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So I am dead from a sleeping od or some one blow my head off in my sleep but in stead of nothing happening or haven or hell I got reincarnated y do I say that cuz frist off I am staring a bardock and then I see my new mom and she looks like fasha toya u fucking lier I here them talking in english then I think so English is the basic of dragonball thats good never bin good with lungwiges that are not based off Latin she said I am ready for a mission and then bardock said finely thay pick me up give me to a nerce that looks humanoid then he takes me to the baby word then I use my hands to feal my head yea thats gokus hair well fuck might as well try to find my ki like there is nothing else to do I insistently find it as a pool near my stomach I spread it thro out my body pass out repeat then some time later I note that I have not bin fed but I ant hungry so I use my arm to lift my head up and see patches on me and a iv in my vain on my arm the next I wake up some time later thay put me in a spacepod and just as the propaganda starts playing I hear an explosion fucking dumbasses if thay think I will be a slave to any one even freaza or his dad there retarded then I was put in hibernation when I woke up I told the recording to go fuck its self in my head never know if the ai can here and I have not an earge to destroy the earths general population I am going tho the atmosphere and I look out the winddow it looks like I am gana land in west city I hit the center of the cc building its self I land in the nature preserve my pod opens the propraganda shuts off and dr brief with purple hair thank the universe this is manga canon so he pucked me up and put me in bulmas old crib I latter find out a year has past since I left planet vageta then days pass and then the dr brakes in to the os on the ship there is a recording it says that if this herd by any one then I have fail and freza has destroyed the planet in the files are few documents with the history of are people and planet and a few schematics to help with ur training kackarot u need to become stronger then even me if u hope to defeat him

time ship 2 years latter

in these last 2 years cc has changed it name to dev corp and thay put scorters healing tanks and blaster technology on the market even dr gero became in the employ of dev cotp when I asked dad how that happened he told me that gero lost all his investors and he saw the healing tanks that we invented so he came to us to buy out his company on the condition that he be the head of the cybernetics division so I thought it was abought time to ask dad for a gravity machine

dad I know u have bin putting money aside for me and I want u to make a gravity machine so I know what its like on my home planet and make it so it can go higher then that once I get use to my home world gravity so I can get stronger faster he tells me yes but to be careful with it I then go to talk with bulma before she gos to school she then gos on a tie raid on how stupid her classmates are when shes done I tell her that not every one can be a genus then she asks me if I am gana run laps around the city all day I say yes then I think fuck u mighto gai haters his training works even here then I leve to do my training a month passes and I have my gravity room it can go up to 100 times earths but I wana take it eazy so I start at 2x I am fine then I go to 3x still fine then 4x I am a bit slower but I think I can bump it up one more with 5x its a struggle to stand and even walk so I bump it down to 4 x and try to get use to it this when on for a year when I till I mastered 100 x earths gravity then I when to dad and told him I want it to go higher he said he was all ready working on it and it should be ready soon but ur five years old now its time to go to school the new semester is starting tomorrow and I singed u up ok dad so the next day was kindergarden my teachers name was mr bush I hid my tail cuz kids can be assholes and I am not trying to start a fight when roll call started I know no ones name but then my name was called out kackarot brief then it moved on class was boring but I need dads money so I layed low and payed attention thats until pe class where we played tea ball I tried to hold back but but I ended up breaking the bat and sending the ball flying in to outer space I said sorry my bad I should have held back more then the pe teacher mr Neil asked me how I got that Strong I told him to come to dev corp and I will show him and to bring the rest of the class if he wanted he said he go by him self first and would accompany me home pe was the last class of the day and then ponchy came to pick me up she asked me y there was a teacher with me I told her I wanted to show him my training room she said ok knowing I could kill him if he pulled some thing so we go back to dev corps hq and we head in to the gravity room he asks what is so special abought this room I raze it to 3 x he trys to take a step and falls I lover it to 2x and he gets up but it takes some effort and then I go skiping around like its the moon he is shocked he then asks me to fight when we where done with are spart he said I fight like a brawler even holding back I bet him up but then he tells me u are strong even holding back but u have no from let me teach u I use to be a crane student but we had a falling out I say yes do u mind if I call the principle I think pe is gana be a wast of are money and ur time I say ok then he calls the principle and shows him the gravity room at 2x he falls flat on his face then Neil turns it off and gos with the Principe to the viewing deck I turn it to 100 x and start training u see hes Strong he broke the base ball bat we where using for tea ball and he was holding back the pinnacle said this is 2 crazy for me ok he can skip pe but he will have study hall instead dont wana get them thinking we give the rich kids special treatment ok sir so the principle left then mr Neil spoke over the inter com can u turn it off for a minute I want know if u can use ur ki I say yea but I dont let it out of my body he then asks me to try and from a ball I do it in a millisecond then he asks me to extend my ki around my body and push it up from my feet I am flying then we leve dev corp and go to the middle of no where where he teaches me the dodon ray then I tell him abought freaza and my planets end and then mr Neil tells him abought the cheran humert and his bother that trained him olny to kill people for money so he fought the cran hurmit and lost then he was told the crane school disowned him and if thay where to fight agin he will die also if he ever competes at a marshal arts tournament he will die so I tell him I could kick there asses he said no I have to do it kackarot help me train and I will help u then I said yes

time skip 2 years

it toke mr Neil a year and a half to get use to 100 x gravity I was working on 200 x in my alone time it toke me 6 months to master the crane style of marshal arts must be that sayin blood is what neail says he thinks he is finely ready to take them down he uses dads contacts to get in touch with tao and takes him out in one trigun blast then he went to the crane school and killed shen with a simple dodon ray to the hart there where 2 kids there fuck I should have taken this out side but then thay bow to him and call him master then he said I am no ones master but if u wish to come with me and train with me I will not stop u when he returned he talked to dad abought opening a marshal arts school and dad invested in it right away it was in the outer parts of west city with training halls and gravity rooms marshal artists from all over joined once he won the 20th world marshal arts tournament even a little orphan boy named krillen joined the school and time moved on till I was 12 and it was summer vakay kackarot look what I found bumla said I said what she said its a dragon ball and if gather all 7 u can grant a wish and look I made this radar to track down the rest of them so u wana come sure but is mom and dad ok with it thay said it was ok as long as u come ok let me check shure enuff it was true so I want back to her and told he I would go just let me tell Neil so I go to the school and tell Neil I am going on a road trip with my sister and I will be gone till school starts he said have a good time and I left I when back to dev corp and we started are adventurer