They were so caught up in each other that neither heard the door open.

Too focused on the on the other boy with them they didn't hear the thuds of someone fainting.

So distracted by the others beauty they didn't hear the gasps.

They were the only two in the world at that moment.

Blonde hair mixed with black. Tanned and sweaty skin gliding against soft -as equally sweaty- alabaster. Lips colliding. Hands tracing over every inch of flushed flesh. Needy and deep moans pulled from throats encouraging the other. It wasn't until someone started screaming did reality come crashing back.

"Harry," Draco half moaned, half laughed "we should have used a stronger locking charm." that creamy white flesh turning a deeper shade of red as he buried his face into his lovers neck.

Harry finally prying his eyes from the delicious body beneath him only now noticing the audience they'd attained. Blushing, he turned green eyes to grey and whispered "At least we didn't get caught last week in the great hall."

Draco laughed in agreement "Yes, let's not do that again though, the head table is quite uncomfortable."

Both boys laughed but took no more notice of the crowded 'eight year' common room doorway getting back to their ravishing of the other.

Hermione turned stern eyes on those gathered and despite being beet red tried her best to remain authoritative. "Right, they're not going to stop so everyone out." she waved the others off before adding "Oh, and someone please pick up Ronald."

After herding everyone off she closed the door, mumbling to herself something about burning a couch.