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Even though they're losers… They're still winners in many a person's book.

Playa De Losers – 10:00pm

A few hours have elapsed since Yentoulis has been eliminated. After landing at a disclosed location from being launched from the Slingshot of Shame, a helicopter was waiting for him, the engines for it off, or course. It soon landed at what appeared to be a luxurious resort hotel.

"So here it is, Yento; your new home away for home until the show is over!" The pilot announced.

Yentoulis looked over at the pilot.

"The name's Yentoulis, by the way." Yentoulis responded back, as he departed from the chopper, and it soon took off.

He stood in front of the resort, and sighed.

"From what I recall, so far… Bugs Punky, Tiny Toon, and Pigtails were eliminated." Yentoulis noted to himself, as he let out a sigh. "I always get stuck with the crazies… Oh, well… Let's get this over with."

He soon entered the resort, and looked inside the living room, where Marion was sitting there, carving what appeared to be Isabel… Only that this Isabel looked to be a lot younger. Noticing Yentoulis, he gave off a smile.

"Yento! Welcome!" Marion greeted out loud.

"The name's… Eh, why bother?" Yentoulis asked himself. "What I should be asking is why you making an Isabel? Let alone a child one?"

"Eh, in the hopes that we get a spinoff babies version of ourselves." Marion answered back. "Just think about the possibilities of it! Of all the out there adventures our 'younger' selves could be having..."

"If you're talking about life-scarring events, then I'm in." Yentoulis snarked. "So, where's Pigtails and Bugs Punky?"

"You mean Olivia and Cherri? Right now, Cherri's in the garden, observing the mating patterns of the bagworm. And Olivia? She's in her room, binge-watching… Something." Marion answered back.

"Sounds like them." Yentoulis stated.

"Yeah, I barely see Olivia leave her room for anything at all…" Marion continued. "Except for food. I'm getting kinda worried, to be honest."

Yentoulis nodded. "Have you talked to Punky about this?"

"Heck, she's trying to avoid Olivia." Marion answered back. "I know she may a bit out there, but seriously… She could give her a chance."

"I see..." Yentoulis nodded.

"All I know is that she would often spy on Sting, and from what I heard… She had eyes on Isabel, Stella, Maureen, Pomona, and Korpse… Even though she had a bit of rivalry towards her until recently." Marion stated. "She even eyed Ada as well."

Yentoulis did some thinking. "...You're probably on to something. Just think about it; what is it that those girls have in common?"

"That… They're attractive?" Marion asked back, blushing a little.

"Think harder, Toon." Yentoulis urged.

Marion done so, as he snapped his fingers in triumph.

"That… They all have a hair color which is unnatural and out there?" Marion asked.

"Correct. Not to mention that Stars, Fruit Loop, and Goth were also sporting a piercing on their bellybutton as well. With Fruit, Scratch, and Goth also sporting a nose piercing." Yentoulis confirmed. "Not sure what the thrill of it is..."

"And Stella, Pomona, Korpse, and Ada sporting tats as well." Marion continued. "And we know that Cherri's the punkiest of them all."

"Again, I don't see the thrill of it." Yentoulis said. "Dunno why Fruit Loop wanted to hook me up with that girl she found in that shoe store the other day."

"So, we should find Cherri, and talk to her about this." Marion stated. "You know, like 'Good Cop, Bad Cop'… That sorta deal?"

"If you say so..." Yentoulis agreed. "Again, Punky's studying bagworms… mating?"

Marion nodded. "I'll lead the way."

Outside, Cherri was busy watching a couple of bagworms… Rocking back and forth…

And was filming it as well, as thus jotting down notes.

"Ah, yeah! I never thought they would do it like that!" Cherri said to herself, sporting a grin, as an idea hit her. "Would I get demonetized if I put two bagworms 'doing it' on YouTube?"

She continued to film, as…

"Hey, Bugs Punky." Yentoulis announced out towards her, with Marion standing nearby. "We need to discuss something."

Cherri sighed, as she looked at the two worms. "Later..."

She soon turned towards Yentoulis and Marion.

"Could it wait? I finally have the mood right for these two to mate." Cherri requested.

Marion took a look at the two worms, and whistled.

"Wow… They're really going at it pretty hard." Marion stated.

"Anyways, what you guys want?" Cherri asked.

"We wish to discuss about Olivia." Marion answered back.

Cherri sighed. "What is there to discuss about?"

"Your burning hatred towards her." Yentoulis answered back.

Cherri raised an eyebrow. "What are you even talking about? I don't hate her; I just find her annoying."

"Excuse Yentoulis, he's probably still feeling a little salty." Marion said, looking towards him.

"But seriously… What's the deal, here?" Yentoulis asked, ignoring Marion.

"Well, how would you feel if someone you didn't even know got too close towards you?" Cherri questioned back. "Bugs, that's a different story, being that they tend to be different every time. That, and I grew up around them. But actual humans?"

Marion done some thinking, and came up with something.

"How about kids?" Marion asked. "We already know that kids will most likely approach you; to them… You look awesome and cool. They wanna know how to be like you."

Cherri nodded. "That's right. And, to be fair... They're an exception. I would often get approached by them, looking at me in awe, and… Well, I just can't resist telling them about either myself or my love of bugs. Sure, I may get some girls grossed out cause, well, bugs. But the boys, and some girls, adore my get-up. Even if their parents tend not to."

"And given that Olivia's our age..." Marion continued.

"She kept on looking at me… Which made me feel unsettled." Cherri admitted.

"That's because she wants to be friends with you, Bugs Punky!" Yentoulis stated. "Just think about it; a girl, in a most likely Catholic School uniform… She wants to pal up with someone who is really spunky and wild."

"Not to mention the whole 'Bad Boy' thing with Sting." Marion agreed. "From what I understand, boys would want to be him. You know, score the girls and all."

Cherri stood there, listening to the two boys. "You know… You two may be on to something."

"Probably? The main thing is… At least give Olivia a chance." Marion stated back. "Who knows? Perhaps you two will hit it off?"

"Or… You may choose to continue ignoring her." Yentoulis butted in. "Your choice, Bugs."

Cherri done some thinking, and nodded.

"Okay, you two win." Cherri said. "Where's her bedroom at?"

"Follow me..." Marion nodded, as the three started to make their way towards Olivia's room.

But not too far from the scene, the two bagworms 'looked' towards where Cherri once stood.

If we continue on with this… Will we get demonetized?

Inside her room, Olivia was inside, laying down and munching on chips and watching an episode of 'Little Lamb' on TV. Her hair was disheveled, and there were bags under her eyes.

The 3 inch tall lamb was glaring down what appeared to be a humongous mountain lion, wearing an eyepatch. It licked its lips, as it was spying its latest meal.

"Ahhh… I've had a craving for lamb loin chops." The mountain lion sneered, as it pounced at Little Lamb, as she hopped upon the lion's nose.

"Think again, Lion King; my never ending song hasn't ended yet!" Little Lamb declared, as it shook its rump a little.

Olivia blinked at the TV. "...Who writes this crap?"

Soon, someone knocked on her door, as she looked up. "Who is it?"

"It's me, Cherri." Cherri announced from behind the door.

Olivia sat up, and looked around the floor, much of it was littered with empty bags of chips.

"Um… Hope you don't mind the mess." Olivia muttered, as she went over to the door, and opened it.

Cherri soon entered, and looked around the room. Both Marion and Yentoulis stayed outside to give the two girls some space.

"Gee, comfort food much?" Cherri asked, looking at the state of the floor.

"I would had went for ice cream, but they didn't have my flavor." Olivia responded back.

"Right… Birthday cake does tend to run out rather quick..." Cherri agreed, as she looked at Olivia. "But maybe, we should sit and talk for a bit? You know..."

She glanced at the door.

"Girl to girl?" Cherri requested.

Olivia nodded, as she closed the door to her bedroom.

"Sooooo, I wanna ask." Cherri began. "You kinda been glancing at me since you arrived here. As thus looked over at several other campers when you were still on there. I ain't mad, I just wanna ask why?"

Olivia nodded. "Ahh, the whole body piercing deal? Well… I just find them to be awesome. And I only wanted to be their friend."

Cherri smiled. "Well, there is a better approach to that, other than stalking them. You ever tried talking to them?"

"How can I? They aren't like the dudes and dudettes I met at the old mosh pit, before it closed down." Olivia admitted.

"Mosh pit?" Cherri asked. "Like… Metal and that kinda genre?"

Olivia grinned. "You betchya! Beneath this private school attire… Lies one true, die-hard metalhead."

She went over to one of her bags, and pulled out many CD cases.

"I've got all the good ones; Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Motley Crue, Gorgoroth, Venom, Celtic Frost…" Olivia listed off. "I can list them all, but we be here for the duration of the night. But yep, I am a true metalhead."

"And where there are metalheads..." Cherri said, about to come to a conclusion.

"...There are punks, duh!" Olivia finished with a grin. "Punks with the way out there hair! The many piercings in their ears and their bodies! The many tattoos! I befriended a few in the Mosh Pit. Hell, I wanted to be just like them! Hell, some buds of mine were about to give me a punked out makeover when I turned 13. My parents even had 100% full consent with it as well! However..."

"What happened then?" Cherri asked.

Olivia soon frowned.

"That's when a new mayor was elected. A real old fogey of a man, who… You ever saw that movie Footloose? Or the beginning of xXx?" Olivia asked back. "Anyway, they were like that banfest pastor and that snorefest senator rolled into one. After he got elected into office, one of his first steps? Was to elect a few new school principals and teachers for the district, and transfer them to new schools FAR outside the district. And just like that, all of my dreams of really punking out were history. I was stuffed in these bland Catholic school threads, and the school dress code even extended to outside school. They even banned piercings of any kind, including single ones in ears. Skin art's out as well, even though you could hide it with these clothes. And don't even think of dying your hair, cause that's out as well. You can't even dye your hair a natural color; they are THAT extremely strict."

"Damn… That royally sucks." Cherri muttered. "I would totally be caught dead there."

"Not to mention that the economy soon tanked, and about a year later… The Mosh Pit closed down." Olivia finished. "Sure, I keep up with my buddies I made there on social media. I even gained a few crushes there. Be it a bad boy or a bad girl. But they turned me down for various reasons. We're still friends, though. It's my dream to one day escape from that prison of a town, and..."

"And what?" Cherri asked.

"Isn't the answer obvious? Become who I want to be!" Olivia answered back. "I wanna be that awesome punk girl! I wanna get that awesome ink etched permanently on my body! To get holes punctured all over and have metal inserted into said holes! To dye my hair purple and with all sorts of out-there highlights! That's who my true self is!"

Cherri looked over at Olivia.

"...And I also wanna give back to my fellow mosh pit attendees for accepting me as one of their own, even though I was a shrimpy little tween. That's why I already decided my future career; to be a metal singer in a band! There's barely any female metal singers out there, and the very few of what I know… I think some of them kinda went nutso with illegal substances. I vowed to not go down that route." Olivia declared. "I wanna make a good impact on metal music."

Cherri could only smile at Olivia.

"Well, if it'll help matters… I'll start supporting you 100%." Cherri said out loud. "And I'll help you on becoming one awesome punk girl. But on one condition."

"Which is..." Olivia responded back.

"No more stalking, okay? I know you're dying to glance at us with facial piercings, but all you have to do is talk to us, okay?" Cherri refirmed.

Olivia smiled back. "You got it."

"Good." Cherri responded back, as she eyed the TV. "So… You're a fan of Little Lamb?"

"Hey, it's a guilty pleasure. How many G/t lambs do you see out there?" Olivia questioned back.

"Not that many..." Cherri agreed.

Outside Olivia's room, both Marion and Yentoulis were listening in to the two's conversation. Upon hearing the outcome, Marion held out a fist.

"Pound it?" Marion asked.

Yentoulis sighed, as he pounded Marion's fist back.

"Pound it." Yentoulis answered back.

And there you have it! We checked in on the Losers, and they seem to be doing okay for the most part. But how will everything go between everyone? We'll check back with them later on down the road…

NEXT TIME: This here is Dreamy Pizza! Dreams aplenty will meet ya!