So bluma and we rind in a car the first 2 stops where antique shops then we headed to eastern mountain range we met a man by the name of gohan and he sold it to us real quick once he saw the zeni it was not a lot but for him it was more then he would ever need so then are are trip we found a talking turtle he asks us for salt watter going in to the capsule house I made him some and he drink it right up then he asked me how far to the sea I sad it was far from here but asked bulma for a map she said it was on the way and its said to see a sea creature far from its home so I ran with it on my back and bulma drove the car when we got there he asked us to wait for his master bulma wanted to leve but I said I have a good feeling abought this so she just started to get her tan on I meditated before I know it the turtle came back with an old fat on his back is I know is roshi but that rapey bastered deserves no respect from me so he gets off the turtle and said hello did u guys get my turtle back home the turtle said no olny the boy o is that so do u wana learn marshal arts from me I say no cranes do not get along with turtles expaly when those turtles give rape vibes to my sister just ge me the ball on ur neck and we will be on are way he asks me y I choose a path of evil I say shen and tao are dead and so is there philosophy not by me by the new master of the school maby u shoud avoid west city then next person u play grab ass with might kill u in self defense he drops the dragon ball and starts swimming bulma asks was the necessary I said yes the only rezen hes not in jail is cuz he was the strongest person on earth before i and a bunch of people surpassed his power level so we get back in the car and start back on are journey we drive in to the village that the radar pointed us to only to find what seems like a ghost town I tell bulma to take out her scouter she dose and presses the botten there 40 power lvs all 5 or below so I get out the car and tell my sister to stay put I say I know ur there come out we just wana talk then a man with an ax comes at me calling me ooolong I tell the man I Am not oolong then he swings his ax at me I counter by using my middle finger to hold the ax at a stand still I then tell him I am kackarot I dont know who the fuck is oolong but if u try that agin I will brake ur arms he steps back and said hes sorry and that ooolong is a shape shifter and has kidnapped the little girls of the village I tell him I will take care of the pedophile but do any of u have a ornge ball with stars on it I do said the old woman coming out of her house ok then u give me that ball after I get ur girls back she said yes so then I told bulma to wait with the towns folk while I take care of him I take out my own scouter and he shows up an hour later I take a reading just to be an asshole 5 ur just a 5 this will be eazy so I jump up to his big red head that looks kind like king yama and knock him out I tie him up and when he wakes up I ask him where are the girls he wont talk so I pull down his pants and grab his dick and tell him if he dose not talk by the count of 5 I will rip his dick off 1 3 ok ok I will take u there when we get there all the girls are tied to the walls and naked I free the girls and thay run to there parents forever scared I take oolong back get my dragon ball and watch then burn him at the stake after some roast pork and sleep we leve as we are crossing the desert this dumb fuck pulls next to ust a slashes are ties we stop the car and I get out what the fuck is wrong with u ass hole give me one rezen I sould not kill u the man said give me all ur zeni and capsules or u die or that I bet the ever loving shit out of u we then fight I just doge all his hits until he falls down in exhaustion then he asks my name I say kackarot he then said my name is yamcha I tell him u put up a good fight how would u like to work for me he said what is ur offer I say go to the crane school in west city tell then kackarot sent u I take out my wallet I am him my bizness card give that to the person at the front desk and every thing will be settled or I could criple u and leve u to die he said no yes god damit I want to be strong to avenge my parents death ok then we have a deal then bulma takes out a motorcycle and I run with her till we make it to the ox kings place I tell bluma to stay back and I will deal with the owner she then gos on who wold own this shit hole I say the ox king so I use my scouter to find him and I ask him if he need a fire fighter he truns around and starts calling me a thef hay I ant here to steal shit I was just look for a dragon ball I can pay for it pulling out my wallet a flashing him the zeni he stops all the while dogging his ax swings I say fuck it and I best the shit out of him and know him out I use the tri beam to stop the frie but all thats left is rubble I call bluma on the scouter and tell her to come look for then dragon ball when we find the ball the ox king wakes up and he said hes sorry that all that heat got to his head and that he was delusional and that he needs to find his daughter he send her off alone to find roshi but that was so stupid so he asks u to find her and shows u a picture I fly away and find her with in minets she runing from a dino so I kill the dino and tell her ur dad sent me hop on my back she dose I grab the dino by the mouth and fly back I drop the dino and say time for a feast we feast and chi chi was realy shy then the ox king ask me to marry his doughter I said thats her chouse to make she said yes so I am now engaged to roytalty I am not gana wast it like goku I thought then I went up to her and gave my bizness card if u realy want marry me then u have to become stoung go to this address in west city and show them this card I walked away eat some more then we sleeped and in the moring we made are way to pilafs castle I ring the door bell he tells us to come in and before we do I take out gas masks and give one to my sister I put mine on and she dose the same we walk in and and thay traps us in the hall way I use a tri beam to brake one of the trap doors in are way we make are to pelof and gang and thay are cowering in fear I say let me guess u wanted to use the dragon balls to rule the would but u cant even rule ur own kingdom ur like a retarded vr of freaza then I use a dodon ray to blast the blue man to peaces then I tell mai and shu u work for me now I give them my bizness card and thay get on there plain to west city we then gather the dragonballs and I ask my sister what she want to wish for she said silly I did this for u so I summon the dragon and it ask y I have summoned it I wish that my family from planet vegta be brought here hen is a gold light fasha bardock and ratiz appear I quickly dodon ratizs scouter what the hell was that for kackarot father u tell him freza destoryed are planet said bardock no it was a meteor said ratiz I was there when he death balled it and u need more critical thinking skills do u think at the time the king and his elites could not blast a meteor to bits that would burn up in the sky ratiz started hitting his leg for how stupid hes bin so son how did u get me and ur mom out of hell I explan to them abought the dragon balls then I give them dev crop scouters and told them thay where not on the ptos network thay put them on and say say 50 that weak I say I am holding back and power up to 500 millyen what the fuck how did my son get this strong come with me and I will show u I said