Rain: Hello All, I am Rain and let's have a chat. So, a lot of people that read my stories would think that Naruto was the reason I got into fanfiction due to the amount of fics I wrote of the Naruto truthfully, Teen Titans was the very reason I got into Fanfiction in the first place.

I remember watching an episode of Teen Titans (I believe it was the episode where Raven was feeling down about that dragon guy and BB went to go cheer her up) and thought "Man, I hope Beast Boy and Raven get together." and somehow, I found the site and bam, I was entranced by this thing.

I made a few Teen Titan Fanfics (Teen Titans: Return of a Titan being one of the) but they never went the way I wanted them to go so in the end, I trashed them. Which sucks because they were fairly popular so after some thought, I decided that I'm going to make a whole new Teen Titans Fanfic.

So I want you guys to sit back, relax and enjoy...A Symbiotic Bond: A Venomous Titan Reborn

Mario: Here we go!

Summary: Garfield Mark Logan lost his powers due to the cure Cyborg administered to get rid of the Beast Within. In another universe, a famed hero forces a powerful alien creature known as the Klyntar from his body due to finding out its true identity as an alien and not just a mere suit. Garfield wanted power to protect his city and his friends. The Klyntar needed a new host after it was abandoned by its original one. What happens when a Titan bonds with the Klyntar, also known as the Venom Symbiote? Only one way to find out.

Pairing: BbxRaexJinx, RobStar and many more

Crossovers: Marvel and DC

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel Or DC properties

A Symbiotic Bond: A Venomous Titan Reborn

Jump City - Titan Tower
Garfield Mark Logan

"I don't know what to tell you Grass Stain...But your powers are gone..."

Garfield Mark Logan had heard many things in his life that had broken him.

The scream of his parents when they went over the waterfall, plunging to their deaths...His adoptive mother Rita nearly dying at the hands of a villain with his adoptive father Mento screaming as he held her body in his arms...To Starfire's tears when Robin had seemingly betrayed the Titans and joined Slade's team.

But to hear that he had lost his powers had shattered him.

When he went to sleep the night before, he had felt a little strange but brushed it aside, thinking it was just the adrenaline wearing off after an intense day.

But when he woke up and looked at himself, his green skin was gone, his one fang and his pointy elf ears as well. The only thing that remained was his green eyes and his forest green hair.

The only remainder of the power he had before.

At first, he thought it was a dream and waved it off but when he smacked himself (Very hard in fact) he felt the pain but he didn't wake up. Hyperventilating began as he tried to morph into anything. A wolf, a T-Rex, anything at all but nothing happened.

Panic set in as he rushed to his surrogate big brother known as Cyborg to see what had happened and after five hours of testing, the results were in.

His powers were gone.

Everything his parents had done so save his life from that disease..gone.

Beast Boy of the Teen Titans was now gone...leaving behind his shadow known as Garfield Mark Logan.

"What do I do now?" He asked his brother in arms as tears leaked down his face.

Garfield adored his powers Sure, it gave him green skin and made him like a damn elf or Kermit the frog but to able to change into any animal he wanted was awesome as awesome could be!

But he didn't love his powers just because he thought they were awesome...But because they were the very last gift that his parents had given to him before they died...It was their final gift of love to him and now it was gone...

"What do I do now?"

Earth-616 - New York City
Peter Parker

Peter Parker felt violated.

It had been a few months since the Secret War and Peter had been feeling exhausted every night since having his new suit on.

He had gone to Reed Richards, A bon-a-fide genius and leader of the world famous Fantastic Four to see why he was so exhausted and after several tests, it turned out that his costume was not just costume.

But an alien.

An alien that was trying to permanently bond with him. He bounced off the walls in an intense struggle to get the suit off but finally, with the help of Johnny Storm, the Human touch, Peter was finally free of the suit.

Or so he thought.

Later that night, the suit managed to break out of its prison and somehow latched itself onto him once more.

He swung back to Fantastic Four's base, bypassing a church on his way, and once he got there, Johnny Storm once again used his flames to free Peter from his clingy alien suit.

After debating for ten minutes about how to dispose of the suit. Peter felt guilty about wanting to destroy the suit after it helped him in many battles, asked for them to send it back into space but Richards denied it, stating that it may come back to Peter.

After tossing around a few more ideas, both Peter and Richards decided to summon their friend Dr. Strange, who promised to send the little alien to an alternate universe, so that it will never reach Peter again.

And after a spell, the alien was gone from the lab of the Fantastic Four and Peter was free of the clingy alien...

Rain: And that is the end of the Prologue. What did you guys think? The first official chapter will come out soon so until then...

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