He watched her in class, glancing behind himself, up at her on her phone. He was sure she had one of the diaries. There was no way she didn't, too many things were matching up. Did she know about he game yet though... that was the question. He offered her a soft smile before turning back to the front of the room. This should be confronted sooner, rather than later...

Marinette was doodling on her sketchpad, lost in thought. Her mind was far away, with the pink journal hidden in her room, the one that, as of late, had been filled with the day's events when she woke up... she was startled out of her contemplation by Adrien's smile, and flushed, shyly returning the it as the final bell rang. She waved to her best friend as the redhead dashed out of the room to go catch up with Nino, and headed to the door...

"Did yours tell you I'd stop you after class? Or did I change the future?"

She yelped as Adrien's hand clamped around her wrist, and she peered up at him, her face heating. The diary was right...he'd stopped her. "W-What are you talking about?" she stammered, heart pounding.

He lifted her hand, brushing it with his lips. "I'm here to protect you from the game. To stop you from dying today."

Her face turned from red to pale quick as a flash. "D-Dying?" she pushed away from him. "Look, I really don't know what you'e talking about. I have to get home," she gasped out, before tearing out of the building. She had to read the diary, NOW.

He landed in front of her, pulling out his cell phone. "Don't run from me," he told her, stroking her face. "I'm on your side, my Lady. I have a diary too."

She skidded right into his arms and her face lit up like a stop sign. "Keep it down!" she hissed, glancing around the schoolyard. "Can we talk about this somewhere private?"

He grinned. "I'd love that," he murmured, tracing the veins along her wrists.

She blushed a deeper shade of crimson. "My parent's bakery. C'mon." She pulled him along the road, head spinning. Adrien? He had a diary? But Tikki never said anything about another person having one... and Tikki was all in her head, anyway. The diary was all in her head. So then how...?

Her father waved at Adrien good-naturedly, while her mother looked very excited as Marinette pulled the blond boy up to her room and shut the door. She turned around, meaning to question him on all this, and...

He pinned her to the wall, kissing her deeply.

Her eyes went huge, as the breath caught in her throat. He broke away, smiling, and pulled out his phone again. A diary had been kept on it... with entries every ten minutes. Every one of them about her. "Now, Princess. It says here that if you stay here, you'll be killed by the third diary holder. But I will not let that happen, alright?"

She stood there, dumbstruck for a few moments before she shook off her shock. "But... how? How do you know more about this than I do?" she walked over to her drawer and unlocked it, pulling out a small book, flipping through the pages.

"My diary is more compact, and updates faster. And it's all about you, every ten minutes. I saw the new updates from Third's movements," he explained quickly. "The diary of Love is for your benefit, as am I."

"I see..." she murmured, opening the book and flipping through the pages. After finding the newest entry, she covered her mouth. "It says the third diary holder is on their way..."

"We need to go," he responded instantly. "Grab a weapon, anything you can. I've got my fencing swords, but I don't think you'll want to stab anyone," he frowned, looking out the window as a person dressed in green and rollarblades appeared below them.

She looked around and ran down the stairs. Her parents had gone down to the shop area, but luckily, her father left a frying pan in the sink. She grabbed it and turned to Adrien. "Now what?"

He laughed slightly. "Now we see if you can run carrying that thing." He grabbed her hand, and pulled her through the streets, until they reached an alleyway. The notification read on his phone, and he frowned. "Your death hasn't disappeared," he murmured, as the person in green appeared. "Close your eyes, Marinette."

She turned around as the person in green cornered them in the alley, an evil grin on their face. She looked at Adrien for a long moment. "I trust you." She shut her eyes and stepped a few feet back.

There was a scream, as the sword sliced through the body, and her wrists were gripped again as the diaries changed. "You're safe," he promised her. "Now, it seems that the Miraculous hasn't been explained to you. Right?"

She didn't open her eyes, terrified to see what Adrien had done to the person. Tears dripped down her cheeks as she hiccuped and shook her head.

He nodded. "Right. Close your eyes, and focus. And we'll go into the casualty continueum, to see Tikki and Plagg, and the other holders."

She took a deep breath to regain her composure, then shut her eyes. When they opened, they were standing in a circle with nine others. One spot was empty, replaced by a 'Dead End' sign. Adrien offered a smile, though all faces were hidden. Tikki stood in the center. "Hello, holders."

Marinette looked around, frightened by the sudden change in scenery. She held onto Adrien's hand as she turned her attention to Tikki.

"I am dying," the god of fate said calmly. "And one of you will replace me. The last alive after the next thirty days." She smiled sweetly. "You have each been given a tool to find the other diary holders- a vessel to predict the future, based on the diaries you were already keeping. Now, your diaries can be changed by the actions of other holders, so be careful! Third has already died, killed by Second and First. Now- survive." The place disappeared, all eyes focusing on Adrien and Marinette, murderously. The pair landed in a cathedral, shaking. Marinette clung to Adrien unconsciously, scared by all the murderous looks the others had given her. "We have to kill people?" she managed to say after a while.

He stroked her hair, looking at her devotedly. "Don't worry, Mari," he whispered. "I'll protect you."

She looked up at him, tears brimming in her eyes. "Adrien, what if you get killed?! I don't want to lose you!" She clamped her hands over her mouth, still crying and her face turning red in embarrassment.

He kissed her again, softer. "I won't let myself be killed until it's time for you to kill me, alright?" he took her hands."You're getting out of this alive."

She took shaky breaths, then suddenly grabbed his collar and kissed him harder. Something about the adrenaline in her veins and the fact that Adrien would give his life for her was mixing together, making her desperate to be closer to him

He held her close to him, joy filling him. Finally... finally... he had her. If only for a moment.