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Getting up, I saw one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life- blue eyes, crimson hair, large breasts, juicy lips, and a nice dress that hugged her figure nicely- I honestly thought I was still dreaming. I hastily sat up from my lying position on the comfortable bed when I realized that we were staring at each other.

"Who are you?" I said, feeling my face heating up and averting my gaze briefly.

"You're finally awake, how are you feeling?" The crimson haired beauty said. I just couldn't stop myself from being enticed by her looks.

"I'm Rias Gremory, Heiress to the Gremory family." The princess of destruction said.

"Who may you be?" Said rias.

"Oh, uh, I'm Natsu Dragneel, Son of the fire dragon king, Igneel." I said proudly, goofily puffing out his chest.

'I've never heard of a dragon king named Igneel...' Thought the crimson haired beauty.

"How long was I out for?" I asked as I wiped some lingering sweat off of my face.

"4 days, also you were muttering in your sleep, did you have a bad dream?" Rias asked, tilting her head in curiosity which I thought was pretty cute.

"Something like that." I said as the joyous thoughts from before were gone and replaced with anguish. I shadowed my eyes, hiding the tears that were soon to fall out after remembering my dream... and the things it derived from.

"Ok, stay right here, I'm going to call for my brother." Rias said as she walked out the room feeling a bit uneasy.

"Ok." As she went, I couldn't help but search the room after recovering from my emotional state, you never know, she might want to kill me.



"Brother! He's awake, come quick." Rias called.

"He is?!" Sirzechs widened his eyes in shock

"What did he say to you?"

"He just introduced himself and said he was the son of the fire dragon king, Igneel."

"Interesting..." Sirzechs said with a smirk.


"I wonder what this does." The pink haired demon said as he was holding a TV remote, pressing buttons.

TV: "I'm going to kill you, freiza!"

"You killed my best friend, krillin!"


"This power!"

"Hmmm, this is interesting..." Natsu said as he started to watch the TV but was interrupted when some unidentified people walked through the door with Rias.

"Hi Natsu, this is my brother Sirzechs and our maid, Grayfia." Rias confirmed.

"Yo." Sirzechs said, keeping it short and simple.

"Hello, Mr. Dragneel." Grayfia said with a bow.

"They want to ask you how you fell from the sky." Said rias.

"Is that ok?"

"Ok, sure." Natsu said as he turned around to see another beauty, light silver eyes, silver eyes, a perfect figure, and very large breast.

He blushed, but it didnt go unnoticed by the crimson haired satan as he let out a laugh.

"Follow us."


"Jesus christ, your house is massive." Natsu screamed throught the hallways.

"Haha, I used to do the same thing when I was young." Sirzech chuckled.


-In the living room-

"So Natsu, How did you come here?"

"I don't know to be honest, I went to this-."

"Don't tell him about the void or anything abot me giving you power."

"Who's there?" Natsu said getting into a defensive stance.

'It's me Vediga, I'm talking to you in your mind.'

"Oh, I didn't know, I forgot you could do that, hehe."

"Natsu... ummm.. who are you talking to?" Rias asked worriedly.

"No one."

"Ok, back to the questions." Sirzech said.

"I don't know how I got here honestly..."

"The last thing I remember is my father being killed right in front of me by that bastard acnologia." Natsu said as stears started to form. Today just was not his day

"I'm sorry for your lost." Sirzechs and the others said because they couldn't help but feel sorry for the boy.

"Well, Rias told me you father is a dragon."

"Is that correct?"

"Yeah, Igneel The most badass King Of All Fire Dragons!" Natsu yelled out.

"Well, he's my foster father at that though. I don't know my real parents."

"Wow, that's amazing!"

"Yep, he even taught me dragon slaying magic." Natsu smiled.

"Dragon slaying what?"

"Dragon slaying magic, It is a lost magic that gives the user the ability to slay a dragon, it also allows the person to take on the perks of the dragon, like breathing their element, using their element on any part of their body."

"That's extrodinary." They said in awe.

"Is there a way you can show us?" Grayfia asked.

"Yes, could I use your garden?" Natsu asked.

"Of course."


"Take your time Natsu" Rias said.

"Don't worry about me." Natsu said with a smirk, making the 2 girls blush.

"Fire Dragon's...



taking a large breath, Natsu uses his infamous dragon roar, shooting it in the air making it look like a beacon.

'I don't remember it being that strong...' Natsu thought.

'Amazing, how much he could grow gives me Goosebumps.' Thought Vediga.

"That was amazing Natsu!" Rias said, as she started to run to him.

"Rias is right that really was something." Sirzechs said as he and Grayfia started to clap.


"I really want to test your fighting abilities, how about you fight Grayfia?" Sirzechs asked.

"Hmmm, sure." Natsu said as he got into a fighting stance.


"Yes, sir." Said Grayfia as she got into a fighting stance to.


"Are you ready?" Natsu said with a smirk.

"Always." Grayfia said with no emotion.




"ICE SHARDS" Grayfia screamed, making multiple ice blades pop out of fin air.

"FIRE BREATHE" Natsu chanted as he shot a ball of fire from his mouth, melting the ice.

Noticing one of he shards hit him, he grunted a bit. As he rushed up to her he cocked back his fist, ready to unleash something wild.


The attack connected, although he put lot of power into that attack, he didn't get the results he wanted, only getting a grunt.

Annoyed, Grayfia sent another attack to the young dragon slayer, but this time it was way more powerful.

"BLIZZARD OF AFFLICTION" Grayfia shouted, as a large blizzard leaking with ice shards, sending them everywhere.

As Natsu tried to dodge the attack he noticed he was being lifted towards the blizzard.

"Ahhrrghhh." Natsu screamed as the blizzard started to rip some of his skin. Escaping the blizzard, Natsu used his flames to boost his jump.

"I'm not done." Natsu said angrily as he got into his roar stance.



Although this was a dragon roar, it didn't seem like it, it had more power but it was way darker in colour, it was almost as red as Rias's hair.

Cutting through the blizzard like butter, the dragon slayer smirked.

Angering the Ice queen, she readied her one of strongest skills.


A massive drill like blade came rushing at Natsu with a lot of power.

"I guess you're going all out here, hehe." Natsu chuckled as he built up his magical power.




Natsu screamed as his lightning and flame covered fist collided with the attack, sending multiple shock waves and also sending them both flying back.

"I think that's about enough guys, I don't want anymore destruction in the garden, also I don't want any of you to hurt yourself.

"That was an amazing fight Grayfia." Natsu said as he panted.

"Same to you Natsu." She said catching her breathe.

"Natsu, that was amazing, how could you keep going against the ice queen of the underworld." Rias said excitedly.

"She was holding back." Natsu laughed.

"So were you." Grayfia said.

"Natsu could you come inside to my office?" Sirzechs asked.

"Ok, sure." Said natsu.


"So what did you call me in for?" Natsu wondered,

"Where did you come from natsu?"

"I don't kn-"

"I would like the truth please." Sirzechs laughed.

Natsu than began to tell them about earthland, his adventures with fairy tail, and tartaros.

"What about that sacred gear inside you?" The crimson haired satan said as he put his hand on his chin.

"I'm surprised you could sense me" The Black dragon emporer spoke out.

'Natsu go to sleep.' The dragon said as natsu fell asleep.

"Put a room spell in here." The dragon ordered.

"What I'm about to tell you stays in here ok?"

"Yes, sir." Sirzechs nervously.

He then told sirzechs about what about happened in earthland and about him being end.

"Why can't the other sacred gears in him talk?"

"Acnologia, Igneel wake up now!" The dragon boomed.

"Ok ok. What do you want?" Acnologia said sleepily.

"Acnologia is here?!" Igneel boomed.

"Yes, he absorbed you and acnologia unconciously" Vediga explained.

"I see..." Igneel muttered.

"And you'll be living inside him for an eternity."

"That doesn't seem so bad, I get to see my child everyday."

"And I also get to fight acnologia once and for all." Igneel said as he got mad a bit.

"That's a no no! It will kill natsu from the inside out if you do that." The black dragon emporer explained.

"But one question, who are you?" Igneel asked.

"I'm the Holy Black Dragon emperor, Natsu created a universal crack, where he fell into my void, he was also injured quite a lot, and he had a so much potential and his magical power is immensely strong so I offered him power, and made him my host." The holy black dragon emperor explained.

"Thank you for taking care of my son." Igneel said happily.

"Also you've been turned into a sacred gear." Vediga said bluntly.

"So I get to support my son in battle?" Igneel said with stars in his eyes.

"Yes, if he ever needs help with any of us, he can use us at anytime he wishes." He explained.


"Also you might need to get on good terms with acnologia." Vediga said.

"400 years ago, Natsu & Acnologia were very close friends, well when they were human." Vediga said.

"How do you know all of this?"

"I accessed all of your memories." The dragon said nonahtchantly.

"Acnologia used to be quite a beautiful, strong lady, but when zeref found out about their friendship, he lost it and turned her into a dragon."

"Oi! Acnologia! When are you going to mate with my brat?" Igneel shouted.

"Shut up you old fart!" Acnologia said embaressly.

"Are you guys forgetting about me?" Sirzechs said trying to slide into the convocation.

"Oh sorry." Vediga chuckled.

"So the dragon that tried to kill his friends/family is living inside him as a sacred gear?" Sirzechs asked.


"Wow, that's very weird."


"Do you mind if he crashes here, he's very dumb and has nowhere to go." Vediga asked.

"Oi, that's my son your talking about." Igneel said getting a little mad.

"On one condition..." Sirzechs said as he got a bit serious.

"I want him to be the body guard of my little sister Rias."

"Is that all?" Vediga said.

"And he has to attend the same school as Rias." Said the crimson haired maou.

"School? Nooo..." Natsu muttered in his sleep.

"It seems like the young dragon slayer doesn't agree with you, haha." Vediga and Igneel laughed.

"She also attends the same school as the host of the Red Dragon Emperor." Said Sirzechs quickly grabbing the intention of the dragon emperor.

"He has to go to that school! Get his uniform right now!" Vediga ordered.

"Haha, everything is all ready, he can be in there tomorrow morning." Laughed Sirzechs.

"Great! But are you sure you want Natsu to be around Rias?" Vediga said as he got confused looks from Sirzechs.

"What do you mean?" Sirzechs asked.

"While he was in his E.N.D. form, the dark side of him took and killed all his mates." Said the black dragon emperor.

"Right now he thinks acnologia did it, but it was truly himself." Explained Vediga.

"You don't have to worry about that, I know he is a good guy and would do anything to protect his loved ones." Said Sirzechs.

"You're right about that." Igneel and Vediga said in union.


"Natsu get up now! we're going to meet an old friend!" Vediga said as Natsu got up.

"Ok, ok." The pink haired dragon slayer.

"Where are we going?" The dragon slayer said curiously.

"Natsu, we are going to school." The black dragon emperor.

"Hahaha, that's the funniest joke I've heard all weak, hehe." Natsu said as he wiped a tear from his eye from laughter.

"Your not joking are you?" Natsu said sadly.

"Nope." The dragon emperor said bluntly.


"Is everything ok in here." Rias ran, but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw his lean muscular body, his X shaped scar, everything about him made her hungry.

"Are you ok Rias? Your drooling." Asked Natsu.

"Yeah I am, sorry, I just stopped thinking for a sec." Rias said as he tried to get a couple more stares in.

"Did Sirzechs already tell you about the school we'll be going to?" Rias asked as Natsu slipped on his shirt.

"Yeah, when is it?" Natsu asked.

"1 hour, you need to go take a shower." Rias said as she covered her nose.

"Oh sorry."

"I'll tell Grayfia to ready your uniform." Rias said as she started to walk out.

"Thanks Rias, you and everyone has been such a help, I don't know what I would do without you." Natsu smiled.

"Don't worry about it Natsu." Rias said with a smile and a blush.

"Vediga? Will I ever get yo use your powers?" Natsu asked.

"Yes, pretty soon actually." The dragon said with a smirk.

"What powers do you have? You never said." Natsu wondered.

"Light magic, dark magic, gravity magic." The dragon said.

"That's so badass! I can be like sting and rogue!" Natsu said excitedly.

"If I'm correct, they must be the shadow and light dragon slayers?" He asked.

"Yes." Natsu confirmed.

'Hmmm, if they came here they would be unstoppable monsters.' the dragon emperor thought.

"Well you need to go shower, and get ready for the day your going to have." He ordered.

"Yes, sir."


"Heeew, that was a great shower." Natsu said with a towel wrapped around his waist, showing of his chiselled abs, tanned skin, his sexy scars that would make any female go crazy.

"Oh Natsu your out the shower-" Grayfia said as she turned around.

As she looked at Natsu, she couldn't help but drool and blush.

"Hey Grayfia, are you ok?" Natsu asked as he waved his hand in front of her face.

"Yeah, I just came to say, I brought your school uniform." She said as she looked away from the dragon slayer.

"Oh thanks Grayfia." He said with a smile.

"Your welcome." Grayfia said as she walked out.

"Natsu stop messing with girls hearts and put that darn uniform on!" Vediga ordered.

"What are you talking about?" Natsu said with a confused look.

"Just do as I say." He huffed.

"Yes, sir."



"How do I look everyone" Natsu said as he walked into the living room.

"Very handsome, it suits you very well."

'What I would do to be young again' Venelana Gremory thought.

"Natsu you look cute & handsome, like mother said, it suits you very well" Rias said.

"Well we should be on our way, bye guys." Natsu said as he and Rias walked out the door.



"Who is he and why is he with rias?" A couple angry perverts said.

"Omg, who is he? He is so hot!" A couple girls said with hearts in their eyes.

"Oh no, not another Kiba." The guys said.

"He's even hotter than Kiba"

"Why does he have pink hair? Is he gay?"

"His pink hair looks so cute."

'Its salmon' Our favourite dragon slayer thought.

"Ok Natsu, I meet with you later, I'm going to talk with some friends." Rias said as she walked away.

"Ok, bye Rias." Natsu said and waved.

"He even called hey by the first name, that bastard."

"Umm hey, do you know how to get to class 3-B?" Natsu asked one of the fan girls.

"Yeah, you go straight forward, take a left then you should be right here." The girl stuttered.

"Ok, thanks." He said with a smile, causing her to blush.

"Oh Natsu, by the may you cant use magic, you cant talk about fairy tail, none of that." Vediga said.

"Why not?" Natsu asked.

"Humans of this world do not know of stuff like that." He explained.

"Oh ok, got it." Natsu said.

"Any sign of the red dragon emperor?" Natsu asked.

"Yes, I smell him, he's going to be in the same class as you and rias." Vediga said.

"Oh, awesome, I can't wait to meet him, I hope he's strong!" Natsu said excitedly.

"Now lets get going, you'll miss your class." The holy black dragon Emprorer said.




"Well class, we got a exchange student here today, he's coming straight from Europe, so please treat him well." The teacher said as Natsu started to walk in.

"Hey guys, I'm Natsu Dragneel, but you can just call me Natsu, I hope we can all be good friends!" Natsu said with a smirk.

"So cute!"

"He's so hot"

"Why does he have pink hair?"

"His hair is so cute!"

"Great! another Kiba."

"Hey Rias." Natsu said getting the attention of Issei.

"Hey Natsu." Rias said with a blush.

"Well Natsu, you can sit right next to Issei over there." The teacher said.


He then sat next to issei but what he said next scared the red dragon host shitless.

"Hello, Red dragon emperor."

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