Wow, LAST CHAPTER! I'm so sad to end this but I'm super excited for the sequel. Please enjoy!

"Are you packed yet?" Jo was by the door, impatiently tapping her foot with her arms folded across her chest. They were about to leave for their honeymoon and as usual, Alex was taking his precious time.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he grumbled, pulling his suitcase noisily down the stairs. "Keep your panties on," a mischievous smile came on his face, "or don't."

Life slowly returned to normal for the couple. Izzie was truthful in her claim of transferring to another hospital. Her last day consisted of apologies but she still ended up glaring at Jo jealously every time she saw her wedding right or someone mentioned their marriage. I guess that will never change, she mused, shaking her head.

Life had changed for Allison and her mother as well. A few days later, Allison went into labor. They did everything they could but the baby sadly passed. Allison had sobbed after learning the fate of her child. Her mother hesitantly came to comfort her, murmuring that she was sorry and that she believed her.

"You said that twenty minutes ago," Jo rolled her eyes. 'Do you have everything?"

"No. I thought I'd use your clothes," he said sarcastically.

'Shut up," she snapped. In a huff, she was at the car, muttering about men.

"Do you have your passport?" Alex asked expectantly.


"What about condoms?"


"What about-"

"If you ask me one more time, if I have that thong you like on me so much, I will leave it here," Jo threatened.

"Fine," he sulked in the driver's seat.

Jo hurriedly packed everything in the trunk before hopping in the passenger's side. "Ready?" she grinned.

"Ready." They sped off to the airport without a care in the world.

Well folks that's the end! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it! Be on the lookout for that sequel!