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Out of Aura

Jaune Arc knew he wasn't the best fighter.

Sometimes, he wondered how he was still in Beacon.

But this was just a reason to become better. He had a dream, and he was going to pursue it.

That's why he was training, once again, in the middle of the night, long after the curfew. Yes, he'd probably be sleepy, tired, and irritable the next day. Would he stop? No.

After all, the clock in the training room read 12:00 A.M. He had slept much later before.

He stumbled slightly over a defeated robo-beowolf, barely sliding underneath the claws of the robo-ursa he was fighting, before slicing up with Crocea Mors. The ursa was decapitated, and a buzzing sound signaled a break. He gasped, finding his way to a bench and practically collapsing on it.

The training room was a rather large place. It was modeled after the Amity Coliseum (though the training room was smaller). In addition to the combat area, there was a rectangular resting station, with benches and a water fountain. A couple weights were in a corner (of the resting station, duh, circular arenas don't have corners), and the other corner had a punching bag.

Jaune watched as the robo-ursa, as well as the other bots he had been fighting, were dragged away by cleaning bots. He knew that by tomorrow (or today?), the bots would be fixed. All of the robotic Grimm were designed to have one weak spot that was also easy to repair. It was so that students could learn the weak points of the Grimm, while the staff didn't have to worry too much about wasting money for new training dummies.

Groaning, Jaune stood and entered the "battle section," starting the next wave of bots. As the overhead system announced "Wave 4: BEGIN!," they charged at him. He ducked under a beowolf's swipe and deflected a boarbatusk's charge on the left with his shield. The impact disorientated him, however, so the beowolf in front of him's next strike hit him straight on. A yellow flashing at the corner of his eye warned him of his low aura levels, but he focused on his enemies, not even bothering to check his aura in the display above. A beowolf charged, but Jaune raised his aching arm and cut the beowolf down. As he did so, however, more beowolves moved. He was surrounded.

As two beowolves leaped at him from different sides, Jaune's mind flashed back to Ren. He had seen the martial artist do some kind of shockwave move before with his aura. Perhaps Jaune could replicate the feat?

In that split second when Jaune felt and pushed his aura out, he knew something was wrong. He felt utterly exhausted - and the display above showed that, his aura going from yellow to a flat 0. He saw the bots' eyes go dark in response to the lack of aura, but their claws were still outstretched, and while one set of claws was deflected by his armor, the other set hit him in the back of his head. For a moment, Jaune felt immense pain, before he blacked out.

Jaune opened his eyes. There was something wrapped around his forehead. Where was he?

White walls, white curtains, white bed (that he was resting on), white sheets - the infirmary?

He blinked when he noticed the little reaper in black and red, sitting in a chair, head in her arms, and her arms on the bed. She was fast asleep.

He heard the squeak of a door being opened. A nurse walked by - or he assumed it was the nurse, by the white uniform and hat - , and stopped when she noticed Jaune.

"Oh! You're awake!"

Jaune groaned. "Yep. What happened?"

The nurse frowned. "You used up all of your aura. Not only that, but you somehow received a blow to the back of your head. As luck would have it, Ms. Rose was getting a cup of milk. If it weren't for her," she nodded to Ruby, "you could've died, bleeding out on the floor."


The nurse snorted with laughter. "That's all you have to say?" She raised her hand to cut Jaune off when he opened his mouth to object. She smiled, and said, "Well, you're here now. You might want to apologize to your friend - you must have given her quite a fright. Besides, she clearly cares about you. She stayed here all night, after she found you and carried you here. Fortunately, today is Sunday. There are no classes." She began to walk off. "I have a couple forms to fill out, so I'll be going now."

As the nurse left the room, Jaune looked at his fellow leader. She was dressed in her pajamas, but had her cloak on her as well. She was sleeping peacefully, snoring lightly. She muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'cookie.' He ruffled her hair and relaxed in the infirmary bed, waiting for her to wake up so he could explain what happened.

"You're a good friend, Ruby."


"Ow! That's my hand!"

With how much Jaune trains and how determined he is, I wouldn't be surprised if Jaune snuck out to train. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Jaune had been injured multiple times.

Ruby's cookie obsession was just for fun.

As a side note, it is very unlikely that Jaune and Ruby will do anything that is undeniably romantic. Ruby and I don't have a single romantic bone to share with each other, and Jaune probably doesn't have the experience. Most of this stuff will be friend-friend. I might do something where they confess if prompted, but don't count on it.