A little oneshot, from before Beacon falls (and after initiation).

Disclaimer: I do not own RWBY. If I did, they wouldn't call their scrolls "scrolls."

Ruby Rose was fine.

She just had a pounding headache, an above-normal temperature, and a stuffy nose. She might also be the slightest bit drowsy too.

Team RWBY was walking down the hall to breakfast. Ruby sniffled, ignoring Yang's concerned look and Weiss' brief, but worried glance. Blake, as usual, had her nose stuck in a book.

"Hey Rubes, you sure you're fine?"

"Yang! For the fourth time, I'm not a little kid anymore! It's just a little fever!"

"Woah there sis, no need to explode! I was just asking!"

"I'm perfectly fine, so overprotective..." grumbled Ruby as she stomped forward, a childish pout on her face. Weiss walked faster to keep up, while Yang turned to the last member of team RWBY, a grin on her face.

"Blake! You better cat up!" Blake glared up at the snickering blond.

Team RWBY sat themselves next to team JNPR, each with their own trays of food. Team JNPR looked up briefly, then Jaune continued talking.

"Great! More people to ask for opinions."

"Wazzah?" was the ever-so-eloquent response that came out of Ruby's mouth, as she looked up from her third cookie (she had eaten the first two while in line).

"Which do you think are better, pancakes dipped in hot sauce or pancakes dipped in dressing?" Jaune asked. Yang snorted with laughter.

"How did this come up?" Yang inquired, chuckling.

"Well, uh, Nora started it?"

"She wanted to know which would be better to put on her pancakes if she ever had to choose." Ren clarified. "I believe it has to do with a reoccurring dream of hers."

"Yeah, well, if you keep finding yourself in the Forever Fall Forest with pancakes and a bottle of each, you'd want to know which to put on your pancakes!" In response to Nora's outburst, Blake looked up from her book.

"Why not just collect sap?"

Jaune and Nora just stared as if Blake had suggested world domination. Ren sighed, and Pyrrha had a somewhat strained smile as she held back from laughing.

"Nora, why didn't you think of that?"

"You didn't think of it either!"

"Ren! Why didn't you tell us?!"

Ruby winced as the loud voices increased the pounding in her head. Unfortunately for her, Yang noticed.

"Sis, are you really sure you're fine?"

"Yang..." Ruby glared at her sister. Or tried. She knew that she probably looked more like a kid throwing a tantrum, but apparently Yang decided to humor her.

"Fine!" Yang exclaimed, throwing her hands up in a gesture of surrender.

Ruby sighed, then put up a cheery smile. "So, it's Saturday. What's everyone going to do?"

Weiss raised an eyebrow. "The library, of course. I have to study."


"Library too."

"Huh," Ruby turned to Ren next. "What about you, Ren?"

"He's helping me with baking! More pancakes!" Came the excited voice of the ginger girl sitting next to him.

"What about you, Pyrrha?" The redhead smiled.

"I plan to train until this afternoon. Afterwards, I believe I'll join Weiss and Blake in the library." Came the redhead's reply. Yang perked up.

"Ooh, can I join? The training, I mean. Not the library. Got some other things to do too."

"I don't see a problem." Pyrrha said, nodding. Ruby grinned, headache momentarily forgotten.

"Can I come too?!" Immediately, Yang rounded on Ruby, a frown on her face.

"No. You're going to be resting. It's the least you can do, since I know you'll refuse to visit the infirmary." Ruby pouted.



"Grrr..." Ruby stood up abruptly, wincing as her headache returned in full power, and left, disposing of her trash before heading to her team's dorm.

In the hallway, Ruby stumbled and fell as team CRDL shoved past her on their way to the cafteria. She sniffled as her nose began to bother her again.

"You OK?"

Ruby whirled around, seeing a friendly knight.

"Jaune! Yeah, I'm fine."

"You don't seem fine." He said, eyebrow raised and a worried expression on his face.

"Yep! I'm good. Watcha doing?" Ruby asked as she stood up.

"Well, before, nothing. Now though, after that, I decided that I'll walk you to your room." Ruby opened her mouth, about to protest, only to let out a high-pitched sneeze. She blushed.

"Fine..." Jaune smiled at her answer.


They walking in silence for a while, Ruby growing sleepier as they walked, until Jaune was essentially guiding Ruby to her dorm. They stopped in front of the bunk beds, and Jaune nudged Ruby awake.


"No Weiss, just five more minutes..."


"I almost have the cookie..."


"AAAHHH! I wasn't sleeping, Professor Oobleck!" Ruby yelped, before looking around, blinking and sniffling. "Uhhh..."

Jaune smiled at her. "Come on, Ruby. You just have to climb up to your bed."

Ruby, having gotten her bearings, leaped up, and with a burst of her semblance, landed in her bed.

"Thanks, Jaune." Jaune gave a nod and a smile.

"You're welcome."

Jaune turned to leave, but was stopped by a small voice.


"Yes, Ruby?"

"Could, you... umm... readmeastorycausethat's-" Jaune winced under the (quiet) verbal assault before holding his hands up in a placating gesture.

"H-hold on Ruby, slow down a bit."

Ruby shifted in her bed nervously, her head hanging off the edge to look at Jaune. "W-well, Yang reads me books and stories when I'm sick, and was hoping that you could, um, maybe read to me?" Jaune reached up and patted her head. She pouted back at him.

"Alright Ruby. Any story in particular?" Ruby paused for a moment, thinking before replying.

"The Four Maidens!"

Jaune nodded. "Ok. Give me a second." Pulling out his scroll, he quickly found a written version of the story. "Once upon a time, there was an old wizard. He hid himself inside his hut everyday, and never came out, using his magic to live. But one day, four young girls came to his hut. They convinced him to come out, and showed him the joys of life. Spring-" Jaune was interrupted by a soft snore. Looking up, he found that Ruby had fallen asleep, her head still dangling off the side of the bed, a peaceful smile on her face.

Jaune smiled at the sight, pocketing his scroll and moving Ruby's head so that she wouldn't wake up with a stiff neck. He walked to the door, pausing right before it and turning around.

"Sweet dreams, Ruby." He turned back and walked out, locking the door behind him. He didn't see how the little flower's smile grew just a bit at his voice.

Yeah, I know that in RWBY Chibi, Taiyang gives Ruby cookies, milk, video games, and motivational posters as a cure for sickness. But seeing as Ruby loves stories, and Yang loves her sister, it makes sense that Yang would tell stories when Ruby was sick. And Jaune has seven sisters. He'd probably know how to tell stories.