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2: Church Chapel

After an embarrassing moment at the airport, and a rude Englishman by her side on the plane, Rachel managed to make it to that city so far from home.

She passed by everyone without being noticed, and it's not like she could set her eyes on anyone; she was too determinate, too focused and assured. She needed to see Ross fast, before she lost all courage to confess her love.

As she walked with a steady pace across the floor of that beautiful chapel, she felt her heart race more and more intensely.

It seemed like nothing could break her spirits, so high at that point, her emotion, her will, and her fast feet. That is, until she finally found that man for whom she so hastily traveled across the world. She had thought of nothing on the plane but the feeling of happiness she would experience when she finally could see him again. And as she stood a few steps from him, she felt absolutely no happiness. Just a deep cut inside her chest. He wasn't alone.

He looked happier than she had ever seen him. He had his bride in his loving arms, and he was kissing her passionately. Rachel stood there, unable to look away, holding back tears that were already crowding on her sad blue eyes.

The bride moved away, floating like a pageant queen in her white gown, and now alone, Ross could get back to the world and notice the woman who was standing there with a broken heart. And he didn't know how much he had broken her.

He smiled, kindly, like any friend would, and he approached Rachel, taking her hands between his own, not knowing the effect that the action caused on her; he thanked her for coming to his wedding, and to make matters worse, he kissed her cheek, making her tremble.

"I just can't believe you're here!" Ross said while still holding Rachel's hands in his own. "What happened Rach? Why are you here?"

She took a deep breathe, she almost said something but her voice failed her. She looked deep into his sweet brown eyes, and she saw a kindness that almost resembled that of a brother. She couldn't allow that.

"Ross…" she muttered, weakly.

"Yes?" Ross still didn't let go of her hands. "What happened Rachel?"

"I can't…" she shook her head.

"What? You're scaring me! Tell me. Did something happen? Is it Phoebe? Is it you? What's going…?"

"Ross!" she interrupted him.

He closed his mouth, understanding she needed to say something and he wasn't making it any easier for her. He just watched her in silence, giving her the time to let it all out. She loved him even more for that.

"You can't marry her!" she suddenly cried.

Ross tightened his grip.

"Why?" he looked confused.

"Because I—I! I can't watch you get married, Ross! I can't! I can't live in a world where you belong to another woman!"

Ross now dropped her soft hands and his face hardened.

Rachel didn't care. She just had to go on.

"I love you!" she cried, her voice so full with emotion it barely allowed her to speak. "Don't say yes, let's run away now! If you love me, too, Ross—come with me! Don't break my heart, honey. I love you! Do you love me, too?"

His face was now pale, and his lips dry. He tried to mutter something that just sounded like a bunch of gibberish. She was reminded of the first time she confessed her love a few years ago. She smiled faintly at the memory. At that time, he also belonged to another woman, and he seemed so in love, yet he chose her in the end. Would he do that again?

"Whatdoyou—what…? Rache… WHAT?!" he now cried. "Is this a joke? He asked.

Her face showed him that she was dead serious, and that if he dared make a joke, she would break down and cry. That was the last thing Ross could want.

"Don't marry the wrong girl. Ross, don't look so horrified, please! I know this is completely out of line… but it's not too late. Not until you say I do. Don't say yes, run away now. I'll meet you when you're out of the church at the back door. Don't wait or say a single vow. You need to hear me out…"

They couldn't say anything else, because now, they weren't alone. The band was now preparing to play, the guests were coming and sitting each on their respective place, and all family and friends were there in the chapel.

Ross' parents approached him for a second to wish him luck; Emily's parents also passed by to mutter something Ross barely heard. Monica, Chandler and Joey came close, too, and they looked like they were judging Rachel, and advising Ross. It was clear that they knew why Rachel was there. She didn't care. She was waiting for Ross to say something. But he never did; and he also never took his glance from her. Monica grabbed her brother's shoulder and said, "Ross, everyone is ready. Come on, we have to start now!" Ross couldn't even look at her.

"Say, Rach," Chandler said, looking at everyone in his group of friends, save for the person he was addressing. "Do you want to take my seat? I don't think I'll be using it. What do you—do you want or…?"

Rachel said nothing.

"Ross, Emily is waiting for you," Monica said, she looked somewhat annoyed.

At the mention of Emily's name, Ross appeared to react.

"Emily!" he cried and took his glance away from Rachel. "Emily…"

"Yes, your future wife." Monica remarked, strongly.

"Guys," Joey said, awkwardly. "They are waiting for us… Monica you're a bridesmaid and we're best men… I'm sure we could leave Rachel here…"

Everyone set their eyes on Rachel. She now had to look down.

"Yes." Rachel said. "Go on. Don't worry about me. Clearly no one here does…" she said with a trembling voice. Everyone was hurt by hearing that. One more than all, of course.

"That's not fair!" Ross said. "And it's not true, Rach… Rachel!"

"Ross, they're waiting for you!" Monica sounded like she had ran out of patience.

"I know," Ross said. "I have to go…" he said as Joey and Chandler pushed him away to the altar; Ross' head was bent as he walked because he couldn't keep his eyes from Rachel; he could tell she was on the verge of tears and he soon was, too, in a similar state.

"Do you, really?" Rachel murmured, and she prayed only Ross heard that. But all of her friends caught that.

Monica grabbed Rachel's arm, harshly, and she forced her best friend to sit down.

"Stay here, Rachel. Please," Monica said, quietly. More quiet than Rachel had ever heard her speak. "I'm really disappointed in you," Monica said, and she walked from her. Rachel now couldn't hold back the tears she had been fighting for so long.

Monica returned with a tissue, and she said, now more kindly, "Put yourself together, Rach. I'm sorry, honey. It's over." And she passed her hands through Rachel's face, she kissed her wet cheek and finally took her place as a bridesmaid.

The music is playing, bridesmaids are walking in their loose red dresses, arm in arm with a man in a tux. Ross is standing at the altar, waiting for his lovely bride. Trying with all of his strength to conceal the torturous thoughts that are devouring his mind. Rachel watches with a broken heart as the bride floats down the aisle like a beauty queen. She then looks at Ross and wonders what he could possibly be thinking about. "He wishes it was me!" Rachel thinks desperately. "No matter how beautiful she looks. Ross wishes it was me!"

Does he?

"Don't say yes!" Rachel begs with her eyes but Ross never looks at her direction.

Time is running out.

Rachel hears the preacher speak, and then Emily is saying her vows.

Joey is strangely standing with a phone on his hand and some people think it is weird how Ross isn't bothered by that.

The groom is hearing his bride-to-be say her vows with supreme attention, and there's a faint smile on his pale lips. His eyes still shine with love as he watched Emily. For a moment it seems like he's pulled himself together, and it's his turn to say his vows. Rachel almost breaks down as she hears him say, "I Ross, take thee…", but instead, she just stands up and abruptly leaves the church chapel. All eyes watched her as she did that.

If Rachel would've been more together at that point, she would've heard Ross, and how he finished his vows. He had said, "I Ross, take thee, Rachel…!"