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Chapter 40 – The Circle Game

Lorelai crept up the stairs into the attic room. She paused at the top and smiled at Rory and Gigi asleep on the bed. Gigi's head was on Rory's pillow and the two were snuggled together beneath a comforter. The attic room was in a mild state of chaos. As well as wedding preparation storage, Rory and April had both been having a clear out and were working out a new layout for bedrooms with Luke. From what Lorelai could gather, Rory's sleeping area would be partitioned off to be Rory's and Spencer's room/the guest room, while what was the lounge area would be made into two rooms, one slightly larger room for April to use when she was home from college and the other to be Gigi's room for when Rory and Spencer came to stay. So far, it had all been talk but she knew at some point Luke would be up here in construction mode and it scared her a little because she was certain Kitty would want to 'help'.

Turning away from the mess, Lorelai crept over to the bed. Rory and Gigi were almost in the middle of it, so there was a bit of space, though not exactly enough for her given her still generous dimensions. Regardless, she nestled herself onto the bed. Rory stirred and grumbled something that sounded slightly mean and related to her weight. Lorelai poked her in the ribs. "Hey, only hatched her a couple of weeks ago. You just wait missy."

Rory peeled her eye open and shook her head and then pointed down at Gigi. "Grandbaby."

"Maybe not the only one," Lorelai poked out her tongue and the leaned forward and kissed Rory on the cheek. "It's your wedding day!"

Rory's face split in two with a massive smile and she nodded excitedly.

"Happy, Little Girl?" Lorelai wriggled in tightly.

"Yeah," Rory nodded with a contented sigh.

"Sorry I'll look like an elephant in your photo album," Lorelai smiled apologetically.

"You look great Mom," Rory tiredly patted Lorelai's shoulder. "Your dress is pretty."

"And hides the gut," Lorelai rested her hand on her stomach.

"That barely exists and was holding a seven-pound, whatever Grace was, baby only a couple of weeks ago." Rory poked her. "Anyway, enough about you. My Day Remember."

"I remember. I was having scrabble tile dreams. Drowning under never ending waves of them. I hope people get what you mean with them," Lorelai rolled her eyes. "Now do you want a giggle?"

"What?" Rory asked glancing at Gigi as the child stirred.

Lorelai held out her phone. "Just listen to the message."

Rory pressed the buttons as directed by the voicemail and then placed the phone against her ear. Slowly an amused grin bloomed across her face. "Oh Dear. Poor Michel."

"Sounds like one miss Paris Geller was taking names," Lorelai smirked playing the message again, listening to Michel begging for her help down the phone in relation to the 'terrorising terrorist of Rory's friend'.

"Her parents sold their house in Hartford, she didn't have anywhere else to stay. Though perhaps I could have asked Mrs Kim," Rory giggled placing her arm around Lorelai's shoulders. "Mrs Kim is probably the only person who could handle her."

"Agreed. So," Lorelai cuddled Rory tightly. "You know I've been thinking."


"Mean," Lorelai grinned. "I was thinking, that 27 years ago, I had no idea how amazing our life would be. And I think that it was around this time that I realised that the weird feelings that I had felt was you kicking and pushing me," she sighed contently. "So, it's good you are getting married now. It has poetry. I realised you were moving in June and how much our life was to be different and you are now off to have a new life."

"It won't be that different," Rory exhaled nervously. "Not really. We've been living together for years and we've lived with Gigi for eight months and…it's just a piece of paper and a new name."

"You decided?" Lorelai asked softly.

"Anderton-Gilmore," Rory nodded. "Hyphenated like you. I'm not quite ready to give up the Gilmore. That way we're still connected to who we were." She exhaled deeply. "Did you ever think we would end up like this?"

"Laying in a bed on your wedding day?" Lorelai grinned and tightened her grip. "Kind of. I always knew we would get here one day. I had a startling moment of worry that it would be Jess at one point."

"He's coming."

"I know he is, but then he is your cousin so he would be," Lorelai reached and brushed Rory's hair from her face. "But no Little Girl. I didn't know this would be exactly how it would be but I knew I would be here with you to share with you." She looked up at the ceiling and sighed. The ceiling was white plasterboard between the oiled white oak beams. There was a faint resemblance to the ceiling of the potting shed. The beams at least, but then it had been the batons and felt that the shingles sat on. Some days back then when she had had next to no money and the only meal she had eaten was the leftovers from the kitchen she never would have imagined lying in such a beautiful space on her daughter's wedding day. The house full of children and Rory a grown woman with a doctorate to her name. It had all seemed so impossibly far away.

"Um Mom?"

Lorelai turned to look at her. "Yeah Babe?"

"Is Grace due a feed?"

Lorelai looked down at her pyjama top and huffed in annoyance at the damp patch on her top. "Yeah she is."

"Do you wanna go do that?"

"She can wait a minute," Lorelai snuggled back into Rory, angling herself so she didn't touch Rory with her now soiled top. "I want to enjoy one of my last few moments with Rory Gilmore."


Luke blinked back his frustration as the twins flittered around him, running away from Gigi as the three little girls were playing an elaborate game of catch within the confines of Miss Patty's. The ceremony had supposed to have started fifteen minutes ago, but Rory still wasn't ready. Something about flyaway hair and so he was stood like an idiot outside while the little kids whirled around, endangering their own perfect presentations and something frantic happened behind a screen with Rory, Lorelai, Lane and Emily. April was sat holding Grace, calm and collected, speaking softly to the baby, keeping the seventeen-day old baby from being too frazzled by what was going on.

He looked up when Emily finally emerged from behind the screen. The older woman's face was damp and her make up slightly smudged, just as it had been on his own wedding day to Lorelai. She gave him a teary-eyed smile and placed her thin hand on his solid forearm. "Lorelai wants you a moment." Luke nodded and moved across the dance studio, leaving Emily to clap her hands and take charge of the three younger girls. He slipped behind the screen and came to a crashing halt. Rory stared at him through the large lit mirror and gave him a nervous smile.

"What do you think?" she asked softly.

It took Luke a moment to realise that Lane had grinned at him and slipped out leaving just Lorelai and Rory. He looked at Lorelai for help, completely unable to articulate anything. She just smiled at him as if she had lost the ability to speak as well. Slowly Lorelai stood pressed a kiss against Rory's perfectly done up hair and slipped out. "You look…um…" he croaked and pointed ineffectually at Rory. "I…er…" he blinked as Rory stood up. He coughed weakly. "You look…"

"Thank you," Rory blushed and approached him. She folded her hands in front of her. "You think Spencer will like it?"

"Yeah," Luke nodded. He grinned at her and then pointed at her hands. "Don't you need flowers?"

"Lane is getting them." Rory gestured behind the screen. "I hope he reacts like you."

"I think he might have another reaction," Luke mumbled and then scowled at his own verbalised thought, he wiped his hand in the air as if trying to wipe away what he had just said. "You look amazing."

"Thank you," Rory smiled happily at him, "and not just for saying I look good."

"You asked me, so…" Luke blushed slightly, giving a gentle shrug.

"The only person I would want," She stepped alongside him. "I ignore the step." She kissed him softly on the cheek. "You should shave more often."

"Don't you start," Luke rolled his eyes, self-consciously rubbing his freshly shaven chin. "I already had Wills going on about it."

"Mom likes you gruffly, so it's moot because we know who would win that argumentm" Rory giggled and then held out her arm. "Think we've given everyone enough of a head start?"

"I guess," Luke poked his head round the screen, the room was empty bar Lane who stood at the entrance of the dance studio holding two carefully constructed bouquets of blue and white flowers. Careful to not tread on Rory's dress he walked her over to Lane and then let them fiddle with the flowers. When they were sorted Lane went down the steps and Luke followed her down. He looked around, Rory had hesitated at the top of the steps and he raised his eyebrows in concern. "You OK?"

"Uh huh," she nodded and then slowly walked down the steps carefully positioning her dress so she didn't step on the floor length hem. "Just taking it all in."

"Wait till you get around the corner," Luke smiled at her and held out his arm to her. "Here we go."


Spencer swallowed nervously. He was hot in his suit and the eyes of all the congregation was making him feel all the warmer. The area beside the gazebo that had been set out for the ceremony was packed. The whole square had been turned into their wedding venue, half for the ceremony, half for the food and the ceremony chairs would be taken away during the food so there could be a dance floor. Everyone had seemed to pitch in, to the point that he had not been allowed to do anything. The only thing he had been allowed to do was dress himself and even then, he had had to pass scrutiny from Richard and Emily who had come to check on him. Emily had somehow ended up being in charge of the whole event and was working in conspiracy with Miss Patty and Babette who had the entire town working on what needed to be done with some kind of mystic shorthand that he didn't understand.

For now, his two future grandparents-in-law were sat watching him with teary eyed smiles. Richard had Sam on his knee, the toddler wearing a matching suit to Richard's own and Emily had joined them only a few moments earlier so Spencer knew that Rory was almost here. Nervously he glanced at his Dad who was stood beside him in a too big suit. Other than his Dad the only other family member he had was his Aunt from Virginia. Most of the guests were Rory's, he had a few friends from work, a few from college. Dee and Rebecca had sat on his side as well, for solidarity, even though Dee was technically Rory's friend but the further back in the rows you went, it became members of the town where Rory had grown up.

His eyes fell on the back of the rows of chairs. April had moved to the centre and was carefully handing the newest member of his soon to be official family to Lorelai. The twins were trying to help and Gigi was just staring at him. She had a massive smile on her face. The biggest smile he had ever seen from her and he smiled back. Seconds later Gigi was moved from view as Lorelai came trotting down the aisle holding Grace to join Richard, Emily and Sam. Out of the corner of his eye Spencer caught sight of something white and he realised it was Rory. He spun around and stared at the base of the gazebo, taking a deep breath as he prepared himself to look at the woman who was about to become his wife. The tall reverend conducting the ceremony smiled knowingly at him

"Turn around Spencer she's here," Archie Skinner whispered.

Spencer slowly turned around. His mouth fell open and then pulled up into the smile as he saw Rory clutching Luke's arm, waiting to walk down the aisle. She was beautiful, smiling and glowing. He swallowed in awe of how beautiful she looked, his brain barely registering the twins, Gigi and April walking down the aisle. He gasped, remembering that he needed to breath and ended up making a spluttering noise just as the twins reached the base of the aisle.

"It's OK son," His Dad clapped him on the back. "Just breathe."

"I'm OK," Spencer nodded his eyes connecting with Rory's as she began to walk towards him. The music started that Rory had picked to walk down the aisle to and yet at the same time it blended away to nothing because all there was, was her.


Lorelai looked up as Rory stood and began striking her glass with her fork. The rest of the tables followed suit and the square erupted into a light cacophony of tinkling glasses.

"Hi everyone. It's not speech time," Rory grinned, "but while we are waiting for the next course to be ready I thought it was time to show our surprise."

Lorelai looked around as the tables in the square let out a knowing tittering noise. She glanced at Luke who shrugged trying to look nonchalant and then looked sheepishly at his empty plate. "What's going on?"

"Just shut up and watch," Luke hissed out of the side of his mouth.

"I echo that," Rory grinned at her and then nodded at someone. "I would like to thank you all for submitting what you did and I would like to thank Kirk for his help editing and Lane for helping with picking the most perfect song."

Lorelai blinked in surprise as Kirk scurried past her and then seemingly out of nowhere constructed a projection screen. She stared at the square of black that was projected, confused by what was going on.

"I know a wedding is supposed to be about the coming together of two people but I wanted to say thank you to my Mom because without her, I wouldn't be me, and I don't just mean literally but I wouldn't have done everything I have and I wouldn't have met Spencer," Rory smiled down at her new husband. "So Mom, this is for you, a tiny weeny, in no way says it enough, thank you. Kirk go on."

Lorelai gasped slightly as the black square morphed into a picture of her as a sixteen-year-old holding an impossibly small baby Rory, a beat later a song began to play, a Carole King song that she couldn't quite place for a moment and more pictures of her and Rory as a tiny child danced across the screen. With a swoop of a picture of Rory in a ballet costume a film clip was stretched across the screen. It was shaky like it was filmed in secret of a five-year-old Rory in a ballet costume and her in her maid uniform. Rory was on the little stage at Miss Patty's and Lorelai was stood at the front dancing the steps while Rory copied. After a moment the silent Rory squealed and then threw herself off the stage and into the younger her's arms and they twirled together before the clip was wiped away by more photos dancing across the screen in times to the music. Each one showing her and Rory a little bit older, together and laughing, engaged in some event or other. There was another dramatic swoop and another clip played, this time Rory looking to be about eleven stood in the gazebo wearing a pilgrim costume, she was looking out at something and the camera tracked to show Lorelai miming out some actions that the Rory on the screen followed. The clip was wiped away and more pictures came while the song built. A final clip stretched across the screen from her own wedding, her and Rory sat together in deep conversation, her grabbing at Rory's arm, playfully trying to get her to touch her bulging stomach that had held the twins and Rory squirming away from her before launching herself forward and the pair on screen hugging tightly before they turned to face the camera their cheeks pressed together, both poking their tongue out cheekily at the person filming. The clip closed and several more pictures played across the screen and with the closing lyrics of 'Where you Lead' showed the photo that Richard had taken only a few weeks ago at the graduation in New York. Lorelai was in the centre, one hand on Gigi's shoulder, the blonde child had turned to look up at her, a huge smile on Gigi's face. Lorelai's other arm was around Rory's shoulder and Rory reaching to do the same. It was a moment captured, it wasn't posed it was candid and it was beautiful despite the fact that it immortalised the fact that she looked like an orca. She and Rory were wearing matching smiles and just looked the most contented that people could be. It was the most perfect photo of them both.

The music died away and a fraction later so did the image leaving the square of black. Lorelai blinked and realised that tears had silently been rolling down her cheeks.

"Thank you Mom," Rory whispered bending down to hug her while the rest of the square applauded.

Lorelai hung on tight, holding Rory in the hug for longer than needed. "Thank god for waterproof mascara Babe."


Rory stepped out of the bathroom at the diner and checked her long dress before beginning to move. She looked up and jumped back in surprise, catching her heel on her hem and nearly falling backwards. Long arms caught her and pulled her upright.

"Graceful and Elegant as every Gilmore," Jess drawled at her, his face pulled into an amused grin while his hand hovered a moment longer to ensure she was stable.

"I am not used to this thing, but hey I only have to wear it once and I do not look like a cotton ball," Rory smiled. "Sorry. I didn't mean to act so rabbit in a headlight, I didn't think Luke was letting anyone else use the bathroom in here."

"Family only and I'm family, so…" Jess shrugged. "It was a great ceremony, not too long."

"Yeah, we didn't want it to be long, just the important stuff so we could get on with a party. We had little ones to factor in," Rory cleared her throat. "Thank you for coming."

"Thanks for the invite," Jess nodded uneasily.

"I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to come and talk to you and um…" Rory drew a blank at Jess' auburn haired date's name.

"Selena," Jess finished for her. "It's Ok we understand. She's having fun messing with Paris. That girl has lost none of her intensity. Dee and the other one are nice though."

"Rebecca, her and Dee are great," Rory nodded. "How long have you and Selena been going out?"

"About eighteen months." Jess plunged his hands into his impossibly black pants. "But we've known each other almost three years."

"Through Truncheon?"

"No," Jess smirked and then nervously scratched the back of his head. "We met in the emergency room."

"She's a nurse?"

"No, accounts clerk," Jess shook his head. "I was self-medicating with Jack Daniels after my split with Imogen and took a dive off the back of my chair, cracked me head open. She had a busted lip and wrist and was sat next to me. Her… insert expletive of your choice ex showed up and tried to drag her out of the ER and my training with the jackasses Liz used to bring home came out and I helped security kick him out. She didn't have anywhere else to go and it kind of went slowly from there."

Rory blinked in surprise at the easy way that Jess had just shared the information and then gave him an uneasy smile. "I'm…glad she found you."

"Glad I found her," Jess smirked again and then looked down at the floor. "We're going to have a kid. It's early, she's not due till end of November. I was going to tell Luke tomorrow but seeing as you aren't going to be about."

"She's pregnant? You're going to be a dad? Congratulations Jess!" Rory smiled and then stepped forward and hugged Jess tightly. "That's so great. Are you getting married?"

Jess shook his head as they stepped apart. "I want to but she's still married. The ex is being a total dick. We have to wait for some statute thing. Legal bullshit, but eventually someday."

"Are you happy?" Rory asked him softly.

"Yeah. In a terrified way. I had no idea kids were so expensive. It's insane what you need for them. But I'm excited about it," Jess grinned this time. "How about you, any plans?"

"Not for actual gestating," Rory's hand trailed over her slim middle, "but we're trying to adopt Gigi properly. Christopher signed over the paperwork, we're just waiting for Sherry."

"She doesn't want to?" Jess frowned.

Rory took a deep breath. "She's reacting to the permanency of it. What we have now she can come back if she wanted. I mean she hasn't for seven years but you know, take away an American's choice and suddenly they want what they haven't been using. Sheila and Alan are trying to convince her, it will happen eventually."

"Gigi's a lucky kid."

"She deserves it after everything," Rory sighed heavily, "and I go fully lioness over her, so maybe I'll fly over to France and tear Sherry a new one if needs be."

"I can see you doing that," Jess smirked. "You look really happy?"

"I feel really happy," Rory grinned. "It's been an amazing day so far."

"Still plenty of time yet," Jess chuckled. "Dee said you were off to Niagara Falls."

"Yeah," Rory nodded excitedly. "We fly up tomorrow and spend the night and then we're renting a car and spending the week driving the long way back, through Vermont and Boston."

"Doesn't seem a very you trip."

"Oh, I have a full itinerary planned, lots of libraries and museums to hit." Rory chuckled. "Spencer likes road trips. He did them with his Dad. Grady's a trucker. So it was kind of the only real time they got to spend together. I figured seeing as he had to put up with the crazy Stars Hollow wedding that I should let him take the lead on the honeymoon."

"I liked the scrabble tiles." Jess gave her a crooked smile. "Paris was pissed that I figured it out before her."

"We wanted to create a talking point," Rory chewed her lip. "You guys had the hardest one."

Jess chuckled. "Tiles that spell Asimov, with the only clue being the table name is the beryllium. I'd say Sucker Bait was hard. What were the other ones?"

"Easier! I figured you guys could handle Sucker Bait though."

"It was a talking point," Jess glanced at the window and then pointed towards the bathroom. "You mind if I get in there? The chatter box express looks like it's coming."

Rory looked towards the window and smiled as she saw the top of the twin's heads "Of course. I'll swing by your table later. Save me a dance."

"Sure thing," Jess nodded. He gave her a pleasant smile and then slipped into the bathroom.

The tinkling bell announced the arrival of the twins and April. "Jess is in there." Rory pointed at the door.

Kitty let out an annoyed huff and rolled her eyes. "Always lines!"

"Them's the breaks when you're a girl," Rory nodded in amusement. "I don't think he will be long."

"Good!" Willow exhaled sharply. "Coz I gotta go!" she crossed her legs and gave Rory a baleful look. "I dranked too much soda."

Rory and April shared knowing looks, the twins were not normally allowed soda and with it on the menu had gone a little bit wild, sampling all the kinds that were on offer. "Grandma and Grandpa are looking for you," April gave Rory an exit.

"Ok," Rory nodded in thanks and slipped out stifling a laugh as Kitty and Willow descended into a debate about whether soda was actually nice or if Daddy was right. Checking her hem wasn't catching Rory quickly made her way back to square where she found Richard and Emily waiting for her with large smiles on their faces. "Are you guys OK?"

"Oh yes," Richard leaned over and gave her what must have been his fifteenth kiss of the day. "We just wanted to be sure to catch you by yourself. Spencer had said you'd gone to the diner to…"

"Richard," Emily softly admonished him. "We don't need to verbalise it." She frowned up at Richard and then took hold of Rory's elbows "We just wanted to catch you by yourself, to tell you how beautiful you look and how proud we are of you. Spencer is a wonderful man and we are so pleased that you have found someone who makes you happy and indeed you have found your own happiness." Emily blinked her eyes, sending a trail of tears down her cheeks. She ignored them for a moment, giving her just enough time to kiss Rory on the cheek before taking a step back. "Oh Dear." she whispered softly looking sheepishly at the floor.

"Thank you grandma," Rory held her breath trying to keep her own tears at bay. She was surprised by the little speech from her Grandma, Emily had been telling her all day how beautiful she looked. She had a faint suspicion that numerous glasses of champagne they had imbibed had gone to her grandparent's heads and their inhibitions were slipping slightly.

"Perfectly articulated," Richard nodded, his blue eyes watery but filled with pride. "A wonderful man for a perfect young lady." He bent down and kissed Rory again. "I also wanted to request third dance if it was not already taken."

"Third dance?" Rory looked at him quizzically.

"After the traditional dances with Spencer, and Lu…your father." Richard smiled sweetly at her.

"You're on my card," Rory assured him. "We're going to do cake in a moment," she held out her hand to draw Emily back to the party.

"It's such a shame to cut it," Emily looped her arm through Rory's and looked in the vague direction of the cakes. "That Sookie is a marvel!"

"Yes she is," Rory nodded, looping her free arm through Richard's. "Make sure to tell her that."


Lorelai looked up from Grace with a contented smile from her position on the gazebo steps. In front of her the rest of her family was dancing, some in time to the music, and just thoroughly having a good time. She smiled as Emily broke away from the group leaving Richard to dance with both the twins. Emily sat silently beside her, her own attention on the dancing group.

"Grace just needed a moment," Lorelai explained. "The plants and the wood shield us a bit."

"She has been wonderfully behaved," Emily looked down at her newest grandchild.

"All they do is eat, sleep and poop at this age, so there was only a small chance she would cause a ruction. I was more worried about Sam and the twins," Lorelai found her little boy amongst the mix of dancers. He had lost his jacket and was doing a weird little jumpy dance that made her wish she had a camera. "Even if it's not April 25th it's just been the most perfect day," she exhaled contentedly.

"It really has," Emily agreed. "Though I think I may have drunk too much."

"You can drink too much? I thought you had a ridiculous tolerance for it like I do with coffee," Lorelai grinned at her.

"Not champagne, usually we only have that for pre-drinks. I must have drunk an entire bottle by myself. You've been very generous," Emily placed her hands either side of her head as if she was straightening her hair.

"Not us. Grady. He bought the champagne through a wholesaler he knows," Lorelai nodded towards Spencer's father who was dancing very closely with Miss Patty. "I think your dance partner wants you back," Lorelai smiled as Willow skipped over to them. "Hi Honeybunch!"

"Hi Mommy, Hi Grace, Hi Grandma," Willow sounded in turn. The child grabbed hold of the newell post and hung of it looking at them seriously. "You gonna come dance?"

"I just need to sit with Grace for a moment, all this music has tuckered her out," Lorelai adjusted Grace gently, "but Grandma is going to come back in just a minute. Why don't you go mark out your territory."

"Ok," Willow smiled excitedly and skipped back to the dance floor where she began spinning around, making her bridesmaid dress plume out.

"Duty calls. I better join her before she is sick," Emily reached for the balustrade and stood slightly unsteadily.

"You love it really," Lorelai grinned at her.

"I love it always," Emily nodded and returned the smile at a slightly lower wattage. "She looks like Rory did," she nodded at Grace. "Funny how these things work."

"April can explain the genetics to you," Lorelai looked down at the baby and smiled, rocking gently from side to side. She looked up as Willow called for Emily and Emily smiled at Lorelai once more. "Happy Mom?"

"Oh yes," Emily nodded and then turned on her heels and moved in time to the music to join Willow, taking the little girl's hands and twirling her expertly across the floor.

"Hey," Luke appeared, he slid into the space that Emily had just vacated, sitting on the top of the steps and set two glasses beside him. "Is your Mom drunk?"

"She's merry," Lorelai smirked, "and she will probably have a headache tomorrow," she slid closer to him, pressing her side against his and smiled when he looped his arm around her shoulder. "You look sexy in that suit."

"Easy," Luke grumbled. "We still got to wait 3 weeks."

"Oh Gracie," Lorelai rolled her eyes and looked down at the baby. "Daddy could save his suit though don't you think? because Mommy thinks he looks super sexy!"

"Would you…" Luke huffed and then looked down at the dainty baby in Lorelai's arms. "Is she OK?"

"Feeling a little got at with all the attention, so we've half hid," Lorelai nodded at the plants. "I didn't want to miss anything."

"She looks great," Luke's eyes found Rory on the dancefloor, "I don't feel like we're losing her or anything."

"Because we're not," Lorelai bumped her shoulder against his thigh. "We gained a son, not lost a daughter."

"I guess," Luke smiled and then looked down at the baby again. "Our family just keeps getting bigger."

"And you love it, even if we are filling the already overpopulated world with suckers," Lorelai smirked and then her face softened into a knowing smile. "Do as I say not as I do!"

"Pretty much," Luke nodded. "But only you could get me to change my ways."

"Well who can resist," Lorelai chuckled and then looked back at Grace. "Mom thinks she looks like Rory. I always thought I could see Christopher in Rory. I mean she has my colouring but I always thought Rory was more Hayden then Gilmore."

"No," Luke shook his head. "She's Emily, you're Richard, just you know, you're hot."

Lorelai snorted in amusement. "I'm glad you find me hot and not my Dad," she looked back at the baby. "So Grace and Rory look like Mom?"

"Yeah," Luke nodded. "The twins are you, and Sam is Danes. He looks like Jess did and Dad always said that Jess looked like me. Just he's got the blue eyes and the curly hair." His hand traced up to capture a loose curl around her face. "That's all you."

"I feel for them," Lorelai shook her head. "The horror of curly hair is not truly understood by those with simple wavy or straight hair." She grinned and then sank into him as best she could with Grace in her arms.

Luke reached over her and plucked the baby from her arms and nestled the baby into the crook of his arm, allowing Lorelai to loop her arm around his thigh. "She looks tiny."

"Only coz you are her big strong Daddy." Lorelai cooed resting her chin on his knee. "She'll get big soon and then one day we'll be sat at her wedding!"

"Ah Jeez," Luke groaned, looking down at the baby with a faint air of unease.

"Oh boy," Lorelai teased, patting his knee. "One day."

"A million years from now," Luke gave the baby a pointed look. Slowly his free hand traced up to Lorelai's hair and he brushed her hair away from her face. "I don't want to think about that."

"I know." Lorelai turned to look back out at the dancers, she grinned as she watched Sam, bored of his own dancing jump come up and throw his arms around Emily's knees nearly making her fall but her Dad was there to catch her. In the momentary chaos while Richard aided Emily, the twins twirled, April with her arms around Jessica's waist laughed, Gigi grabbed Sam and in the midst of it all Rory and Spencer stood with their cheeks pressed together barely moving and seemingly away in their own little world. Lorelai sank into Luke as much as was physically possible and let out a contented sigh. "Let's just enjoy our crazy life as it is for now."

"Good idea," Luke whispered, rubbing his hand down her shoulder.

"Yeah," Lorelai purred and rested her cheek against his thigh. "Our perfect crazy life."

The End