Jewel?" Anthony asked extending his arm to Jewel.

"You two should be resting," Jewel said looking at Anthony and Eleanor as she took his hand, being pulled up.

"Well, when we woke up and heard you were in danger, we couldn't leave you to fight alone or let Aria and Jordan end up like us," Eleanor said looking at her.

"You two should take it slow though," Jordan said looking at his fellow rangers.

"We'll be fine Jordan," Anthony said looking at them.

"I hope so, don't need you two lagging behind" Aria interjected.

"Sorry," Jewel said and all four of them turn to her raising an eyebrow behind their visors.

"For what?" Aria asked.

"Anthony and Eleanor, I'm the reason you two got injured earlier," Jewel said looking up at them.

"It's fine Jewel, we forgive you," Eleanor said looking at her.

"You do?" Jewel asked.

"The fairies filled us in on your situation, and honestly we would have done the same thing, but you are our teammate, your secrets are your own and when you ever feel like talking about them to us, we'll be there," Anthony said putting his hand on her shoulder. Jewel looked at her teammates who all nodded at her. Jewel felt a warm sensation in her heart and nodded before a small annoying buzz sound brought the Rangers back to the fight.

"You are all boring me, let's just hurry so I can kill you and report back," Stingbreaker said as his Crittrix grouped up around him.

"Okay then, the four of us will take care of the Crittrix, Jewel, can you handle Stingbreaker?" Anthony asked and Jewel nodded.

"He won't get the better of me this time," Jewel said and Anthony nodded.

"Alright Kaiju Rangers, let's go on a rampage!" Anthony commanded.

"Right!" The Rangers responded and all five of them charged into battle. Anthony, Aria, Jordan, and Eleanor fighting against the Crittrix and Jewel charging into Stingbreaker.

Anthony and Aria jumped into a group of Crittrix, Aria kicked a Crittrix away from her and turned around, swinging her naginata and slashing it in the chest. The Crittrix stumble back into Anthony, who slashed his sword across its back and kick it into a tree. Anthony used his sword to block a Crittrix attack and Aria's spear came from his left side, stabbing the Crittrix. Aria did a roundhouse, almost catching Anthony by surprised as he ducks and her foot made contact with the Crittrix, sending it into its group. Anthony's sword glowed black and Aria's naginata glowed pink and they swung their weapons, making a V, destroying the Crittrix they were fighting.

Jordan slammed a Crittrix into a tree and picked it up, throwing it into its other allies. Eleanor sped passed him slashing them repeatedly with her daggers. She kicked them back into Jordan and he swung his ax upward, catching them Crittrix and sending them flying to the ground. Eleanor's daggers glowed yellow and Jordan's ax glowed green and they swung their weapons, slashing the Crittrix and destroying them.

Jewel was slammed against a tree, ducking under Stingbreaker's needle, getting stuck in the tree. Jewel swung her Kanabo, hitting Stingbreaker in the stomach, breaking off his needle as he fell to the ground. Jewel got up and charged at him, swinging her fist, hitting Stingbreaker in the side and swinging her Kanabo into the same spot she hit him earlier sending him crashing into a tree. Stingbreaker stood up staring at her.

"Give up?" Jewel asked looking at him and Stingbreaker chuckled.

"Why should I? I have secrets on you that I bet your team would love to hear, or maybe even your brothers" Stingbreaker taunted but Jewel smirked behind her helmet.

"I don't care that you know," Jewel said and Stingbreakers eyes widen, "you know why? Because my family will always stand by me and so will my teammates because I will stand by them, even if I have to lay my life on it."

Suddenly, Jewel was engulfed in a blue aura as she stared at herself and she heard Anguirus roar inside her head. "Kaiju, Awaken!" Jewel shouted, releasing a piercing screeching knocking Stingbreaker back down. Jewel grabbed her Kanabo and her Kanabo glowed as the crevices opened slightly. The spikes on her suit slightly grew as she walked toward Stingbreaker. Stingbreaker charged at her, swinging its other scythe arm at her. She raised her arm and swung it back, breaking it off. Stingbreaker was shocked, it was like hitting a steel wall. Jewel swung her Kanabo, sending Stingbreaker into the tree and shattering it as the Rangers eyes widen at what was happening and regrouped with Jewel.

"What is that?" Jordan asked examining Jewel.

"It's what happened to Anthony when we all first morphed, remember?" Eleanor asked and they nodded.

"Kaiju Awaken," Aria said, "The fairies said it happen when your kaiju trusts you, guess Jewel fully awaken her's"

"Amazing," Jewel said and watch as Stingbreaker get up, "Let me finish him,"

Jewel walked up and slammed her Kanabo down as it vibrated, stunning Stingbreaker. Jewel right foot began to glow as she rose it.

"Earth Breaker!" Jewel shouted kicking the ground, sending a blue seismic shockwave at Stingbreaker tearing up the ground. Hitting Stingbreaker hard, his body glowed with blue electricity as he slowly fell down and blew up in a large explosion. Jewel's blue aura disappeared and she fell to one knee. Her team ran over to her, celebrating with her as her brothers watched and nodded, turning around and heading home.

*Kaiju Spirit*

Nighttime came quickly on the island and the Rangers had all headed home for the day. Jewel walked inside her house and was met with her brothers standing in front of her with cross arms.

"Listen, I'm sorry about earlier bu-" Jewel said before being quickly cut off.

"You're a freaking Power Ranger!" Colin exclaimed causing Jewel to jump and Coran quickly hit Colin in the back of the head.

"Do you want the neighbors to hear idiot?" Coran asked.

"What.., how do you two know?" Jewel asked looking at her brothers.

"We saw you morph and fight that bug thing with your team," Coran said looking at her.

"You were amazing!" Colin said looking at her.

"Thanks, are you mad about it?" Jewel asked and Coran and Colin look at each other before shaking their head.

"Yes and no, I'm mad because I just wished you told us earlier, and no because I understand why you wouldn't want to," Coran said looking at her.

"Do you want me to stop being a ranger?" Jewel asked and her brothers shook her head.

"No, you are protecting us and everyone here, which brings me to my next point, does your team about the you-know-what?" Coran asked and Jewel shook her head.

"Good, we don't know what would happen if they found out," Colin said looking at his sister and Jewel nodded in return.

"Just be safe out there," Coran said, "We hate to lose you, we can't handle a third lost."

Jewel nodded and ran up and hugged her brothers. Coran tried pulling out but Colin pulled him tighter as the three siblings hugged each other. They stayed like this for a few minutes before Coran cleared his throat.

"Okay Jewel, get to bed, you got to be ready for the next few days," Coran said and Jewel nodded, heading upstairs, however, Jewel thought back to earlier in the day to what Anthony said.

"We'll be there," Jewel thought, "will you though when you know the truth?"

*Kaiju Spirit*

Lyon examined the info that Stingbreaker had given to him before his destruction, Lyon moves his robotic arm up, tapping on the screen as his red eye flashed. Lyon smirked at the information he was giving, bringing him one step closer to the answers he was looking for about the rangers.

"Leonis will be happy about this" Lyon said smirking.

*Kaiju Spirit*

A/N: Thank god this is done, nothing really to say except sorry for taking so long, but if this works out, then I have made it up with the additional four chapters (Hopefully). Jewel's episode was first because she was gonna be the hardest to decide on what to do.

Update: 5/31/2019-6/1/2019: So it has been a year since I last updated this story, and I wanted to keep this story going while working on other projects. But also, some of the other authors have been tough to contact about their characters, so I want to do a soft reboot and I am reopening applications for the main cast of the story. Some old characters will stay, and some will go for new ones. I'll be posting the rules and the application here. I will make all the necessary changes when I have new characters. So I am uploading this chapter for those wondering why because this was the last chapter I made and complete, before putting a hiatus on the story.

I am a huge God

Rules For SYOC

1). No Mary-Sues/John-Doe, standard rule, make them unique, make them stand out, etc.

2). I only accept through PMs, not reviews, review takes a lot of the fun out of the character, so please submit your character through PMs and not a review. I will also have questions and concerns with your characters, so PM would be helpful.

3). Again, be unique with your characters, I want them each to stand out in their own way. Be descriptive, the more info you provide with your character, the higher your chances are of being accepted, I want depth, but don't try and make their story too sad/angst, and avoid standard clinches, make them interesting.

3.5). When describing personality, DO NOT do lists, I want sentences of your character's personality.

4). You do NOT need to have knowledge of the Godzilla universe, this is my own way of doing it and I'll handle all the knowledge behind it, as long as you know the Power Rangers, you are fine.

5). Remember to have fun when making your character, I love characters when there is love put into them.




Kaiju Spirit/Ranger Color: (Red & Green for Male)(Silver for female)

Occupation:(If any)

Sexual Orientation:


Face claim: ((Optional)) (for people who want to give me a good idea what there face looks like)


Prefer clothing:







Relationships?:(Do you want them to be with someone or are they involve)

Family:(Explain a little bit about them)

Character Arcs:(The minimum is 2-3, I basically want like 2 or 3 episodes that are sort of circle around your character growth. This is required)