Chapter 13: Maou Shoujo Serafall Leviathan! Appears!


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"I shall destroy you in the name of Sona Sitri and Serafall Leviathan!" speak

[Boost!] Ddraig

{Divide!} Albion

"TRACE ON!" using Skills or ability

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Morning at Sitri's Residence (Issei's room)

"Ise its time to wake up…" A soft voice was heard from a close distance, causing Issei to open his eyes

As he struggles to open his eyelids, the first thing he sees was Sona is next to him

"Is it morning already?" Issei asked

Sona nods "Yes Ise you better get up now because you need to catch up what you missed during your 10 days of absence..."

"I know Sona since you don't want your beloved pawn studies left behind." Issei teased

Sona's cheek turns red "S-shut up Ise just get up already.."

Issei smiled "Yes, Yes My Sona"

"Stop calling me that you're embarrassing me." Sona face turns red

Issei was about to get up. then he noticed something is not right so he looks under his bedsheet and he saw Rias is hugging on his right arm


"What is it Ise?"

"Well…" Issei pointed at his right side of his bed

Sona stares at his bedsheet and there's a person under it while looking at her thoughts says "Who could it that be under that sheet? Is it Onee-sama?" Sona shooks " No that's impossible Onee-sama would never do such thing!"

She decided to look at it and she surprised what she sees Rias naked while hugging Issei right arm

"Rias what are you doing here?!" Sona said angrily

Rias woke up "Oh is it morning already?" she asked while the bedsheet covers her body yet still hugging Issei's right arm

"Yes, it is Rias what are you doing on here especially at Ise's bed?!" Sona said in annoyed tone

"Well I decided to sleep here is there something wrong?"

Sona glared at her "Yes Rias there is something wrong!, First of all, Ise is not your servant!, Second Ise is my shared servant with Onee-sama! , And lastly, why are you naked?!"

Rias sighed "I know that Ise is not my servant Sona and I'm completely aware that of Ise is your shared pawn with Serafall-sama as for that last question you should already know that I always sleep naked."

Issei was surprised on her statement and his thought says "Eeeeeh! Rias is always sleeping naked?! Oh, Maou I'm so lucky right now to see this magnificent view in my eyes!" suddenly his control is about slipped out due for staring at Rias naked body for too long also his right arm is touching Rias breast. "Shit I'm at my limit!"

Sona took a glance at Issei and his lecherous face was showing up due to Rias naked body then she pulls his left ear as his punishment

"Ise, control your urges or else I will give you a thousand spankings as your punishment!" Sona scowled

"Ow! Ow! Ow! It hurts Sona I'm sorry! I lose control just please let it go. I will control myself this next time!"

Sona stopped pulling his ear

"You better be Ise or else I will punish you for sure!"

Then she sternly looked at Rias "Rias leave NOW!"

Rias sighed "Fine, I'll leave but first-!" she suddenly grabs Issei and kissed him on the lips

Issei was shocked while Sona is fuming in rage

"I believe you already got your first kiss from Sona last night right?"

Issei weakly nods "Uhm yeah…"

Rias smiles "Good! I shall take my leave see you tomorrow Ise!" she winks and she immediately left using her magic circle before Sona could speak up of her rage then suddenly the door opens and it was Aika

"Hey Issei wakes up it's time to….." Aika suddenly stopped due to what she sees right now and suddenly her face looks mischievously

"Ara ara... did you two already lost your 'V' cards last night?" Aika teased

Issei and Sona flustered when they heard this

"What the hell are you talking about Kiryuu?!" Sona said panicked

"Oi! don't make a misunderstanding here Aika!"

"Oh, cmon you two it's fine to tell that you two finally lost your 'V' cards last night." Aika teased

Issei glared at Aika "Aika 'WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX FOR MAOU'S SAKE' if I did that I will be killed by Sera the moment she hears this!"

Aika shrugged "Calm down Issei jeez no need to get serious, I was teasing you for Satan's sake."

"Be careful what are you saying Aika, honestly I can bear your teasing but it comes to that... that's something you shouldn't do that and I have my own reason why I'm a still a freaking virgin until now." Issei said bitterly on the last part

"Oh? what's your reason Issei?" Aika asked

Sona was curious also since last night he didn't do anything to her.

"Well, my reason is I want to fulfill Sona's dream first before that."

Aika got curious on what he said

"Kaichou's dream?" she asks

"Yes Aika since I believe that her dream is to open a Rating Game School in the underworld that everyone can attend regardless of their status."

Sona smiled, She didn't expect her counterpart had the same dream too

"I see… so that means you're willing to wait until she fulfills her dream?"

Issei nods "Yeah I'm not in a hurry anyway since I need to prove myself first."

Aika smiled "I see anyway since you're awake Issei. everyone is waiting in the kitchen and we expecting you will cook for us since we really missed the food you made for us."

Issei chuckled "Really? Do you girls liked my cooking that much?"

Aika weakly nods "Yeah..."

Issei rubs his chin "I see... I will be there in a moment."

"Ok, we will wait for you there let's go Kaichou!" Aika pulls Sona out to leave his room

"See you in the kitchen Ise..."

Several minutes later

Issei has finished cooking their meal and then everyone starts eating

"Good food at last!" Reya said while eating

Yura nods "Yea we really missed this food he made."

"Indeed." Xenovia said while eating

Issei raised his eyebrow when he heard that

"You girls are overacting." he sighed

"You can't blame them Issei since they complaining their food every day while you were away," Aika explained

Momo says "Yea you can't blame us for that Ise-kun since we really like your cooking!"

Tsubaki says "Indeed your cooking is simply the best Hyoudou-kun."

"Oh hell now... I can't be your chef forever girls!" Issei complains

"Are you complaining Ise?" Sona was looking at him while eating

He shooks "Not really If it's you Sona I don't mind doing this forever."

Sona's cheeks turn red when she heard that and the girls giggled

"Anyway, I am expecting Sera-chan and Lucifer-sama will come at him anytime soon."

Everyone stopped their eating for a sec after Issei said that

"Eeeh why?" Aika asks

"Yea why Ise-kun?" Momo said

"Well, I'm sure that they will ask me about me and my Sacred Gears since I've come from another world after all," Issei said calmly

"Hmm, I guess that is reasonable to ask you," Tsubaki said

"Indeed aside from that, they will ask your other abilities." Xenovia said while eating her food

"I highly expect they would ask me on that Xenovia."

Meguri decided to change the topic "Anyway Kaichou I didn't saw you in your room did you sleep somewhere?"

Yura was curious too "Yea where did you sleep Kaichou?"

Before Sona could speak up

"Kaichou slept at Issei's room last night…" Aika said calmly while eating her food





The girls were surprised on Aika said

"K-Kaichou slept at Ise-Kun's room T-together!?" Momo stammered

"Hauuuu… Ise-san!" Teary-eyed Asia said

"Oh, Kaichou. I didn't know you were that bold to come into his room and slept with him." Tsubaki said mischievously

"I-it's not what it looks like Tsubaki!" Sona said while her face is flustered

"Y-yea it's not what it looks like Tsubaki-san!" Issei said the same thing

Xenovia says "Does that means you two lost their vir-"

"NO!" Issei and Sona said in unison while they faces are red

"We didn't do such thing Xenovia!" Sona said while her face is flustered

"Yea we didn't do that stuff Xenovia if I did that Sera would kill me for that!" Issei said while his face is flustered

"Oh, then why Kaichou slept at your room Ise?" Xenovia asked

"Uhh well….." Issei look away from them


Issei sighed "Fine since you girls want to know Sona came into my room last night and she couldn't sleep at that time when she came to my room and we talk about some matters… later on... yeah… I got my first kiss from Sona in this world at the same time that's her first kiss too..." his face turns red after he said that

Sona face was completely red when she remembers what she did last night

"Hmm that sounds reasonable but why Kaichou slept in your room? since she could have to go back to her room." Meguri asked

"Yea Kaichou can go back to her room after you receive your first kiss Issei." Aika agreed with her

"Well, I ask her to stay."

"And you didn't do any perverted stuff?" Momo asked

Issei shooks "Oh hell no! If Sera knew this my life will be forfeit."

Momo felt relieved that Issei isn't a kind of person who takes advantage of them.

"That is true since Serafall-sama is a total sis-con," Tsubaki said

Issei chuckled "I have to agree with that Tsubaki-san. Since I have experienced the wrath of a sis-con and I don't want to experience it again."

The girls giggled after he said that while Sona was embarrassed on that statement after that everyone finished their breakfast. then Issei, Asia, and Meguri start to do their notes since they were gone for 10 days due to the preparation of the Rating Game against Riser Phenex and they won the battle.

Since today is Sunday means they have no classes. while Sona and the rest of her peerage went to the academy to finish whats left off. also, Sona gives Rias and her peerage get their notes and an argument between Rias and Sona due to Rias sleeping at Issei's room.

8 hours later

Issei, Asia, and Meguri finally finished their notes (well they took a break during at lunch then after that they resume doing their notes)

"Finally it's done!" Issei said happily

"Yea finally we can relax now…" Meguri said

Then suddenly a two magic circle appears and Issei recognize it

"Well this is surprising they came earlier." Issei thought

Serafall and Sirzechs appears along with Grayfia

"Yahoo Ise-chan~!" Serafall said in childish tone while waves at him

Issei kneeled in front of her. Meguri and Asia did the same

"Stand up Ise-chan and you two Asia-chan, Meguri-chan," Serafall commands them to stand up

Issei, Asia, and Meguri stand up

Issei decided to speak up first "Sera-chan I was expecting that you will come along with Lucifer-sama and Grayfia-san."

Serafall looks at Sirzechs and he was surprised that Issei was expecting them to come

"Ehh? you were expecting us to come?" Serafall asks

Issei scratch his head "Well yes Sera-chan since I'm sure that you will ask something about myself right?"

"Yes that's the reason why we visit here," Sirzechs said calmly

"What do you want to know Lucifer-sama?" Issei asked

"Who are you?" Sirzechs asked

"As I said in the Rating Game Lucifer-sama my name is Hyoudou Issei, Pawn of Sona Sitri and Serafall Leviathan."

"Ok... then where are you from? and why do you have two Longinus type Sacred Gears since Rias Pawn is the Sekiryuutei?" Sirzechs asked

"Well I can explain that but before we can speak about that Lucifer-sama. I need you to promise me that you won't tell this to anyone." Issei said in a serious tone

"Why Ise-chan?" Serafall was curious

"Because Ise-san came from another world…" Asia intervenes

The Maou's and Grayfia were surprised on what Asia said

"Ise-chan is from another world?!" Serafall said

"How is that possible?" Sirzechs said

"Well, Lucifer-sama like Asia said I came from another world. Let's just say that in my world Rias and the rest of her peerage except for Koneko don't exist and Sera-chan didn't become a Maou." Issei said

Sirzechs repeatedly mutters 'a world without Ria-tan' and Grayfia smacked him with a paper fan that made then sweatdrop for his reaction

"Eeeeh?! I didn't become a Maou?" Teary-eyed Serafall said

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan, your counterpart didn't become a Maou…"

"Then who takes the Leviathan title if I wasn't a Maou?" Serafall asks

"Well, it was Grayfia-san counterpart who took the title of the Leviathan and thus her name is Grayfia Leviathan."

Grayfia was surprised that on his world her counterpart took the Leviathan title

"Does in your world. Grayfia and my counterpart were a couple?" Sirzechs asked

Meguri and Asia were surprised that Sirzechs and Grayfia were a married couple. While Issei knew their relationship.

"Yes Lucifer-sama, Grayfia-san your counterparts were married and had a son."

Sirzechs and Grayfia smiled after they heard it

Sirzechs says "I see... Since you're from another world... does that mean in your world you're the-"

Issei interjects "Yes Lucifer-sama. I am the Red and White Dragon Emperor from my world."

"I see... you're Serafall and her little sister counterpart shared Pawn?" Sirzech asked

Issei nods "Yes Lucifer-sama I'm their shared pawn in my previous world…"

Issei tells about his previous world and he told their possible alliance with Angel and Fallen Angels but he didn't tell about the Khaos Brigade and its allies for a while since it's not the time to tell them. but he will tell them soon when he manages to speak to Michael and Azazel in private.

And lastly Issei tells the tragic fate of his world and that made the Maou's surprised that the three factions were utterly destroyed along the rest of the other factions by a certain monster and it invades the human world. he also includes their counterpart deaths from the monster attacks and survives several times. until he fought it again for the 6th time...

"And I thought that I'm going to die on that time but Ddraig and Albion told me that there was a portal appears during my fall and that how I ended here up on this world were I wasn't supposed to exist." Issei finished told about the tragic fate of their world

The Maou's now understand why he's hesitant to tell about his tragic fate on his world

"And then you came at this world Ise-chan."

Issei nods "Yes at the same time Asia found me unconscious."

"And the same time So-tan and my pawns were gone," Serafall said

Issei scratches his cheek "Yeah…"

"I see... I'm sorry for your loss Ise-chan," Serafall said in sad tone

"Its ok Sera-chan I manage to get used to it."

"I see… No wonder so that's why you cared So-tan so much?" Serafall smiles

"Not only her, I also cared about you too Sera-chan."Issei smiles

Serafall flustered when she heard it that

"Mou! Stop it. Ise-chan don't force me to hug you!" she pouts

Issei chuckled "I don't mind being hugged by you since it's an honor to receive a hug from a Maou right Lucifer-sama?"

"Yes indeed Issei-kun," Sirzechs said in amused tone

"Mou! Stop picking on me!" Serafall pouted

Meguri and Asia giggled about this situation and Grayfia find this amusing

"Anyway, I hope you understand now why I hesitated to tell about this." Issei decided to bring back the topic

"Yes were completely understand Issei-kun since you basically told us the possible future outcome and don't worry we can assure you that we won't tell about this what are we speak of," Sirzechs said

"I will put my entire trust on you Lucifer-sama anyway I was expecting there will be a conference between the 3 factions anytime soon. since you know that I have good terms with the other factions in my previous world."

"Don't worry Issei-Kun we going to have a conference soon," he assured it

Then suddenly the door opens

"We're home!"

Sona and the girls went inside

"Ah! So-tan~!" Serafall stand up and bear hugs Sona

"Onee-sama let go of me!" Sona pushed her away

Everyone was laughing at this moment after that Serafall stopping embracing her little sister

"I been wondering Ise-chan do you still have their evil pieces before you came here?" Serafall asks

Everyone was curious about it since Issei told them that he was shared pawn of Sona and Serafall counterparts

Issei shooks "No they were gone after your counterparts died on that monster so my evil pieces were disappearing one by one until it's completely gone then I lost my consciousness after I fought that monster for the last time..."

Sirzechs find this odd and he says "That's odd in your evil pieces in your world is completely different from ours since on this world if the evil pieces were gone you would have died instantly."

Issei was surprised on this information "Seriously?! That's weird since in my world. if the person loses their evil pieces on their body they revert back as human or it depends on which race are you from before you become a devil. since their evil piece inside there is gone the demonic energy will be gone but they still have their the strength and their energy reserves they gained during their devil days..."

"I see... it seems the evil pieces works differently from your world," Sirzechs said

Issei weakly nods "Yeah... I guess so."

Serafall decided to change the subject "By the Ise-chan you told us the Sword you used at the Rating Game belongs from your friend right?" She asks

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan that sword belongs to your counterpart's Knight Xeno Quarta yet at that time his sword Ex-Durandal before my sword became Neo-Durandal…"

"I counterpart's knight died," Serafall said in a sad tone

"Yes.. before he died he gave his Ex-Durandal to me since at that time my Ascalon was broken," Issei said while his eyes closed

"Your Ascalon was broken in your previous world how did that happen?" Xenovia asked

"Well, it's because we fought an Evil Dragon at that time..."

Sirzechs was surprised when the heard Evil Dragon

"Issei-kun did you just say Evil Dragon?"

Issei nods "Yes Lucifer-sama and I'm completely aware how powerful they are but we manage to stop them before it became a threat. after the battle we manage to beat the evil dragon using my Ascalon then it suddenly broke and at the same time my friend died in my arms.."

Issei told the half-truth of it since he can't tell them the entire truth at that time since that was beginning of the evil dragon campaign at his previous world and where the tragedies began

Sirzechs understands what he has been through "I see...very well then we might discuss this at the meeting at this possible threat we could have in the future."

Issei weakly nods "Yeah, anyway Lucifer-sama are you going to set the conference at the Academy right?"

Sirzechs nods "Yes this school somehow seems to have fate tied to it. My little sister, Her pawn the Sekiryuutei, The holy demonic sword user, Serafall's little sister, and the holy sword Durandal wielder are attached to this place, Kokabiel and Hakuryuukou attacked this place. This is a phenomenon you can't label as coincidence. Strong powers keep mixing in, it's like wave motion. I believe the person accelerating this wave motion is you Hyoudou Issei."

Issei was surprised on this matter "Eeeeh?! It's because of my presence?! You can't be serious about that Lucifer-sama?!"

"But it's true Issei-Kun since the moment you arrived the world starts moving."

Before Issei could answer then suddenly

"Are you the Maou? Nice to meet you, I am Xenovia." Xenovia intervene

"Good day to you, Xenovia. I am Sirzechs Lucifer and this one next to me is Serafall Leviathan." He points at Serafall and she waves at her

"I got the report from Rias that the holy sword wielder of Durandal got reincarnated as a devil, and you choose to serve Serafall's little sister…Truth be told, I was doubting my ears when I heard it the first time yet it's a shame that you joined her instead of becoming of my little sister Knight."

"I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations Maou-Sama. Since I didn't think that I would become a devil. To be reincarnated into the side I kept on killing, even if I say so myself, I sometimes regret it and that it was quite a bold move… Yeah, that's it. Why did I become a devil? Desperation? However, at that time, truthfully, anything was fine… But, was it really fine to be a devil?"

Issei sighed "once again Xenovia is thinking too deeply with her head in her arms. She say bold things but she ends up regretting it.." as his thoughts said

"You know Xenovia I told you that your male counterpart didn't regret his decision to be become a devil so cheer up."

"Ise-san is right Xenovia-san. you already made your decision the moment you joined us" Asia said

Xenovia look at Issei and Asia "I guess you're right Ise, Asia thanks..." she smiled

Issei pats Xenovia left shoulder "Asia is right Xenovia and besides Sona has plans for you to become a better Knight."

"Just do your job and protect So-tan from harm Xenovia-chan, I will be counting on you~!" Serafall said in a childish tone

Sona flinched when Serafall mentions her child nickname again

"If I am asked by the Maou written in the Bible to do it, then I'll do it. I don't know how much I'll be able to do but allow me to do whatever I can."

After hearing Xenovia's words, Serafall smiled. And the rest of Sona's Peerage smiled including Sona and Issei


Serafall suddenly hugs Xenovia "Thank you Xenovia-chan~!"

After the sudden hug from Serafall, Xenovia cheeks also became a bit red.

"Now then, let's continue the difficult conversation somewhere else. Hm, however, even though I came to the human world, it's almost night time. Would a lodging institution be open right now?" Sirzechs decided to end this topic

"You know Sirzechs-chan you could stay at Rias-chan," Serafall suggested

Sona speaks up "Yes I believe that would be the best place to stay at Rias place Lucifer-sama." she said in cold tone

Sirzechs noticed of her cold tone

"Did you two fight again?" Sirzech asks

Sona nods "Yes, that's because Rias has done outrageous recently."

Sirzechs got curious on what she said


"Well, Rias entered my home without my consent and she enters and slept at Ise's room naked," Sona said in annoyed tone

The girls were surprised that Rias barge to their home and slept at Issei room

Aika says "Eeeeh?! I didn't expect Rias-senpai was there. Kaichou since you told us earlier you slept with him last night"

Sona and Issei were flustered after hearing from Aika while Sirzechs find this amusing on the other hand.

Serafall suddenly grabs Issei's shoulder tightly and flare up her demonic aura that made him shivered in fear

"Ne Ise-chan did you do something naughty last night with So-tan?!" Serafall said in menacing cold tone

Issei shook his head rapidly "N-no! I didn't S-sera-chan!" he was sweating bullets due to her menacing aura that frightens him a lot.

Serafall didn't believe him. Then she holds his shoulder tighter


Issei screamed in pain due to Serafall tight grip at his shoulder

"I swear Sera-chan we didn't do such thing promise!"

Sona couldn't stand seeing her pawn was hurt

"Onee-sama you're hurting him!" She glared at her big sister

Serafall ignored her "Then why So-tan slept at your room Ise-chan?!" she asks Issei again

Before Issei could speak...

Sona speaks up "You should blame me for that Onee-sama."

"Eeeeh? Why So-tan?!" Serafall said while teary eyed

Sona flinched when Serafall calls her child nickname again

"I come to his room at my own consent, you should already know that Ise has beaten me in chess Onee-sama."

"I know that Ise-chan beats you in chess but seriously. So-tan you slept with him!"

"Onee-sama... Ise hasn't done anything weird to me when I slept with him!" Sona cheeks turn red after she said that

Serafall frowned then she let go of Issei's shoulder

"I guess I can let this slide for now... Ise-chan." Serafall glared at him

"Thanks for saving me Sona…," Issei said weakly while he is rubbing his left shoulder

Sona sighed "No problem Ise. Asia, please heal him."

Asia nods and then she starts healing Issei's left shoulder

After Issei is healed. Sirzechs decided to stay at Rias place. While Serafall stays at their place. Sona doesn't like idea yet she has no choice to let her Serafall stays until the conference.

Serafall noticed Issei is about to leave

"Where are you going Ise-chan?" Serafall asks

"Well to my room Sera-chan."

"I see… wait? your room?" Serafall asks

Issei nods "Yep my room Sera-chan wanna see it?"

Serafall nods "Yes I want to see your room Ise-chan~!"

"Ok then follow me."

Issei and Serafall reached Issei's room as he opens the door, Serafall was amazed what she sees in his room

"Wow, Ise-chan is this really your room?!" Serafall looks the surrounding of his room

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan this my room."

"Your room is amazing~!"

"Thanks, Sera-chan I'm glad you liked my room!" Issei smiled

"Anyway, Ise-chan would you care to tell me why are you making Artificial Sacred Gear? Since you have 2 Longinus Sacred Gears at your disposal." Serafall asks

"Well..." Issei starts explaining why he made Artificial Sacred Gear and what its purpose

"I see... but why you want to use them instead of your true Sacred Gears?"

"Yes, Sera-chan. I don't want to rely too much on my sacred gears and I think I manage to achieve their strongest form."

"Their strongest form?" Serafall asked

Issei nods "Yea the new form I recently acquired the Boosted Gear: Cardinal Crimson Promotion. while on other one is the Divine Dividing: Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive. I manage to achieve that form in my previous world."

"I see… but you know Ise-chan, you shouldn't stop using your Sacred Gears. Since they are a part of you and who knows that you might able to combine your dragons Balance Breaker into one and acquire a new form."

Issei was surprised when Serafall said about fusing his Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing Balance Breaker into one and a new form when he succeeds.

"F-fusing their balance breakers?" Issei asks

Serafall nods "Yes Ise-chan. I believe it's possible to combine your Sacred Gear Balance Breakers into one. Since you're the first person who possessed two Longinus type Sacred Gears in the history. Imagine that Ise-chan, if you manage to fuse your Sacred Gear balance breakers into one and it could be powerful than the form you acquired recently."

"Hmm let me talk to my dragons for a bit."

Serafall nods then she went to the bookshelf and grab a book to read.

Issei went into deep thoughts about Serafall said to him. then he decided to talk with the dragons

"Ddraig, Albion do you think it's possible to combine your Balance Breakers into one?"

[Well honestly Partner. I don't know about that. since Albion and I have a shared host for the first time.]

"I see… I wonder if I manage to succeed that form?" Issei wondered

{Well if you manage to succeed that Kid. we would be unstoppable yet we don't know the price when you manage to use reach the fuse form of our Balance Breakers.}

"Well that is true Albion but if I manage to do that, I can guess that the fused form will be the basic form of the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing Scale Mail."

[Indeed partner but honestly I don't know if it's possible for us to acquire the fused form. But in your case you make the impossible possible for some time now.]

"Yea I did. since after I manage to surpass the negative sides of your Juggernaut Drive and acquire a new form that surpasses Juggernaut Drive! "

{That is true and we're so proud of you that you manage to acquire those forms that surpass the Juggernaut Drive!}

[Indeed partner you acquired those forms. But honestly, if you manage to fuse our Balance Breaker into one that the first time will happen in the history!]

"Yea that will be the possible outcome when I manage to do that. yet why we have didn't think about the possible fusing your sacred gears before?"

{Yes why we didn't think of that...} Albion wondered about it too

[Indeed we never thought about that… if we only knew this sooner in our world the outcome would change…]

Issei flinched when Ddraig said the possible outcome "Ddraig you know it's too late to mention that since our world was destroyed by that monster and thus we been sent here and given us a chance to prevent the horrible fate from that monster in this world."

[Partner I'm sorry for mentioning that topic…]

"It's fine Ddraig we missed our previous world too… *sighed* you know what forget this silly conversation!"

{You're right kid we have important things to do!}

Issei decided to end their discussion

Serafall noticed that he's done talking with his Sacred Gears

"Are you done chatting on your dragons Ise-chan?" she asked while reading the book

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan."

"So you went deep thoughts about the fusing your Sacred Gears I mentioned?"

He weakly nods "Yea honestly we never thought or think about that in my previous world."

"I see... " Serafall stop reading the book and she looks at him until

"Ne Ise-chan tell me something…"

"Uhm sure? What is it Sera-chan?"

"What's your relationship with my counterpart?" Serafall said in a serious tone

Issei is surprised at her sudden question "M-my relationship with your counterpart?" he said nervously

Serafall nods "Yes Ise-chan tell me your relationship with my counterpart?"

Issei hesitated to tell but he has no choice since Serafall was asking for it (in other words she can't say no to her)

"Well, you see Sera-chan… Your counterpart is one, my girlfriend…" Issei cheeks turn red

"Eeeeh?! My counterpart is your girlfriend?!"

Issei weakly nods "Yeah she's my 2nd girlfriend since Sona's counterpart is my first girlfriend…"

"I see… No wonder that you cared about us a lot even though we're not them..."

He weakly nods then he stares at the window "Yea but I didn't think of any of you as their counterparts anymore Sera-chan since I manage to move on t.."

"Ise-chan…" Serafall stare at Issei in sad look

Issei noticed that Serafall is staring at him in sad look.

"Sera-chan I don't want to look sad or pity on me please I rather want to see your childish behavior." Issei smiles

Serafall pouts "Mou! Ise-chan, I ain't that childish!"

Issei chuckled "But it's true Sera-chan, that's the reason why I liked your counterpart."

Serafall raised her eyebrow "Really Ise-chan? Is this your way getting the girl you liked?"

"Honestly I never think of that Sera-chan since I liked your counterpart the way she is regardless of her status and besides, I ain't like those bastards who afters fame and status."

Serafall raised her eyebrow "Oh really Ise-chan?"

Issei weakly nods "Well yeah, I never cared about fame or status Sera-chan. if I'm that kind of person you would have killed me on right away."

"Well, you have a point there Ise-chan…"

Then suddenly Sona enters Issei's room

"Ise, Onee-sama everyone is waiting at the dining table..." Sona said stoically

"Yes, we will be coming there So-tan~!" Serafall said in childish tone

Issei decided to play along with her "Yeah we heard you So-tan."

Sona was flustered after she heard that

"Mou! Ise, Onee-sama stop calling me that!"

Issei and Serafall giggled after that Sona left his room then Issei and Serafall follows and they went to the kitchen everyone and they enjoy their dinner especially to Serafall

"This food is delicious. I haven't tried of this before. Who cooked this?!" Serafall asks

"You see Sera-chan. Everyone's except for Xenovia is taking turns or work each other to cook so we can eat different things. I believe it's Tsubaki-san and Yura-san turns today" Issei explained

Xenovia frowned that she can't cook properly so Issei promises her that he will teach her how to cook properly.

"Tsubaki-chan and Yura-chan were a good cook. Well, I can't wait to taste the others~!"

Tsubaki and Yura were flattered after hearing Serafall's opinion of their cooking, While Reya, Momo, Aika, and Asia more determined to make a good meal for her, While Issei and Sona were confident of their cookings. (since Issei and Sona were good at cooking)

After dinner. Serafall begin playing with the girls, doing things her household could never do due to their High-Class status. She begins playing cards with the Church Duo plus Aika (Xenovia and Asia are in very friendly in terms after both of them were reincarnated into devils), watches different TV programs with Yura and even playing video games with Issei at his room (well Issei put his consoles in his room. Since he has his own television to play his games)

"That was fun!" Serafall lies on the couch after she exhausts herself

"I guess this is your first time doing these activities Sera-chan?" Issei pointed out

Serafall shooks "Not really. I have done some of them before, but not really together. It has been a long time since the Sitri household allowed us to play like that and that was me when So-tan is a little."

"I see. Does that mean you weren't allowed to these things after?"

"No. Ever since I was appointed as a Maou, I have been busy to do anything with the rest of the family. This was probably around the time that So-tan started to act more serious towards to everyone."

"I see… does that mean Sona isn't always like that?" Issei asked since he wanted to know more their relationship as siblings

Serafall stopped smiling after hearing Issei's question

"She used to be very lively as we always spend to with each other. I am guessing that So-tan begins feeling lonely so she decided to pursue other interest. When I had to play with her, she said that we are no longer children anymore and then left. This was also when I had an idea to become a magical girl after I visiting the human world and saw some Japanese magical girl series. The show I currently star is in probably what made me behave in the same way as I and So-tan behaved when she was a little. It sometimes makes me wish that I could to go back to play with her like we used to…"

Issei felt guilty for asking this question and for making Serafall look sad

"I'm sorry for asking. I never knew you were that lonely Sera-chan."

"It's ok Ise-chan, I have been wanting to get this out for some time." Serafall began smiling again

"I began feeling the same way after playing with everyone. I hope we can play like this again Ise-chan," she added

"You don't have to worry about that Sera-chan. We are not a high-level household so are the activities are not as restricted." Issei said

Before he arrived at this house. the rules were very strict but thanks to his presence. Sona decided to lessen the restriction in Sitri household so everyone can move freely as he suggested.

"I thank you for that Ise-chan!" Serafall begins showing her childish personality after feeling better

"No problem Sera-chan, Since you're my master after all." Issei smiled

"Hmm, I been wondering Ise-chan why you didn't show up after you acquired our pawn pieces?" Serafall asked

"Well, you see Sera-chan… Ddraig and Albion told me that I need to adjust and some training before I meet everyone yet the time was off."

"I see... So-tan told me that you arrive in the middle of the incident…"

"Yea it was an awkward time to arrive yet it doesn't matter since it went well and I manage to save Sona and the rest of the horde of Fallen Angels. while they maintaining the barrier."

"Indeed, Ise-chan thanks for saving So-tan from those crows." Serafall smiled

"I just did the right thing Sera-chan since I'm her pawn after all"

"I know just take care of So-tan when I'm in the underworld."

"Yes, Sera-chan!" Issei salutes

Serafall giggled "By the way Ise-chan, So-tan told me while ago that you wanted to tell me something important right?"

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan I wanted to ask you that, do you consider having another servant?"

Serafall was surprised at his sudden question then she said

"Hmm, Honestly Isei-chan I would have said no. But I might consider having one or two due to that incident but you need to tell me why I should get another servant aside from you?"

"Well, Sera-chan recently. I just found that you were placing a few hidden cameras around the Academy and this house especially to her room."

Serafall was surprised that his pawn found the hidden cameras at the Academy and this house especially at Sona's room

"Eeeehh?! How did you know that?!"

"It's simple Sera-chan. Your counterpart did the same thing."

"Eeeh?! My counterpart did that?" Serafall was surprised that her counterpart did the same thing

Issei nods "Yeah since she can't watch her every day so your counterpart decided to put those hidden cameras. Yet later on Sona's counterpart manage to found and destroyed it."

"So-tan's counterpart destroyed it?!"

"Yes, Sera-chan you know that it will happen anytime soon when Sona finds out. And don't worry Sera-chan I haven't told her about this."

Serafall felt relieved after he said that "I see I guess you're right Ise-chan. I think I will find another way to watch her."

"Well you know Sera-chan you should know what I'm suggesting right now." Issei has given her a hint and...

Serafall realized what Issei is planning

"Oh, I get it now. Instead of placing the hidden cameras. I will place my newest servant to watch over So-tan movements right!" Serafall smiles

Issei weakly nods "Uhm… Yea that would be the best option you can get Sera-chan."

Then suddenly Serafall grabs his shoulders that made Ise surprised

"Tell me who's my potential servant Ise-chan~!" Serafall smiled

"Well your potential servants are 2 Knights and a Rook and three of them have Sacred Gears."

Serafall was surprised that she will get 3 servants instead of one

"Eeeh?! Three servants?! I was expecting to get only one but three of them why?!"

"Well, Sera-chan three of them have powerful Sacred Gears."

"And what their Sacred Gears?"

"Well Sera-chan one of the possible Knight have the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven) yet this sword also known as Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Grass-Cutting Sword) it's a Holy Sword Sera-chan that rivals Excalibur and Durandal also it has a special ability called Gift of the Hydra it allows the user to create seven copies of the user and the best part is the clones are powerful as the originals."

Serafall was amazed on her possible future knight "That's is so cool Ise-chan! Tell me about my possible second Knight Sacred Gear?"

"Well as for the second knight has the Sacred Blacksmith is similar to Kiba's Sword Birth the user can summon many weapons as the user wants yet the difference is the user can get any weapons aside from swords and its Balance Breaker is called King's Treasure: Gate of Babylon it creates wormholes that summons all the strongest weapons appears behind the owner and he can grab a weapon from that or order them to rain down their opponents."

Serafall was speechless that her pawn is knowledgeable about Sacred Gears then Issei continues his explanation

"As for the Rook has one of Vitra's Sacred Gear Absorption Line it allows the user to create lines that can restrain and absorbs the power of the target or objects when it connects." Issei has finished explaining about their Sacred Gear and its abilities

"Ise-chan does this Sacred Gears owners were part of So-tan and my counterpart peerage?"

Issei nods "Yes...except for the Rook since in my previous world Aika's counterpart has that Sacred Gear."

"I see..are they girls?"

"Yes, The two Knights were my classmates while the Rook is in the next room of our class."

"I see… first of all Ise-chan how did you manage to detect their Sacred Gears?"

"Well, I able sniff out a Sacred Gear holder at their tiniest essence when I was there."

"Eeeeh? Do you sniff them? What are you a dog?!" Serafall asks

Issei shooks "Oh hell no! It's Dragon sense Sera-chan."

"Oh… Dragon sense right I forgot that the dragons have six senses. Silly me" Serafall giggled

"So do you consider have those your potential servants Sera-chan?"

Serafall nods "Yes… Ise-chan I consider having those three. Since they still studying at the Academy I leave their training to you while I'm in the underworld."

"Yea leave them to me Sera-chan!" Issei said

"Ok, then I will go there during your lunch break."

After that Serafall left his room and Issei went to sleep after he cleans his room

Next day at Kuoh Academy (Gate)

"Kyaaa~! Hyoudou-Kun has returned!"

The girls were screaming in joy when they saw Issei

Issei thoughts say "Man the girls were screaming in joy for me since on this world oh thank Maou that I have a good reputation here!"

While the boys were cursing him

"Damn Hyoudou has returned!"

"Why did that bastard returns!"

"Die Handsome!"

Issei whistled "Man the salt is real..."

"It seems the girls are pleased with your return and the boys were cursing at your return Issei," Aika said

"I know Aika. since I'm the only honest person in this academy." he boasted

Aika raised her eyebrow "You? An honest person? *laughs* Yea right when the girls find out you wanted a harem."

Issei flinched "Oi! Aika not so loud!" he gritted his teeth

At Class 2-C

Issei, Asia, Aika, and Xenovia enters the room

"Good morning everyone!" Asia greets their classmates

"Morning Asia-chan!" the boys replied

"Greetings everyone, Hyoudou Issei has returned!" Issei greets

The boys were glaring at him

"Screw you!"

"Go to hell moron!"


While the girls were screaming in joy on his return then Aki and Kaori approach him

"Good morning and welcome back Issei-Kun, Asia-san" Aki greets them

"Yea welcome back Issei-Kun, Asia-san." Kaori greets them

"Thanks, Aki-san, Kaori-san." Issei and Asia replied in unison

And suddenly the Perverted Duo march towards to Issei

"Why the hell did you return Issei?!" Motohama said

"Yeah, it would be better without you here!" Matsuda said

"Hey! it's not my fault that I became popular!" Issei complains

"Yea right after you manage to got the Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai's attention!" Motohama said angrily

"Don't blame me Matsuda, Motohama. since Rias-senpai and Akeno-senpai were the ones who approach me!" Issei said nonchalantly

Motohama growled "Grrr! That's the reason why we hate you!"

"Not only that Issei you're the only guy from the Student Council!" Matsuda said

Issei raised his eyebrow "So what if I'm the only guy from the student council? That because I have Sona-Kaichou and the rest of the Student Council attention is that it?"

"Yes, that's why we're jealous of you!" Motohama said while teary eyed

"You damn lucky bastard!" Matsuda glared at him

Issei sighed "As I said earlier it's not my fault that I get their attention and besides being a member of the Student Council." then he looks at the perverted duo and

"It was worth it!" He smirked

After he said that and he went straight to his seat while the perverted duo cursed him

Then Issei saw Yui enters the classroom

"Morning Issei-kun." Yui greets him

"Good Morning Yui-san… you seem tired?" Issei noticed Yui looked tired

Yui sighed "Yea I stay awake until midnight to finish those notes we missed."

"I see..."

"Yeah… So Issei did you finish your notes?" Yui asks

Issei nods "Yea I manage to finish the notes earlier and then. Lucifer-sama and Sera-chan along with Grayfia-san suddenly came to visit."

"I see... no wonder since Lucifer-sama came along with Grayfia-san at Buchou's house last night. I guess they ask about your origins right after that?"

"Yes, and we will expect the peace conference in anytime soon since Lucifer-sama decided to choose our Academy as their meeting place."

"I see. Oh, by the way, Issei two days from now is the-"

Issei interjects her "I know Yui-san it's the classroom visits day."

Yui says "Yeah Buchou didn't like that day comes. I guess it the same applies to Kaichou right?"

Issei nods "Yeah.."

"I see but they have no choice but to attend."

"Indeed and we know that Lucifer-sama and Sera-chan will come to watch them."

"Yeah also Lucifer-sama told me that Buchou parents will come here too"

"Really?" Issei asks

Yui nods "Yea since Lucifer-sama told us but I won't be surprised if Kaichou parents will come too..."

Issei went paled after Yui said if Sona and Serafall parents would come at the classroom visits

Issei was sweating bullets and his thoughts say "Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit! I almost forgot about them!"

Yui looks at Issei and he was sweating bullets

"Hey, Issei are you ok?"

Issei gulps "Y-yeah I'm ok Y-Yui-san." he said nervously

"You seems nervous after I said Kaichou parents would come here."

Issei was sweating bullets more after he heard it again

[I can't believe this! Partner we been through the hell to defeat our enemies fearless and now look at you feared of your lover's parents] Ddraig is utterly disappointed his host

"You can't blame me Ddraig since you don't know how it feels like when I'm in front Sona and Sera's parents!" Issei replied via telepathy

[Let me guess Partner. you think that their parents won't like you after you beat the Sitri girl in a chess match?]

"Yeah… since you know that in our previous world that their parents didn't like me a lot after we won our first Rating Game."

{Well that' is true since your master's parents hates you a lot and it went worse after they became your girlfriends.} Albion said

Issei sighed "Yea I know they couldn't accept my relationship with them. that's why I'm afraid for when they come here!"

[But Partner you know that we're in the different world now and there's a chance that they would like you.]

{I agree with the Red one kid. Since we're in the different world I'm sure that your master's parents will like you.}

Issei calmed down a bit after he heard that there's a chance of Sona and Serafall's parents will like him

"If that happens Albion, Ddraig I will give you guys 2 pieces of Dragon Apples when we get there!"

The Dragons got excited after Issei mentions Dragon Apple as their reward

{Dragon Apple?! Aaah~! it's been awhile the last time I ate that fruit!}

[Same here I miss eating that apple... Albion let's pray that his master's parent will like him!]


Issei chuckled due to the dragons reactions

Yui's Ddraig sighed after he saw his counterpart reaction

[I can't believe my counterpart is addicted to Dragon Apples.]

"Ddraig is that really good to eat that apple?" Yui asks Ddraig via telepathy

[Yes partner those fruits were delicious when eaten by a dragon. Since the dragon apples were destroyed in the human world due to climate change. but I heard there's one growing in the underworld.]

"I see…. So that means there's a chance we can see another dragon there in the underworld?"

{Yes, partner… we would see another dragon there.}

After that that their teacher came and the class has started

A few hours later - Lunch Break (location: Student Council room)

Issei knocks the door. Aika and Xenovia next to him


Issei enters the room along with Aika and Xenovia

"Good Afternoon Ise, Xenovia, Kiryuu." Sona smiles

"Good Afternoon Sona/Kaichou." Issei, Aika, and Xenovia said in unison

Sona was about to tell about their activities until

Serafall appears wearing the Magical Girl outfit

"Good afternoon everyone~!" Serafall greeted them in childish tone

"Onee-sama. you should know that we have a dress code in this Academy!" Sona said

"But this is my uniform So-tan~!"

Sona and her peerage sweatdrops on her reply

While Issei got an idea how to deal with Serafall. Since this will be troublesome for them when she roams around the Academy wearing that outfit especially when the classroom visits day

Issei whispers Sona "Sona we should use 'that'."

Sona raised her eyebrows "Ise… are you sure it will work on Onee-sama?" she whispered

Issei nods "Yes trust me Sona it will work. since it will be troublesome if she still wears that outfit when she roams around the campus."

Sona thought about if Serafall roams around the campus and of course it causes a ruckus due to her outfit and possible worse case scenario that she would introduce to them as her big sister.

Sona was horrified after she thinks of that

"No! No! No! My reputation will be tarnished if Onee-sama acts like that!" As Sona thoughts said

Sona sighed "Very well then Ise do it."

Issei grinned "Okay."

Issei opens the dimensional bag and he says "Sera-chan, it would be troublesome for us if you wear that outfit."

"But this is my outfit Ise-chan!" Serafall retorted

Issei sighed "I know that Sera-chan. but if you wear normal clothes and you behave normally until the end of classroom visits then."

Issei holds a magical toy staff "I will give you this Staff as a reward."

Serafall analyzed what Issei holds and she gasp on what she sees

"That's Sapphire's Powered Staff of Mahou Shoujo Spiral Seven Alternative Limited Edition!" Serafall shouted excitedly

"Wow you knew this staff Sera-chan I guess you were a fan of that show," Issei said

Serafall couldn't believe that Issei got the limited edition item that she always wanted to get

"Yea I'm a fan of that show… Anyway, how did you get that staff Ise-chan?!" she asks

Issei says "Oh this? I got this Staff from one of my clients as my reward." (Note: he starts to doing contracts in 3 days before Riser came)

"What?! You got that from your client?!" Serafall was surprised that Issei got that staff from one of his clients

Issei nods "Yes, one of my clients is a huge fan of that show. she appreciates my service so she gave me this Staff and I found out that Staff is a limited edition. so I decided to ask Sona about it and she told me that you were looking this for a long time and I decided to keep it for bribing and desperate measure and it was the right time to use it. Sera-chan please do us a favor if you behave and wear casual clothes starting today until the end of classroom visits and I will give you this Staff as a reward."

"A-are you sure you're going to give me that? if I behave and wear normal clothes Ise-chan?!"

Issei nods "Yes Sera-chan, I have my word when I say it, so we have a deal?"

Serafall nods "Okay Ise-chan we have a deal!" she offers to shake hands

Issei shakes her hands "Excellent! You will get this Staff after the conference Sera-chan!"


Serafall was horrified when she heard it



To be Continued




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