He sent her the hundredth message that night, checking in on her, and laughed softly. The sun was coming up, wasn't it? Almost time to go and walk her to school... he wondered if she'd let him kiss her again.

Marinette responded, yet again, to Adrien's message. She hadn't got much sleep that night after what she'd seen the other day. She rubbed her eyes and grabbed her bag, which contained the diary, and ran downstairs for breakfast... to find him waiting at the end of the staircase. "Sorry, I picked the lock on the door," he laughed. "Shall we get going?"

She jumped back. "Adrien, you can't break into my house!"

He frowned. "Why not? I'm trying to protect you. Don't forget there's nine others gunning for you."

"I know that, it's just..." She blushed, running a hand through her hair. "My parents might get the wrong idea, and then what?"

He tilted his head. "They can't get rid of me. You should know that much." He took her hand, walking her to the school cheerfully. "Ah, you're so lovely, Mari! You're gonna be the best god ever!"

Marinette flushed red again as they entered the school courtyard, and gave Alya a nervous smile and mouthed "I'll explain later."

He noticed the exchange, and frowned, pulling her closer to himself. "Her."

She looked confused as Alya walked away to talk with someone else. "Alya? Don't worry, I won't tell her about the diary and all that...


"You cannot tell anyone," he held onto her hands, staring into her eyes. "Trust nobody but me, ok?"

She looked away for a second, then nodded. "Okay, I promiseā€¦"

He smiled. "I have fencing right now. But we'll talk later, alright?"

"Alright! See you later!" She said, then gave him a peck on the cheek before running off to where Alya was with Rose.

A few minutes later, a blond girl in black and yellow stopped her. "Pardon? May we speak... privately, for a moment?"

Marinette turned her head and was about to say yes, when she stopped herself short. The girl was... familiar... Her eyes flicked to her satchel, where her diary lay hidden. "Sorry, but I need to go help the teacher!" she laughed, pasting a smile to her face. In the back of her mind, she told herself to stay calm.

The girl grabbed her wrist, latching her in place. "What's in the bag?"

She yanked her arm away. "Just my wallet and my cell phone..." she trailed off as she turned, finding a gun pressed to her forehead.

"Now, trash, let's not tell lies, hmm?"

In the back of her mind, Marinette heard screams, but she couldn't quite understand as she stared down the barrel. She couldn't move, as if her veins had suddenly been filled with cement.

In a flash, she was being pushed to the ground, and soon she was running with Adrien as gunshots rang out. "I'm so sorry, I came as soon as I saw in the diary!"

She stumbled, then took off as she practically dragged Adrien behind her. "We can't just leave! Our classmates are back there!"

"Marinette, she wants you and me. She's a holder, didn't you see? She trailed us!"

"I kinda figured," she said, ducking behind a trash can in an alley not far from the school. "But I didn't think there'd be any civilian casualties."

"They don't matter to us!" he snapped. "Why should they? Princess, if we go back there..."

"They do matter!" Marinette said, turning to face him. "They're our friends! I'm not having them die because of us! We just need to get her out of the school and away from other people!"

He ran a hand through his hair, sighing. "Fine... If it makes you happy..."

"Yes, it will" She said with relief, peeking around the corner. "All we need is a distraction to get her over here."

He frowned, glancing at the already-shot. "Bring me Marinette!" the girl cackled. "Or I'll kill you all!"

Rose was already clipped by a shot and was sobbing in Alya's arm. Marinette looked over her shoulder at Adrien. "How good are you with the sword? Can you move pretty quick?"

"I can try-" he was cut off by laughter. "You! Maritrash! The courtyard's been filled with mines, all around me!" she called down. "Now, if you don't come meet your doom, they'll all detonate!"

"Well, here's hoping for luck." She kissed his cheek before standing up. She ran around the corner and shouted, "Over here!"

He stared at her in shock. "Mari, are you insane?"

"Over here, you blonde fashion disaster!" she shouted again. "I'm the one you want!"

The girl snickered. "Come on then. Come at me!"

Adrien pressed something round into Marinette's hand. "I'll tell you where the mines are. Aim for her eyes."

Her hand closed around the item and she hid it up her jacket sleeve. She walked towards the girl, her head hung in defeat.

The girl cackled. "Oh, the mighty first, completely defeated! Third was a fluke, wasn't she?"

She lifted her head, not close enough to use the thing Adrien had given her. She hoped that Adrien was doing something while she was standing in front of this crazy person. "Let the hostages go. They have nothing to do with this, and there's nothing to gain from their deaths."

She shrugged. "They got you to come out, and me one step closer to being a god."

"But if you kill them, the police will be on your tail. It'll make it much harder to kill the others," she counterd, taking a few more steps. Almost close enough...

"Most are dying, and the police are on my tail already," the blonde winked. "Don't you recognize me from the news? I'm offended!"

Marinette's gaze flickered to the people lying on the ground, her classmates and friends. Fury rose up inside her, and she rushed the girl, pulling out what Adrien had given her- a red yo-yo.

The yo-yo hit it's mark, knocking her to the ground... setting off the bombs. She was knocked back from the blast, and she lay there for a moment, her ears ringing. She landed softly, protected by a pair of arms... She looked up at Adrien, then jumped in surprise as a tear splashed onto her hand. She didn't know she was crying...

Adrien pressed his lips to Marinette's, gently. "Shh... it's ok. We're alive. She's gone. You were amazing. You've always been so amazing, so brave, and so strong..."

She looked at the carnage of the explosion and burrowed deeper into Adrien's arms. Nothing was worth all this...

He held her close. "Are you mad at me?"

"No," she promised, shivering. "I'm really scared. Adrien, we almost..."

"Don't be," he kissed her again. "I promised I'd protect you. I will."

"But is it worth it in the end?" She whispered to herself, as police started rushing over to the injured teenagers.

"It has to be," he kissed her forehead, and both cheeks. "To keep you alive, I will kill anyone."

Marinette didn't respond.

"Do you need medical assistance?" one paramedic asked softly, approaching them.

"We're fine," Adrien smiled sweetly. "I've got her."

The paramedic nodded and gave the pair a blanket. "Stay here, the police will need testimonials from you."

He frowned. "Let's get out of here, Princess. The police are bad news."

Marinette nodded and got up to her feet shakily.

He took her home, and kissed her cheek. "I'll definitely kill her."

"Do we... have to?" she said, sitting on her bed. "Adrien, you have to start thinking... What will we do if it's just us left?"

He hugged her. "You'll kill me. Or I could kill myself, if you like."

"No!" she exclaimed, wrapping her arms around him. "I don't want to lose you! Nothing is worth someone's life!"

"Then you can just bring me back, once you're god, ok?" he smiled brightly.

She nodded and rested her forehead on his. "Okay."

"Until that day, you are mine to protect. Always."

She shut her eyes and leaned on him, exhaustion flooding through her body.

"Are you tired?" he cocked his head.

"y-Yeah" She said, opening her eyes a crack. "I guess after everything that's happened so far, I haven't had time for much sleep..."

"Mind if I keep watch while you sleep?"

"Mhm" She said, shutting her eyes again and laying back on her bed, setting the diary next to her.

He stroked her hair, humming softly. "Dream well."

She fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. When she finally woke up, the sky had turned into shades of orange and red, and Adrien was still at her side. He hadn't left for a moment. "Are you awake, mon ange?"

"Mhm" She yawned, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Shouldn't you get home? It's getting late..."

"Nobody will look for me," he laughed softly. "Anyway, last time I left your side, you were almost shot."

"It's not your fault," she murmured, listening to her parents bustle around the kitchen. "I have to go to dinner, can you wait up here? It'll be hard to explain you being in my room while I slept."

He nodded. "For now."

"Okay, I'll bring up some food for you, okay?" She kissed his forehead, something that had become a regular thing to her, before descending the stairs

He watched her, and began checking his diary, seeing every move she made through the predictions. He wondered if she'd put together how long he'd been stal... watching her, or if she just didn't care...

After a bit, she said goodnight to her parents and climbed back upstairs. "Sorry I couldn't sneak anything from the dinner table," she apologized setting a plate of cookies in front of him.

He grinned. "This works fine, I wasn't planning to eat at all."

"You should eat something." She said, placing her hand on his cheek. "Wait here, I need to take a shower."

He nodded. "I'll stay here unless the diary says you're in danger."

"Okay" She said, grabbing her pajamas and disappearing into the bathroom.

After a warm shower, she walked out of the bathroom in her comfiest pjs. She sat next to him and asked, "You want to shower too? I can watch out for anything."

"I took one while you were asleep."

"O-Oh, okay." She crossed her legs, hugging her pillow. "Hey Adrien?"

"Yes Mari?" He sat beside her.

"Why... Why are you doing all this?" She said, pulling the pillow tighter to her chest. "Why are you risking your life for me?"

He tilted his head. "You don't know?"

"I really don't," she said, peeking over at him. "I mean, I'm not as amazing as you think I am. I'm clumsy, I can't fight, and I couldn't work up the courage to tell you how I felt. Why would you throw away the chance to be a god, all for me?"

He looked down. "When I came to the school... things had just gotten really bad. And you... offered me a second chance."

"When I first met you, I accused you of putting gum on my chair," she smiled sadly at the memory. "What could I have done to help you?"

"You didn't stay angry," he smiled back, a real smile. "You let me help you, even after everything. You said I was good."

"I'm usually not a liar. You are good. She rested a hand on his.

"I am with you."

"You're good all the time. I know how much you try to please people, and put other peoples' wants before your own. "

He cocked his head. "I killed yesterday. And today, I caused more deaths."

"They were trying to kill you and me. You did what you had to," she shifted in discomfort. "Let's change the subject, please."

He smiled brightly. "I want you to go out with me. Tomorrow."

"Out? Like a date?" she asked, flushing. She didn't know why she was getting flustered; he'd already kissed her before... and he watched her sleep... which was a little creepy, to be honest... if it wasn't Adrien...

"Not like a date. A date." He raised an eyebrow.

She hid her face in the pillow, trying not to squeal out loud. After a deep breath, she lifted her head out of the pillow. "Will everything be alright?"

"I'll protect you. I promise."

"Okay... Then I accept your date request," she gave him a nervous smile. "It's getting late, do you want to spend the night?"

He grinned. "I would love to, Princess."

She hopped down from her bed and said, "I think Papa has some clothes that you could wear as pajamas in the laundry room. Be right back."

He nodded, waiting patiently.

She soon reappeared with a large black shirt, tossing it to him. "Sorry if it smells like flour."

He laughed. "Not a problem!"

"I'd better text Alya, and make sure she's okay..." She flipped open her phone, and was instantly greeted with a barrage of missed texts and calls. "I think she's alright."

He frowned. "She's the girl who's always with you."

"Of course! Me and Alya are bffs. I'd better call her back..."

He frowned, leaning back. "Are you in love with her?"

"W-What?!" She stammered, nearly dropping the phone. "Nononono! We're just best friends! Alya's almost a sister to me!"

He relaxed, and smiled. "Good. Carry on then."

She looked at him with a frown, but then Alya picked up. "Alya! I'm so sorry I ran off like that! Is everyone okay?"

"No, the explosions took out several classes. You'll hear about it on the news," the girl told her, softly.

"Okay, I'll turn it on now," she covered the mouthpiece. "Adrien, can you check the news on my computer?"

He pulled it up. "FIFTY THREE DEAD IN SCHOOL BOMBING," the headline read.

Marinette covered her mouth and uncovered the mouthpiece. "Oh my god. Alya, how's Rose and Nino?"

"Alive. Rose is in the hospital though. She was talking about a-"

"How're you?! I know you were pretty close to the blast," she cut Alya off, nervously fiddling with her pigtails.

"My arm was cut in the blast, but I'll be fine."

"Thank god. I can't believe that happened. I'm so sorry for not calling you earlier, I was... busy."

"I saw you run off with Adrien. I didn't tell the police, don't worry... but... if he caused that explosion, you'd tell me, right?"

"He didn't," she promised, looking over at Adrien. "He actually saved my life."

He smiled at her, worry in his eyes. "What's she saying...?"

"Nothing" She mouthed to him, smiling.

"Are you sure?" Alya asked. "Because I know he's kind of creepy around you sometimes."

"What do you mean, Alya?"

"He's always following you around, watching you in class, and always writing things in that phone of his. I caught a glance once, and everything he wrote was a note on you."

"Really?" she glanced over at him quickly before continuing. "Maybe it was for a good reason?"

"Or he's just a crazy stalker. I'm just saying, be careful girl."

"I will. I have to get some sleep, can we talk tomorrow?" she said, trying to to look over at the blond boy at her computer.

"Sure thing. Sleep good, girl!" the line clicked dead.

"So what was that about?" he arched an eyebrow.

"Oh! She was just making sure I was alright. Nothing to worry about," Marinette laughed, smiling quickly.

"Is that it?" he tilted his head. "What did she say that made you have to defend me?"

"Well, she was just nervous when you ran off with me after the explosion. It's perfectly normal friend behavior!" she stretched her arms, yawning.

"Tired already?" he tilted his head.

"Yeah, I am. I haven't slept well remember?" she said, setting her phone on the desk. "You can stay up if you want, but keep the lights off so Mama and Papa don't see you."

He shrugged. "Can I sleep with you?"

She blinked, hesitating. "O-Okay!" she stammered, sliding under her duvet.

He slid in beside her, cuddling next to her happily.

She enjoyed the warmth, but her smile had fallen off her face as she shut her eyes. Adrien's aggression towards Alya, not to mention Alya's observations... What was Adrien capable of?

He kissed her forehead. "Is something wrong, my love?"

"Nothing. Just thinking" she sighed, noticing how he held her. It was very... possessive.

"Care to share your thoughts?"

"It's nothing, really. Just thinking" she said, rolling over and cuddling into her chest. She'd think about it more tomorrow, when she could talk to Alya in person...

He held her closer, until their heartbeats intermingled. "My Mari..."

Her eyes grew heavy as she breathed in his scent, and she thought, "Adrien..." as she drifted off to sleep.

He fell asleep soon after, never letting her go once.