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A Symbiotic Bond: A Venomous Titan Reborn
Chapter Thirty

[Location: Starfield Coffee
POV: Victor "Cyborg" Stone]

Starfield Coffee.

A small but cozy mom and pop coffee shop nearby at the corner across the street from the X-Force Dorms. Thanks to the combination of Batman and X-Force and the death of the Joker, Gotham's crimes lowered to a near peaceful city that allowed for little places like this.

And it is here that Victor Stone and Jubilation Lee aka Cyborg and Jubilee of the Teen Titans find themselves, sitting across one another, each with a plate of BEC (Bacon, Egg and Cheese) sandwiches with a cup of coffee in front of them.

"So, Victor is your name? I never pegged you as a Victor," Jubilee told him with surprise.

"What did you peg my real name as?" Victor asked as he took a sip of coffee.

"I don't know. Jackson or Brandon maybe?" Jubilee answered before she took a bite out of BEX sandwich.

"My mom wanted to name me Jackson funny enough," Cyborg told her. "Jackson Stone sounds too much like the name of an action hero played by…. Um, what's his name? Guy that was in the Bourne Legacy…"

"Oh! Jeremy Renner?" Jubilee asked.

"Yes!" Cyborg said. "Jackson Stone played by Jeremy Renner. It is a full Die Hard-esque like movie where he's trapped in a building trying to save the president against terrorists."

"Oh god, and he has an awkward not-romance with the president's daughter played by…Florence Pugh or something, who is also Vice President for some dumb ass reason, and the bad guy is Jeremy Irons," Jubilee continued after she took a sip of coffee.

"And he has a wacky sidekick like Donald Glover or something," Cyborg concluded. "But then it turns out at the very end when Irons is killed, Donald Glover was the actual bad guy who shoots and kills the president and kidnaps Renner's daughter as leverage."

"But the true, true mastermind is Florence Pugh's character, but we won't find that out until the sequel," Jubilee finished off. The two stared at each other for a moment before they started to laugh. "It's like you're right inside my head," Jubilee laughed out.

"I hate how fast we came up with that," Cyborg added through his own laughter.

The laughter continued for a moment before the pair stopped and stared at one another. Despite his half human/machine form, Cyborg was not shy when it came to the ladies, but this was the first time he had ever found himself so attuned to another girl.

She was quirky, cute but skilled as well and he found himself wanting to be with her more than his teammates, which has never happened before. He suddenly saw Jubilee blush as she teased "You got a camera in there Vic? If so, you can take a picture if you want."

"Oh jeez," Cyborg said with an embarrassed laugh. "Sorry," he apologized.

"Don't," Jubilee replied softly, her eyes twinkling in delight.

Cyborg smiled back then asked, "So Newbie, when are you going to get your stuff moved into our tower?"

"Hopefully when this Infinity Stone debacle is over," Jubilee answered before she asked "So, what rooms are available?"

"We have a few for at least five more members," Cyborg said. "But the prime room is the one right next to mine."

"Is that right?" Jubilee asked him.

"Oh yeah. The sunset over the ocean is a beautiful sight," Cyborg said sincerely.

"You'll watch with me when I move in?" Jubilee asked.

Despite his blush, Cyborg grinned and answered with a "Count on it." It was then he felt his left arm begin to buzz. Cyborg gave an apologetic look to Jubilee and opened the panel that revealed Bumblebee.

While the Teen Titans were out of Jump City, they had requested for the newly minted Titans East, which consisted of Bumblebee, Speedy, Mas and Minos, and Aqualad to look after the place until they returned.

"Hey Bee, you are kind of interrupting something," Cyborg told her but then he took stock of a few things. Bumblebee looked tired and haggard and the sky in Jump city was a pale red with pink, cotton candy looking clouds in the sky. "You guys need to get back to Jump City. Some crazy shit is going down," Bumblebee explained. It was then Cyborg saw a cow floating in mid-air.

"I-Is that a cow?" Cyborg asked her.

"Things have gotten weird," Was Bumblebee's reply.

[Location: Wayne Manor
POV: Richard "Robin" Grayson]

The sounds of combat could be heard in the training room of Wayne's manor as Robin squared off with X-23 and so far, the battle had been even. Both were very skilled marital artists, trained by the Dark Knight and the Rabid Wolverine respectively and knew their strength and weaknesses well.

Robin skidded backwards from a hard jab to the right side of his face and ducked a roundhouse kick before he landed a blow to her left side then followed up with another blow to her face. X-23 leaned into the blow to her face to retaliate with a solid left fist to his stomach.

Robin staggered backwards and blocked a right hook then a mid-section kick before he grabbed the leg, placed his other leg behind her grounded leg, and then tripped her off her feet and onto her back.

X-23 fell onto her back and used her free leg to kick Robin's hand from her trapped leg then vaulted up to land a spinning kick to his chest, which sent him to the ground, where she then landed on top of him and pinned his arms down.

"I win," X-23 taunted with a smirk.

Robin smirked and tucked his right leg beneath her with his foot pressed against her stomach as his hands grabbed her forearms. With all of his strength, he kicked her off of him while leaning back so she went over his head but he kept his grip on her forearms so he rolled with her, so once her back hit the floor, he was now on top of her with a smirk as the pair panted.

"That's a funny way of saying "You win Robin," but I'll take it," Robin countered with his own smirk.

X-23 laughed at this and said "I pinned you first. Weren't the rules "Whoever goes on their back first" wins?"

"I think it was "First to get on their back twice" is the winner," Robin joked only to find himself thrown to the left and X-23 back on top of him.

"I believe I said it right then," X-23 replied smugly.

Robin laughed lightly and said "You lucky I'm so beat from our last three spars. Otherwise I'd be the winner…again…"

"We both have two apiece. Means we're currently in a tie," X-23 told him softly as their eyes locked.

Robin was then cruelly aware of how X-23 was pressed against him and inwardly began to sweat.

This was some dangerous territory and Robin knew that.

While he and Starfire were very estranged since Beast Boy had left suddenly, he still knew that what he was doing was stupid but even he was aware of how the air crackled with that tension that he wanted to fall into.

But there was something about X-23 that he could not escape but he could not place what it was.

"I wonder how we'll break that tie then…" he challenged with a soft tone. The pair smirked as they began to lean closer to each other, their lips merely inches apart but it was then the pair heard a cough.

Robin and X-23 turned to see Black Cat and Red X in the observation deck that sat above the training room.

"Damn it," Robin growled out as he laid his head back on the ground.

Maybe that was for the best?

X-23 seemed disappointed as well from the expression on her face but she recovered fast enough and asked "Can we help you?"

"You know, you two are lucky it was us that found you and not Bruce," Red X noted with heavy amusement in his voice. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Robin's communicator.

"This interrupted our sleep," Black Cat said with a cross of her arms. "So we decided to deliver to you but the little show was great."

"Catch!" Red X said as he launched it towards the pair.

X-23 caught it and handed it to Robin, who opened it up and nearly growled out "What?"

"Dude…We got to go back to Jump City. Things are getting weird over there," Cyborg said.

Robin and X-23 exchanged a glance.

[Location: Gotham City
POV: Garfield "Venom" Logan]

'I'm sorry Sym, can you run that by me again?' Venom asked.

"The strongest feeling I felt from her was not a familial attachment. It was something akin to romantic attachment…" Sym repeated. "I do not understand it. Your memories tell me she was attracted to Robin so why does she feel this with you?"

'I have no idea…' Venom replied. 'I can't even believe it…Could something have changed between them? They seemed normal…right?'

"From what your memories showed, yes, they seem the same but perhaps you are also correct that something changed within them," Sym replied.

Venom frowned a bit and carefully slipped away from Starfire's sleeping form and placed the covers over. It was a weird reality to have this happen to him. Starfire had pined away from Robin since they met and at the beginning, he was envious of their leader.

A beautiful alien girl with a heart of gold? What guy would not want that?

But to know that this same girl may have feelings for him made him feel lighter than air, but it only added to the myriad of emotions he was feeling in terms of relationships. He needed to get some air and think.

But despite that thought, he brushed a strand of hair from Starfire's face and whispered "I'll be back…" before he walked out of the room and carefully shut the door.

"Hey/Hi Daddy!" two voices shouted out from behind him. Venom turned around to see Jinx and gave a friendly smile to her.

"Hey Jinx, little Sym. What are you two doing up so early in the morning?" Venom asked.

"I figured I'd take a walk and Sym-Alpha agreed," Jinx explained with a small grin. "Although, I was unaware you would be up so early. Seem more like a night person to me," Jinx stated.

"I am," Venom said with a grin. "But was doing some thinking and needed to clear my head."

"Well this comes at a perfect time. I wanted to talk to you about Sym-Alpha and I," Jinx said.

"Sure. Let us swing around the city while we talk," Venom said with a smile. Jinx nodded and together, the two walked off.

[Location: Gotham City
POV: Raven Roth]

With a flash, Raven's body fell to the ground and she groaned as she rubbed her ass. "That was unpleasant in a lot of ways," Raven muttered.

"You alright Raven?" Rocket asked as she held out a hand to her. Raven accept Rocket's surprisingly soft hand and was pulled up to Rocket and for a moment as she stood in front of her, Raven realized that Rocket was taller than her.

She had no idea why she had now just noticed this.

She also noticed how her eyes showed concern in them and felt herself immediately lifted her hood to hide her slightly flustered expression. "I am fine," Raven replied before she turned to Jean and said "That is definitely Infinity Stone energy. I also encountered an entity who was affected by it. I advised for her to come here. She will be here soon."

Jean frowned at this.

(Jean: Can you send me what happened?)

Raven nodded and sent the image of her conversation with this "Secret" and once she was finished, Jean's frown deepened. "We need to get to Amity Park," Jean said.

"Amity Park?" Rocket questioned. "I have a cousin who lives down there. Maybe she could help."

"A cousin? What's her name?" Raven asked curiously.

"Valerie Gray," Rocket said. "Pretty nice girl. Big into the ghost hunting thing."

"I doubt we would be able to find her in that city right now," Raven told her. "It's been encased with the energy of the Soul Stone," Raven told her softly. "Who knows what will happen there…"

Rocket frowned and said, "Then I guess I'll have to find out and go myself."

"V-Valerie…" A voice whispered out from above Raven and Rocket, which caused the girls on the roof to look up to see the mysterious spirit hovering above them. "She's…safe…" the girl said mournfully. "Dani…saved…her…"

"This is what it does," Blackfire's voice whispered out, which caused Raven, Jean and Rocket to turn to her. Raven could see the terror in Blackfire's eyes as she said "The holder of the Soul Stone is able to steal, control, manipulate, and alter living and dead souls; as well as animate dead bodies…It's a terrible stone with h-horrifying possibilities…"

"Is that…why I live?" The girl asked with a saddened tone.

"How do you know this?" Jean asked Blackfire.

"S-Someone came to our planet with it…" Blackfire whispered softly. "Offered me the stone and said I would be able to control everyone in Tamaran to become it's queen…I accepted it…But I did not know its terrible powers until that same person, with a group of very skilled people, took it and used it to…to…"

"Used it to what?" Rocket asked her.

"Used it to steal the souls of everyone on our planet…" Blackfire answered as she looked away from everyone.

Raven, Jean and Rocket's eyes widened in horror as the mysterious spirit above them began to weep. "I managed to take the stone from this person and flew off to Earth where I hid it…" Blackfire answered.

"Who was this person?" Raven asked.

"She appeared as my brother but during the second battle, she revealed her true self. She had blue skin, red hair, wore white and had yellow glowing eyes…." Blackfire explained. "She had used the souls of all of Tamaran and created something with it..."

"Created what?" Raven asked.

"This man…This man wearing a black suit with steel on it. I could not make out a face but I knew he had white hair and one eye. Right before I attacked, I saw that woman holding a black and orange mask," Blackfire explained.

Raven paled.

"No…No, that can't be…" Raven breathed out as she took a step back in horror.

"Raven?" Both Rocket and Jean asked in unison as she took another step backwards.

[Location: ?
POV: ?]

In a dark cave sat a statuesque form of the sixth titan Terra, who had had plaque at the bottom of the statue. "Terra. A Teen Titan. A True Friend," a figure read with a low ominous chuckle. The cave illuminated with an orange glow before the sound of an explosion was heard.

A figure, illuminated by the dark orange glow around his left fist now stood before the broken remains of the stone statue, his glowing orange eye glaring at the still intact head. The figure raised his left foot and smashed it down against the stone head, shattering it into pieces before he grounded his feet against the shattered remains.

"Goodbye my apprentice…" The figure said. "You will not be missed."

The figure then chuckled lowly before he turned his head towards the exit of the cave to peer at the city in the distance. "It is time to claim what is mine once again…" the figure said with a dark chuckle.

Captain Blues: Slade has returned but there the implication of his return and his new body has never been clearer so the Titans are in some huge trouble. This was another fluff chapter but the next chapter will plunge us back into adventure as two pressing issues have been presented.

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