Darth Vader and Jedi Knight Iris Potter sat on the patio sill of their favorite fast food joint; which happened to overlook the senate building, while casually observing the passing sky car traffic. The exhausted pair were lightly kicking their legs into the air, all while blithely ignoring the rather steep seven kilometer drop before them as they shared a tub of fried tubers and redsauce.

Watching the insanity before them unfold as they observed the senate building being swarmed by Republic cruisers and local police was the only real entertainment they had at the moment, all while they tried to process what had happened a few hours earlier.

Vader hummed to himself after a time, dipped a tuber into the sauce and took a bite, then while chewing he muttered out, "Well, that happened."

Iris responded in turn by snatching up the remainder of the fried tubers and dipped them in the leftover redsauce and jammed them into her mouth chewing aggressively while letting out an annoyed growl.

Vader grinned at that, "Did I hit a mark?"

Still chewing she shot him a hand gesture more appropriate on the outer rim, likely in the seediest of Nar Shaddaa cantinas, rather than the galactic center of polite politics that was Coruscant.

Eventually she swallowed her meal then gritted out, "Where the hell did that old bastard learn to fight like that?! I mean shit not even with me cheating we're both masters at our lightsaber forms!"

Vader shrugged, "I have no idea, seriously it took you literally turning the furniture into mini rancors that were on fire to get him to fall enough on the back foot for me to decapitate him. Damn was this ever a long days night..."

At that moment the lift door behind them *Dinged* and the two exhausted knights turned around and stood up to meet their visitors. The female of the pair yelled, "Ani!" and tackle hugged Vader.

The male simply smiled at Iris and grinned as he stated, "Well hello there."

Iris was not blushing when she jumped into Obi-Wan's arms.

Not. At. All.