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In either case, here we go!

On a sandy beach shore, a certain host was sitting back in a chair, drinking what appeared to be a latte. He soon noticed the camera rolling, as he sprung into action.

"Yo! Did you miss this handsome mug? In either case, for the newbies out there, I'm Chris McLean, bringing you all the newest season of Total Drama! But you may be asking yourself… What is there to bring? We done an island, we done movies, we done a trip around the world, we done an island again, we… Done an all stars season with a lot of consequences, we done yet another island… How about we appeal to the crowd a bit?"

The host then went over to what appeared to be an easel with a large pad on it.

"As this board indicates, most of our viewers are of the school age demographic. And what does every school contain? Well, besides crappy lunch food and strict math teachers... Cliques!" Chris continued. "And this time around, we're gonna have ourselves four teams of five!"

He soon flipped the page, showing off the first picture. It contained what appeared to be a nerdy girl.

"First off, you got your geeky people, or what they're usually called… The Dorks. They're usually the people you would get caught dead with. I think they'll be the Team Victory of this season. Moving on..."

He soon flipped the page, showing off what appeared to be a guy wearing a backwards cap on his head.

"Over here, we got the Krew, the K makes it sound cooler. Anyway, here's who everyone wants to be a part of; if you're a part of the popular crowd, then you have it made!"

Flipping the page again, this time, there was a guy with a spiked mohawk.

"Here, we have the Oddities. It's where you place in, if you're not geeky enough or popular enough… Or you dress rather funky."

He flipped the page again, this time, showing off a picture of… Beth from the first season.

"And here, we have the Wannabees. These guys? They don't fit well with any clique at all. Buncha losers. But not like THIS loser right here!"

He flipped the page one last time, showing off a rather obese male with the number 151 on it.

"Here is what we call a Supernerd. Avoid being one at ALL COST." Chris warned, as he again sported a grin on his face. "In either case, our teams are nearing the shore on our two boats. Why two when we have teams of four? Because islands are expensive, and I haven't finished paying off the damages from when Wawanakwa got sunk. They may think they're in teams of two, but… Anyway, stay tuned and find out what may entail, right here! On..."



"School Scuffle!"

"Huh… I like the sound of that." Chris complimented himself."

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

Boat A, 11:00am

On the deck of a large yacht, a soccer ball was being kicked in the air nearby a pool. The ball's owner was a Caucasian female donned in a red soccer uniform, and had her long purple and brown hair hanging down in a rather large ponytail. She put the ball aside, as she sported a grin.

"Okay, number 13, Isabel Humbert is going in for the shot..." The girl named Isabel started to run, and kicked the air. "Humbert kicks- and it's good! GOOOOOOAAAAALLL!" Isabel mimicked the roar of a crowd.

"Hehe… You should know better than to run near a pool." A new voice chimed out.

"Eh?" Isabel asked, as she looked around, and saw someone emerging out of the pool nearby. She gave a look at the tanned newcomer. "No wonder I couldn't spot you; you practically melt into the water!"

"I get that a lot..." The newcomer admitted. She was a female, donning a light blue shirt with a fish on the front, blue jean shorts, and had some dyed blue hair with white streaks in it as well. A pair of blue framed sunglasses was on top of her head as well. "So, I assume you're the one called Isabel, right?"

"Yep! Head striker for the soccer team at my school!" Isabel announced. "Though right now, I'm kinda… On an extended break due to being on the show and all. So… I'm guessing you're Moana? Like that Disney flick?"

The newcomer chuckled. "That's more of a nickname my friends back at home call me. My actual name's Maureen." Mareen answered back. "So, wanna take a swim? Last chance to swim in pre-chlorined water before we soak our bodies in the real stuff!"

"Ehhh… I'll pass, thanks." Isabel denied, as the two eyed a rather tall male leaning on the railing, looking out at sea.

From the back, the females could see he had black hair was wearing a black jacket, and some red faded pants. But what set him apart was a pair of sandals on his feet. The two girls glanced at each other.

"He looks tall..." Maureen noted.

"I saw him when we were boarding. He IS tall." Isabel whispered back.

"You think he's our resident villain we have to beat at the end?" Maureen asked.

"Doubtful. From the looks of it, I don't think he would want to hurt us..." Isabel replied back.

Maureen looked around, and noticed what appeared to be a book. The front of the cover was labeled 'Drake'.

"You think that's his?" Maureen asked.

"Maybe. Only a guy as tall as he is would have the name Drake." Isabel mused.

Maureen soon inched closer. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If you're meaning reading that guy's book, count me out!" Isabel quickly responded back. "We have no idea how he'd react to us looking through it."

"Don't worry, it's only gonna be a quick glance. In and out, 'kay?" Maureen reassured, as she picked up 'Drake's' book, and opened it. She soon smiled. "Aww... it's full of tons of drawings!"

"What kinda drawings?" Isabel asked.

"Really cute ones. Like, tooth-rotting cute!" Maureen answered back. "And he's using one of those envelopes we all were given when we boarded as a bookmark. What's up with those, by the way?"

"I tried asking, but they said something about cutting costs." Isabel replied, as 'Drake' started to turn around.

"Cheese it, Maureen! He's turning around!" Isabel whispered, as Maureen closed the book, laid it back on the table, and patted it.

"You… Never saw us, okay?" Maureen said, as both she and Isabel started to run inside. "By the way, like your drawings! Byyyyyeee!"

Both Maureen and Isabel were now gone, as 'Drake' stood there.

"They looked at my drawings… And liked them..." 'Drake' muttered, as he looked out at sea once more.

But unknown to him, another passenger swiped the book.

"Too easy… And here I thought I would be scared of such a tall dork." A male voice snarked.

Drake quickly turned around, and saw that his book was gone. Sighing, he soon slumped into a nearby beach chair.

In a rather large area of the ship, two Caucasian males were going at it, with a wooden sword, and a bo staff.

"You're quite the strong dude, Mozart!" The boy wielding the sword complimented. He had some black hair and a bit of a stubble on his chin. He also had on a blue shirt with the letter B with a sword going through it, green pants, and red boots.

"You're also quite gnarly yourself, Benny!" The other boy responded back, striking the wooden sword with his bo. He had on a purple shirt stained with oil with a pocket shaped like a slice of pizza on the front, blue jeans also stained with oil, and a purple ripped headband around his forehead. He had some long brown hair going down his head.

"You outta teach me that move sometime!" Benny said out loud.

"Sure. Although it may not have the same effect coming from an actual blade, dude." Mozart replied back.

The two continued to spar, as a female was watching them. She had dirty blonde hair with two piercings in her ears, a blue shirt, a pink skirt, and pink sneakers. She also had a necklace with the letter S as a charm.

"Hey, you two!" The girl said out loud. "The name's Steph, and I was just observing you; you're really tough, don't cha know?"

The two of them stopped, as they looked at Steph. Mozart gave off a smile as Benny continued to look at Steph.

"Oh, happy to show off our moves, babe." Mozart said out loud, as Benny reached behind his back and pulled out a rose outta nowhere.

"Hello, missy!" Benny sported a smile. "If we're on the same team… How about we team up, and stuff?"

Steph blinked a bit. "I'll think about it."

She soon winced a bit, as she looked down at her ankle. A rat was nuzzling at it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Steph screamed, as she went behind Benny. "Rat! Someone! Get rid of it!"

But Mozart just simply sported a smile as he went to the rat and picked it up.

"Woodstock, you should know not to spook the babes, even by accident." Mozart said, patting it on the head.

"Squeak!" Woodstock squeaked back in response.

Steph looked over at Mozart. "Wait, you're not gonna-"

"Nope; I ain't gonna let my main furry dude get exterminated outta the blue; and besides… He's mine." Mozart stated, as he let Woodstock climb up his arms, and wrap himself on Mozart's shoulders.

"I'm gonna go away, now. Start to prep for departure. You two keep on doing what you're doing, okay?" Steph asked, as she left the two.

Mozart and Benny looked where Steph once stood, as they looked at each other.

"You dig her, do you?" Benny teased.

In another area of the yacht, a dark-skinned male with black, curly hair and donning a blue sweater, black pants, and green shoes, was talking to what appeared to be a plastic skull.

"And thus, it shall be me, Lance Masterson, who shall take first place in this upcoming contest." The male named Lance said out loud to seemingly nothing. "I thank you..."

He took a bow, as there was some slow clapping being heard not too far.

"More like master of idiots to me..." A female voice snarked out loud.

Lance turned around to see a female, with blonde hair, blue eyeshadow, a pink t-shirt, a purple skirt, blue sneakers, and a lot of jewelry on her. She was darting eyes at Lance.

"So, you think that some curly haired fool's gonna upstage me, do you?" The female questioned. "Cause it shall be me, Verna, who shall win this contest! That's V-E-R-N-A, not some dork who hangs around with some hungry dog."

Lance simply shrugged. "Eh, not the last time I ticked off a woman. Let alone one by not doing anything to you."


Verna snapped her fingers, making Lance wince.

"This'll be too easy once I take care of you. I observed everyone, and what's there to worry about? Two guys who are fighting over what they're holding is bigger, a couple of blue haired girls looking for trouble, a starry-eyed idiot, some punk holding some dumb book..." Verna continued on. "And one of those fighting guys has a flea-bitten rat on his shoulder! If this is my team, then things are looking up for me!"

Verna then took out a compact and started to apply make-up, as she darted a glare at Lance, closing her compact.

"Now, make yourself scarce and get out of my light… Now." Verna ordered, as Lance scoffed, walking off.

"How dare you upstage moi..." Lance muttered under his breath.

Verna only watched Lance leave, as she scoffed.

"I bet you'll be first boot..."

On another part of the yacht, a male holding a book was looking through it. He had tanned skin, black hair with orange highlights, a black shirt with a flame motif, green pants, and blue boots. And needless to say, he was disappointed.

"What a rip! This book has nothing but cute drawings! Where are the boobs? The guts being blown apart? Stealing from that tall dork was not worth it to be looking at cute stuff like this!" The male groaned, as he soon done some thinking and an idea crept up to him. "But maybe, I can… hide it away..."

He was about to walk into a room, as someone was approaching him. They were a female with blonde hair in a ponytail, in which the tail and bangs were streaked a hot pink. She also had a pair of sunglasses on her head, as well. Clothing wise, she had on a pink t-shirt with a smiling shooting star on the front, a star themed skirt, star themed socks, purple sneakers, and purple wristbands. Topping it off was a star pendant over her neck, and a pair of star shaped earrings. But what really set her off against the rest was the star markings applied near her eyes.

The male took one look at her, and was smitten.

"Oh, hello..." The male smiled, still holding onto the book. "What brings you here?"

"Well, to compete on the show; everyone knows that!" The female answered back. "Anyways, my name's Stella!"

"And I'm Liang." Liang replied back.

"I'm just hoping that we can all get along; and if not… Hope that I can at least share a song with everyone." Stella said, smiling at Liang.

"You… sing?" Liang asked.

"Yeppers!" Stella answered back.

Liang could only look at Stella and at his acquired book.

"Um…" Liang said, as he offered the book he swiped. "You want this? It's full of cute stuff, so I think you'll love it."

Stella looked at the book and received it from Liang.

"Aww, that's so sweet of you!" Stella smiled back, patting Liang on the head, as…


We are about to reach our destination. All contestants of School Scuffle, please grab your belongings and head off to the exit of the yacht. And please consider our yacht services for your family and friends.

"Well, looks like it's almost time to depart." Stella said out loud. "See you on the isle~!"

Stella walked off, as Liang blinked a bit, before he realized what he done.

"Wait, did I really..." Liang questioned himself. "Ugh! I wanted to toy with that tall guy!"

At the same time, Boat B, 11:00 am

In a kitchen area of another yacht, a male walked into the kitchen and looked at a bowl of fruit. He had brunet hair with a light blue fringe, a black t-shirt with the word NTDO on the front, blue jeans, and was wearing sandals.

"Heh, I could go for some fruit." The male said to himself, as he was about to pick up a fruit, as someone approached him.

"You don't wanna eat that orange like that..." A female voice chimed out loud. "See how bruised it is..."

The male was confused. "Oranges can get bruises?"

The female soon looked through the bowl of fruit, and dug out another orange, and squeezed it a bit.

"Nice and soft… And no bruises..." The female chimed out. "Perfect for you. And really juicy as well."

She soon cut the orange up, and handed it over to the male, as he nodded and began to eat the fruit.

"Whoa, you're right; this is one awesome orange!" The male said out loud. "Thanks, um..."

The female smiled back. "Pomona's the name."

The male observed Pomona. She had black hair with the ends of it dyed purple, in a black bandana with a cherry motif on the front. She also had a black t-shirt with an apple core, and the words 'Rotten 2 Da Core' on the front over a pink torn sweater, exposing her middriff, green, torn pants, and purple sneakers. She was also sporting three earrings in her ears, a bellybutton piercing, and a nose piercing as well.

"You're quite a sight." The male complimented. "In either case, my name's Ellis, and I shall be the loser of this show! No, wait! Winner! Yeah, winner!"

Pomona could only giggle. "So, you up for a smoothie before we hit the isle There's a 73% chance we won't be seeing any ice for quite a while..."

Ellis nodded. "Sure, I accept. What you got in store?"

Pomona gave off a smile. "Watch as I work my magic, Ell..."

Little did the two know, was that something was watching the two…

In another part of the yacht, a male was walking through the ship. He had a mixed skin tone, was wearing a stained yellow t-shirt over a blue sweater, blue scrubs, and shaggy black hair. He was also holding a block of wood, and had what appeared to be a carving knife on a belt.

"Man, there has to be someone who's capable of being a model for me..." The male said to himself. "I wanna bring life to this here block."

He then noticed that the door to a room was open, and peeked in. He could notice what appeared to be a girl, wearing a yellow cap atop her blonde hair in a bowl cut. She also had on a pink t-shirt, and white shorts with large green spots. She also wore light blue sandals.

"Um, ma'am?" The male asked.

"Yeah! Cleared in record time!" The female yelled out, pumping her fist in triumph. "Now I am geared up for this show!"

She turned around, and looked at the newcomer.

"Um, who are you?" The female asked.

The male looked down at the female. "I'm Marion. And for a female, you look kinda boyish."

"That's because I am a boy!" The 'female' responded back, before holding out his hand. "The name's Nelson!"

Marion took a look at Nelson. His pink shirt had a Kirby face on it, his yellow cap was the Cutter Ability hat from the games, and he also had what appeared to be blush stickers under his eyes.

"You look rather adorable." Marion complimented, before shaking Nelson's hand. "Say, I've got an idea."

"Hm?" Nelson hummed back.

"You wanna be a model for me?" Marion asked, as he held out the block of wood. "I wanna do a bit of carving, and I was looking for someone to be one. And you're just the guy I need."

Nelson did some thinking. "Well… Okay, I'll do it."

"Cool." Marion smiled, as he removed his carving knife from his belt. "Now, hold still..."

Nelson did as instructed, as Marion started to carve. But Nelson soon started to wince, closing his eyes.

"Marion? My nose itches..."

"Hang in there; I just about got the hat done..."

But while the two of them were carving away, the same object that was watching Ellis and Pomona was watching the two as well…

In yet another area of the ship, a female was looking at a list on a piece of paper. She was decked out in a purple and black spiderweb themed shirt, blue jeans with tears at the kneeline, black boots, and pink streaks in her hair. Her ears were also heavily pierced, and she had a few body piercings on her as well. All in all, she looked almost like a punk.

"Okay, I know for a fact that these bugs are on this isle." The female grinned. "Insect Bingo victory, here I come!"

She soon heard some noises coming from a room not too far from her.

"Come on… YEAH! Thought you could take me down?" A female voice chimed out loud.

The punk girl got curious, as she entered the room, to see a female playing a video game. She had black hair with blue streaks in it, and was wearing a black t-shirt which read 'Game Over' in front of a skull, pink and black striped pants, and black sandals. She also had on a pair of spiked wristbands, an Animal Crossing charm around her neck, and Triforce earrings dangling from her ears. She also had a nose stud on her nose as well. All in all, she was a goth. The goth girl soon noticed the newcomer.

"Hey, you wanna pick up the controller for some two player action?" The goth offered.

The punk girl shrugged, as she pocketed her list, and sat down next to the goth, taking the controller.

"Sure, though I don't play games much." The punk girl admitted. "My little buggy bro on the other hand? Bestest gamer I know."

"We must be opposites; my little bro's kinda crappy at games..." The goth girl replied back.

"By the way… I think I know you..." The punk girl pondered. "Aren't you ScoreKorpse, that girl which my bro watches on Twitch?"

"You betchya!" The goth called ScoreKorpse answered back. "But please, call me Korpse. And don't call me Ayami. Cool name and all, but Korpse sounds much cooler."

Korpse took a closer look at the punk girl.

"And you must really adore body modification. Who should I call you? Webb? Fangs?" Korpse joked.

"You can call me Cherri, and to be honest, I'm only here to find bugs and observe them." Cherri explained. "I know a lot about them, to be honest. Come on, tell me anything, and I can tell you."

Korpse done some thinking, as an idea crept up to her.

"Okay… How many eggs can a tick lay?" Korpse asked.

"Oh, about 3,000." Cherri answered back. "Right after a male and female tick do it, and the male bites it."

Korpse blinked. "You mean as a tick, you gotta live spreading disease, being annoying, and being a virgin, or do some raunchy stuff and not get a chance to post it on bug social media?"

"Yep!" Cherri nodded back.

"Wow… Tough choice." Korpse said, as Cherri giggled.

The two continued to game, as the same device that was watching the previous contestants observed them as well.

Elsewhere, in the yacht, an African-Canadian female was walking down the halls. She had a blue beret over her frizzy, black hair, a lime green shirt with the words Dungeon Queen on it, blue pants with a dark blue stripe going up it, red shoes, and a pink sweater around her waist. She soon eyed a cola machine, as she shuffled her glasses a bit.

"How did a cola machine get here? Chris must have installed it." The girl said, as she walked over and started to get a cola. "Might as well grab one before we disembark on this epic quest."

But when she inserted a dollar into it and choose her selection, it wouldn't give her the cola.

"Awww, come on!" The girl complained, as she started to tap on the machine. "If you're not gonna give me my cola, then at least give me my buck back!"

She started to slap on the machine, as a male came walking down the hall. He was dressed in a grey hoodie, black pants, black shoes and had some black hair covering part of his face, with some blue streaks. He also had piercings on his face, including in his ears, though not to the extent of Cherri. He also seemed to be wearing eyeliner. In short, he looked emo. He spotted the girl having difficulties, and walked up to her.

"Hey, having trouble?" The emo-looking boy asked.

"You bet I am! That cola machine swiped my dollar!" The female responded back.

The emo-looking boy looked at the machine, cracked his knuckles, and grinned.

"Say no more; I shall deal with this!" The emo-looking boy said, as he pressed some buttons on the machine. Soon after, the cola machine opened up.

"Cool..." The girl said, as she started to reach for the bottom cola, but...

"Nope!" The emo replied. "Go for the top; they're extra cold!"

"Whatever you say..." The girl commented, as she grabbed one of the top colas, grabbed an extra one for the emo, and quietly shut the cola machine. "For you!"

"Thanks!" The emo replied, as he opened it, and started to drink it, as the two continued to look at the cola machine. "Still, doesn't make sense as to how a cola machine suddenly would be out here in the open. Maybe Chris installed it?"

"It has to make sense." The girl said. "By the way, my name's Marissa! So... What thou be your name?"

Sting couldn't help but chuckle.

"Eh, my monkier's Sting." Sting said to Marissa.

"So, what's with the get-up?" Marissa asked. "Did you somehow lose a bet? Did someone do this to you in your sleep?"

"Well, Marissa... I just like this kinda fashion, that's all." Sting replied back, finishing his cola, as he tossed it into a trash can.


The two of them looked at the trash can, as a female popped out. She had blonde hair in two pigtails, and was wearing what appeared to be a school uniform.

"Man, I heard of monsters hiding inside treasure chests, but this is ridiculous..." Marissa noted.

"Yeah, why is she hiding in the trash can?" Sting asked.

The pig tailed girl could only look at the empty bottle Sting tossed away.

"Aww, you had to go for Coke? Why couldn't you go for Pepsi?" The girl lamented, before noticing Sting.

"It was the only thing they had." Marissa answered back.

"Yeah, sorry that I hit you on your head." Sting apologized.

The pigtailed girl continued to look at Sting.

"So… What's your name?" Sting asked.

"I'm Olivia, and I gotta say… You look awesome." Olivia complimented.

"Thank you!" Sting responded back.

Marissa looked out a nearby window, and looked back at the two.

"I see the isle on the horizon. I think we should get ready to disembark." Marissa recommended.

"Yeah." Sting replied back, as he looked over at Olivia. "You need any help getting out?"

But Olivia simply hopped out, exposing her plaid skirt, and a pair of mary-janes, along with knee high socks.

"I guess that answers my question." Sting simply nodded.

"You go on ahead, I still have some… packing to do." Olivia said out loud.

"Okay, see ya on the isle!" Marissa chimed out loud, as she and Sting left. Once the two were out of earshot, Olivia looked at the cola bottle Sting was drinking.

"I think I may have found the bad boy of my dreams..." Olivia whispered to herself, holding the bottle closer. "He made one hell of a first impression..."

But unknown to her, the same device that was watching the other contestants, was also watching the three as well. It soon flew away…

Elsewhere, on the yacht, the device flew back to its owner. Its owner was a male with red hair, was wearing a blue sweater vest over a red dress shirt, beige pants, and black shoes. He also had thick eyeglasses over his eyes.

"You have done some great scouting, GENKI." The male said to the device, shuffling his glasses.

"Always happy to help, Master Yentoulis." GENKI responded back. GENKI looked a lot different than everyone else, as she was a pink robotic android, using a rotor to float in the air. She also had a pair of arms, some feet, and an LCD screen, currently displaying a smile.

"Once I win this game, nobody will laugh at me again..." Yentoulis sneered, as…


"AAAAHHH!" Yentoulis yelped out in fear.

We are about to reach our destination. All contestants of School Scuffle, please grab your belongings and head off to the exit of the yacht. And please consider our yacht services for your family and friends.

Yentoulis, having regained his composure, looked at GENKI.

"The game has begun. Everyone is going down..." Yentoulis said out loud.

A Beach, 11:15 am

The boats have soon docked, and the contestants disembarked. They were standing on a rather large mat, with four different, smaller mats, surrounding the intinal mat, and was currently conversing with themselves.

"Whew, what a rush! And none of us got seasick!" Benny chimed out loud.

"Good, cause us popular girls do NOT barf." Verna added.

"I wonder what kinda bugs await us..." Cherri sported a smile, as a dragonfly flew past her. "Speaking of which, there's one down."

She checked off a part of her list, as she pocketed it.

"I know there's a buffet of fruit in there, with our names on it." Pomona sported a grin, as she noticed both Ellis and Isabel looking at each other. "Uh... you two been looking at each other ever since we left the boat."

Ellis snapped to Pomona's attention.

"Eh, she has such awesome hair, that's all." Ellis shrugged back.

Meanwhile, Drake was watching the yachts sail off, and sighed in defeat.

"My sketchpad..." Drake muttered, sighing again.

Nelson looked at the others on the mat, as he noticed Korpse. Korpse also looked over at Nelson, and shared a sweet smile to one other.

"Like your nose stud..." Nelson said out loud.

"Love your hat." Korpse complimented back.

"Campers!" A familiar voice chimed out, as the contestants snapped to attention.

"Annnnddd here comes our esteemed host." Verna snarked out loud.

"Right… Anyways, welcome, one and all, to Total Drama: School Scuffle! For the next few weeks, you will all battle it out for one million bucks!" Chris announced out loud, to which the contestants cheered out loud.

"Nice! Imagine the things I could buy with that moolah!" Mozart sported a grin. "Perhaps a big ass flat-screen!"

"An expansion to the Youth Center?" Pomona asked herself.

"But 19 of you will fall by the wayside." Chris continued. "I will discuss more, but first, you have your envelopes that were given to you when you boarded those yachts, right?"

Everyone nodded, as they took out their envelopes.

"Well, it's time to open them up! Inside is a shape, and whatever shape you get, determines what team you're on!" Chris continued. "Now… Open sesame!"

The teammates done so, as Ellis opened his envelope, pulling out a red silhouette face of a curly haired girl with glasses.

"Ellis has the Dork card! Everyone who has gotten the Dork card, please report to the Red mat." Chris said out loud.

Ellis done so, all while keeping his eye on Isabel…

"So, guess we're teaming up together."

Ellis looked to the side to see Pomona standing there, also holding a Dork card. He sported a smile at her as Nelson, Marissa, and Yentoulis, with GENKI flying nearby, joined the two, each holding Dork cards.

"Well, we are dorks in a way." Marissa sheepishly giggled.

"Guess I gotta work with you four." Yentoulis said out loud. "You better not screw up."

"You can count on us!" Nelson responded back with a salute.

With the other contestants, they were also looking at their cards in question.

"Chris? Did you really have to plagiarize other contestants?" Mozart asked, holding up a purple silhouette face of Beth.

"Well, how else can I use a Wannabee? In either case, you got the Wannabee card, meaning you go stand on the purple mat and wait for your fellow wannabees."

Mozart done as instructed, as Isabel and Maureen joined him.

"What was that about that boy on the Dorks?" Maureen asked.

"I… rather not talk about it; just an old fling, like what Pomona said." Isabel excused herself.

Liang approached the three with a grin on his face, as he eyed the two girls.

"Looks like I lucked out." Liang said out loud.

Mozart looked at the final arrival to their team, Cherri.

"Hey, you know how to control any arachnids?" Mozart asked the Entomologist.

"Sadly, nope." Cherri shook her head. "Why you ask?"

"Eh, I wasn't gonna tie the dude up or anything; was just gonna spook him." Mozart explained back.

"Squeak!" Woodstock squeaked from his cage.

Back at the main mat, Verna opened her envelope.

"I got this blue silhouette wielding a backwards cap." Verna said out loud, holding out her card.

"That means you're a part of the Krew!" Chris announced. "Anyone who's a Krew member, please report over to the blue mat!"

Verna approached the blue mat, as Steph approached her.

"So, guess we're the coolest of cool, huh?" Steph asked.

"Yeah, I think we can take down these losers..." Verna sported a grin.

Lance also approached the mat, also sporting a grin as well.

Meanwhile, Stella was looking through the sketchpad, and was impressed at the drawings inside.

"Whoa, these are really cute..." Stella said to herself.


Stella looked from the book to see Drake standing there.

"That's mine..." Drake muttered. "Can I… Uh..."

Stella then looked at the sketchpad, and back at Drake, as…


Everyone turned to look at Verna, who snapped her fingers to bring everyone to attention.

"Now, listen up! I run a tight shift, so I expect to see the best coming from ALL of you." Verna sneered at her group. "And if you screw up, I can make sure that your life is a living hell. Understand?"

Drake gulped at that statement, as he looked at his teammates.

"I can say goodbye to that sketchbook now… Everyone on here looks so… mean..."

Marion opened his envelope and took out a card featuring a green silhouette with what appeared to be a spiked mohawk.

"So, what's this team called?" Marion asked.

"Well, you're a part of the Oddities! Any and all Oddities, please report to the Green Mat." Chris said, as Marion approached the green mat.

"So, guess we're both an Oddity." Benny said, walking up to Marion. "By the way, nice blade. You ever do any..."

"Nah, it's mainly for carving and all." Marion admitted.

Korpse and Sting soon arrived, as they looked at each other.

"Good luck, my pierced pal." Sting complimented.

"Same to you, though I only have two." Korpse responded back, as the two shook hands.

But not too far, Olivia looked at the gesture, as her eye twitched.

Korpse then looked at Benny with a wide grin.

"Hey, man! Diggin' the blade!" Korpse said out loud.

"Oh, you mean my sword?" Benny asked out loud.

"Yeah! It's real nice, to boot!" Korpse complimented. "My folks back at home have one, though it's mainly for show to be honest."

"Okay, now with the teams assembled, I can now welcome you to your new home for the next few weeks… Amehurst Island!" Chris announced. "I had a list of names for the island, but they were taken by other hosts for their island..."

"Such as..." Cherri asked.

"I would say so, but then I get busted for copyright. Now… if you'll please follow me..." Chris instructed, as the campers done so.

In a rather large clearing, there appeared to be four entrances to four different forests.

"Right here is what I like to call 'Central Square'. It's where teammates of various teams can mingle with each other." Chris explained. "And the beach you were all on is called Challenge Beach, which a mass majority of the challenges will be held."

Chris then noticed a camera hidden near some bushes, as he grinned some more.

"And you all know what this sucker is. This is your Confessional! If you wanna say something, or rant about something, you may do it here. But be warned, as they may be shown off across the world for everyone to see..." Chris continued.

Confessional: Our first one of the season!

Steph: -She scoffs- Too easy. My entire team consists of some tall guy, a starry eyed girl, an actor… The only one that may pose a problem would be that blonde bitch. Even then, this'll be easy for me.

Ellis: -He is alarmed- What is SHE doing here? She already ruined my life one time; now she wants the entire world to see me get ruined twice?!

Drake: -He is panicked- That star girl has my sketchbook… I'm not sure how I can even get it back!

Marissa: My party consists of some rather interesting people. I think I can manage well. -She smiles-

Olivia: That emo guy shall be mine… I already collected his soda bottle, what else can I snag from him?

Mozart: This island ROCKS! -Woodstock squeaks in agreement-

"Now with that said, it's time for you all to head to your camps." Chris instructed. "Your camp is at the end of the forest labeled by the flag outside your path. Now, get to it!"

The four teams ran into their respective paths, as Chris watched them.

Krew Path – 11:25 am

The five members of the Krew were walking down their path, with Verna leading the pack.

"Now that we're alone, I shall set up some ground rules. One? Do NOT disturb me while I'm alone, or it will not end well for you." Verna warned. "Two? Show up at challenges on time. And three goes to the boys. Do NOT peek in at me while I'm showering. I have a make-up brush, and I know how to use it. Got it?"

"Can I still be the first to enter camp?" Lance asked.

Verna sneered back at Lance. "No."

Steph looked over at Stella, who was still looking through the sketchbook.

"So, find any eye-candy?" Steph asked.

"Eh, not really. But I did find this eyeball selling candy, if that makes sense." Stella answered back, chuckling.

"How does that work out?" Steph asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm not even sure, myself." Stella admitted.

"By the way, your entire ensemble is all star themed. What's the story behind that?" Steph asked.

"Oh, I've always adored the star shape, ever since I was a young girl. Every night, I would look out the window, and up at the stars, and give off a smile before I fall asleep." Stella answered back. "That is, if it wasn't cloudy outside."

"Huh..." Steph nodded back.

"Say, who do we even vote off, if we even do lose? Which we won't?" Lance asked.


"The answer is very obvious." Verna responded back. "We vote off the most useless one of the bunch."

"Meaning..." Lance asked.

"That he or she's the most useless one of the bunch; it's as simple as that." Verna answered back. "Now stay far behind me; you're hogging all of my air."

Lance stopped, muttering something about air.

"Hey, why are you singling Lance out?" Steph asked. "He only wanted to ask a question."

"Who would you want to answer your questions? Someone who smells like fake blood and rusty daggers? Or someone who knows what they're doing?" Verna questioned back.

"Ah, touche..." Steph nodded back.

Confessional: Where are forth thou, body wash?

Steph: Verna does raise a good point. She shall be instrumental in seeing that I do go far.

Verna: I lucked out with my team. Now, here's hoping they don't mess up.

Lance: I do not smell; what are you even talking about?

The five soon approached their camp. It was a forest clearing, in which they were looking around.

"Ugh, where's the cabin?" Verna protested.

"Well, this is an island based reality show; roughing it is the name of the game." Lance answered back.

"So, we gotta build our own shelter? That sucks, big time!" Verna scowled.

"We got what we signed up for." Steph shrugged.

"I still think we can make this be a lovely camp!" Stella chimed in.

Drake nodded in agreement.

"Now… Who's up to drawing a blueprint?" Stella asked out loud.

Lance shook his head. "I'm out; I ain't no artist."

"And you would catch me dead drawing up something." Verna protested.

Steph raised her hand. "Guess I'll do it."

"Okay, guess we have a plan!" Stella gave off a gentle smile.

At the same time the Krew was walking down their path…

Dorks Path

Marissa was leading the way, with the other four not too far behind.

"Okay, guys; stick close to each other." Marissa instructed. "And hopefully we find some supplies along the way."

"Ain't no worry about that; we've got our fruit expert on our team!" Nelson gave off a smile as he looked over at Pomona.

"But can she put her money where her mouth is?" Yentoulis questioned, as he eyed a nearby fruit from a tree. "GENKI? Pluck that fruit and give it to Pomona."

"As you wish, Master Yentoulis!" GENKI responded, as she removed said fruit, and handed it over to Pomona.

The red headed girl inspected the fruit, and squeezed it as well before smiling.

"Hmm… It is a rather good fruit. Although it is a bit bruised." Pomona said out loud. "Still, one can eat around it..."

"Well, guess you're in charge of food." Yentoulis nodded.

Nelson nodded in agreement.

"You really think so?" Pomona asked.

"Hey, you've managed to find the ins and out of that fruit real easily." Nelson answered back. "You'll do fine, don't worry."

Pomona gave off a sweet smile. "I shall not let you down!"

With Ellis, he was walking alongside Marissa.

"So… What does a Dungeon Queen even do?" Ellis asked.

Marissa gave off a gentle smile.

"Oh, me and a group of friends get together, and from time to time, we play DnD. Other times, we LARP." Marissa explained. "And don't worry, I ain't like Leonard from a couple seasons ago, who takes it too seriously."

"Interesting..." Ellis smiled back. "You usually fight against orcs and dragons?"

"You betchya! My class is more or less a Ranger." Marissa continued. "I'm more or less ace at attacking at a distance."

"I'm gonna have to learn a lot more about your game..." Ellis pondered. "I never had much of a chance to play it."

"Well, it does take a while to know the ins and outs of DnD." Marissa admitted.

"I see..." Ellis nodded in response.

Confessional: You expect that from someone wearing a shirt labeled 'Dungeon Queen' huh?

Ellis: Yeah, the only times I even heard of DnD was just to rant about how 'evil' it was… How evil can it be? It's only using your brain to do fantasy stuff, like slay a dragon!

Marissa: Hey, if anyone wants to do a campaign with me, I'm always open. -She smiles as she shuffles her glasses-

Pomona: -She has a bag full of fruit- I think this can suffice us for a while. Still, I really lucked out with this team; we're all an agreeable bunch! ...Mostly.

Nelson: I can trust Pomona on the food front. She may dress all… Out there, but she is truly something.

Yentoulis: I'll get along with this team… At least, for now. But don't think I'll go soft on them.

The Dorks soon reached their camp. Their camp was near a cliff-side, near a creek with a waterfall going down. They were all looking around the area.

"So, guess we're assembling our camp..." Ellis said out loud.

"Eh, no worries; me and my buds would do so during LARPing weekends." Marissa stated. "Though we've don't have any tents on hand."

"Who needs tents?" Pomona exclaimed. "We have this awesome waterfall! And 4 times outta 10, there has to be a secret cave behind it."

"That's beyond ridiculous..." Yentoulis said out loud.

"Hey, ain't no reason to not try." Pomona grinned, as she ran towards the waterfall, leaving the other four behind.

"Hey, Yento?" Ellis asked, alarming Yentoulis.

"The name is Yentoulis, not Yento." Yentoulis gave off a glare.

"Doesn't your GENKI have any apps that can help us build a shelter?" Ellis asked.

Yentoulis shook his head. "That never came across my mind."

"Well, all we really need is a square..." Nelson said out loud.

"Then GENKI? Can you display a square on-screen?" Yentoulis asked.

"You got it, Master Yentoulis!" GENKI responded back, as her LCD scream showed off the shape of a square.

"And if we use this clearing to build our shelter, then we should be sleeping easy!" Marissa smiled back. "Although finding bedding's a different story..."

"Okay, bad news; there was no cave behind that waterfall." Pomona spoke up, soaking wet.

Yentoulis scoffed. "Told you that plan was ridiculous..."

"Pomona… You're all soaked." Nelson exclaimed.

"Worth it!" Pomona grinned.

"Won't that infect your piercings?" Ellis spoke up.

"Nah, I went with the kind that doesn't affect skin. I done my research!" Pomona winked.

"And that waterfall does have some use, after all." Marissa smiled.

"Yeppers! It provides for a good place for a shower." Pomona continued.

"Or if you ever wanted to meditate underneath a waterfall like in classic kung-fu movies." Ellis grinned.

"What kinda classic kung-fu movies?" Yentoulis asked.

Ellis did some thinking, and shrugged.

"Beats me; do they even do stuff like that in them?" Ellis questioned back.

"Eh, we can discuss that later. Now let's build ourselves a shelter!" Nelson spoke out loud with a grin.

At the same time the others were going down their path…

Oddities Path

The fivesome was currently walking down their path, talking about various stuff.

"So, what do you use your blade for, anyway?" Benny asked, noticing Marion's carving knife on his side. "I kinda forgot already."

"Like I said, I use it for carving stuff. You know, stuff like miniatures..." Marion admitted, pulling out a finished Nelson miniature, devoid of color. "I'll add in the details later."

Benny looked at the miniature, and smiled.

"This is really fantastic stuff!" Benny complimented.

"Thanks." Marion responded back, pocketing the miniature. "So, what's your blade used for?"

Benny was surprised, as he took out a sword, this time, of a steel variety. "You mean my lovely? How you'd know?"

"Just a hunch." Marion replied back.

"Well, I've got several. I used a wooden one to practice with Mozart while we were on that yacht. And this baby right here? It can cut through nearly anything." Benny explained. "Surely, it may be too big to carve… Unless you wanted to try it on a tree."

Marion chuckled. "I'll pass. I don't wanna harm your 'baby' right then and there..."

"Eh, this thing went to a few camp-outs when I got this at 14." Benny responded back.

"So, other than swords, what are your other interests?" Marion asked.

"Glad you asked! I'm into ancient stuff. You know, like relics and stuff. The kind that you see on some kinda History Channel." Benny sported a grin. "And antiques are also a plus as well! Just give 'em a polish, and they're good as new!"

"But wouldn't that, you know, defeat the purpose of it being an antique?" Marion questioned back. "Just asking."

Benny chuckled. "I feel we're gonna be good friends..."

With Sting and Korpse, the two were currently talking amongst themselves.

"So… Are you actually THE ScoreKorpse? That rich gaming streamer?" Sting asked.

"You betchya! I always stream almost every Saturday night." Korpse answered back. "Nice to meet a fan. Quite surprised it took you long to recognize me..."

"Well, you've always changed up your jewelry every stream." Sting said out loud. "Or your webcam was with your friend..."

"ViruSkanner? Yeah, she does the computer stuff I can't quite figure out, and who also moderates as well." Korpse replied back. "So, your favorite stream?"

Sting thought a bit. "Well, it had to be a cross between Tropico 4 and Cities Skylines."

Korpse grinned. "Ooh, awesome! I even crafted a mod for Cities Skylines. You've saw the 'Get Ink'd' tattoo and piercing parlor mod?"

Sting shook his head. "No, can't say I ever had."

"By the way, really dig your piercings." Korpse complimented. "I guess it comes with the emo package, huh?"

"Yep!" Sting smiled back. "I even have my fingernails painted as well. And hey, it curbed on my nail biting habit."

"Wow, you must really wanted to go all out." Korpse noted. "I wouldn't be too surprised if you had an emo sign tattooed on you."

"Nope; not going that far." Sting chuckled. "But how about you? You've got some ink on you?"

Korpse giggled back as she rose her pants leg, showing off a tattoo of Kirby riding on a warp star on her right ankle.

"That ain't all; I also have a Triforce symbol on my lower back." Korpse replied back. "Yep, I've always been a gamer, and will always remain a gamer. And my body shows it!"

Sting shared off a high five to Korpse, as Olivia watched from behind.

"Ugh, she's a bitch…" Olivia muttered under her breath.

Confessional: At least most everyone's getting along fine on this team.

Olivia: I will get my bad boy… And no lovestruck rich bitch's gonna take him away from me.

Korpse: Sting is interesting… But I rather get to know Nelson more.

Sting: I never thought I would talk to ScoreKorpse of all people.

Marion: I should do a bit of carving for everyone.

The five soon arrived at their camp. It was a clearing, with some trees surrounding the area as well.

"Well, guess we're building our camp." Benny noted. "Me and Marion are on log duty. Korpse? Sting? You can start making ourselves a campfire. And Olivia?"

"Yeah?" Asked Olivia.

"Can you grab some grub for us?" Benny requested.

"You got it." Olivia nodded, as she left the group on her task.

Benny then looked over at Marion. "Let's rock, bud. I'll try to see to it that you have any leftover limbs for carving purposes, okay?"

Marion smiled, as he left to follow Benny, leaving Sting and Korpse to start up their task.

"So… When did you get your nose pierced?" Sting asked.

"Got that sucker done at 14, after my friends helped me go goth." Korpse answered. "Same went for my bellybutton. You?"

"My nose stud? Got that after getting my ears pierced. 8 times. Followed by a tongue piercing, my snakebites, and my eyebrow." Sting answered back. "On the same day."

"How did you withstood so much pain?" Korpse asked.

"I just did." Sting shrugged.


A loud thud soon pierced the air, as a large tree went down.

"Did… Benny actual cut a tree down with a sword?" asked Korpse.

Sting blinked. "I… guess? I really wouldn't even know."

"You think we would think about laying down some foundation first." Korpse said, looking at the clearing.

"But we're only gonna be here two weeks, or if we both get voted off." Sting responded back. "What's the use of a foundation, anyway?"

"Building blocks of our cabin." Korpse shrugged back.

"True that." Sting nodded.

But not too far from the two, was Olivia watching the two, scowling.

"Grr..." Olivia growled, glaring at Korpse.

At the same time everyone was going down their paths…

The Wannabees

Liang was walking on the path, as he noticed what appeared to be a rather large beetle. Grinning, he grabbed it up, and took out a slingshot. Aiming for Cherri, he fired, as the beetle landed on Cherri.

"Bullseye!" Liang pumped his fists in triumph.

But Liang was surprised when Cherri reached behind her back, and pulled the bug off her.

"Aww..." Cherri smiled, as she patted it, and set it free.

Liang sighed. "Seriously?!"

With Maureen, Isabel, and Mozart, who was holding Woodstock in his cage, the three were talking to each other.

"And that's when I landed the winning goal right in the middle of the falling rain..." Isabel said, finishing up one of her stories, while sporting a grin. "Everyone I knew was there… My parents, my little bro..."

"Sounds really fun!" Maureen gave off a smile. "Course, I ain't into kicking stuff and all."

"With the lack of footwear, no wonder." Isabel noted.

"Well, considering my profession… Not having a pair of kicks on me is kinda a given." Maureen chuckled.

"And I'm kinda a martial artist, babes. I rather keep things fair than wear some bodacious sneaks." Mozart responded out loud. "Well, that, and fighting barefoot is kinda tradition."

"Squeak!" Woodstock squeaked from his cage.

"So, what's your team like?" Maureen asked.

Isabel gave off a shrug. "Eh, we're one of the best in our district."

"Really?" Maureen smirked. "Then tell us… How many goals did you score this year?"

Isabel blinked. "Well… About twenty… teen. That glory went all to Sherry."

"Friend of yours?" Mozart asked.

Isabel nodded.

"Oh..." Mozart replied back. "...Is she single?"

Isabel's eyes went wide with shock.

"Er… She's already taken! Yeah, by someone! With muscles you can grate cheese off of!" Isabel excused herself.

"Oh..." Mozart replied back.

Confessional: So six-packs are like a cheese grater?

Isabel: Besides, I don't think she would want anything to do with Mozart, anyway.

Maureen: I tried to grate cheese off my uncle's muscular body once… Yeah, it didn't go well. I was five, okay?

Liang: That Cherri chick is far too freaky! She may be hot, but she patted a bug! I wouldn't be too surprised if she attempted to kiss a tarantula.

Mozart: Hey, worth a shot to score a girl. -Woodstock squeaks in approval-

Cherri: That beetle was a small fry. Now the Cylomantis… They have huge pinchers! I even have one of those babies inked on my upper back!

The team soon arrived at their camp. It was also a clearing, with a small beach shore nearby.

"SCORE!" Maureen pumped her fist in triumph. "We really lucked out on our camp site, y'all!"

"And when there's a beach… There's bound to be swimsuits!" Isabel smiled.

Liang could only sport a grin, glancing at the girls. "Excellent."

Mozart darted his eyes towards the prankster.

"You ain't taking any sneak peeks at 'em while they're changing. That is beyond wrong, brah." Mozart said out loud.

"Besides, I'm more of a woodsy person anyway." Cherri responded out loud. "That's where all the action is!"

"What? Serial killers haunting the woods?" Liang joked.

"No, I mean bugs, dummy!" Cherri sported a grin. "But now, I think we should start up a shelter for us all. Can't have you all wake up surrounded by the six legged cutie pattoies. 8 legs if you're an aranchid."

"That would be your dream, huh?" Maureen teased.

"Hey, happens all the time for me." Cherri grinned even wider, as everyone's eyes went wide. "Hey, no worries; they're all in plastic containers. Even the baby scorpions!"

Almost everyone breathed a sigh of relief, except one.

"Wait, you got scorpions?!" Isabel asked in alarm.

"Baby scorpions. Don't sweat it, they're back at home." Cherri excused back.

Liang backed away from Cherri.

"You… scare me, you know?" Liang questioned.


Central Square – 11:55am

Chris was sitting back in a lawn chair, sporting a grin.

"And thus, our campers have arrived on the island! But, there's still the matter of the first challenge to do! What will happen then? Stay tuned, and find out… After the break!"

He sipped his latte, as he grinned at the camera.

And thus, another Total Drama journey has begun! What will happen? Stay tuned and find out!

In case you guys need to know who's on theteams...

The Dorks: Ellis, Pomona, Marissa, Nelson, Yentoulis

The Krew:Drake, Lance, Stella, Steph, Verna

The Oddities: Benny, Korpse, Marion, Olivia, Sting

The Wannabees:Cherri, Isabel, Liang, Maureen, Mozart

NEXT TIME: It's a run across the isle! The basic four elements get involved, somehow...