Chapter 1: Paris, Part I

It was the summer after second year. The date was Sunday, July 24, 1993. To be more precise, it was 5:00 in the morning, and Harry was sound asleep in his bed. That is, until he was awoken by a mass of bushy brown hair bouncing on his bed.

"Harry! Harry! You have to get up! Today's the day we're going to Paris!" Hermione begged.

Soon enough, Harry was sitting in his bed with his packed duffel bag and rucksack by his side. Hermione was sitting there next to him with her belongings packed, including her unnoticeably stuffed bookbag. Harry was excited because he and his family were going to Paris to celebrate his 13th birthday, with a little side trip to the new EuroDisney Resort. Hermione was especially excited because Paris was someplace she'd always wanted to visit, and going to EuroDisneyland was no exception. She was even more excited to know that there was a Beauty and the Beast Live Show playing there. Even if it were in French, she'd understand it perfectly because of how well she knew the film.

There was a reason they'd gotten up so early, though. Lily wanted them to travel there via airplane, as it was in style and wouldn't be as discomforting as going there via floo powder or apparition. Their flight wasn't until 8:00, but Lily knew they'd have to be at the airport at least two hours before the flight left. Also, since there were so many people living in the house, it would take about an hour to get everyone together and in line for the trip. It turned out, the whole family was going on this trip; Harry, Hermione, Lily, James, Sarah, Paul, Jane, Sirius, Remus, and Dora. Harry donned his Lucky Lennon hat while Hermione donned her blue beret and together, they got dressed, brushed their teeth, tried brushing their hair, and took their belongings downstairs, where everyone else's were waiting.

Suddenly, there was an explosion coming from upstairs…


Some fireworks were set off and Lily wasn't happy to have to deal with this so early in the morning. Soon enough, the culprit stepped forward, which Lily smiled about, as she knew perfectly who it was… Sirius Black. He was particularly looking forward to this, as it was unlike anything he'd ever seen or heard of before and when they were heading out the door, he was acting like his usual self; like a kid at Christmas. He was looking forward to both the fireworks and the rides and wondered how they would compare to the Wizarding World's fireworks and broomsticks.

"Save it for the park, Sirius" Lily advised.

"She's right, you know, Padfoot," James encouraged, nudging him in the side.

Speaking of rides, the whole family was gathered outside the house at 6:00 in the morning. Hagrid had showed up early that morning because he agreed to watch Hedwig, Crookshanks, and the rest of the menagerie while the families were away. After he sent his best wishes to them, Lily held out her wand and a door emerged from the ground. It was a particularly long door, which kept growing until it started moving out to the streets. As soon as it was parallel to the road, it opened and out came the same Rolls-Royce limousine that they traveled in to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs a few weeks before.

Since they'd gotten up early, they wanted to travel in some way where they didn't have to use magic… at least not themselves. For this occasion, though, it was also charmed to go faster than usual, without being noticed or the passengers feeling it. They were headed to Heathrow Airport and what would take them about three hours would only take them forty-five minutes to an wouldn't see them coming and to the passengers, it wouldn't feel like they were going any faster than they would at the normal speed limit.

By the time they got to the airport, the placed a Notice Me Not charm on the spot they were standing. This was so no one would see that a Rolls-Royce limousine was about to disappear into thin air and be sent back to the underground garage in Liverpool, where the Potters kept it. In addition, more Notice Me Not charms were placed on everyone's wands so there'd be no suspicion when they went through security.

When they got to check in, they were all seen carrying ordinary duffel bags and no one said a thing, because all the bags were checked in one load. Security went rather well also. When each of them had their passports checked, they were allowed to pass through without fail. In fact, none of the agents ever said a thing about Remus looking like a terrorist or Dora looking like a punk. He was given a special cream to hide the werewolf scars on his face and she, reluctantly, had to change her hair and eyes to look like some other muggle.

To think what characters in your story can't do without you.

Unfortunately, the line at security was still long, as this was the time of year when Paris was jammed with tourists. It was 7:15, so they had plenty of time to get to the gate. Sirius was about to get antsy, until he remembered not to complain about long car rides or use magic on muggle property. It took Lily everything she could to get him to not bring any fireworks or prank products. Fortunately, the line started moving faster, thanks to me. I thought it'd be funnier if you could picture in your head a long line moving in time-lapse speed. Also, with the Notice Me Not charms on their bags, they didn't have to worry about security officers reporting about suspicious looking sticks in their bags.

When they finally got to the gate, it was about 7:30. They were flying British Airways, flight 308 at 8:00 from Terminal 5. They were all hungry and the flight was only one hour, so it wasn't likely they'd be served a continental breakfast on the plane. Nearby, Harry found a fish and chips stall next to a baked goods stall. He and James went over and got some orders of fish and chips and cinnamon buns for everyone to share. After offering Hermione his last chip, he split his cinnamon bun with her.

Soon enough, it was time to board the plane. Sirius saw the plane through the window outside and was planning on making a crude remark about how muggles flew, until he remembered the security incident before. James, on the other hand was intrigued when he got on board. When he saw that people sat in the cockpit, making the plane go up and down and turning it around, his curiosity peaked. When he told Sirius about this, it gave him a few ideas… don't take that the wrong way.

"Already, I'm worried about what they could possibly be up to," Lily muttered.

Meanwhile, Hermione was still nervous about flying. She hadn't been on a broomstick that much while at Hogwarts, so Harry sat next to her to make her feel good. Sarah was sitting in their row, so as usual, there came the teasing, which I'm not going to write for you.

"This is going to be a long hour and a half," Harry muttered.

Because of this, I think you can assume there was no first class section on is plane. If it were a longer flight, the Potters would have chosen it.

They took off from Heathrow, like I said, and landed at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris at around 9:30-9:45 a.m. Lily was glad that their luggage came down altogether, because she was seriously tempted to hex the attendants if it didn't. Notice that even the good girl formerly known as Lily Evans had a bad side, also. After exiting he baggage terminal, a van arrived to take them to their hotel. They were staying at the Le Bristol Paris hotel, as the name of this hotel reminded them of home.

They arrived around 10:00 a.m. and when they did, some of the rooming arrangements seemed fair. Lily and James had one room, with Harry, Hermione, and Sarah sharing the connecting room, Paul and Jane had another room, Remus and Dora had another room, and Sirius had his own room with a king-sized bed. With Harry's rooming arrangements, I think you know what this meant.

Fortunately, there was no time for that. The families were tired from their long trek from Liverpool to London to Paris and was in the mood to recuperate. After about half an hour of unpacking, they put on their appropriate suits and headed for the pool which was, unfortunately indoors, but still better than nothing. When Harry jumped in, Dora had an idea for a prank. She whispered the first part of her idea to Hermione, who immediately jumped at the chance.

Hermione dove into the pool and hid under the water for some amount of time. Harry turned around to see where the splash was coming from, but found no one. Wherever he turned, he couldn't find anyone, but stayed in the same spot.

"Right on target," Hermione thought.

As she swam closer and closer to him, I played the theme music from Jaws to set the mood of the scene. Soon enough, Harry heard a splash from right behind him and some arms circled around him and unwittingly kissed him on the cheek. I emphasize that it was unwittingly done. Harry jumped, but when he felt the not so bushy hair, he knew immediately who it was. Sarah was watching the whole thing and would have giggled hysterically, but not until the part where Harry was kissed.

Soon enough, they heard another splash form behind them. Harry, of course turned around, but no one was there again.

"Okay Hermione, the joke's on you," Harry admitted.

"It isn't me," Hermione reassured him, looking equally confused.

"Then, who?" Harry asked.

He immediately turned to Sarah, who, it turned out, didn't know either. They started looking around again, until they felt a tug at their legs. The next thing they knew, they were being held upside down by their feet, and out of the water rose a familiar looking woman, who'd turned her hair and skin the blue color of the pool water to look invisible. Harry immediately recognized her. She immediately started laughing.

"You… should have… seen… your faces," she blurted out between laughs.

Sarah, of course, was laughing her arse off this time.

"Nymphadora Tonks!" Harry fake admonished.

Immediately, her skin and hair turned back to their original state. She dropped them both back into the water.

"You guys are so dead!" She shouted.

A splash war begun and Sarah joined in fighting against her big brother. After about an hour or two in the pool, the families had a poolside lunch before going back to their rooms to shower and redress. They spent the rest of the afternoon walking down the streets and looking around to see the different shops and statues of people, including the Chanel Boutique, the British Embassy, and the Élysée Palace. This was their first day in Paris, so they knew they wouldn't see the major landmarks yet. Finally, it was time for dinner, which they had a reservation for at a small wine and steakhouse nearby. I didn't have enough resources to research what was on that street, especially in the early 90's.

Anyways, after dinner, the group made their way back to the hotel, ready for bed. Hermione was particularly excited that they'd still be seeing the other landmarks of Paris and hopefully different parts of France for the next two days, before finally spending the rest of their week's time at their primary objective, EuroDisney. This was enough to make Harry happy and at ease before drifting off to sleep.