What if Rachel actually went through it and stopped Ross' wedding?

This is one possible scenario.

Slightly inspired by Taylor Swift's song Speak Now.

For this fanfic, Taylor Swift will exist in the nineties. Sorry, people who hate her.

This is probably going to be just four or five chapters. Let me know what you think, even though I know how it's going to end already, I'm very open to suggestions.

Here it is!

1: The decision

Rachel sat alone on the floor of her bedroom, watching Ross' picture over and over again, she shed no tears, but she felt them crowding on her chest, making her almost choke. Married. Ross will become a married man. Oh, god! How was that even possible? Had it even been that long since they broke up? At the moment, it felt like yesterday. It certainly hurt as much as that day: The day their relationship was destroyed. When he chose to betray her… oh, no! She must not think of how he was unfaithful! She's suffering enough already.

And she can put her pain and anger behind. She can't even think of any single flaw Ross could have. What could she criticize in him? His gorgeous eyes? His kind smile? The way he always loved her…

It seemed crazy to think that a man who spent ten years in love with her could so easily let go of those feelings…

She gasped.

Ten years!

A whole decade of loving her in secret!

How could he have forgot about her so soon?

The answer?

He couldn't!

Of course not. He had only lost all hope. Rachel had made it very clear that she will not get back together with him. She had broken his heart by rejecting him, but surely, he must still love her.

How could he not?

He loves her and he doesn't know that he is loved, as well!

If he knew, oh of course he wouldn't marry that British girl!

After all, he knew her for, like, what, a month? What is that compared to a decade of adoring Rachel?

She now can't help but to think of all the times Ross told her he loved her. All the nights they spent together, and she wonders… could he also be like that with Emily? Impossible.

Her heart pounds like crazy.

Suddenly, she stands up, feeling like she needs to talk to someone or else she'll go crazy.

She goes out of her room and finds Phoebe, looking huge and kind. How nice it is to see a friendly face! Especially since almost everyone she loves is in a far away country.

"Hi, Rach," Phoebe said. "How are you now? Did you nap?"

Rachel stared at her and before responding, she needs to check her voice.

"I'm fine," she manages to say.

"Are you sure?" Phoebe said, looking at the picture hanging from Rachel's hand. "After the aversion therapy was done—you didn't have to keep that…"

"I need it," Rachel said, defensibly.

"Rachel…" Phoebe sighed.

"Do you want to listen to some music?" Rachel said, feeling like any word or conversation about Ross and his wedding could drive her mad.

Phoebe sighed again. "All right," she said.

Rachel walked towards the radio and put the volume as loudly as she could.

Aqua's Barbie Girl was halfway through. Phoebe sang along happily. Then, U2'S without you started playing. Rachel felt like grabbing the damn radio and smash it into a million pieces. Instead, she walked, or better said, ran into her bedroom again. She stayed there until she heard the next song. It was Taylor Swift's newest song: Speak Now. She had only heard it maybe once or twice on her way to work the week before.

She listened to those first lyrics and walked back to stand next to the radio.

"Oh, thank god!" Phoebe cried. "Please turn that off!"

Phoebe really didn't like Taylor's music.

Rachel only listened more carefully.

When the song was over, Phoebe cried out in relief. Rachel grabbed the phone to call the radio and request the song again.

Funny how she usually never paid any attention to song lyrics, she only liked melodies. Now, Rachel couldn't stop singing in her bedroom.

She sang as she finished packing.

She didn't even look at herself in the mirror, which was unusual for Rachel. She just grabbed whatever clothes she could find and stuck them into the first suitcase she ran into.

"Pheebs!" she cried when she was done.

"Yeah?" Phoebe's voice was heard.

"Do you know where the duck's food is?" Rachel said loudly as she put a hand on her suitcase.

"Yes," phoebe responded. "It's on the guy's apartment under the sink. Why?"

"Because I'm going to London!" Rachel said, determinate and confidently.

"What?!" Phoebe could hardly believe her eyes.

"I'm going to London." Rachel repeated. "I'm going to tell Ross that I love him!"

Phoebe looked at Rachel as if she were looking at a mad person.

"You can't do that! Rachel, Ross loves Emily!" Phoebe cried.

"Maybe, but not as much as me."

"What are you even talking about? What could make you think that?"

"I just know it—"

"Then why is he across the world about to marry another woman?" Phoebe interrupted.

"Because he doesn't know that I love him too! When I tell him, he'll—"

"What? What do you think he'll do? Stop the wedding? Ross wouldn't ever do that, not even if he didn't love Emily. Rachel, if you go to London, you're just gonna mess with his head and ruin his wedding day!"

For a moment, Rachel considered it. What if Ross doesn't have the courage to follow his heart? But then, she thinks of her own wedding day, and as horrible and guilty as she felt for leaving a man on the altar, she knows it was the best choice of her life. What if she had actually went through it and marry Barry? Ugh, she shudders to even think about it.

Could she really abandon Ross to a destiny so horrible? No, so he must know that the love of his life still loves him, probably more than ever!

"He deserves to know how I feel," Rachel said, trying to convince Phoebe that she's doing the right thing. "Only after being well informed can he make a good decision."

"That's not why you're going, Rach. You're expecting him to leave a woman, THE WOMAN he loves on the altar. In front of all their family and friends. Ross is not going to do that. You're about to make a mistake that could ruin both of your lives! It's over." Phoebe's words were meant to clung deep into Rachel's heart and mind, but she was beyond help by that point.

"You know what, this isn't over until someone says I do!" Rachel cried as she ran for the door.

Oh, quick, what must I do? Phoebe thought.

"I do! I do!" Phoebe started yelling, but as her huge belly slowed her down, she was incapable of going after her crazy friend.

"Yeah, like I could chase her!" she cried, now alone with her babies. "I'm carrying a litter!"