Chapter 1: The Red and White Dragon Emperor's Debut...Again?

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" In the name of Sona Sitri and Serafall Sitri I shall destroy you!" speak

[Boost!] Ddraig

{Divide!} Albion

"TRACE ON!" using Skills or ability

2 months later….

Kouh City

"Ahhh...Kouh I really missed this place even thou it's not the same." Issei frowned

Issei has returned from Kuoh but it's not the same for him since he didn't exist in this world so he needs some adjustments here before he can feel like at home again.

"Is something wrong Ise-san?" Asia asked him with concern

Issei shooked his head "No Asia I just feel like I don't belong here remember what I told you right?"

Asia nodded "Yes I understand that you didn't exist from this world but Ise-san... please make this world as your second home.."

Issei told her about his existence and his origins (including god's death) yet he didn't tell her everything he just told her a few things about his life...Issei decided to forget those painful memories and replace it a new one in order to move on

Issei nods "I know this world will become my second home sooner or later." until he saw a barrier surrounded at Kouh Academy

Issei went panicked "This isn't good Asia we better head at the academy now!"

Asia nodded "Yes Ise-san"

Issei called Albion "Albion lets fly!"

Albion nodded on his mind and says {You got it, kid!}

Issei shouts "Balance Break!"

{Divine Dividing: Scale Mail!}

Issei carries Asia in by a bridal carry "Let's go, Asia"

"Yes" Asia hugs him tight to make sure she won't fall and Issei starts flying fast to Kouh Academy

While Issei flying towards to the academy "Sona, Sera your future beloved and strongest Pawn has arrived!" said in thought

Kuoh Academy (outside)

Yui Kotegawa POV (well i decided that Boosted Gear Host to be a girl and yes her name base and her looks on To Love Ru and she has that Tsundere tendency lol but it will not be seen in the later chapters and her behavior quite different) (another note: she was recruited in a civil way)

"Rias-senpai. We have covered the school with a large barrier. With this, unless something disastrous happens, there will be no damage outside."

Yura-san reported the current situation to Buchou. We, the Occult research club and the student council, had gathered at the park located right in front of Kuou academy.

But Kiba-san wasn't here. Where are you Kiba-san…

Yura-san from the student council was explaining about the barrier to Buchou.

According to her story, Souna Shitori-senpai yet her real name is Sona Sitri is the Kaichou (Student Council President) has gathered everyone from the student council and put a big barrier on the school after she heard the situation from Buchou.

It was a measure used to keep the things occurring inside from leaking outside. The opponent was one of the leaders of the Fallen-Angels who appeared in the bible and books.

Kaichou says "This is to keep it to the minimum. To tell you the truth, if Kokabiel were to fight seriously, not only this academy but the whole region would be annihilated. Adding to that, he has already gotten ready for that. My servant has seen him releasing his power on the school grounds."

Wha… I became speechless at Kaichou words. Are you serious!? We are talking about something that big!? So it meant he was someone that serious… He seriously was a troublesome Fallen-Angel leader! He was going to destroy my hometown because he wanted to do what he wished, which was to start a stupid war!? This is bullshit Don't fuck around you shitty Fallen-Angel! I won't let you do as you please! I'm planning to live and enjoy my life in this town with everyone! My anger was at its MAX, and Kaichou continued to explain.

"My servants and I will continue to place the barrier to reduce the damages. I want to minimise the damages as much as possible… It's hard to prevent having our school getting damaged. But it looks like we have to since it's the leader of the Fallen-Angels who is moving." Kaichou made a sharp eye and looked in the direction of the school with eyes filled with hatred.

She was probably directing it to Kokabiel. Then it was confirmed that the school would get damaged. The school I…we go to…

Buchou smiled "Thank you, Sona. We will do the rest from here."

Kaichou tells her "Rias. Our enemy is a monster with strength above ours. It's still not too late. We should get your Onii-sama…"

Buchou shook her head "Why you didn't call your Onee-sama."

"Well, My Onee-sama is… Your Onii-sama loves you. Sirzechs-sama will definitely move. So…" for some reason Kaichou why she didn't call her sister?

"I have already informed Sirzechs-sama," Akeno-san said it over Buchou and Kaichou words.

"Akeno!" Buchou criticised her.

But Akeno-san had an angry expression. "Rias. I know that you don't want to cause problems for Sirzechs-sama. It happened in your territory. In your base. And it happened after the family problem. But it's a different story if the leader of the enemy appears. It is a problem that surpasses the level that you can solve. Let's borrow the strength of a Maou."

This is the first time seeing Akeno-san telling Buchou off. But, just as I thought, Akeno-san calls her "Rias" during private times and talks casually towards her. Buchou seemed like she wanted to say something. But she took a deep breath and nodded.

Akeno-san put on her usual smiley face after she saw her. "Thank you for understanding the situation, Buchou. Sona-sama. Sirzechs-sama's reinforcement will be here in one hour."

"One hour… I understand. In that time, we, the student council, will vow to continue to place the barriers in the name of Sitri." Sona said it with determination

Buchou seemed like she had made her decision as well after hearing Kaichou decision."…So one hour. Now my servants. We will be on the offensive. We will go inside the barrier and draw Kokabiel is our first battle of life and death! Even so, I will not forgive you if you die! We will survive and continue to attend that school!"

"Yes!" We replied to her with energetic voices!

[Leave it to me, partner. Our opponent is Kokabiel. He's not an insufficient opponent. Let's show him.]

A few minutes later still at Yui's POV (inside the Academy) after Kiba gained his Balance Breaker and Xenovia summons her Durandal

"But. Seeing that even after losing the masters you serve, you devils and followers of God can still fight, huh!" Suddenly Kokabiel spoke. What was he trying to say?

"…What do you mean?" Buchou asked with doubt.

Kokabiel started laughing aloud as if he found it truly amusing."Fuhaha, fuhahahahahahahahaha! That's right! I totally forgot! The truth wasn't revealed to you weaklings! Then I will tell you. In the war between the three sides, not only the Yondai-Maou but also God died."

What did he just say…? Everyone here was shocked and couldn't believe what he just said.

"It's normal for you guys do not know about it. Who can say that God has died? Humans are an incomplete bunch. Without God, they cannot control their hearts and obey the laws, you know? Even us, the fallen-angels, and devils couldn't tell this to those below us. You won't know where the information about God will be leaked from. Even among the three-powers, only the people at the top and certain people know about it. Though it seems Balba noticed it earlier."

…God didn't exist anymore? No…that couldn't be… It was impossible… Then what did we believe in while living in that institute…?

"After the War, what was left were the angels who had lost their God, the devils that lost their Maou and the majority of high-class devils and the fallen-angels who lost most of the fallen-angels apart from the leaders. So it wasn't a mere exhausted state. All of the factions fell so low, that they had to rely on humans to continue their generations. Especially the angels and fallen-angels that could only continue their generation by mating with humans. Fallen-angels can increase if the angels fall. But pure-angels can't increase their numbers after losing God. Even pure-devils are rare, right?" Kokabiel said it arrogantly

"…Lies…it's a lie…" Slightly further away from me, Xenovia seemed like she started losing strength. She had a panicked expression that was too unbearable to look at. The active believer. God's servant. A person who lived by serving God as her mission. If the existence of God was rejected and she lost the means to live.

Kokabiel says "The truth is that another big war wouldn't happen unless you do it on purpose. It means that all three-sides went through hell in the past war. Everyone decided that it was meaningless to continue having a war if the start of it all, God and the Maou, were dead. Even that bastard Azazel declared that "there is no second war" after losing the majority of his men in the war! It's hard to bear! It truly is hard to bear! To lower your gun once you already shot it!? Don't fuck around. Don't fuck around! If we continued on from there, we could have won! Even so, he...! Is there any value in fallen-angels who can only live by inviting humans who possess Sacred Gears!?" Kokabiel declared his argument strongly. His face was expressing anger. The real truth made an impact on us more than we thought.

"I will destroy you Kokabiel in the name of Rias Gremory!" I was really utterly mad at this bastard right now

"…It's the first time I saw a Sekiryuutei who releases its power just by such determination… What are you? Who are you?" Kokabiel asked while narrowing his eyes.

"I'm the Pawn of Rias Gremory's! Kotegawa Yui! Remember that, Kokabiel! I'm the possessor of a Boosted Gear!"

Until a moment ago, this area was filled with despair I was about ready myself to fight this stupid fallen. Until someone came….

"Kokabiel!" a brown-haired boy came appears out of nowhere along with a blond girl

3rd person POV

"Kokabiel!" Issei shouts his name

"Who are you, lowly devil?!" Kokabiel asked him in arrogant tone

"I'm Hyoudou Issei, Pawn of Sona Sitri and Serafall Leviathan prepare yourself!" Issei was start move forward at Kokabiel (note: this one will be explained in the next chapter how Issei learned about Serafall status on underworld at before he fight this war monger)

"A servant of Sitri & Leviathan eh? Interesting very well I shall destroy you!" Kokabiel starts summoning his holy spears

Issei look at Asia and he says "Asia heal everyone here this battle will be over soon" while he still moving towards to Kokabiel

Asia nodded "Yes Ise-san!"

Rias and her peerage surprised this boy is Sona and her Sister's Pawn while Xenovia still in shock about God's death

Rias says "Sona never told me she has a shared Pawn with her onee-sama do you have an idea on this Akeno?"

Akeno said, "No I heard that Sona-sama Pawns was missing 2 months ago and at the same time happens to Serafall-sama Pawns went missing too."

Rias understands "I see why he just shows up just now."

Yui was annoyed and says "Darn I was about to get serious then that guy appears went out of nowhere!"

Akeno chuckled "ufufufu don't worry Yui-chan you will have your moment."

"Is everyone alright?" Asia asked them

Rias and her Peerage looked at her

Akeno nods "Yes we're fine but those three needs some healing please help them" points at Kiba and Xenovia

Asia nodded starts healing at Kiba & Xenovia

Akeno was surprised what Asia's doing and she asked her "Do you have a Sacred Gear?"

Asia nodded "Yes my Sacred Gear is Twilight healing Ise-san told me I can heal everyone including devils."

Rias was surprised about Asia's Sacred Gear and she asks "Twilight Healing... Asia-san are you still a human?"

Asia replies "Yes I'm still a human Ise-san told me given me a choice if I want to stay human or become a devil."

"I see..." Rias was pleased that she found her potential servant as a Bishop while her thought says "after this incident is over I need to talk to him..."

"Ise-san please be careful…"Asia said at worried tone

Back to Issei

"Let's do this Kokabiel Trance ON!" Issei summons his weapon (the weapon he summon is a Solar Sword ((based on Ragnarok online))

"So it's that your sacred gear?" Kokabiel said at unamused tone

Issei shook his and say "No it's not you're not worth to see my Sacred Gears yet. but I give you a hint I have 2 of the 13 Longinus in my hands"

Rias and her peerage surprised the revelation that Issei has 2 Longinus Sacred Gear they want to ask him but they have to save the questions later after Kokabiel is defeated

Kokabiel was amused and says "Not worth to see your Sacred Gears eh? I was curious what Sacred Gears you have?" he throws his holy spear

Issei blocked it and he mocks "You called that an attack please put some more effort, you stupid warmonger!"

"Very well then..." Kokabiel throws another but stronger holy spear

Issei avoids it "now that's more like it"

He starts to chant something and he says "Raiyun yo, Waga yaiba to narite to teki o tsuranuke... (O darkened storm cloud, loose thy blade and run mine enemies through…) Thunder Blade!" Issei has finished his magic incantation

A Thunder shaped blade appears out of nowhere before it hits the ground Kokabiel steps back a bit to avoid that attack but he didn't notice that the moment the thunder hits the ground it will give him a shock in a small radius.

"Gaaaah!" Kokabiel grunts receives shock from Issei's Thunder Blade

Issei smirked that he hits him even thou it's not a direct hit "heh stepping back a bit is a huge mistake Kokabiel!" Issei starts to chant magic attack

Akeno was turned on that mysterious thunder spell "Ara ara that spell is making me hot I wonder if he can teach me that spell..."

"Tsudoe kuraki honoo yo, utage kyaku o senritsu no uta de mukae motenase (Flames of gathering darkness, welcome our invited guest to your banquet and entertain them with your song of horror!) Bloody Howling!" Issei finished his chant

A dark orb appears at Kokabiel then howling dark shades came out of the orb Kokabiel jump far away from the dark orbs. "That was a close you have lightning and dark magic you amused me, kid, i won't let my guard down this time!" he throws another holy spear

Issei dodged the spear, he was annoyed that his spell is missed "Don't worry there are more things to come" he starts to chant another spell again

Rias was surprised on that spell and she thought on her mind says " wow..that magic seems so powerful I want to learn it from him!"

Yui's sacred gear shocked was [How this possible? What's going here?!]

Yui was confused and she asked, "Ddraig is something wrong?"

[Yes there is a problem here partner well that boy has me and the white one.]

Yui was surprised "what are you talking about Ddraig care to clarify that?"

[What I'm saying is that guy have my Boosted Gear and the White one's Divine Dividing!]


"What?!" everyone says (except for Asia and Issei)

Rias and her peerage were surprised including Kokabiel that Issei has possessed Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing

Rias manage to recover first "but how is that possible?"

Issei's Ddraig frowned...[It seems my counterpart notice us partner...]

Albion sighed.{well so much for concealing us...}

Issei frowned he stop his chant "Awww man you exposed my secrets oh well… well it's True i have Booster Gear and Divine Dividing but this Sacred Gears i hold is the real thing, for now, we will talk about this later.." Issei start to chant again

"Seinaru yari yo, juuni no akashi to tomoni tsuranuke!(Holy spear, pierce jointly with the testimony of twelve!) HOLY LANCE!)" Issei has finished his chant

The Holy Lance surrounds Kokabiel the lances starts raining at him but he manages to evade the all the lances.

Kokabiel was frustrated "This is unacceptable how a devil like you has holy magic?!"

Issei says "well I have my ways and I won't tell you how I manage to learn those spells since you're going to die anyway!" Issei charge at him again

This time Issei is not playing is enemies anymore until he says "Trace ON!" (he summons Dark Excalibur)

"I'm sure you recognize this weapon Kokabiel," Issei said it grimly

Kokabiel was shocked he saw the original Excalibur but he senses that weapon is pure demonic… "What the?! How can devil like you summon that weapon?!"

Issei explained "Well It's my natural ability before i become a devils anyway this is my ability called Projection(Trace Version) I can summon any weapons I want that includes legendary weapons yet the power from the original weapon is still superior, so in other words this one is imitation yet the power of the weapon I summon is almost the same and yes I can change between holy and demonic the way I wanted."

Kokabiel starting to get frightened by him due his absurd ability

Issei says "this battle is over now time to end !" he starts to charge his attack

Kokabiel is starting to flee he was never been this frightened in his entire life .but Issei moved fast and he was in front of him

"Cry out. It is time to fall to the ground, Hammer of the Vile King. Overturn the aurora. Swallow the light! Dark Excalibur!" Issei fires a huge dark light on Kokabiel and obliterates him without hearing his scream.

Issei relieved and says "Whew finally it's over guys well before we go into explanation I need to talk to my master first.."

To be Continued next chapter will be shown on a short Sona's POV before Issei fights Kokabiel

Note: it seems you noticed that his spells based on Tales of Series eh well I was a very fond of those spells and its chants and a bit inspired on Fate stay night on the Dark Excalibur part..and yea it seems I made him OP, since Issei has a head start also Vali, will be appearing at the next chapter...

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