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Ever since the Order found out, more like announced, Allen's whole Noah thing, everyone has been a bit more distant towards Allen.

It's not that he wasn't used to it, he lived a good portion of his life alone. Then another with his insane, impossible master. But even so it hurt a little. Even Lenalee, Lavi, and Kanda were avoiding him a little…okay Kanda always did, but still.

Most of the time he was fairly okay with it but there are still some days where he would like some company or someone to at least talk to.

Today was one of those days.

Allen woke up feeling absolutely awful. His head was pounding, his limbs felt like they were stuffed with cotton, but the worst part was his stomach's aggressive and nauseating churning. The mere thought of food was enough to make him gag. Even if it was mitirashi dango (his favorite food).

So that morning all Allen could do was lay in bed in pure, unrelenting misery.

Meanwhile the other exorcists and a few finders were enjoying breakfast in the dining hall. Lenalee had just sat down with Lavi and a usually grumpy Kanda, but something was…different.

"Hey where's Allen?" she asked with slight concern. Usually Allen was one of the first people to be here…and the last to leave.

"I don't know, maybe he's already eaten", Lavi responded although he sounded doubtful.

Kanda chose that moment to interject, "Che, that's definitely not true. I know because there's still food for everyone else".

"Don't be mean Kanda", Lenalee scolded.

She truly was worried but all in all a bit reluctant to actually check. They were still friends but…

With a sigh, Lenalee got up to see if Allen's master, General Cross, knew where he was. As she made her way down the maze like hallways the more she thought seeing the womanizing pervert was a bad idea.

But there was no turning back now because she was already at the door. The smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke was so strong it permeated through the door.

With a great inhale, followed by a quick gag, Lenalee gathered up her courage and knocked on the door.

The sight she was met with was similar to that of a sad drunkard on Valentine's Day. Except Cross wasn't drunk, drinking but not drunk, it wasn't Valentine's Day, and he wasn't sad. He was absolutely furious

"Where is that idiot?! He was supposed to meet me an hour ago!"

"Umm… I came to ask you that General Cross, sir", she started out cautiously, "e didn't show up to breakfast so I was a bit worried and thought maybe you'd know."

Cross stared at her intently, soaking in her words knowing full well that Allen would NEVER skip breakfast. Even if a dinosaur should burst through the door and breathe fire from its eyeballs, Allen would never pass up the opportunity of food.

"I'll check his room", without giving Lenalee a second to respond, Cross was already making his way toward the white haired teen's room.

Allen let out another pitiful groan. His headache had increased tenfold, it felt like a thousand Level 4s were beating on his skull. The light from the window burned into his eyes increasing his already monumental headache.

His nausea was also worse, he even threw up. The first time he had barely made it to the-

"Ugh, not again", Allen pushed back the covers of his bed.

He stumbled, tripping in the process, on his way to the bathroom in his room. He could feel bile start to rise in his throat, and he was just barely keeping it down before he could get to the bathroom.

The moment he kneeled down in front of it everything he had previously eaten came up…again. The acid burned his throat and tears stung his eyes.

Things can't possibly get worse he thought miserably.

Allen tensed as another wave of vomit tore through him.

*Knock Knock Knock* Ugh go away, please

The knocks came again but MUCH louder. "Allen open this door before I break it down and beat you with it!" a voice yelled from behind the door.

Allen heard the door open and hoped and prayed that whoever it was would please just go away. Allen shut his mercury eyes and leaned his overheated head on the cool porcelain of the toilet.

Just go away, just go away was all Allen could think.

To his surprise he felt a gentle hand land on his back and rub small circles between his shoulder blades. Allen barely opened his eyes and looked over his shoulder, but all he saw was a blurry blob with some sort of red aura that smelled like a pretty decent pinot noir.

He felt a large hand move aside his sweaty bangs and place it on his forehead.

"You never could take care of yourself could you, idiot".

At that moment something clicked in Allen's fever dazed mind. The alcohol, the cigarette, the bright red.

"Cross?" Allen coughed out harshly. His voice hoarse from vomiting and barely above a whisper.

With one last tense Allen finally vomited up the last of the contents of his stomach. He was also pretty sure that his entire stomach came up as well.

"Just let it out, kid. I know it sucks, but the sooner the better" Cross, almost, soothingly said while continuing to rub his back. "Can you stand?"

The only response he received was a pitiful moan.

Of course, Cross thought. Allen soon felt himself being lifted off the floor into a pair of large, secure arms. His head lolled against Cross's chest, he clung to the warmth it brought.

He was then placed on the soft heaven that is his bed. Allen heard a sigh and the shuffle of feet. He didn't bother opening his eyes as he knew the light would just burn his retinas with a passion. The next thing he felt was something wet and cold being draped on his heated forehead and a thin glass object placed under his tongue.

Cross pulled out the thermometer. "101°F. You really must be an idiot if you let it get this bad" he said with slight disgust.

"But Master, it's cold", Allen shivered pathetically, his fever affecting how everything felt. To retain as much body heat as he could Allen curled in on himself begging the pain and cold to go away.

Noticing this Cross questioned Allen none too gently "Oi, idiot, where does it hurt?". All he got in response was a groan.
"When I ask you a question I expect you to answer, now tell me, where does it hurt?"

"Everywhere," was all Allen groaned out.

With a sigh Cross asked his next question and hoped for a more useful answer. "Have you eaten at all today?"


Rubbing his hand warily through his red tresses he stood up, "wait here" was all he said. Before he could even take a single step Allen's hand shot out and grabbed his master's wrist.

"Man, for a sick kid you got some grip," he said with a grunt as he tried to free his wrist. "Allen I'm just going to get you something to eat, okay?"

The grip barely slackened.

"I promise I'll be back. Promise" he sighed. The death grip on his wrist was finally released at the promise of return. As quickly as he could Cross went down to the kitchen and got a slice of bread and a small bowl of soup.

Upon his return he found his white haired apprentice had curled in on himself so much that he could practically eat his knees.

Cross smiled gently to himself. "If you were really hungry you could've just waited for me." All Allen could do in response was glare weakly.

"I don't want anything".

"I don't recall asking," Cross roughly uncurled the teen and sat him up against the wall.

"Why even bother," Allen muttered, "it's not like anyone cares." Now that surprised Cross, but of course he wouldn't let that show. "What? Why would you say that?" he questioned making sure to keep his voice as indifferent as possible. It didn't work.

"'Cause it's the truth, not even Lenalee cares."

That's not true, Cross thought, no that can't be true. He took in his apprentice's sad, disheveled form. His cheeks flushed, sweat falling down his forehead, and mercury eyes glazed with exhaustion and… a little hurt.

No nobody could, nobody should reject his apprentice. He was the kindest, most selfless- OH GOD WHEN DID I TURN INTO TIEDOLL?!

Cross was suddenly pulled out of his musings by a gentle snore. Allen had fallen asleep, his head leaning down to his chest.

Now Cross would, and still will, deny what really happened after Allen fell asleep, but he SWEARS that he didn't smile at how adorable Allen looked. He also completely denies that he didn't gently tuck him in. And he definitely did NOT say "I care. I care about you and I always will."

And Allen absolutely swears on Mana's grave that he didn't hear every single word.

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