Chapter 26: The Magic Kingdom Part III - Tomorrowland

The families headed to Tomorrowland first, to give Ron the chance to do what he wanted. This was where they started when they went to EuroDisney, so they had an idea of what to expect.

But remember, this was 1994. Some of the attractions that you might be thinking of didn't exist yet, as the movies based on them, such as Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., and Lilo and Stitch has yet to be released.

Also, unlike at EuroDisney, the Tomorrowland here had a totally different look. A retro-futuristic look, if you will. It was described as "the future that never was," so it was bound to result in some head-scratchers as far as the parents were concerned, but thankfully, it didn't.

"So, what are we going to do first?" Ron asked.

"I know! Let's ride the PeopleMover first," Danny suggested. "We can show you around and see what there is to do here."

I don't even need to describe the experience of the PeopleMover, as it was just too basic… apart from the fact that Danny and Rachel talked and acted like tour guides the whole way through.

But I can say this… I took several of the PeopleMover cars and combined them into one big car for all the kids to ride in, so Danny and Rachel could be their guides. All the while, without making it visible to Muggles. I said I wasn't going to reveal myself to Danny with my tricks but after doing so many "inconspicuous" things, I figured…

"What the hell?"

Anyways, Danny and Rachel pointed out all there was to see, from Space Mountain, to the Carousel Of Progress, and everything in between. When they got off, the first thing they decided to do was to ride the Astro Orbiter, after it caught Fred and George's attention, and caused Hermione to look away for a minute. It went up even higher in the air and it made her feel even better about the Dumbo ride. She also remembered the number of times she traveled with Harry in his private plane.

"Well, that gives you the perfect reason to go on this," Harry dismissed as he grabbed her arm. "Now, come on!"

When they took the elevator up to the ride, it didn't seem so bad. Only the platform where you got on the ride was raised higher. But that still didn't stop Hermione from keeping her eyes closed when they got on the ride. While Danny, Rachel, Sarah, the Weasley kids, and the parents and caregivers flew around with the wind in their hair, having the time of their lives, Harry had to shake Hermione to get her to open her eyes. Her relief came all but short when she found out she could see the ground.

Afterwards, they headed over to the Carousel of Progress. This caught Mr. Weasley's attention, as it had to do with Muggles and their technology. For the uninitiated, it was an animatronics show talking about how technology changed over the course of the 20th century, and how it kept changing the lives of Muggles everywhere, not just limited to the American Family.

Mr. Weasley already knew some of the things they talked about, including record players, radio, movies, and television, but that still didn't stop him from asking questions when the show was over. He approached Hermione and her parents about it, but Danny and Rachel stepped in.

"We'll talk to him," Danny offered. "It'll save you the trouble."

After spending a few minutes lecturing Mr. Weasley about Muggle technologies, as well as American history, the group headed over to another attraction most of you are too young to remember; the Delta Dreamflight. This was back before Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin took over. It was a journey through the history of flight and aviation, told with film, animatronics, and dioramas. The Delta part came from Delta sponsoring the ride, as well as being the official Disney World airline at the time… after Eastern Airlines headed down the toilet.

This ride gave Mr. Weasley the opportunity to ask the one question he'd been longing to hear the answer to above all other questions in existence; how do airplanes fly and stay in the air?

Once again, Danny stepped in to explain. If you're wondering how he knows all this, then I haven't furthered his character well enough. Danny thinks a lot, he's really smart. He has a natural curiosity and a willingness to look for the answers, and an ability to absorb the answers quickly, much like myself. But that all depends upon how his answers are worded. He prefers to stick to descriptions that were detailed, but most people would be able to understand.

That was something that Hermione wasn't good at, at least not in the other timeline.

But I've talked too much about Mr. Weasley's reactions and not enough about Ron's. After all, this was the land he wanted to see.

Ron started looking around for other things to do in Tomorrowland. There weren't that many other choices, though, which may confuse you. Before the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, there was The Timekeeper, like I talked about at EuroDisney, but that wouldn't be open until until November. Before Stitch's Great Escape, there was the ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, but that wouldn't open for another year. So there were really only three more attractions left to do in Tomorrowland.

That makes it seem like I won't be able to write about this land in exactly four pages.

The thing that caught Ron's eye, though was the star attraction of Tomorrowland; Space Mountain. To tell you the truth, I'm worried as to how I'm going to talk about this ride because… well frankly, I've never rode it.

You heard right, I've never been on Space Mountain.

But that clearly didn't stop the characters' excitement for it, and let's face it, they just had to do it. Pretty much everyone does.

The title was what sounded cool, and the mystery was brought on by the short sample they got when riding the PeopleMover. But Mrs. Weasley started getting wary of the whole thing. She could see how extreme some of the rides could get here, and they made the Muggle things she experienced back in England look like innocent family type stuff, which it was.

Anyways, they all boarded the ride and from what I gathered, after watching one of those videos taken with a Night Vision camera…


Okay, I watched a video of it with the lights on.

But from what I gathered, it didn't seem that bad. I realized it was really when the lights were down and all the effects were out that really added to the experience. But overall, it wasn't that roller-coastery, and even Mrs. Weasley seemed to enjoy it.

Ron, though, was screaming his head off, whooping with joy the whole time, louder than anyone else on the ride with him. When they all got off, he had only one thing to say;

"That was bloody brilliant! Let's do that again!"

He ran for the ride with Harry, Hermione, Danny, Rachel, Sarah, Ginny, and all his brothers following. The adults, though, opted to stay out of this and let the kids have their fun.

After spending another ride trying to decide who could whoop the loudest the whole way through, while trying not to throw their voices out, the kids got off and made their way over to one of the final two attractions in Tomorrowland; the Tomorrowland Speedway. This was something that Mrs. Weasley was a little more keen on.

Unlike in another FanFiction story I read, where she insisted,

"We are not getting into those cars."

But let's not let any digressions get in the way. I've said, "But I digress," too many times.

Danny and Rachel ended up having to teach some of the others, well mostly the Weasleys, how to operate the cars, in terms of putting the seatbelts on, pushing the gas pedals making the car go, and steering, even though they were on a track.

"We'll race you," Harry dared.

All the other kids agreed, even though it was unlikely any of them would ever be going faster than the others. The cars all had the same maximum speed and would all be starting off at different times, so whoever went first was most likely to win.

Because of this, I figured I'd have all the kids literally racing each other through the line, to see who'd go first. Danny and Rachel ended up going first, riding together in a purple car with yellow stripes. I don't ever recall any purple cars on the ride, but I figured here I'd make that possible. Don't even ask me to tell you why.

Harry and Hermione followed, in a red car with yellow stripes.

Ron, naturally hopped into an orange car, as it was the color of his favorite Quidditch team, the Chudley Cannons. I'm not going to go into full detail about the colors of the other cars the kids drove in.

As soon as they neared the finish line, Danny and Rachel and Harry and Hermione were advancing on each other, though surprisingly slowly for reasons I've talked about before. Of course, Danny and Rachel won. Harry and Hermione came in a close second, and I could say the same about Ron coming in third… that is, if Ginny hadn't beaten him to it in her green car. When they got off, they were all having a friendly argument about who was beating who

"I came in a close third place!" Ron argued.

"Yeah, sure you did!" Hermione retorted. "Beaten by your own sister…"

"Just like the Holyhead Harpies beat the Cannons!" Ginny finished.

While Ron gave a rather cartoonish pout/sulk, everyone headed to the Skyway station, which most of you are too young to remember also. It was basically a two-to-four seater cable car that gave you a bird's eye view of the park, or at least part of it.

If this were in the other timeline, Hermione would be worrying about this ride stopping, the cable car detaching and the riders plunging to certain death. Come to think of it, she was still a little worried about it here because it seemed more likely to happen.

"You're sitting next to me, whether you like it or not, Harry James Potter," she warned.

This ride would take them into the next section of the part; Fantasyland. Tune in next time, as our characters stop at the next Skyway station to experience all the wonders of Fantasyland… or at least the wonders you'd find in the Magical World, and how Muggles saw them.

So stay tuned…