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A/N- This fic is inspired by an unfinished fic (Failing Authorities by emmaalg) I came across when I first got into the Dramione pairing. While it was more of a Ron-centered fic, I liked the setup and I soon found myself writing my own fic, though I obviously went full-on Dramione and moved Ron to the sidelines.

Okay so time for the setup. Takes place post-war, begins around mid to late July, and canon pairings only count if I like them so obviously this is AU (though the pairing was probably the first sign this is AU). This chapter is longer than I'd usually post for a first chapter, but this is almost like a prologue as the next chapter jumps to when the new Hogwarts year begins. So a bit of a time skip will happen in chapter 2.

Hermione Granger frowned at the stone. She was helping rebuild Hogwarts and because the castle was so magical, magic couldn't really be used on the castle walls to rebuild them. This stone, however, was far too large for her to lift on her own. Hell, even one of the boys couldn't. "Here we've got this," she turned to look at Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini who together lifted the stone up and into place. Hermione watched as they fit it into its snug spot and once finished she found them lifting her up to add the magical mortar to the top of the stone as they rebuilt a section of the wall.

"Okay I'm done," she said, and they helped her down. Hermione's job was mostly to lay down the magical mortar but she could put stones up too; unless they were huge like the one Blaise and Draco had just put into place. "Thanks guys."


It hadn't been easy, getting used to working with Draco and Blaise. But they agreed to put aside their prejudices and she agreed to let the past go. Both boys were actually gentlemen, at their core, and Hermione felt safe working with them. They neither idolized her nor did they mock her. They didn't obey her blindly and they made her laugh. Draco and Blaise together was a bit like Fred and George. Plenty of laughter as they took digs at each other and mocked one another.

After everything that had happened, they needed the laughter. And for Hermione, it was hard to blame either young man for their actions in the war. They'd been raised from birth to hate muggleborns and muggles; Draco told her as they began working together he'd never even met a half-blood before Hogwarts. Their parents had indoctrinated them in a sheltered environment their entire lives. So Hermione had forgiven them. She could even forgive their parents, as Lucius and Narcissa had both been raised by people who were even worse bigots; although Draco and Blaise weren't eager to forgive their parents.

Hermione had began teaching them about the muggle world, as they were on probation and living in a muggle flat was a part of their probation. Hermione had impressed upon Kingsley that education, forgiveness, and understanding had to follow war or else there'd be a third war. Living in the muggle flat and returning to Hogwarts for their NEWTS was all that their probation entailed. Especially when both boys volunteered to help rebuild the school so that classes could resume come September. For them it was atonement.

"No sign of the Wonder Dorks again?" Blaise asked. Hermione's flat was in his and Draco's building. They'd both quickly acclimated to the muggle world as the boys got to enjoy video games, television, movies, music, and muggle amusement parks. They were enamored and Hermione liked that they weren't humoring her; they sincerely enjoyed muggle popular culture.

"Of course not," Hermione frowned. "Who would have thought we'd fight through a war together and then start to distance ourselves from one another?"

Draco put her on his shoulders and Blaise handed her the smaller stones which she put in place, "Well you're living in the muggle world, you're rebuilding Hogwarts, and you're attending seventh year for your NEWTS," Draco said, stepping to the left when she tapped his left shoulder. "They're basically the opposite of you, though they're not destroying Hogwarts."

Blaise smirked, "Besides, Weasel in the muggle world? He says he's not a bigot but he does think muggles are beneath wizards. He just doesn't think muggleborns are."

"If Hermione was doing my homework and keeping my neck above water with my grades I wouldn't think muggleborns are beneath purebloods either," Draco pointed out. "I don't think you're inferior Hermione," he added quickly.

"I know Draco," Hermione patted the top of his head before she lay more of the mortar down. "They both love the fame and the attention. Ron's the worst, of course, but it's almost like they're two different people," she said. She had spent more time with Draco and Blaise in the past month than she'd spent with Harry and Ron since the Final Battle because of her friends' new attitudes.

"Voldemort is no longer hanging like a dark cloud over Potter," Blaise pointed out. "He was a horcrux. Maybe the boy you knew so well was only like that because he was a horcrux."

"Nagini didn't act at all like a snake sometimes when she was living at the manor," Draco recollected. "So maybe Potter was the same. He was like someone else as a horcrux which covered up the fact that he's actually always been an obnoxious twit."

She laughed at Draco's characterization of Harry. He was like a completely different person since the Final Battle and she wasn't the only one to not like it. Blaise changed the subject, "Hermione have you thought about my proposal?"

Hermione bit her lip as she finished with the mortar and gazed at the wall to see it completely repair itself so you couldn't see it had ever been damaged, "I've decided that I'll do it. But you both need dates. Muggle girls will be all over you."

Draco and Blaise helped her off Draco's shoulders before Draco asked, "Hermione will you be my date to a muggle nightclub?"

She gazed at his dazzling smile. Draco was intelligent, understood her, and had clearly acclimated to the muggle world. It was nice to see that the attraction wasn't one-sided. Hermione smiled, "Why Draco, I would be delighted to be your date."

Blaise, knowing his best friend's attraction to the muggleborn witch, wisely stayed silent. Frankly they all deserved happiness after everything they'd gone through and he wouldn't begrudge Draco or Hermione a chance at testing the waters of a relationship after so much playful flirting recently. "Now I need a date," Blaise said. "Any friends in mind Hermione?"

"He means that feisty redhead he's always mooning over," Draco whispered conspiratorially to Hermione as they walked toward the front of the castle to eat lunch.

Hermione debated setting Blaise up with Ginny. On the one hand, they'd probably hit it off. On the other, she wasn't sure if Ginny was dating Harry or not. Ginny had mourned Fred's loss for two weeks straight before she began to help fix up Hogwarts. Hermione hadn't really talked to her all that much and when she did it was about everything but Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. "I'll see if Ginny's interested," Hermione said to him. Draco winked at her and she flushed slightly. While Hermione wasn't shy, she still wasn't used to getting attention for being a girl. For being Harry Potter's best friend? Yes. For being intelligent? Yes. For looking good in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt? No. So when Draco flirted with her, she almost always blushed.


Ginny joined them for lunch, "How was your morning?"

"We finished our section," Draco said proudly. "At this rate the castle will definitely be ready in time for classes to start."

Hermione nodded her agreement with Draco's thoughts. It had at first seemed impossible. But now it seemed feasible, even probable. "How was your morning Ginny?" Hermione asked.

"I was working on the seventh floor near what used to be the Room of Requirement fixing up the interior," Ginny answered. Because she'd started working later, she did mostly interior work with different groups. "Professor McGonagall found a Transfiguration professor. And a Defense professor too," she added.

"Anyone we know?" Hermione asked.

"No," Ginny shook her head. "They're both supposed to be really good though."


After Blaise and Draco had eaten quite a bit Draco winked at Hermione and stood, "Come on Blaise, let's go report that we're finished and get our new assignment."

Blaise made an effort not to look at Ginny and nodded, following his friend. Hermione smiled as they walked away before deciding to be blunt with Ginny, "Ginny, are you single or not?"

Ginny blinked in surprise, "Wh-what?"

"You and I have talked about many things. None of them are Harry. And I'm asking because I'm taking Draco and Blaise to a muggle nightclub this weekend and Draco's taking me as his date and Blaise needs one. They're both too handsome to let muggle girls near presumably stag. And Blaise likes you," Hermione added quietly.

Ginny was speechless. She flushed and looked down. "My relationship with Harry is…" Ginny paused, "I don't know. I only see him in mixed company."

"You mean Ron," Hermione said.

"Yeah. Never alone, never…he kisses my cheek like he kisses yours. I wanted him for so long but ever since he lost the horcrux it's like he's someone else," Ginny said. "And I don't like who he's becoming. He's not the boy I fell for. Now he's a better mannered version of Ron."

Hermione shuddered at the thought. She shook her head to clear the image, "Well, how about you come with us and have fun?"

"I could use a night of fun," Ginny admitted.

"Great," Hermione smiled. "You can come to my place and we can get dressed for the club together since the boys already live together."

"Sounds good to me," Ginny smiled. She was already looking forward to the weekend.


"Ginny's coming with us this weekend," Hermione told Draco and Blaise when she found them outside the Great Hall, "Where are we assigned now?"

"Headmistress McGonagall wants us to help out some of the other groups. Longbottom's group is apparently really slow so she's hoping we can speed them up," Draco said while Blaise tried to hide his excitement that Ginny was coming. "She also said the castle is going to offer up an eighth year dorm for those of us who would have taken our NEWTS last year. Apparently the four houses won't have enough beds given how many students are returning from the lower years. And the incoming first class is big."

"Well I would prefer our own eighth year dorm anyway. We're all adults, so we shouldn't be housed with kids anymore." Draco and Blaise nodded in agreement as they walked out of the castle.


Neville's group, consisting of Neville, Hannah Abbott, and Ernie MacMillan, was clearly slower than the others. And they were all awkward and pureblood. Not a one had ever been involved in manual labor before. Draco, Blaise, and Hermione all took comfort they were never as awkward as these three and immediately went to work.

As Draco and Blaise lifted a large stone into place Hermione wondered what it said about Blaise and Draco that they weren't afraid to sweat or exert themselves while three people who were on the side of the light could barely do anything. She was certain their earlier assertions about Ron could be applied to the three in front of them. "Okay come on Hermione," Blaise said. Holding onto the mortar Hermione hopped onto Draco's back and, after so much practice doing it to repair their section, he soon had her up on his shoulders as she lay down the mortar on top of the stone they'd just placed.

"To the right Draco," she said. He dutifully took two steps to the right and she continued her work.

"Hermione what are you doing?" Neville asked.

"Repairing Hogwarts," she answered. Blaise, who was picking up some smaller stones Hermione could place in the wall, snickered silently. Maybe it was hanging around him and Draco or maybe she was more Slytherin than he'd expect; but either way Hermione had mastered sarcasm.

"But why are you on Malfoy's shoulders?"

"Because I'm five foot seven and Draco is six foot two," Hermione answered. "It's not like there's scaffolding or a ladder to climb on. And this is faster because Draco can step in either direction." Hermione finished with the mortar and handed it to Blaise, who began handing up stones. Neville followed suit. He didn't want to be shown up by the Slytherins.


They worked until a bell rang, signaling the end of the day, "Time to go home and shower finally," Draco sighed. Hermione nodded her agreement. Hannah and Ernie were left to put everything away as they'd done minimal labor. Hermione walked to the apparition point with Blaise and Draco. "So are we going Friday night or Saturday night?"

"I think we should go Friday night," Hermione answered. "Think you'll be too tired?"

"Hardly," Blaise laughed. "Friday will be wicked."


Friday afternoon four people Apparated to Hermione's apartment. They had decided to hang out and order in a pizza, then the boys would leave to shower and get ready in their flat while the girls would do the same in Hermione's flat. They watched a movie while waiting for the pizza before parting after dinner to get all cleaned up.

"I like muggle clubbing clothes," Ginny declared as she gazed in the full-length mirror in Hermione's bedroom. Not having anything appropriate of her own, Ginny borrowed from Hermione's collection, "Hermione why do you even have these clothes? I've never seen you dress like this before."

Hermione raised an eyebrow as she used magic to do her hair, "How would your mother react?"

Ginny nodded in understanding. Molly Weasley would have a heart attack and tell Hermione to put more clothes on, "Say no more. I get it. And you'd probably break Ron."

"I don't want him thinking he has a chance with me," Hermione shuddered at the thought.

"Yeah Ron is definitely not for you," Ginny shuddered at the thought too. "But you like Malfoy?"

"Draco is…he has what I look for in a potential partner."

"The ability to carry on a conversation that doesn't revolve around quidditch or food?"

"You know me well Ginny," Hermione winked, "Zip me up?"

Ginny helped out her friend, "Wow Hermione. That's a hot dress."

"I think Draco will like it," she smiled, gazing at the snug-fitting strapless red dress in the mirror. It came to just below mid-thigh and the top offered up a good view of cleavage. Ginny had a black skirt and a tight-fitting silver top on, and both girls had worn heels. Ginny's were silver, Hermione's were black. She applied some lip gloss and, once she was done with the ensemble, Hermione smiled. She'd certainly make an impression with Draco.


When the boys returned to her flat Draco smiled at her, "Looking very good Granger."

Hermione's eyes raked his body. Draco looked very good himself. Black jeans and a purple button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top two buttons undone. "Purple, Malfoy?"

"The color of royalty," he winked. She laughed.

"You look nice Ginny," Blaise said. "Shall we head to the bar?"

"Yes," Ginny nodded. She quite liked the dark-skinned man's tight t-shirt and jeans.


Ginny had never known Hermione to have fun and let loose so seeing her and Draco Malfoy on the dance floor grinding against each other was surprising. When they'd entered the club they'd had a round of shots, then Hermione had dragged Malfoy to the dance floor. And the other individual she couldn't imagine letting loose had happily followed her. "They've been dancing around each other for ages," Blaise told her. "Not surprising they're both going full tilt now."

"She deserves to be happy," Ginny said, watching Hermione wrap her arms around Malfoy's neck.

"Draco does too," Blaise said. "Not easy living with a genocidal psychopath who tortures you every day for a year. He never was a Death Eater. Granger ruined all that rhetoric pushed into our heads. Draco did what he did to protect his mother. For my money, she wasn't worth it. And after the war he figured that out. He's not spoken to her since the Final Battle."

"Not even at her trial?" Ginny asked. Narcissa had testified about Draco's involvement, or rather lack thereof. About how her life was threatened unless he carried it out. Ginny didn't know all the details, though.

"Not even then. Draco testified how Narcissa watched him receive the Cruciatus and never lifted a finger to help. I don't think Draco will ever forgive her for letting Bellatrix torture him. She and Voldemort took turns casting it on him."

Ginny shuddered. Malfoy had taken more than she'd ever have expected. She looked back at him, "He doesn't show the curse."

"He wouldn't. Daphne Greengrass is a great potion maker. Theo and I would gather all the ingredients and she'd make the anti-Cruciatus potion. Snape gave her the recipe. A house elf went between Daphne and Draco, feeding him the potion. His parents might not have cared for him, but he's still our friend."

"He's lucky to have you," she said.

Blaise shrugged, "I've always felt lucky to know him. Draco has a habit of using the more negative aspects of his personality to protect others. Especially at Hogwarts. He would make himself the target so the rest of us could sit in the shadows."

Ginny was shocked, "That's why he was such a git? So that you all could slink along invisible?"

"Pansy's father is a horrible excuse for a human being. He sold her aged 12 to Borgin to cover his debts from a poker game. Theo's father was so invisible he might as well have been as dead as his mother. My mum goes through husbands like you go through paper towels. Crabbe and Goyle's parents were physically abusive. Daphne's parents only care about their daughters being virgins for 'proper pureblood' men," Blaise sighed. "Of all of us Draco had the best home life and even his home life turned to shit."

Then Blaise smiled, "He once told me he targeted Granger because he knew she could take it. She was strong. She could take his insults and his jibes. She often got the better of him. Kids from broken, shattered, abusive homes…we spot strength in others. Granger is really strong. Draco was in awe of her, standing against Bellatrix's spell."

"And now your parents are all dead or headed for Azkaban."

"And here's to never getting out," Blaise raised his glass. He looked at the couple on the dance floor, "How long until they kiss?"

"I'd say less than ten minutes."

"I'll say less than five," Blaise grinned.


Hermione smiled as Draco's hips pressed into her, "I like you in purple," she said.

"I like you in any color," he grinned, "though I think you would look particularly delectable in green, black, and silver."

Hermione tilted her head to gaze up into his eyes, "Draco can we please stop dancing around this? We've been through enough drama for the rest of our lives."

"That sounds good to me," he said before leaning in to kiss her.

When they parted a few seconds later she gazed into his eyes, "I don't share, Draco."

"I'm a jealous man, Hermione," he responded.

"Now that that's out of the way get your lips back here," she said, pulling him to her. Draco smiled as their lips met. He'd wondered if they would dance around each other until school started. But Hermione was right. Healing was slow but if there was one thing he learned in the war, it was hold onto the good moments and don't let opportunities pass. If Draco could go back in time, he'd take Dumbledore's offer. But he couldn't do that; what he could do was appreciate the witch in his arms and Draco intended to do exactly that.


"Three minutes," Blaise smirked.

"I'm concerned about oxygen starvation," Ginny frowned, watching the two still not come up for air.

"If they get to six minutes we'll go over and pull them apart," Blaise assured her.

But they didn't have to, as soon Draco and Hermione parted and made their way back to the table, "Drink?" Draco asked her.

"Between the Sheets," Hermione answered.

Draco grinned at that but couldn't resist teasing, "Sure you don't want a Screaming Orgasm?"

Hermione pulled him close to her and whispered into his ear, "That's a shot and frankly, I'd rather it wasn't over in an instant."

His jaw clenched and he swallowed, gazing at her, "Keep it up and we won't make it to the flat, tease."

"Not a tease if you follow through," Hermione winked. Draco walked off to get her drink looking a bit stiff. Hermione looked at a bemused Ginny, "What?"

"I never thought I'd see Hermione Granger actually flirt!" Ginny declared. "It's a very odd experience."

"Well I've never been in a position to be able to flirt," Hermione smirked. "I don't know if you've noticed, but my best friends are two boys who would always cause trouble with any guy who showed even the smallest amount of interest in me." That was true; Ginny had to give Hermione that.


Two hours later all four were on the dance floor and Hermione and Draco were all but on top of each other and completely lost in their own world. Left to their own devices Ginny and Blaise had fun dancing and making fun of some of the more intoxicated muggles with their wild dance moves. "They've imbibed less than us but are acting more intoxicated," Ginny whined as Draco's hands pulled Hermione's hips against him. "That's not fair!"

"I can grope you if you want," Blaise offered.

Ginny giggled into his chest and looked up at him. He was so much fun. "I want to kiss you," Ginny said.

"I'm okay with that," he smiled. Ginny leaned up and Blaise leaned down and kissed her. She groaned into the kiss.

Hermione looked over at Blaise and Ginny snogging, "Well I didn't expect that to happen tonight."

Draco turned his head to see what she was looking at, "They have had more alcohol than us."

Hermione nodded. That was true. His hands moved down to her thighs and she leaned into him, "Draco…"

"I want all your attention on me," he whispered into her ear.

"Then maybe we should go somewhere with more privacy," she responded breathlessly before turning in his embrace to kiss him. Draco groaned his approval of her words and actions and when she pulled back for air he took her hand and they headed over to their friends.

"Hey you two, we're going to Hermione's flat," Draco informed them.

"Okay," Blaise said, not looking at them. "Have fun."

"Oh we intend to," Draco growled, his mouth moving to his new girlfriend's neck.

"Are you two going to be okay?" Hermione asked, looking at Ginny with concern.

"We'll be fine," Ginny assured her. "Go on Hermione. I can crash at Blaise and Draco's flat."

"Okay," Hermione yanked Draco toward the exit.


Back at her apartment Hermione fumbled with the lock as Draco's wandering hands distracted her. His mouth moved back to her neck and in truth Hermione was not sure how she managed to get the door open because it felt like her brain ceased functioning as her lust grew stronger. Once inside she locked the door and tossed her keys onto the table before she turned to face Draco, who lifted her up and kissed her. Hermione's legs wrapped around his waist and she felt her dress rise a few inches. Draco's subsequent groan told her he felt her dress rise up too. One hand dug into her soon-to-be lover's hair while the other gripped his shoulder.

Somehow, Draco was never sure how, he got them to the bedroom without stumbling even once. He pushed her up into her bedroom door to shut it and Hermione's hands moved to his shirt, unbuttoning it, "Bed," she said, her head falling back as Draco's mouth moved to her neck. "Draco, bed."

He walked backwards to the bed, collapsing on it on his back and leaving her straddling him, "I like that," he smirked.

"You would," she retorted before leaning down to leave openmouthed kisses on his chest as she unhooked his belt and undid his pants. "Off." He happily obeyed, tossing his shirt to the floor too while he was sitting up.

"Better?" He asked, very mindful of the predatory look in her eyes as she gazed at his nearly nude body.

"Almost," she answered. He pulled her into a kiss and let his hands explore her back to find the zipper of the dress. He wanted to see that body he'd felt through her clothes so many times before when he'd been lifting her up to repair the school. He found the zipper but the angle was wrong and he couldn't get it down.

Hermione got off the bed and turned around so he could release her from the dress. Draco quickly unzipped her and leaned back to watch her slide her sexy red dress down over some very nice hips. Hermione Granger had a surprising hourglass figure. Draco was in awe. "Wow," he breathed, gazing at the nearly nude witch's rather impressive breasts which were heaving as she tried to get her breath back from their kisses. "You're stunning," he told her.

She smiled and slipped her heels off before straddling him again, "You have the body of a god," she whispered to him, her fingers moving over his defined torso. Draco leaned in and kissed her, pulling her down onto the bed. Without a doubt, this was going to be the best night of his life.


The next morning Hermione woke to Draco's hand cupping her breast. Their clothes were strewn throughout her bedroom. She leaned into his embrace and smiled. This was nice. "You're so sexy," he mumbled, keeping his eyes closed.

Hermione smiled and turned her head to look at him behind her, "Do you need a hangover potion?"

"No," he answered. "You?"

"I'm fine," she kissed his shoulder, "last night was phenomenal."

Draco grinned and opened his eyes, "It really was. You're incredible."

Hermione turned to face him and kissed him on the lips, "Draco do you want breakfast?"

"I would rather have you," he said, making Hermione giggle as he rolled so that she was underneath him, "Shag, shower, shag, and then we eat."

"That sounds good to me," she smiled, her hands roaming his torso before their mouths met again.


Blaise woke on the living room sofa to someone knocking on the door to his flat. He got up, groaning at the nausea that came over him when he did. Rubbing his head he walked to the door and opened it, "Don't you have a key?" He asked a very chipper Draco Malfoy.

"Yes but Hermione and I weren't sure if you were awake yet," he said. "She's making breakfast right now and we figured you and Ginny were probably hungry."

"Sure," Blaise rubbed his eyes, "how long do we have?"

"We'll give you twenty minutes," Draco said. "Did you have fun?"

"We danced, we snogged, we talked. It was fun," Blaise nodded. "I'll take the hangover potion and shower. We'll see you downstairs."

"Great," Draco smiled. "My night was bloody brilliant, by the way," he winked before heading back toward Hermione's flat.


Hermione leaned back into his embrace when he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, "Were they awake?"

"I woke Blaise up but didn't see Red. Seems like he slept on the couch and gave her his bed," Draco answered, leaning down to kiss the side of her neck, "Breakfast smells good."

"No one can resist the powers of French toast," Hermione grinned. "My dad swore my mum's French toast was the perfect hangover food."

"Do you need me to do anything?" While Draco wasn't about to be a chef, he had learned how to cook the muggle way and he could do things in the kitchen without magic. Despite how his parents had raised him, he'd become quite self-sufficient that summer.

Hermione smiled, "Get out the juice? And plates?" Draco released her and did as she asked.


Blaise and Ginny arrived just in time. Draco got out everything Hermione requested and helped her plate breakfast before they all sat down to eat, "So how was your night?" Ginny asked Hermione.

She smiled at Draco but didn't say a word. He swallowed his first bite of food, "Hermione this is delicious."

"Thank you Draco," she said before addressing the redhead, "I don't kiss and tell Ginny."

"Oh come on," Ginny pouted.

"Nope," Hermione shook her head. "I am very pleased with my choice of lover and have no regrets and that's all you'll get."

Ginny looked at Malfoy, "How about you?"

"Best night of my life," he answered. Hermione's smile grew at that and Draco knew he'd said the right thing.

Hermione looked at Ginny, "So how did you and Blaise get on without us?"

"Just fine," Ginny said, frowning at the lack of details. "Are you sure you don't want to gush?"

"Positive," Hermione said. "Draco's ego is big enough." Blaise laughed while Draco looked smug for the rest of breakfast.


Ginny returned to the Burrow after breakfast and Hermione banished Blaise from her apartment so that she could have some privacy with Draco. "So how was your night?" Draco asked her, sitting down on the sofa.

"Pretty incredible," Hermione sat on his lap. "Although this morning was a little better. You're a fast learner."

"Six months ago I thought I'd die a virgin," Draco confessed. "Let's just say I'm highly appreciative of not being dead and getting a chance with such a beautiful woman."

Hermione smiled and offered her own confession, "I had the same thoughts when Bellatrix was torturing me. That was it. I'd die there, at her hands, a virgin and not having done so many things that I wanted to do."

"I will happily do loads of those things with you," Draco grinned.

Hermione laughed, "That doesn't surprise me at all."

"I can be a generous person," he smirked.

"I'm not stupid Draco," Hermione deadpanned. "I've come to know you quite well these past few weeks and generous is not the first descriptor to come to mind."

"I can be generous to the people that matter to me," Draco countered. "You'll see." Hermione kissed him. She was greatly looking forward to the rest of the summer and getting to know Draco even more.