No one could believe what they were witnessing. It just wasn't happening. It couldn't be. The scene in the eighth years common room was one of such horror that everyone was stunned silent. Hermione Granger watched on almost in tears at what she was seeing. Seamus and Dean were clinging on to each other for dear life and an array of others were looking on, some ranged from stunned stupid to just downright mortified it was just that hard to believe. This couldn't really be happening could it?

Harry Potter, flanked by Slytherins had Ronald Weasley cornered and cowering. Pansy giggled menacingly while flicking her hair over her shoulders, Blaise Zabini was wearing a smirk so wicked Voldemort would cower and Theodore Nott was almost salivating with darkened eyes. Draco Malfoy was however wearing a controlled mask of cool indifference, an unreadable force stock still next to Harry who was wearing much the same look.

Leaning into Harry's ear without breaking eye contact with the whimpering Weasley Draco whispered. "Do it." His voice low and dangerous.

Harry turned slowly to look at Draco, eyes darkening he nodded at the given command. Turning back to his victim Harry made his move.

"Check mate!" Harry declared happily and Draco squealed in delight, wrapping his arms around his grinning boyfriend showering him in adoring kisses.

The Slytherins all cheered and the Gryffindors groaned, Hermione immediately rushing to Rons side to console him.

"Come on Ron," Harry laughed, "a bet's a bet."

Ron tore his hands from his face looking absolutely lost and broken staring at his best friend hoping to still somehow get out of this.

"Can the kicked krup look Weasley," Theo teased light heartedly "you lost and we want our prize."

"Harry?" He begged.

"Sorry Ron." Harry grinned looking entirely not sorry.

"You're a traitor for this ya' know?"

"Hey!" Harry defended "You're the one that picked me to play for them."

"Clearly you were underestimated Potter." Blaise drawled.

"Clearly he's been spending too much time with you lot." Hermione joined in the friendly banter.

"Oh he's not so bad." Pansy praised. "Yet." She added with a smirk.

"Well," Draco drawled looking to his fellow Slytherins, -trying to look smug but failing miserably as he was still wrapped around Harry like a child holding a bag of candy- then back to Ron "About our prize..."


"OH DEAR MERLIN WHAT IS THAT?!" A voice bellowed as the group of eighth years entered the great hall for dinner that evening. All eyes turned to the group of smirking snakes and lofted lions. There in the centre of the group stood one Ronald Weasley wearing a dark green sweater that read in gold lettering "Slytherin is the best."