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(Wulong Valley)

"Honestly, Hound. Compared between you and Ironhide, I have to say that you probably lose more parts then he does." Ratchet complained as he worked on the commando's wounds.

Hound huffed. "Ack, what's a little life without some risks. Still sent those Cons packing." He defended. His comment earned him a wrench to the head from Ratchet and chuckles from the others.

Despite no longer being flight worthy, the downed transport ship still served as a temporary retreat for the Autobots, letting them lick their wounds from the fight. It also served as a hideout from unwanted eyes. Due to the actions of the Seekers, human military forces had to come from further away. When they did, both the Autobots and Decepticons were long gone, and Lockdown's ship had fully sunk to the bottom of the sea, too deep for human vessels to follow it. Joshua, Su and Darcy opted to remain behind to be picked up by human officials. Joyce promised to take the blame for what happened, and told Cade he would help finding him and Tessa a new home. The whole event seemed to have changed the KSI head, humbling him for the better.

Back at the transport ship, A makeshift medical bay had been made. It currently housed Cliffjumper, Hound, Drift, Sideswipe, Breakaway, and Mirage, with Jolt and Ratchet tending to them. The six Autobots had taken the most damage from the surprised Seeker attack and the battle before. Especially Drift, who had been hit by multiple missiles trying to protect the Seed, was currently in stasis recharge. Several tubes were plugged into him. Jolt was overlooking his condition.

"Drift will live, and I found no other problems with him." Reported Jolt. "However, the damage to his T-Cog was too great, any attempts to repair it might have been fatal. He won't be able to transform into his third mode."

"Better than being unable to transform at all, or worse, offline." Commented Cliffjumper from his berth.

Meanwhile, the other Autobots were doing their own activities. Omega Supreme, Crosshairs, Warpath, Evac, Silverbolt, Air Raid and the Knights were guarding the perimeter. Wheeljack and the Wreckers were working on something next to the ship's thrusters. Inside, the mini-cons were just hanging around, while also helping Fixit find a suitable alt mode. In a larger room, Bumblebee, twins, the femmes, and humans were watching over the hatchlings. The clicking young Cybertronians were eagerly moving about, some climbing the yellow mech and twins who were sitting on the ground, playing with each other or inspecting the humans, curious about these organics.

"I'm glad that the hatchlings were okay during this whole fiasco." Arcee cooed as she held one of said young Cybertronians. She noted that this one was beginning to form another armored layer, this one colored cobalt and yellow, with a hint of white too. "And their colors are beginning to appear too."

"Does that relate to them getting older?" Tessa asked, an amethyst and red hatchling curiously touching her fingers. Beside her were Shane and Cade. Her boyfriend was trying to discourage an auburn and carmine hatchling from biting his arm, an uncomfortable look on his face. Cade just smirked at his discomfort, while also petting the head of a black and lime hatchling, earning purrs from the little one.

"In a way, yes." Elita replied, feeding a Beige and Silver little one. "As our race lives much longer than you humans, the time it takes for us to grow is also longer too. When a Hatchling begins to develop a colored armored layer, that means they will soon become sparklings, the Cybertronian equivalent of a child."

"Fortunately, we already know the genders of each hatchling. Next comes with giving them their designations. It was decided we would do that once their colors began to show." Chromia said as she stopped two hatchlings, one yellow and grey and the other maroon, from hurting one another.

Elsewhere, at the front of the ship, Prowl and Jazz were discussing about recent events. "Even though the Decepticons managed to take the Seed, the young Adam's tampering has make it basically harmless." Prowl said. "However, that doesn't mean we are safe. We have no idea to the Decepticons' current forces, both size and location. You did mention you received communication from another Autobot, right Jazz?"

The saboteur nodded. "Yeah, Camshaft, another scout. Turns out he'd been leading a group of refugees these past two years, taking them to Cuba." Jazz explained.

"Cuba?" Asked Prowl.

"Remember when Flak was killed there, protecting some civilians?" Jazz said. "Well, apparently that put us in a good light in the Cubans' eyes. The country has declared that they will grant asylum to any Autobot on Earth. Might be a good place for us to go to when Optimus comes back."

"Indeed, though where did Optimus go?" Prowl wondered.

Jazz shrugged. "No idea. All he said was that he had some loose ends to tie up or something. Then he took Ironhide and drove off."

(With Optimus)

Miles away from Hong Kong and Wulong Valley, Harold Attinger was roughly tossed to the ground. Coughing, the begrudging man slowly got up, his head in a daze as he regained his bearings. Seconds later, Attinger turned around to see Optimus Prime towering over him. Behind the Autobot leader was Ironhide, arms crossed. The Prime had a neutral look on his face as he stared down at the human responsible for his Autobots' suffering these past three years.

Instinctively, Attinger pulled out his sidearm, pointing it at Optimus. Prime paid the weapon no heed, it's small size not being a threat to him. "So, we finally meet face to face, Optimus Prime." Attinger said, breathing heavily.

Optimus optics shuddered as he looked at the man, who appeared to be slowly losing sanity. However, there was less rage in his spark now. No, he was still angered by the actions of this human, but was mixed with pity too. "You remind me much of him, of Megatron." Optimus began, still ignoring the small gun pointed at him. "He spoke about everything he did, the atrocities he committed, were all for Cybertron, for our people. But in truth, he was doing it for his own greed, his lust for power. I see that same desire within you, human." He added with a pitiful sigh.

"Is there a point to this?" Attinger demanded, weapon still raised. "I hunted you and your Autobots for three years, killed countless of you and Decepticons! You think I care that Cemetery Wind is no more? I can just rebuild! I won't be stopped by the likes of you!" The man spat out, growling almost.

"No, it is over for you." Optimus replied. "The Decepticons are not the only ones who can hack your systems. My saboteur froze your bank accounts, destroyed any assets or sources you possessed. Now, you are wanted by your own nation that you claim to serve. The whole world now knows of the atrocities you and your forces have committed, to both Cybertronians and humans. As of now, you have nothing except for the clothing you wear and the gun in your hands."

The reaction Attinger gave was exactly what Optimus expected. The man's face showed one of shock, disbelief, rage and a bit of insanity. Though he was no sadist like Megatron, Optimus took some measure of delight at the man's despair.

"Originally, I had planned to kill you." Prime said as he turned away. "But, I believe this punishment is more fitting for you. It brings some measure of justice to my fallen Autobots. Farewell."

Attinger didn't even pay attention to him. Optimus and Ironhide drove off, leaving the man on his own. Slowly, Harold look at the pistol in his hand, and then to the sky. His eyes were wide, and his mouth hung open. Then, as if reality was finally hitting him, Attinger let out a cry of despair, before placing the gun's barrel to his chin and then pulled the trigger…

(Back with the Autobots)

Optimus and Ironhide returned to the others a short time later. There had been much talk between the Autobots, humans and Knights, new information being shared as well as cheers to their latest victory. Eventually, Optimus approached Grimlock, now in robot mode. Behind him were the rest of the Knights, while the Autobots stood behind their leader.

"Grimlock, again I thank you and your brothers for coming to my Autobots' aid." Optimus began, speaking softly. "Though our meeting did not go as I had hoped, I wish to make sure there is no hard feeling between us. You and the Vanguards are free to go where you wish."

Grimlock was silent for a moment, looking at the smaller mech. He moved his optics to stare at his team, as if communicating with them. The other Knights nodded in return, and Grimlock faced Optimus again. "Actually Prime, we wish to remain with you and the Autobots." He said.

Optimus was surprised by this, but said nothing as Grimlock continued. "You were right, I was consumed by my pride and anger of what happened to us with Lockdown, that I feared you would use us as slave. I was wrong. You have proven yourself a true leader and honorable warrior. Also, as you said before, only together can we survive what is to come. So" Grimlock said as he raised a hand. "If you would allow us, we would be honored to join the Autobots."

Prime looked at the offered hand and then at Grimlock. Then a smile formed on his faceplate as he took the hand with his own, shaking it. "No Grimlock, the honor is mine. I welcome you and your brothers among us."

There was much cheering of having the seven powerful warriors on their side. The Autobots walked up to welcome their new comrades, who equally greeted them back. Adam then said, "Sweet, so now we have Dinobots on our side!" His comment got looks from the others. "What? Their Autobots that transform into Dinosaurs. Dinobots."

"Dinobots…I like it." Grimlock thought with a smile.

However, the celebration came to an end when Optimus gained everyone's attention. "My fellow Autobots, and human friends. I had thought long on this and come to the conclusion: Earth will not be safe from Lockdown's benefactors so long as I am here. And thus, I have decided to find and confront them myself, alone." The Prime raised a hand when some tried to speak. "I will hear no objections, this is my decision. The rest of you must remain here and protect our human allies. For I believe the fate between our people and theirs runs deeper than we could have ever imagined." The meeting he had with Alpha Trion came back to mind before looking at his second-in-command. "Prowl, I leave command to you, old friend."

Prowl nodded. "Yes, sir, I will not disappoint you." He said.

Optimus nodded and then activated his shield's thrusters. The rockets came to life and in seconds, the Autobot leader was flying into the air, and soon out of the Earth's atmosphere.

(One Week Later, Pentagon)

Walking down the hall towards SecDef's office were Colonel Lennox and General Morshower. It had been a long past few days, dealing with the rogue drones of KSI, apprehending any surviving Cemetery Wind members, and then the whole fiasco in Hong Kong, retrieving Joshua Joyce. Followed by trying to find the Autobots with no such luck. Lennox was at least able to confirm that Ironhide was among the surviving bots. That would make Annabelle happy.

A few minutes later, having walked past Keller's secretary, Lennox and Morshower entered the man's office. Keller was talking to someone on the phone, by the sound of it was the President. The conversation came to an end seconds later and Keller hung up the phone. The two saluted him. "At ease, gentlemen. Have a seat." Keller said.

The two soldiers sat down, facing their superior who began speaking. "First off, I like to thank both of you for your work dealing with those drones. I would've thanked you sooner, but politics were keeping my occupied."

"We understand that sir. We're just glad we were able to stop them before they did any harm." Morshower replied.

Keller nodded. "Now, regarding Cemetery Wind, they have been officially disbanded. Any members, those that weren't at their HQ when it was attack, have been apprehended and are being put on trial. We've also confirmed that Attinger and his right-hand man, Savoy, are dead. We found Harold's body somewhere outside of Hong Kong. Apparently, the man shot himself, probably seeing it as the better alternative then being jailed for life." John explained.

Lennox snorted. He wouldn't weep over that scum's death. Not even Galloway would do what Attinger did. "Sir, what about the Autobots? Have any attempts been made to contact them?" Will asked.

A sigh came from Keller as he responded. "Unfortunately, the leaders of Earth's governments have officially declared that all Cybertronians are now illegal. Any spotted are to be captured or terminated on sight, regardless of faction."

That snapped a nerve in the Colonel. Lennox abruptly stood up and slammed his fist on the desk. "Are they insane?! Did they not read Joshua's report? If the Autobots hadn't acted, then the Decepticons would've wiped us out!" Lennox shouted. Morshowere put a hand on the Colonel's shoulder, trying to calm him and guide him back to his chair.

"I share your view, Colonel. The President too." Keller said. He was not unnerved by the man's brief anger. "However, its out of our hands. The memory of Chicago still hangs onto their mind and the recent event at Hong Kong just added to their fear. They're afraid of possible future devastations. And fear and anger can make people do things that are not wise. Still, despite that, there is some good news."

"Good news, sir?" Morshower asked as Lennox finally sat down.

"A new paramilitary force has been formed. TRF, Transformers Reactionary Force, which is comprised of soldiers from different nations. This time, their backgrounds will be checked to ensure we don't have another Cemetery Wind. I managed to pull some strings, and have you assigned as TRF's commanding officer, Morshower, and have Colonel Lennox assigned to the unit too. Since you both have experience in hunting Decepticons, the governments allowed your entry into TRF." Keller explained.

"I see" Morshower said. "You want us to have TRF to focus more on the Decepticons, while giving the Autobots more freedom and less notice."

"At best, yes. And if you can't, you can at least capture any Autobots you find rather then having them be terminated. KSI will also be helping provide the technology to support TRF, however Joyce is also aware of my plan and has agreed to help, no doubt influence by Optimus Prime." Keller explained. He then looked at Lennox. "Colonel, if you can, I like you to get Sergeant Epps and any other former NEST personnel to join TRF too. Their presence would greatly increase the chances of less conflict with the Autobots. But beware, other members of TRF might oppose you."

Lennox sighed. It wasn't the best plan, but at least it was something. "Fine, whatever helps get rid of the Decepticons faster."

Morshower also nodded in agreement, pleasing Keller. "Thank you, gentlemen. I fear that there will be rough times ahead for all of us. Hopefully we can endure them to a better outcome."

(One Month Later, South Dakota)

"I believe the term for a place like this would be 'the badlands'." Commented Jazz as he looked at the screen.

Hovering in South Dakota, surrounded by the wide dry terrain of the state were the Autobots. They were currently aboard Omega Supreme, who had transform into his alt mode. The giant mech was carrying the damaged transport ship, held by several metal cables, as well as thrusters made by Wheeljack and the Wreckers, to lessen the strain on Omega.

A month had passed since the battle in Hong Kong, as well as Optimus's departure to find his 'Creators'. Since then, Prowl had decided that they needed to find a suitable location to establish a new base for the next few years. The lieutenant had the Aerialbots search the globe for an area that was both isolated from humans, as well as contained a decent size of natural resources that the Autobots could convert into energon. The result were the badlands of South Dakota. Unfortunately, the area was a part of Sioux Land, and thus Cade, Adam and Bumblebee had left to negotiate with their Chief.

Speaking of Cade, it turned out the man was now a fugitive. With Cybertronians now declared illegal by Earth's governments, Cade's willingness to help the Autobots made him a criminal. Fortunately, Shane and Tessa were spared that fate, but only if they were not with Cade. So, with a heavy heart, Cade was forced to stay away from Tessa. The father also told Shane to take care of Tessa, or Cade would come after him, something that the Irish car driver took seriously. They were currently living in New York City, and thanks to Joshua, were able to purchase a decent apartment. While Tessa continued her school life, with eventually going to college, Shane got a job at KSI working as a truck driver for the company's Manhattan branch.

With Adam, the young boy had decided to stay with Cade and the Autobots. Despite not being wanted, he didn't think it was right to separate from his dear friends, Evac and Rewind, and wanted to stay with them. Adam also wanted to learn more about his Cybertronian heritage, and perhaps discover other secrets of his unique powers. The twelve-year old also got along well with Ratchet, the Chief Medical officer teaching Adam about their biology.

Back to the present, Prowl walked up towards the saboteur. "In this case, though, the term 'bad' is actually good for us. If Cade can reach an agreement with the Sioux Chief, this place would be perfect for us to set up a base." Prowl said as the two stood in the command room, along with Ironhide, Ratchet, Silverbolt and Elita.

Omega's voice then covered the room. "Incoming transmission. Origin: Autobot." The mech said.

"It is probably Camshaft." Prowl noted. "Put him on the screen, Omega."

A few seconds later, the screen's image changed to show a silver mech with maroon-colored limbs and a single, large optic. :This is Camshaft. You read me, Autobots?: The mech asked.

"We hear you, Camshaft. What's your status in Cuba?" Asked Prowl.

:Good so far. The humans, Simmons and Dutch, have just returned after negotiating with the Cuban leaders. Any Autobot refugees that arrive are allowed freedom in Cuba so long as it does not interfere with their government or military. In return, they can't make us join their army or give them any technology.: Camshaft explain. :Leo and I are currently helping the refugees settle in an abandoned military base near some mountains, off the coast. You sure you guys don't want to come?:

"Thank you, Camshaft, but I believe our presence would be more useful hear in America." Prowl replied. "Here we can help new arriving Autobots reach Cuba safely, as well as deal with any Decepticons should they decide to attack you and the refugees. Please inform us if anything new develops."

:Will do. Camshaft out: The mech said before ending the transmission.

Prowl looked at his leader's sparkmate. "I know you've already made your decision, but are you sure you and the sisters would not be more comfortable with taking the hatchlings to Cuba? They would be much safer there than with us. I do not mean to sound sexist, but you three are the only ones who can properly take care of the little ones because of your caretaking programing." The lieutenant said, recalling that Elita use to be an educator back on Cybertron before the war.

The purple femme shook her head. "No offense taken, Prowl. And yes, my sisters and I discuss it, and we would feel better here. I know that we are risking the hatchlings' wellbeing by doing this, but none of the refugees have the proper teaching of raising young Cybertronians. Plus, Chromia would not allow herself to be separated from her sparkmate." Elita said, gesturing to Ironhide. "And I personally believe the hatchlings will be better protected here than in Cuba."

Prowl sighed, knowing there was no point in arguing anymore. That's when his personal coms began to beep, alerting him to an incoming message. "Prowl here."

:This is Bumblebee. Cade and Adam have just finishing speaking with the Chief: Reported Bumblebee.

"And?" Prowl asked.

:The Chief's agreed to let us stay near an old junkyard they're not using anymore. I've checked its location and its near where the strongest source of energy is coming from. Plus, the wrecked vehicles could serve as cover for us too, though we might have to work something out with the ship and Dinobots: Bee said as he sent the data to the others. After overlooking it, Prowl agreed that it work well for an HQ, once they added their own modifications that is. With that, Omega carefully lowered the transport ship at the back of the junkyard, while Cade, Adam and Bumblebee watched from a safe distance. The Autobots watched from the Ark's windows, looking at what would be their new home for the foreseeable future.

(Mount Yamantau, Decepticon Base)

"Audio receptors are online"

"All systems including weapons are operational"

"Energy flow is normal, no signs of disruption"

"T-Cog is working perfectly"

"Activating optics"

Megatron's vision began to come on. What greeted him was a single light and a ceiling made of stone, as well as multiple cables. Then Shockwave's face came into view. "How are you feeling, Lord Megatron?"

As the Decepticon Leader raised his arm and flexed his clawed fingers, Megatron commented. "Like I've truly been reborn."

Currently in Flatline's lab, Megatron got up from the operating table. Inside the room with him were Shockwave, Soundwave and Flatline. Laserbeak was perched on a nearby machine, watching the whole thing from above.

Megatron took a moment to take in his new form. It possessed the same grey color format as his original body had. One could best describe his new body as that of a barbaric gladiator, equipped with a retractable face mask too.

"Though the Seed's tampering was unforeseen, the metal we were able to harvest proved useful in creating your new body. I have also managed to recreate your Fusion Cannon, attaching it to your right arm. Upgrades can be made later if you so desire, Lord Megatron." Shockwave explained. "I was also able to create a close combat weapon with the remaining cyber-matter too."

Leaning to the side of the wall was a black sword. It had serrated edges of it, and at the top, formed a crescent-shape tip. Megatron grabbed it with one hand, noticing how the handle could be wielded by two. He swung it around several times, getting a feel of the blade before attaching it to his back.

"Well done, old friend." Megatron said as he looked at Shockwave. "My trust in you was not wasted."

"You honor me, Lord Megatron." Shockwave replied with a bow. "Do you wish to meet the troops, let them know of your status?"

"In due time, however we must first focus on the current structure of our army. What is the condition of our troops, both Decepticons and Vehicons?" Megatron asked.

"Unfortunately, we lost a good portion of our drones during the recent battle. Furthermore, three of the surviving Constructicons were killed, with only Long Haul as the sole survivor." Shockwave began. "Barricade has recently come out of surgery himself. The damage done to him by the Autobot lieutenant required Flatline to give him an entirely new body. We are currently producing more, but it will take a while. In terms of actual Decepticons, we still outnumber the Autobots. Our energon supplies, while not dangerously low, are at a state where we cannot grow new protoforms, and thus must rely on the Vehicons to make the bulk of our forces."

"I see" Megatron hummed as he took all this in. "In that case, here is the current command structure. You shall now be second-in-command, Shockwave, as well as in charge of all scientific endeavors, working alongside Flatline. I shall also be assigning Fracture, Wreckage and Stockade to you, to work as field officers under your command. They are some of the warriors I can trust."

"Understood, Lord Megatron" Replied Shockwave, seeing the logic in that. Flatline also was in agreement.

"Blackout and Brawl shall command the aerial and ground Vehicons respectively. Their authority over them shall be second only to yours and of course, mine. Soundwave, you shall continue with your position as communication officer and hacker. Starscream shall keep his position as leader of the Seekers." Megatron said to another of his trusted soldiers.

Soundwave nodded. "As you command, Lord Megatron. But is it wise to allow Starscream to keep his post? While the others would not betray you, he might try to double-cross you again."

"Which is why I want Thundercracker to watch him. If Starscream does try anything, I want him terminated, immediately." Ordered Megatron. Current events would now allow the tyrant to luxury of punishing traitors as he originally could. "Also, have Barricade meet with me. I intend to head out soon and I want him to serve as my aide and field officer for the time being."

"Out?" Shockwave repeated. "Do you have a destination in mind, Megatron?"

"Before his death, my master, the Fallen, told me many secrets." Megatron said. "Things about Earth we had never known about before. As I watched events unfold the way they did, I realized something is coming. And another opportunity to restore Cybertron is approaching. We must be prepared to play our parts before that time comes." Finished the Decepticon leader as he walked out, followed by Soundwave and Shockwave. All the while, Megatron had new plans forming in his mind, plans to ensure that the Decepticons would come out virtuous, and the Autobots and humans would perish.

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